TNA IMPACT 06 28 2012

TNA Impact Wrestling
Location: Orlando, Florida
Date: June 28, 2012 (Live!)
Commentators: MikeTenay & Taz

VIDEO PACKAGE: Austin Aries v Bobby Roode for Destination X and the A.J. Styles/Dixie Carter nonsense.

Dixie Carter & A.J. Styles: Dixie talked to A.J. about not being happy with how things came out last week. Styles said he’s ready to move on and beat Kazarian and Daniels tonight. Styles vowed to put the nail in the coffin.

Rob Van Dam defeated Mr. Anderson:

Austin Aries + Bobby Roode:  Aries said his decision to relinquish the X Division Title in exchange for a TNA World Title shot was due to needing some new competition. He recapped taking Option C that the X Division champ will always get the same opportunity he received at Destination X each year. Aries said his days as X Division champion are numbered, but the question now is what’s going to happen to the X Division. Aries announced there will be a tournament at Destination X to determine the new X Division champion. He said he was backstage today and saw some old and new X Division faces. It reminded him of when he was without a contract one year ago and is now challenging for the TNA World Title one year later. Bobby Roode’s music interrupted to bring out the World champ. Roode told Aries to take a good look at the TNA World Title belt, because it’s the real title. Roode said he single-handedly make this World Title the most important thing in this industry..Roode then accused Aries of only getting a title shot against him because of Hulk Hogan. He said Option C is nothing but a failure. He will make sure Aries fails at Destination X. He looked down at him and said Aries isn’t even in his league before telling the “kid” to get out of his ring. Aries asked Roode what if he thinks this is his ring. Aries told Roode to make him leave the ring. Roode bailed quickly.
VIDEO PACKAGE: Dixie Carter/A.J. Styles nonsense.

Claire & Dixie Carter: Claire said they have a mutual friend and met at a party. Claire said things got bad when Daniels and Kaz got a piece of information and twisted the story.

Christopher Daniels & Kazarian:  Kaz screamed at Daniels for making him do awful things for six months after buying into Daniels’s crap. Kaz left.

Sonjay Dutt defeated Rubix:

VIDEO PACKAGE: The Gut Check judges deciding the outcome for the next person.

Samoa Joe defeated Bully-Ray: Joseph Parks distracted Bully-Ray.After the match Park took the mic and asked Ray if he knows who he is. Park told Bully that he’s nothing more than a jackass bully. Park said he’s been bullied his entire life and it ends right here, right now. He noted this is no longer about his brother, Abyss, but about the two of them. He said he and the fans are sick of it. Park requested two weeks to get ready before fighting Ray in the ring again. This time, he’s bringing the fight right to Ray. He told Ray to give him an answer.

Claire & Dixie Carter: Claire said she can’t believe Daniels turned something so pure into something so scandalous. Dixie had more answers on Styles bringing her to a hotel room to see Claire recovering from addiction.

Kazarian & Hulk Hogan:  Kaz was in Hulk Hogan’s office telling Hogan that he listened to Daniels’s lies for six months. Kaz claimed he had nothing to do with Daniels’s lies, and he can’t team with the guy tonight for the Tag Title match. Hogan asked Kaz to own up to lying in the bed Daniels made. Hogan told Kaz that if he’s accountable, then he better prove it tonight by starting fresh showing who he really is. Hogan said he already booked the Tag Title match tonight.

Madison Rayne & Garret Bischoff: Madison Rayne was shown walking up to Garett Bischoff. Garett tried to ignore her as he texted away on his phone. Madison then tried to get out the words about her secret crush before asking what “he’s” like.

Brooke Hogan & Miss Tessmacher + Gail Kim: Brooke Hogan showed Miss Tessmacher that she got her a campaign with Direct Auto. Gail Kim walked into the shot and said it’s fitting: cheap rates and cheap girls. Gail told Brooke she wants the re-match, which Tessmacher jumped at the chance to have. Brooke told Gail that her re-match is coming – it’s next week.

Rashad Cameron defeated Mason Andrews: Both guys are from PWG.

Taeler Hendrix gut check fate next!

Hulk Hogan & Jeff Hardy & James Storm: Hogan said the deal with Sting is he’s good, but not good enough yet. He said they still don’t know who took out Sting two weeks ago. He told them that since they’re his top racehorses, they’re going to face each other in a BFG Series match next week.

Jeremy Borash & Bruce Pritchard & Al Snow & Taz + Joey Ryan: JB introduced Taeler Hendrix to receive her evaluation. Taeler came to the ring before JB asked the judges if they have seen enough to render a decision. Taz voted yes.As Al Snow was about to give his decision, they showed Joey Ryan in the crowd screaming at the judges. Joey screamed at Taz, who left the ring, to hit him. Snow then screamed at Joey to leave. Joey leaned over the guardrail telling Taz that if he’s such a badass, then he should hit him. Security eventually took Joey away before the judges returned to the ring.
Back in the ring, Snow said he knows Taeler has potential, but he doesn’t think she’s ready for an Impact roster spot. Taeler was given the mic to state her case, and said she will fight to stay here and earn a roster spot. She said she wants it and she will prove that she can shine. The crowd applauded, then JB asked Prichard to give his vote. Prichard said he likes her.  the answer is yes.

Kurt Angle & A.J. Styles: Kurt Angle talked to A.J. Styles about the real A.J. being back. A.J. said the weight is off his shoulders…and he has Daniels one-on-one in a Last Man Standing match at Destination X. Angle made sure his focus is on tonight with the Tag Titles on the line in the main event. Angle told A.J. just to give it their best and they’ll win.

Christopher Daniels & Kazarian defeated Kurt Angle & A.J. Styles ( w/Claire & Dixie Carter) to win the TNA Tag Team Titles: Kazarian hit A.J. Styles with a chair. Kaz and Daniels hugged. Daniels took the mic and proclaimed themselves TNA Tag Champs. Daniels then turned his attention to Dixie, telling her there is plenty of reason to be happy. He said Claire told the truth, but not the whole truth. Daniels said Claire is pregnant, but the bastard’s daddy is A.J. Styles.  Dixie again offered an empty threat that Daniels is so finished.