TNA IMPACT 02 23 2012

TNA Impact Wrestling
Location: Orlando, Florida
February 23, 2012 (Taped: February 14th )
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

VIDEO PACKAGE: Bobby Roode’s reign as champion so far, Sting booking James Storm versus Bobby Roode at Lockdown, then Roode beating the crap out of Sting.


Bobby Roode came down to the ring. He said Sting is finished and will tell the fans and the world tonight. Roode said lets talk about him the champion, he became the world champion a huge accomplishment, retaining the title on a nightly basis but ending Sting’s career the great accomplishment in his career and life. Roode mentioned  Sting has wrestled legends: Harley Race, Vadar, Lex Luger Hulk Hogan,Ric Flair, but he was the man who ended Stings career. He told Sting when he says good bye don’t let the door hit him on the ass on the way out.



Matt Morgan & Crimson were bickering, then decided to put it past them and win the tag titles tonight as they get there rematch.



Samoa Joe & Magnus defeated Matt Morgan & Crimson to retain the TNA Tag Team Titles: Crimson clotheslined Matt Morgan by mistake, then was double teamed for the pin.



Brandon Jacobs + Bully-Ray: Brandon Jacobs came out. He said what’s up Impact fans, he is fresh coming back from his super bowl victory. He said he was here to support his friend James Storm and wants to let know Bully-Ray he is here in his backyard one more time, they have unfinished business and one on one right now. Bully-Ray came down and told Brenda to calm down, he said he is Bully-Ray, his calves are huge, men like both of them are champions, he is a 2 time and he is a 23 time champion, he plays for New York and hes from New York. He would love to come down andbeat him up but he has a important tag match tonight. Brandon then came out and chased him to the back.



Brandon Jacobs + Jeff Hardy & James Storm: Brandon Jacobs was walking and said he will find him tonight. Storm and Hardy approached himand told him to calm down and whispered something to him.



Zema Ion defeated Alex Shelley: Zema used the hairspray to win the match and afterwards him and Aries stared at each other.


VIDEO PACKAGE :  Garrett/Hulk Hogan versus Immortal



Madison Rayne said she hopes Sting’s done because he has been unfair on her and Gail Kim.



Gail Kim (w/ Madison Rayne) defeated ODB:



A.J. Styles said he is concentrating on championships from now on.


VIDEO PACKAGE: Get better Jesse Sorenson



A.J. Styles defeated Robbie E ( w/ Robbie T) by disqualification:  Kazarian came down and yanked Styles of the apron and beat the crap out of him.



James Storm & Jeff Hardy (w/ Brendan Jacobs) defeated Kurt Angle &Bully-Ray: Bully-Ray wanted to a 3 point stance with Jacobs, but instead got an uppercut and a chokeslam through a table. After the match Jacobs told Bully-Ray sorry about your damn luck and they had a beer bash.



Someone told Sting it’s showtime



Sting + Bobby Roode: Sting said he is done because of Bobby Roode. Roode came down. Roode said he has to apologize because he didn’t want to come out here and interrupt Sting’s goodbye speech, but he wanted to come out here and see Sting and listen to his words when he says that Bobby Roode is the better man and tells the world that he’s done. Sting tells Roode that he didn’t win any awardor battle, and as a matter of fact, he helped Sting out because he woke him up.Sting takes off his sunglasses and starts applying his crazy Joker face-paint,then tells Roode again that he woke him up and he feels so alive. He wants to thank Roode from the bottom of his heart, and now he’s going to tell Roode wha the’s not going to do (he’s not going to do it halfway, he’s not going to be MrNice Guy, no more going back to the same pile of vomit over and over again, but what he IS going to do is that he’s going to put on his boots, his tights, his war paint, and then guess what he’s going to do at Victory Road? He’s going to kick the living crap out of Roode. He tries another kick to Sting’s groin anyway and Sting catches the foot…and kicks Roode in the groin., it’s showtime, and he’ll see Roode at Victory Road.