TNA IMPACT 10 13 2011

TNA Impact Wrestling – Knoxville, Tennessee
October 13, 2011 (Taped: September 28th)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

VIDEO PACKAGE: Highlights of the fake Hulk Hogan retirement and challenging Sting at Bound For Glory

Kurt Angle + Bobby Roode: Kurt Angle called out Bobby Roode for one last showdown before Bound For Glory. Kurt Angle said he was impressive the way he beat all of his Fortune teammates. But Kurt Angle the greatest wrestler to ever lace up a pair of boots. Angle said that beating Fortune was impressive, rattling off his own accomplishments as a wrestler. He said that for the last five years, he’s dominated TNA with no help and proves he’s the best every night he’s in the ring. He promised that at Bound for Glory, he would prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that he’s the greatest wrestler of all time.He offered Roode his hand and Roode looked to take it, then pulled away. He took a mic of his own and said they both know what it takes to be a champion. He said it takes heart. He said they can tear the house down at the PPV but at the end of the night, it’s going to be the man with the bigger heart that is going to survive but at Bound for Glory, Roode wants to find out who has the bigger heart and who’s going to take this company to the next level. Roode said that he proposed no games and no interference at the PPV and they find out who the better wrestler is that night. Angle said that what Roode wants is what he gets. They shook hands. As Angle walked away, he said that he forgot to tell Roode that he’s been booked by Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff against Gunner and Jeff Jarrett in a handicap match.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: A.J. Styles and Rob Van Dam were brawling with Jerry Lynn and Christopher Daniels backstage to start off there tag team match.

A.J. Styles & Rob Van Dam defeated Christopher Daniels & Jerry Lynn: Daniels bailed on Lynn. A.J. hit the win after a styles clash.

Samoa Joe & Matt Morgan fought to a no contest: Crimson came out and Joe bailed as he had a chair. Samoa Joe challenged them to a triple threat match at Bound For Glory after he called them a punch of bitches scared of each other.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Best of Jeff Hardy Volume Two DVD.

Mexican America ( Hernandez & Anarchia & Sarita & Rosita) + Ink Inc ( Jesse Neal & Shannon Moore) + Christie Von Erie: Mexican America called Ink Inc a bunch of midgets, they said they will destroy them. Ink Inc came out. Jesse Neal said they complain about America but live here and told them to show us the tattoo. Shannon Moore said they want the tag titles, Mexician America attacked Ink Inc, even the ladies until a mystery woman showed up like Inc Ink and its Christie Von Erie and they cleaned house.

Brian Kendrick & Jesse Sorenson defeated Austin Aries & Kid Kash: Kash and Aries had a bit of a miscommunication. Aries tried to use the belt but Kendrick got the pin on him after a sliced bread #2.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Karen Jarrett and Traci Brooks heading out.

Velvet Sky + Mickie James + Winter & Angelina Love + Karen Jarrett & Madison Rayne & Traci Brooks: All the woman in this Sundays fatal 4 way came to the ring one by one until joined by Karen, Traci and Madison. Karen just said that no one wanted them on the card this Sunday until she took control, it’s a pay per view of upper class not hoe’s like Velvet Sky. Velvet got pissed and asked her what her problem was? Karen called herself class, but Velvet a loser. Velvet said she is not right because eventually there will be a time when she respects her because she is the next Knockouts Champion. Karen said over her dead body, Velvet pushed Karen who tripped over Traci. The Knockouts started to brawl with the babyfaces standing tall and Karen berating Traci on the ramp.

Bully-Ray: Bully Ray said he will be a special enforcer because of him people might get destroyed tonight. He warmed Mr. Anderson not to mess with him.

A.J. Styles + Christopher Daniels: A.J. Styles said because of Daniels there wifes are not talking and kids not playing. Last I Quit match he wrestled Tommy Dreamers eye nearly came out. However suddenly Daniels attacked him and choked him with a wire.

Mr. Anderson defeated Scott Steiner: Bully-Ray was the enforcer. Mr. Anderson laided him out. Abyss came down but hit Steiner by mistake. Anderson then got the win and bailed. After the match the whole of Immortal came down, Abyss then throttled Bully Ray and they attacked him, suddenly Mr. Anderson tried to save Abyss but he was beaten down and Abyss was put through the table.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Hulk Hogan and Stings contract signing tonight.

James Storm said he was pissed Kurt Angle cost him in the match, and the only reason he’s not kicking his ass now is due to respecting his best friend Bobby Roode.

Jeff Jarrett & Gunner: Jeff Jarrett said tonight will be extra special for Bobby Roode tonight because him and Gunner will tear him apart.

Mike Tenay & Taz previewed Bound For Glory this Sunday

VIDEO PACKAGE: Kurt Angle versus Bobby Roode this Sunday.

Bobby Roode defeated Jeff Jarrett & Gunner ( w/ Karen Jarrett): Roode made Gunner submit, after the match Immortal attacked Roode but Storm tried to make the save but he was beaten and hit with the AAA title. Kurt Angle came out ready to Roode more when Jeff Hardy came running down clearing house on Immortal, he then shook Beer Money’s hands and they posed in the ring.

Split screen showing Hulk Hogan and Sting on their way to the ring.

BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW: Jeff Hardy said he is doing things in his own way and he saved the next TNA Champion. Jeff Jarrett said they don’t need him in TNA and he better not appear at Bound For Glory. Hardy left saying he’s going to buy his ticket for Philadelphia this Sunday.

Jeremy Borash + Sting + Hulk Hogan + Eric Bischoff: Jeremy Borash introduced Hulk Hogan and Sting for the contract signing in the middle of the ring. Borash said that they have already agreed to the terms of the contract and asked Sting to make it official. Sting signed. It was given to Hogan, who just looked away for a long time. Hogan finally signed the contract. Borash announced that it was now official – Hogan vs. Sting at Bound for Glory. Borash asked if they had any final words before the PPV. Hogan flipped over the table and said he did have something to say. Hogan said he’s been watching Sting dance around Hogan for 30 years and here they are again. Hogan said Sting chased and followed him but for Sting to challenge him when Hogan came to TNA to make things right and fix the company after Sting and all the TNA Originals couldn’t do it themselves, is something else. Hogan said he was at peace with his career but Sting forced him back into the ring. He said that Sting wanted Hogan and now he’s got the real Hulk Hogan. Sting said that was all he ever wanted. Hogan said he had better be careful for getting what he wished for. Hogan said that his wrestling career is over but for Sting to insult him and embarrass him in front of all the people that supported him all these years, Sting is in for the fight of his life. Hogan said there was going to be no interference and it was going to be man on man. He said when it’s over, there will be no piece of the puzzle that Sting won’t be able to figure out. Eric Bischoff came out and said that Sting laid his hands on Eric two weeks ago so if there is anything left of Sting when Hogan is done, he’s going to kick Sting’s ass. Hogan nailed Sting from behind with a chair and began choking him against the ropes.