TNA IMPACT 08 18 2011

Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: August 18, 2011 (Taped: August 9th)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

DARK MATCH:  Jesus Barbosa defeated Jayson Cyprus

Xplosion Championship Challenge Match:
Magnus (with Douglas Williams) defeated Alex Shelley

XPLOSION: Abyss defeated Kazarian

Sting + Ric Flair: Sting came down and did a renanchment of how he was attacked last week. He said Hogan still has the eye of the tiger and he is losing it. The fans and Sting want to see Hulk Hogan in the ring  and starts to encourage a Hogan chant and wants him in the ring tonight. Ric Flair then made a surprise return. He did his normal struts and poses. He said did he call Hogan the greatest of all time. Flair said when they give someone the name ‘icon’, it means they are special in the business, people ask Flair when will he wrestle Sting again and he says he doesn’t need to, what does he have to prove, they have wrestled each other so many times ( Last WCW Nitro). They say one more match, Flair said he knows what’s Stings going tod o ‘let’s do it’,then went crazy taking his jacket off and don’t say it, he wants to finish his speech. Flair said he is the icon of this company and business in his eyes, healthy, strong, a man just like twenty years ago. Flair said he wants to do the same so he wants to wrestle him one last time not to beat him but to wrestle him. Flair said lets wrestle one more time, if Sting loses he has to retire, not a phoney retirement but the real thing he goes home and if Sting beats him which is the impossible because he is the nature boy he gets Hulk Hogan on a silver platter. Sting accepted, they both wooing and played each other. Ric Flair versus Sting one more time!

Ric Flair + Hulk Hogan: Ric Flair went into Hulk Hogan’s office who through something against the wall. He was pissed; flair left then knocked on the door and came back again. Hogan said what’s wrong with him, Flair told him to calm down his record against Sting is like 1500-2, they are the two greatest wrestlers that ever lived. Hogan said Sting shouldn’t be breathing because he took him out with everything he has; Flair said maybe he has 9 lives but not 10 because he is going to take out the 10th. Flair said he hasn’t seen him in two months where are they going out tonight. Flair said he has his numbers, Hogan was pissed; Flair said he will get the boys and sort him out tonight. Woo Woo.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Bound For Glory Series Update

Scott Steiner defeated Devon: Matt Morgan was on commentary. The match was over quite quickly after Steiner used the ropes. Samoa Joe attacked Devon after, Devons sons and Pope came down so Joe backed away.

Samoa Joe promised to take out everyone in the BFG series and Devon was first on his list.

Austin Aries defeated Alex Shelley and Tony Nese and Robbie ( w/Cookie) and  Zema Ion and Jesse Sorenson and Mark Haskins:
Mark Haskins pinned Alex Shelley:
Mark Haskins pinned Robbie E because Cookie interfered.
Zema Ion pinned Mark Haskins after the 450.
Jesse Sorenson pinned Zema Ion.
Jesse Sorenson pinned Tony Nese:
Jesse Sorenson pinned Kid Kash:
Austin Aries pinned Jesse Sorenson.
Kid Kash hit a piledriver on Sorenson when he left.
After the match Austin Aries said he needed to get his breath as he just ran the gauntlet and took out seven guys, he will take the tallow brick road, win the X-Division championship because he is the best in the world. Brian Kendrick came down and wanted to shake Austin Aries hand, but he refused and they started to brawl until security separated them.

Ric Flair took of his rollex then realised he doesn’t need to tape up for Sting and went looking for him.

VIDEO REPLAY: Sting and Ric Flairs promo from earlier tonight.

Sting wondering backstage.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Immortal beating up Mr. Anderson.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Bound For Glory 2011. Philadelphia  October 16th.

ODB & Miss Jackie: ODB & Miss Jackie discussed tonights match, its ODB first time versus Mickie James and they will play by the rules.

Eric Bischoff & Traci Brooks: Traci Brooks came in and applied to become Knockouts Law, Bischoff said he couldn’t hear, so she came close in and Bischoff just perved on her boobs. He said he will think about it.

Mickie James defeated ODB (w/Miss Jackie): Good match.

Winter & Angelina Love: This seemed like some type of lesbian segment with Winter and Angelina Love being turned on by the Knockouts Title. In two weeks its Mickie James v Winter in a rematch, they drank blood and it was orgasmic!

A.J. Styles defeated Rob Van Dam by Disqualification: Jerry Lynn pulled the referee out when A.J hit a pele.

Rob Van Dam & Jerry Lynn: Rob Van Dam and Jerry Lynn argued, Jerry said he was getting screwed,RVD told him I got this.

Ric Flair + Sting+ Gunner: Ric Flair went looking for Sting in a dark secluded place, he said he aint goijng in the rafters he hates that gimmick, he’s not the Joker he’s Sting, and kept asking where Sting was. He said he’s got plans tonight, Sting appeared but Gunner attacked him however quickly Sting beat the crap out of Gunner and Flair bailed.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Eric Young’s aspirations to get on TV.

Crimson arrived holding his left knee.

Crimson + Kurt Angle: Crimson said it has been a long week of pain and thinking. There is a guy who he used to have a lot of respect for, but it seems they have some personal issues, so he called Kurt Angle out. Crimson told Kurt Angle why he picked him and he’s pissed off. Kurt Angle said Crimson is worthless rookie who is green, Angle said the respect he’s got is the kick in the balls and spat at. Crimson said all the young guys have respect for Kurt Angle, Angle said he is a no one and is not even worth cleaning his medals, Crimson challenged him to a match next week on Impact Wrestling.

Mexican America( Hernandez & Anarchia & Sarita & Rosita): Mexican America promised they would win the belts.

Mexican America ( Hernandez & Anarchia w/Sarita & Rosita) defeated Beer Money ( Robert Roode & James Storm) to win the Tag Team Titles: Jeff & Karen Jarrett were on commentary. Hernandez hit Robert Roode with the belt and made the pinfall, the seven month reign is over.