TNA IMPACT 06 16 2011

Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: June 16, 2011 (Taped: June 13)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

DARK MATCH: Gunner defeated Luke Gallows ( Former SES Member)

VIDEO PACKAGE: Slammiversary highlights and post match comments.

Mr. Anderson + Gunner: New TNA World Heavyweight Champion made his way out to the ring. There was a pinball machine, food on a table, stripper pole and a arcade basketball machine Mr. Anderson said he invited everyone from the back but none of the boys came, he never came here to make friends and does not need anyone from the back, the people,the fat asses whose wife’s are  leaving them at home. There 5 people important to him: his 5 year  old niece,wife,me,myself and I. Gunner came out. Mr. Anderson welcomed him, but Gunner said he is sorry to ruin the party with his friends and asked if he is going crazy, because someone a week ago asked him to take Sting out. Anderson said he does remember but his services are not needed anymore, Gunner said he wants a title shot. Mr. Anderson asked if his contracts ink is dry yet? He said there 2 or 3 people ahead of you and said take a number, Anderson decided to pour himself a pint of beer and through it at Gunner, but Gunner attacked him and spinebustered the champion through the table full of food.

COMMENTATORS BOOTH: Mike Tenay & Taz welcomed us to Impact Wrestling. On tonight’s show: the Full details of the Bound For Series will be revealed, TNA Knockouts Tag Team titles are on the line with Mexican America facing Velvet Sky and Miss. Teesmocker and a Kurt Angle interview.

Mexican America are on their way to ring: Hernandez versus Devon next.

Sting arrived at the Impact Zone.

Devon defeated Hernandez (w/ Anarchia & Sarita & Rosita) by disqualification: The Pope came down and sat with Devon’s family. Soon after Hernandez and Mexican America ran in, Pope came down to save Devon. Devon’s sons are fans of the Pope and asked him to help their father.

Mr. Anderson & Eric Bischoff: Mr. Anderson was pissed and asked Bischoff to call of his dogs Gunner. Bischoff said a while ago he asked Anderson to be in Immortal but he went all Switzerland, he said the network want things and Bischoff booked him and Gunner tonight.

Kurt Angle walking with his children.

Kurt Angle + Jeff Jarrett: Kurt Angle said after 8 months the Jarrett feud is over and now looks forward to his title shot. He put the medals on the line because he wants to be the best and he did that at the 1996 Olympics. He wants to do everything properly and at he will be participating at the 2012 Olympics in London if he gets into the USA wrestling team. He wants to represent USA, the greatest country in the world. Jeff Jarrett came out. Jarrett said it’s not over until he says it is, and it will be finished today…him and Angle one on one tonight no refs, Karen, Kids, MMA. Jarrett said TNA is not enough for the both of them and they will finish it today. Angle said he was a liar, cheat, scumbag and a prick and is very annoying. Angle said he is a liar and said if he gets a contract signed he will lose and move abroad, Jarrett said he’s on…Angle said he will see Jarrett’s pussy-ass in the car park later on. BOUND FOR GLORY SERIES: The winner of the Series will receive a TNA Title match in the main event at Bound for Glory. Matches in the Series will take place on TV, PPV, and house shows.  Matches that will count for the Series can be singles, tag team, or stipulation matches.The point system is as follows: 10 points for a submission win, 7 points for a pinfall win, 5 points for a count-out win, 3 points for a DQ win, 2 points for a Draw, and -10 points for a DQ loss. At the end of the series, the Top Four wrestlers will square off, apparently in semi-final matches to determine who wins the Series to advance to the PPV title match. Samoa Joe versus Rob Van Dam tonight.

Eric Young & Matt Morgan: Eric Young said Matt Morgan has a TV title shot tonight, but Morgan said he has been announced for the BFG series. Eric said Morgan is a TV star and he the TV Champion, Morgan said he could help them and there is a executive producer who was on TV ages ago, Eric asked was Vince Russo on happy days, Morgan said no but told Eric Young to find him. ANNOUNCERS BOOTH: Destination X will be a X-Division PPV with stars from the past, there will be a 12 man tournament.

Austin Aries defeated Kid Kash and Jimmy Rave: They showed clips from the past for all 3 men: Kid Kash who was in the early days of TNA, Jimmy Rave ½ of The Rock n Rave infection and Austin Aries who was on the first Impact Match on Spike TV and won the Kevin Nash invitational Battle Royal at Bound For Glory 2006. Dear TNA…could you please do this every week..thanks.. OWW. Awesome match.

Velvet Sky & Miss Tessmacher: Velvet Sky and Miss Tessmacher want the Tag title belts and Velvet also wants the Knockout belt..they slapped each other’s asses.

Mexican America ( Sarita & Rosita) defeated Velvet Sky & Miss Tessmacher to retain the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Title: ODB came through the crowd which distracted Velevet while Tessmacher was pinned. After the match Jacqueline attacked Velvet, ODB joined in and they left her laying.

Hulk Hogan & Jeff Jarrett + Sting: Hulk Hogan told Jeff Jarrett the network were happy with the announcement. Sting came in and Hogan looked shock. Hogan said July 14th Spike TV Sting versus Mr. Anderson for the TNA Title, Hogan said he will do it by the book, Sting said wow, he believes him. Sting is surprised he is telling the  truth and told Hogan is the real Hulk Hogan coming out, they have a history bigger than anything. Sting asked if the real Hogan is back, Hogan said it is him, Sting said where is the dignity and answer the question, Hogan  said he wants to make it work his way. Sting said he has a history and his mindset when he came into WCW to the fans and wrestlers, he respected for him and his work and Sting wanted to follow him. Sting said when hid fans buy his stuff and the wrestlers worship him, doesn’t that mean anything, Sting asked did he do for that money and asked is the legacy he wants to leave for the fans and wrestlers. Sting asked if this is the legacy he wants to leave for Brooke and Nick? Hogan got pissed and said that’s enough, Sting struck a nerve ,Hogan said who does he think he is…Sting said he is the STINGER and he is not done yet, he is excited and happy and destroyed his desk, he will leave when he wants to and forced Hogan to sit down and asked him if he wants to wear a mask for everyone, he put paint all on Hogan like the joker…helping his mask and asked is this what you want and what a legacy, Sting said Hogan is to blame and he has a choice ‘Terry’,he said he can make the choice he has the power…WOOOO…wow what a truly brilliant segment.

Jacqueline & ODB + Velvet Sky: Jacqueline and ODB are here to sort the Knockouts division, Velvet attacked them but she was beaten up again.

Austin Aries + Jason Hervey + Eric Young: Austin Aries said all he has been hearing about is how wrestling matters and he is going to prove why he is in TNA and why wrestling really matters. Suddenly Eric Young came in and challenged Jason Hervey to a match because he is a TV star, suddenly he kicked Hervey and Austin Aries did the pin-fall and EY retained the belt.

Mike Tenay & Taz announced what is still to come up still in the show…Gunner veruss Mr. Anderson…Jeff Jarrett/Kurt Angle parking brawl and First match in the Bound For Glory series.

Rob Van Dam defeated Samoa Joe: RVD won with a five star frog splash and earns 5 points. I really think they should push TNA talent over ex WWE guys.

Gunner: Gunner said Mr. Anderson won the title because Sting wasn’t 100% thanks to him.

Jeff Jarrett rolling up his fists with tape.

Gunner defeated Mr. Anderson: Gunner caused another shock with the victory after a F5.

Kurt Angle on his way to the car park.

Bully-Ray versus Scott Steiner next week.

Scott Steiner: Scott Steiner said all he does is beat people up, he don’t play the guitar because he can’t and Bully-Ray all he cares about is sugar, donuts and cheeseburgers.

Bully-Ray: Bully-Ray said he gave Steiner a scar a few years ago by crushing his trachea and said he’s been beating people up longer then Steiner, he promised to win the tournament, win the title and stay undefeated.

Kurt Angle defeated Jeff Jarrett: The whole TNA Roster were surrounding the stars. Bully-Ray,Mexican America, Pope, Devon, Samoa Joe, Gunner, Austin Aries, Doug Williams, Magnus, Eric Young and a few others. It was quite cool and cars surrounded the stars with the TNA roster chanting them on. Kurt Angle won when he angle-slammed Jarrett onto the car bonnet and choked him out. Good bye Jeff Jarrett.