TNA IMPACT 07 21 2011

Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: July 21, 2011 (Taped: July 12th)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

TNA XPLOSION: Xplosion Championship Match Magnus defeated Shannon Moore:

VIDEO PACKAGE: Highlights from last week when Sting interrupted Mr. Andersons and Immortal party where he announced he had some clowns with him who took out each member of Immortal that night. Sting then beat Mr. Anderson to win the TNA World Heavyweight Title thanks to help from Kurt Angle who he faces at Hardcore Justice.

Sting + Kurt Angle + Immortal (Mr. Anderson & Bully-Ray): Crazy Sting started things off. He said the Stinger is back on track again, he has something Bischoff and Hogan want. But they have something he wants, its game on. Sting said he is going to do things his way and he will end up getting Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff because they will reach their senses. He asked Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff to come out, but a clown did instead who was revealed to be Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle said he heard a lot of ‘I’ last but he helped him and wanted to do the right thing. He knows he wants to save the company for Dixie Carter but has hit a speed bump and they will face each other at Hardcore Justice. Sting said he respect Angle. Kurt Angle said they are both legends but he doesn’t want to be 2nd best, it has to be him because he has given himself no other choice. Immortal came out. Bully-Ray told them to shut the music, they have a big dilemma a big one because in two hours its Sting and Kurt Angle facing Mr. Anderson and Bully-Ray. Bully-Ray said he didn’t like Angle hitting him in the ab, because he has worked hard on that ab and now tonight he will hit Kurt Angle with the kitchen sink straight from New York freaking City. Anderson said he never beat him, only thanks to his butt buddy clowns he cheated him. Mr. Anderson said before he touches Immortal or helps Dixie he needs to worry about him..biatch!

Rob Van Dam defeated Scott Steiner:

Mickie James on her way to the ring.

Mickie James + Velvet Sky + Winter & Angelina Love: Mickie James asked Velvet Sky to come out. Mickie said she has watched people take out there frustrations out on her, because of their own downfalls and insecurities. They tried to break her physically, emotional and mentally. She said she is honoured to give her first Knockouts Championship match tonight because she has earned and deserved it. Tonight they will tear down the roof and show the millions of people why they are the best damn woman’s division today. However she intends to walk out and in Knockouts Champion. Suddenly Winter and Angelina Love came out. Love said everyone is here in TNA because they wanted to compete against each other; however they shouldn’t wrestle tonight but get a hotel room. It has taken Angelina Love a while to understand Winter but as a 5 time champion there is disrespect for her in the lockeroom, she has proved herself to be the best but never given her deuce and Winter has told it’s because its due to jealously. She is on a level all on her own but told Mickie and Velvet to continue to keep each other happy but that title will come back to her eventually. Winter said it doesn’t mean anything because they are a team and it doesn’t matter if she has to face Velvet the blow up dole or Mickie the hardcore nothing mouse. At Hardcore Justice the title will belong to them.

Mexican America attacked Tara & Miss Tessmacher backstage and the brawl continued. Madison Rayne attacked Tara and referees broke it up.

Mike Tenay and Taz previewed tonight’s ladder match in the Bound For Glory series which is worth ten points.

Samoa Joe: Samoa Joe said he is the best and will get the 10points.

Matt Morgan: Matt Morgan promised to win the match and prove it to the world.

Gunner: Gunner said A.J. is a clown and he will get the 10 points and he is going to Bound For Glory.

A.J. Styles + Christopher Daniels: A.J Styles said he is Bound for Glory. Daniels came in and they discussed something. VIDEO: Last week after Impact Sarita suffered a broken orbital bone, however it’s a cover she is actually suffering from facial paralysis.

Tara & Miss Tessmacher defeated Mexican America (Sarita & Rosita) to win the Knockouts Tag Team Titles: Madison Rayne tried to help Mexican America, but it didn’t work eventually Tara scored the pinfall.

Matt Morgan defeated A.J. Styles and Samoa Joe and Gunner to earn himself 10 points: For a short match it was really good and entertaining. Samoa Joe looked dejected after.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT (EARLIER TODAY): Eric Young was outside a food store and promised to defend his title every time he sees a TV star, he thought he saw Ce Lo Green inside but it was D’Lo Brown, when D’Lo left Young rolled him up and won, then was chased out by D’Lo.

Brian Kendrick defeated Alex Shelley to retain the X-Division Title: Spanky versus Shelley from ROH, anyone remember? Shelley hit the sliced bread two on Kendrick on the apron, he threw him back in but Austin Aries came out and whacked Shelley win the belt, Kendrick pinned him for the easy win

Brian Kendrick: Brian Kendrick was upset that he retained the belt like that and was complaining that the division wasn’t like that. He said Doug Williams was a honest but crafty champion.

Mexican America (Hernandez & Anarchia & Sarita & Rosita) + Beer Money ( Bobby Roode & James Storm): Mexican America came out. Anarchia was upset and pissed about what happened to Sarita and because they lost the tag belts. When they are angry they start kicking ass. At this moment they care about the British Invasion but another two and they know who they are, Beer Money! Anarchia said they are scared. James Storm said shut up and do everyone a favor, leave the ring, the company and go find something you are good at and cut grass his grass. Storm said everyone has listened to their crap now listen to them otherwise he will shove his cowboy boot threw his teeth and down his throat. Anarchia started to get pissed but Storm told him to shut it. James Storm said they have been in the Bound For Glory series and wanted to reintroduce himself, Storm called Bobby Roode a money making son of a bitch and he a quick swimming turkey shooting deer hunting Johnny Cash listening beer drinking Tennessee boy and raised he is Cowboy James ‘Motherfreaking’ Storm. They have beaten the best and are 4 time tag team champions. Storm promised to kick there ass at Hardcore Justice and tell Mexican America they are a disgrace to the Hispanic past of great wrestlers such as the Guerroes, they should stop this Mexican America crap. Storm said August 7th they will lose and the next day they will find there green cards right up there ass. Roode said sorry about your damn luck.

Mickie James & Velvet Sky are on their way to the ring.

Mickie James vs Velvet Sky never got started: When Mickie James came out, when she got in the ring but Winter and Angelina Love came out and attacked her, Velvet Sky made the save they were brawling around the ring then eventually into the ring, however suddenly through the crowd ODB and Miss Jackie came in and attacked Velvet and Mickie, Winter and Angelina Love left, suddenly Traci Brooks came down and cleared house.

Velvet Sky & Traci Brooks: Velvet Sky thanked Traci Brooks for helping her, Traci said she is a original Knockout and will help Velvet no matter what.

Sting & Kurt Angle defeated Immortal (Mr. Anderson & Bully-Ray):