TNA IMPACT 09 15 2011

Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: September 15, 2011 (Taped: September 12th)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

TAPED FOR XPLOSION: Mickie James defeated Madison Rayne
TAPED FOR XPLOSION: Magnus ( w/ Douglas Williams) defeated Jesse Sorenson

No Surrender highlights: Robert Roode winning the Bound For Glory Series and Kurt Angle retaining the TNA World Title thanks to Hulk Hogan.

Ric Flair + Sting + Security: Ric Flair came out and called out long time rival Sting, who came out. Flair said tonight its Icon versus God tonight, one is going home or one is going to a hotel room to get drunk. Flair sweared to Hogan he will beat him against all odds no matter what, if Sting loses he will get to Hogan over his dead body. Sting pumped up and said tonight Flair will die tonight Ric, in his hands, he is the Stinger and he will put the scorpion deathlock, deathdrop, throw you off the tope rope, make his life a living hell starting now, Flair said hell no he is blood sweat tears tonight in all these fingers, Sting wanted to bite them off and asked the crowd should they fight right now. Sting took off his robe but security came down to split them up.

Jeff Hardy arrived in the Impact Zone.

Jeff Hardy said it felt good to be back and tonight he will make it up with the boys.

“The Pope” D Angelo Dinero & Devon & Tara & Miss Tesmocker defeated Mexican America ( Hernandez & Anarchia & Sarita & Rosita)

Karen Jarrett + Traci Brooks + TNA Knockouts ( Mickie James & Tara & Mis Tesmocker & Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne & Angelina Love): Karen told Traci she was late, and asked her to get the Knockouts. After the break, Karen told Mickie James she wont have a rematch, instead for the next 3 weeks there will be Queen Qualifying matches to face Winter at Bound For Glory for the title starting tonight with Velvet Sky versus Angelina Love.

Fortune ( A.J. Styles & Kazarian & Christopher Daniels & James Storm) + Bobby Roode + Kurt Angle: Fortune were in the ring and A.J. Styles called out the Bound For Glory Series winner Bobby Roode. He came out and hugged/shook with all the boys. A.J. said it’s his time to win the title at Bound For Glory. Daniels said anything can happen; he beat A.J. Styles last week for example. Kazarian said Fortune made a pact, they are a family and they built this company. James Storm said they are Beer Money. They started off as two random guys put together but they brought there a game travelling everywhere and now he is happy to see his best friend, no brother fight for the title, Kurt Angle sorry about your damn luck. Kurt Angle then came out. He told Fortune what is all for one and one for all rubbish, what are they the 5 musketeers? He questioned Fortune about being jealous about Bobby Roode being the number one contender, trying to seed deception. He then said he has booked Bobby Roode in a few matches until Bound For Glory, he has to face every Fortune member and whoever beats him gets the next title shot, it starts of tonight with Roode versus Kazarian.

Eric Bischoff & Kurt Angle: Eric Bischoff praised Kurt Angle for his idea and booking.

Velvet Sky defeated Angelina Love ( W/Winter): Winter hit Angelina with the title,Vlvet hit a double arm DDT for the win.

Jeff Hardy & A.J. Styles: Jeff Hardy went to see A.J. Styles who let loose. He said he has worked here 9 years breaking his back to make money for his family, he doesn’t do drugs or drinks he does it because he loves his job and the company. Its Hardys fault that people talk negatively about TNA. He doesn’t want to be around him.

Ric Flair & Hulk Hogan + Sting: Ric Flair met Hulk Hogan, who said this is the biggest match ever. Hogan said he might have a plan B, Sting popped in and said he wants to know the plan or has the cat bit your tongue.

Crimson said he has a hairline fracture and there is bad blood between him and Joe, see you in two weeks.

Samoa Joe defeated Matt Morgan by Submission:

Kurt Angle told Kazarian to give him his A game because he is the best in Fortune.

Devon & Jeff Hardy: Devon said to Jeff Hardy he has never cut corners in his career or with him. They have known each other for the last twelve years and have had matches which made history and are still talked about today. He said this is his last shot ir he is done.

Bobby Roode defeated Kazarian: They shook hands and did the 4tune sign to each other. Kurt Angle was shown backstage pissed off. After the match Roode and Kaz shook hands, hugged and Kaz told him he’s ready.

VIDEO: Kurt Angles new film ‘Warrior’.

Bobby Roode & Kazarian: Kazarian told Bobby Roode he wrestled the future champion, they just had one hell of a match. Roode said he has been waiting 13 years for this, they are best friends and brothers. He is ready.

Austin Aries this is how a champion dresses up. He is many levels above everyone else and will defend the title next week.

NEXT WEEK ON IMPACT: Bobby Roode versus Christoper Daniels, Mickie James versus Miss Tesmocker, Austin Aries versus Jesse Sorenson, and Bully-Ray and Jerry Lynn versus Mr. Anderson & Rob Van Dam.

Bully-Ray & Jerry Lynn: Jerry Lynn said he has been dqing RVD for weeks now, is he that dumb. Bully-Ray said he doesn’t care about Rob Van Dam, he has been beating his ass for fifteen years. Bully-Ray said he is sick of Mr. Anderson and next week he will end it and told Jerry Lynn to do the same to RVD.

“The Icon” Sting defeated “Nature Boy” Ric Flair: A classic bout between the two legends. Sting did a top rope suplex into Flair but Immortal came out, but Sting cleared the ring, however Bully-Ray came in from behind but Mr. Anderson made the save. Flair hit Sting with the brass knuckles but he kicked out, soon after Sting made Flair tap out. After the match Sting and Hogan stared each other down. Bound For Glory Hulk Hogan versus Sting!