TNA IMPACT 08 30 2012

Impact Wrestling
Date: August 30th 2012 (Live!)
Location: Orlando, FL
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

VIDEO PACKAGE: Highlights of Open Fight Night

VIDEO PACKAGE: Aces and Eights brawl with the TNA Roster last week and there earlier attacks.

Austin Aries + Hulk Hogan & Sting + Aces & Eights: Austin Aries came out with his rand hand in a bandage. He said Aces and Eights had a plan, send 20 men and outnumber him, set up a diversion. Aries said there are rumours about what he’s going to do with his title, he won’t forfeit, but tonight he isn’t medically cleared to wrestle but he can fight, he’s also left handed not right. He called them out. Hulk Hogan and Sting came out instead. Hogan said everyone needs to calm down, hes back as the general manager, first thing he do was to thank Sting for running the show. They are here to take care of business and whatever the champion wants he gets. Aries said he wants Aces and Eight one on one in a fight. Aces and Eights appeared on the titantron. They do things in their own words and time and will them later

James Storm defeated Rob Van Dam:

ODB defeated Madison Rayne: Rayne said she received a call from Brooke Hogan during the week letting her know that she would be getting her Knockouts Title re-match tonight. To further confuse things, ODB came out instead of Tessmacher. On-stage, ODB said she has some bad news for Rayne because she also got a phone call from Brooke, who told her she has a match tonight. Rayne said that’s not true. ODB ignored Tessmacher and said it’s the two of them tonight. After the match, Eric Young emerged on-stage dressed in a suit wearing shades and holding beer and chicken. EY hit the ring and presented his “wife” with presents before she tried to figure out this man was before him. ODB demanded to know where EY has been the past two months, and EY replied that he’s been in Hollywood filming a show. EY was ready to leave, but ODB wanted to know who he is. “Where is my husband that I married?” ODB said, saying EY isn’t who she married.

VIDEO PACKAGE: A.J. Styles/Claire Storyline recap

A.J. Styles: Styles said he’s glad this whole thing is over. He said there’s a time and place to face Kaz and Daniels again, but right now he’s focused on entering the Final Four of the BFG Series. He vowed to go through Samoa Joe tonight to accomplish that.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Judges discuss the Gut Check segment from last week.

Hulk Hogan & Sting + Christopher Daniels & Kazarian: Sting and Hogan talked about smelling blood. Sting wanted to blow a gasket, apparently on Aces & Eights, but Hogan told him to let the slow build-up take place.. Daniels told Kaz to speak first. Kaz reminded Sting and Hogan that they have iron-clad TNA contracts and they’re all friends. Hogan said they’re not friends and they hate Kaz and Daniels’s .He then noted Styles isn’t done with them and he’ll get his revenge. And, his tag champions are going to fight. Hogan told them he’ll decide when and where, and he hopes they get their brains beat out.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Samoa Joe v A.J. Styles

Samoa Joe defeated A.J Styles:

Kurt Angle: He spoke about the importance of his match against Jeff Hardy tonight to determine who advances to the Final Four. Angle hyped his credentials and said he can’t let Hardy beat him tonight. Angle vowed to win the World Title at Bound for Glory.

Jeremy Borash & Taz & Bruce Pritchard & Al Snow + Kris Lewie + Joey Ryan: JB welcomed out Kris Lewie for his evaluation. Lewie came to the ring and JB asked him if he gave his best last week. Lewie nervously said he gets better every week. JB the formal Gut Check intro before asking Taz for his thoughts. Taz said he respects anyone who tries to make a career as a pro wrestler and comes out on national television to compete, but, quite frankly, Impact Wrestling is above his head. So, it’s a no. Prichard spoke next. He said he doesn’t like JB’s Gut Check intro.but said Lewie needs to wake up from the dream because this business is not for him. TNA cut to a shot of his wife and child ringside. JB said that’s two no’s, so his Gut Check is over. Suddenly, Joey Ryan was heard on a megaphone yelling at the judges. Ryan, on the front row, cut a promo on Al Snow, calling him a corporate stooge. Snow and Ryan had an exchange, then Ryan grabbed a cup from a ringside “fan” and threw a liquid in Snow’s face. Prichard held Snow back as Snow tried to hop the guardrail, then Snow broke through the guardrail and chased after Joey Ryan.

Joseph Parks & Sting & Hulk Hogan: Park was shown talking to Hulk Hogan and Sting. He said Aces & Eights has violated several laws and he thinks he might be able to get them on racketeering. Park wanted to be allowed to investigate the group and determine what they’re up to.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Jeff Hardy v Kurt Angle

Jeff Hardy defeated Kurt Angle

Jeremy Borash & Jeff Hardy + James Storm & Bully-Ray & Samoa Joe: JB entered the ring to introduce the Final Five of the BFG Series. JB introduced Hardy, then James Storm, Samoa Joe, RVD, and Bully Ray. JB announced that next week, one of these five will be eliminated when the final two BFG Series matches occur. JB noted Storm has already guaranteed a spot in the Final Four, then he plugged Ray vs. RVD and Hardy vs. Joe as the final two matches next week.

Austin Aries on his way to the ring.

Austin Aries + Hulk Hogan & Sting & Bully-Ray & James Storm & Jeff Hardy & Samoa Joe & Rob Van Dam & A.J. Styles + Aces & Eights: Austin Aries’s music played to bring out the TNA Champ for the second time tonight. Aries marched to the ring with possession of his title belt, then quickly ripped off his suit jacket and entered the ring with purpose to call out Aces & Eights for a fight. Aries paced the ring awaiting a response, but no sign of the group. And, like at the top of the show, Hogan’s music answered instead. After a pause, Hogan emerged on-stage, followed by Sting, Storm, Bully Ray, and other guys. A few members emerged through the back entrance of the Impact Zone and Aries called out the ugly one. Hogan and Co. slowly made their way down the entrance ramp to back up Aries before Hogan implored Aces & Eights to send their finest into the ring to fight Aries. One dude entered through the guardrail for an Aries vs. faceless man fight. Then, Aces & Eights hit the ring, so the TNA roster hit the ring to start a brawl. After everyone cleared out of the ring, Aries dropkicked the faceless man. Suddenly, a random man entered the ring with his face exposed. The random man put a cover over his face, then popped Aries in the head with an object. The man left as Ray chased him away as Aries remained KO’ed ringside.