TNA IMPACT 01 12 2012

TNA Impact Wrestling
Location: Orlando, Florida
January 12, 2012 (Taped: January 9th)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

TAPED FOR XPLOSION: Jesse Sorenson defeated Zema Ion

VIDEO PACKAGE: Recaps of Genesis where Bobby Roode kept his title by cheating and post match comments by both champion and Jeff Hardy


Bobby Roode + Sting: Roode says that after his dominating, one-sided title defense at Genesis, he has become the most dominant champion in the history of Impact. He asks Hardy to come out and humbly accept his defeat and shake the hand of the World Champion. Instead, Sting’s came out. He’s not sure why they have to keep doing this,but he reminds Roode that he’s the boss while Roode is the employee. Roode says no, he’s the World Heavyweight Champion, but Sting says he’s the punk kid sitting in the back of the classroom disrupting class and he wants to spank him with a ruler. Sting says it was pretty stupid kicking the referee low to save his title, so he’s going to defend against Hardy in are match tonight.

Crimson showed up at the Direct Auto Insurance office earlier today and he says that Morgan was right, they gave him a great deal. Matt continues by putting them over for the great policy they gave him and his wife, but reminds them that they have a match tonight against Robbie E and Robbie T.


Matt Morgan & Crimson defeated Robbie E &Robbie T: After the match Samoa Joe and Magnus came down, attacked the tag team champions and triumphed.


Eric Bischoff walking

VIDEO PACKAGE:Eric Bischoff versus Garrett Bischoff


Eric Bischoff + Garrett Bischoff: Eric comes out to the ring and says Garett thinks he’s a wrestler because Sting handed him a pair of boots, and he doesn’t blame him for dreaming. Garett grew up watching his dad reinvent the business and make millions of dollars and the way he made it look so easy. But in the process of doing all that, he scorched the earth behind him and destroyed everything that didn’t benefit him, including people. He says this is why Garett should give up his dreams, but Garett’s music hits and he comes out. He’s not going to give upon his dreams because he hasn’t burnt any bridges, he has friends, and he’s not going anywhere. He’s proud to be in the ring and in this building working with and learning from the great ones like Sting, Storm, Hardy, and Styles, and that’s what he’s going to continue to do and nothing Eric does will take that away from him. Eric tried, but Garett came back and Gunner could come down here and do it again, but he’ll come back because that’s what he does.He has a new trainer and Eric will be shocked to find out who he is. Eric goes to grab his son and Garett grabs him by the collar and backs him to the corner and tells Eric not to put his hands on him ever again.


Winter & Angelina Love: Winter and Angelina Love discussed the Knockouts division,and tonight’s match with ODB.

VIDEO PACKAGE: ODB/Eric Young relationship


ODB ( w/Eric Young) defeated Winter ( w/Angelina Love):


A.J. Styles + Kazarian + Christopher Daniels: A.J. Styles comes out to the ring to address Kazarian, who he demands come out to the ring right now. Kazarian comes out. AJ tells Kazarian he caught him by surprise, because he was the one guy he didn’t expect to turn his back on him. He was the most level headed guy of the bunch and has always been the voice of reason. Kazarian says he can’t tell AJ why, but then Daniels comes out and says he can, and right now he’s going to shed a little light on the subject. He’s the newest star in Impact Wrestling and the biggest star in the ring and he’ll solve this mystery for AJ. Kazarian sees AJ for what he is:a lost cause, because he’s seen AJ lose match after match after match, and he wondered why he was hanging with a loser like AJ when he could hang out with a winner like Daniels. Kazarian is done carrying AJ’s ass, and Kazarian spins him around and tells him to cut it out, but Daniels tells (actually orders) Kazarian to get out of the ring, but he turns his back on AJ and AJ whips the microphone at Daniels’ back and attacks him.


James Storm walking.

VIDEO PACKAGE:Recap of Genesis with Abyss and Bully-Ray.


Bobby Roode & Bully-Ray: Bully-Ray said he was trending on twitter and even in Canada.. Roode was still in shock that Sting is making him defend the title against Hardy, and Bubba goes “Yeah, he’s not even trending on Twitter!” Bubba asks Roode if he’s on Twitter, then Roode says it’s not about Twitter, it’s about going out there and retaining the title. Bubba says he’s got Roode’s back, then asks if he’s going to get a shot at the title and Roode gives him the old sure no problem.


James Storm + Kurt Angle + Sting: Storm calls them out to settle things, so he calls Kurt Angle out to the ring right now. Angle starts to talk and Storm tells him to shut up, but Angle keeps talking so Storm slaps the microphone out of his hand and says he wouldn’t expect Angle to do anything but take the low road because he’s an opportunist or, what his six year old daughter would call him, a cheater. Angle can cheat as much as he wants because the record books still show he beat Angle to win the World Title, and also set a record by beating Angle in about 30 seconds. He wants Angle to help him set another record by going to the back and putting his tights on so he can kick Angle’s teeth down his throat. He hands the microphone to Angle, and Angle says tonight’s supposed to be his night off and he just came here to see his buddies and celebrate because there’s no way in hell he’s getting a rematch. He proved he’s the better man at Genesis, and now he’s on to regaining the World Title. Sting came out. He first has a message for Bobby Roode that he’ll lose the title if he intentionally gets himself disqualified, then says that Storm and Angle each have one win over the other and they’ll face each other tonight with the winner facing the winner of Roode and Hardy. Angle says he’s not supposed to wrestle tonight, but Sting says he’d better get ready because he’s wrestling right after the next commercial break, which happens…NOW.


James Storm defeated Kurt Angle:


Jeff Hardy said he has a rematch, but tonight the enigma ends the selfish generation and takes the belt.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Brooke Tesmocker in the Hooters competition.


Madison Rayne & Sting: Madison Rayne came up to Sting backstage and says she knows they got off on the wrong foot, but she would like him to officially declare her the VP of the Knockouts Division. Sting says he can’t do that since she’s done such an abysmal job for as long as she had it, but Madison deserved bigger things, so he’s booking her to face Mickie James in a cage match next week.


Bobby Roode and Jeff Hardy fought to a no contest: Hardy hit the swanton bomb but Bully-Ray pulled the referee out and attacked him. Hardy did a cross body onto him then went back into the ring and was pissed off.