TNA IMPACT 10 20 2011

Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: October 20, 2011 (Taped: October 17th)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

TAPED FOR XPLOSION: Jesse Sorenson defeated Robbie E (w/ Big Rob Terry)

VIDEO PACKAGE: Sting’s eighteen month plan to remove Eric Bischoff as the cancer and allow Hulk Hogan to be the old Hulk Hogan and reinstate Dixie Carter as the owner of TNA which all happened at Bound For Glory.

Sting + Hulk Hogan + Dixie Carter: Sting said it felt good to be back in the Impact Zone, he promised to the fans eighteen months ago that he wanted Dixie back as the rightful owner of TNA and bring back the old Hulk Hogan. Sting said the greatest man to walk this planet came home at Bound For Glory by helping him. The crowd cheered and Sting asked him to come out. Hogan came out to a red bandana and yellow t-shirt. Hulk Hogan admitted for the last year he was wrong, he got insecure and became a follower rather than a leader. He realised how wrong Eric Bischoff was, he is too blame, but now he is back and red, yellow from the old days there is only person to thank…Sting. Who is the true leader and dealt with his crap. He called him the true American icon and saw the light, and when Sting pleaded for help he saw the fans what he had to do and who he used to hang around with and now he’s back. Hogan thanked him and left the ring. Sting called out Dixie Carter to come out.

VIDEO PACKAGE: The Best of Jeff Hardy Volume II

Sting & Dixie Carter + Kurt Angle + Bobby Roode + James Storm: Dixie was in the ring. Sting said he is thankful the owner is back and she has finally realised. Sting said he did some bad things but he wouldn’t reverse anything he did to show everyone the light. He loves TNA, Impact Wrestling and will do anything for it. There is no more room for error anymore, this is his 2nd chance. Dixie said he was right all along along with, the wrestlers in the back and the fans. She apologised and promised and not make the same mistake again. Dixie said she will take a backseat and run this company to make it the best. She wanted Sting to change things around, Sting said he will do that and thanked the crowd. Sting and Dixie hugged, then Kurt Angle came out and they went to a commercial break. After the break Kurt Angle said Dixie lied to him and that’s why he joined Immortal. He promised to do what he does best and represent this company as TNA World Champion. Kurt said Sting made Bobby Roode look like a god but he beat him in thirty minutes, cue up Beer Money music and Bobby Roode came out. Bobby Roode said after thirteen years he screwed him and it was bullshit. Sting said Roode got screwed and booked a match tonight Roode versus Kurt Angle for the title. Kurt Angle said they could only face once due to the contract signings, because he is a threat and he screwed him. Kurt said was about to say James Storm catchphrase when Storm came out. Commercial break.

IN RING SEGMENT ( Continued)
Sting & Dixie Carter & Kurt Angle & Bobby Roode & James Storm: James Storm asked Kurt Angle, can he face him one on one tonight for the title because he screwed Roode, the fans and himself. James Storm asked Sting can he book the match tonight, Kurt Angle said he can’t because he is not the number one contender, Sting said too late and booked Kurt Angle versus James Storm tonight for the TNA World Title.

Hulk Hogan & Immortal ( Eric Bischoff & Ric Flair & Bully-Ray & Scott Steiner & Gunner): Immortal approached Hulk Hogan. Eric Bischoff asked him to meet him one on one in the ring later on as he has something to say to him.

Tara & Brooke Tesmocker defeated Winter & Angelina Love to retain the TNA Knockout Tag Team Titles: Brooke got the pinfall after a crossbody on Winter.

Jeff and Karen Jarrett on there way to the ring

Jeff & Karen Jarrett + Jeff Hardy + TNA Security & D’Lo Brown: Jeff Jarrett called out Jeffery Nero Hardy. Jeff Hardy came out to a great pop. Jeff Jarrett said now Dixie is in charge, Hardy will think he can go straight to the top well he cant. Because he brought him in and he was the first he screwed and he can assure the fans it won’t be the last. He said he can leave or face the consequences. Jeff Hardy said Jeff Jarrett was the only one who doesn’t want him here because the fans do, the way he gets these reactions kills Jarrett inside. He can never have what Hardy has with these people, he can never light up the crowd like the charismatic enigma! Jeff Jarrett attacked him, and they started to fight eventually Hardy took control until security came out. Jarrett had the last laugh when he low blowed Jeff Hardy.

Kurt Angle was pissed but he promised to kick James Storm’s ass tonight.

STILL REPLAY: Jackson James abandons his father’s rule on Sunday.

Eric Young + Robbie E & Rob Terry: Eric Young was talking to someone when Robbie E and Rob Terry appeared, he wanted a title shot next week for the title.Eric agreed but said if there is any funny business Ronny from Jersey Shore is coming.

Abyss defeated Gunner by count out: Before the match: Gunner said last week they decided to take out the trash and he tonight will take Abyss out. Gunner bailed.

Velvet Sky said people doubted her chances of becoming champion but she proved everyone wrong and thanked the fans,which is what she will do.

Immortal ( Eric Bischoff & Ric Flair & Bully-Ray & Scott Steiner) + Gunner: Immortal where talking when Gunner came running in, warning them that Abyss is a different person. They said not to worry and will deal with Hogan then Abyss.



Velvet Sky + Karen Jarrett & Traci Brooks + TNA Security + Madison Rayne + Gail Kim: Velvet Sky thanked the fans and it was because of them she won the title after 4 years. She is so happy, when Karen Jarrett and Traci Brooks came down. Karen told her to shut up and listen, she is the VP of the Knockouts she could fire both of them on the spot but that would be too easy. She told Traci her life will become hell and told security to escort her out. Karen told Velvet her life will become a nightmare and keep eyes behind her head, Madison Rayne came out but suddenly from behind GAIL KIM returned to TNA and attacked Velvet Sky. They left her lying. Gail Kim is back in TNA.

Immortal ( Eric Bischoff & Bully-Ray & Gunner & Scott Steiner) + Hulk Hogan + Sting + Garrett Bischoff: Immortal came out. Eric Bischoff said he will take care of his own son in his own time and way, he called out Hulk Hogan. Bischoff said how could he turn his back on Immortal after the last eighteen months. He told him to stop with the Andre The Giant and eighties crap worth Bischoff he would not have been here today in this ring. He blamed him for screwing up his son and slapped Hogan who hulked up but Immortal came in the ring when Sting appeared and they bailed. Garrett Bischoff appeared on the stage and knocked Bischoff out.

Beer Money ( Bobby Roode & James Storm): James Storm said he wished he had more time to prepare. Roode said he’s been waiting for this for thirteen years. Beta his ass and become the next world champion and make everyone proud of him.

James Storm defeated Kurt Angle to win the TNA World Heavweight Title!: James Storm won with the last call superkick in less than 3 minutes!!!! The crowd went crazy, Bobby Roode came down and they celebrated, Storm went into the crowd and opened a beer and stated spraying it everywhere, Kazarian and A.J. Styles came down and they started to open beers. Storm got the mic and said he’s been here since day one and seen people come and go, but he’s staying here you sons of bitches. Your new World Champion James Storm!