TNA IMPACT 03 01 2012

TNA ImpactWrestling
Location: Orlando, Florida
March 1, 2012 (Taped: February 15th )
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz


VIDEO PACKAGE: Bobby Roode waking up Sting when he turned insane and challenged him to a match at Victory Road!


Kurt Angle said he will tell the world why he attacked Jeff Hardy two weeks ago.


Kurt Angle + Jeff Hardy + TNA Agents ( Al Snow & Simon Diamond): Kurt Angle said he had several reasons why he attacked Jeff Hardy and had cards. He said paintingh is hair doesn’t make him a champion, he dresses stupidly which isembarrassing. He dresses professionally. At events he will sign for fans butHardy will come in late and the fans will go to him, girls love Hardy, they digAngle too but he’s a one woman man and the main reason why he hates himis because h has over one hundred different figures, posters, t-shirts. Atnight he sees his sons room with Hardy figures, posters, t-shirts and make upon his face. He called out Jeff Hardy wo came out. Angle challenged him to amatch at Victory Road and Hardy attacked him until officials came out. Hardy accepted the match.


Bobby Roode +Austin Aries: Bobby Roode said he is the champion and it factor. What Sting did last week was bad for business,hes a washed up has been. His time is gone. Austin Aries came up to him andagreed about what he said, they are both champions who dominate theirdivisions. Roode said lets go have a talk.


A.J. Styles defeated Christopher Daniels by disqualification: Before the match A.J. said Kazarian had to tell the truth if he beat both of them.Kazarian interfered and gave A.J. Styles his finisher.


Kazarian defeated A.J. Styles: Kazarian then just pinned himfor the win.


Madison Rayne +Gail Kim: Gail Kim said she over-exaggerated and said Madison Rayne had a match with ODB tonight.


ODB (w/ EricYoung) defeated Madison Rayne (w/ Gail Kim):


Bully-Ray & Lady + Bobby Roode & Austin Aries: Bully-Ray told some lady she’s ugly everytime he sees her. He said he’s pissed off  at James Storm. Roode came, sent the lady away, Ray told the lady to call him.Roode told him Sting the problem, Aries has joined them and there is room for onemore and told him to call him.


Velvet Sky was complaining, until she was attacked by  Angelina Love and Sarita. They left her laying until Mickie James made the save.


Immortal ( RicFlair & Gunner & Eric Bischoff ) + Garrett Bischoff: Flair told Garrett Bischoff he better not be here next week or something worse is going to happen.


BobbyRoode, Bully-Ray and Austin Aries were talking and on their way to the ring.


Bobby Roode & Bully-Ray & Austin Aries + Sting: The Three best talkers in the business are together and came to the ring. Bobby Roode said he is the reason why people are watching this shows, he’s the most dominatechampion in this companies history. Sting is nothing more than a authoritymember he is not a wrestler, he crossed the line last week, he can’t book himself with the champ at the PPV and he’s done. Bully-Ray said beforeanyone speaks look at his claves and told the camera to zoom, before he thought it was James Storms fault but its not its Sting because he invited BrendanJacobs to the impact zone. Him and his calves are done. Double A got the mic,he said he kept his mouth shut and its become crystal clear he’s anotherof those who needs to step out of the spotlight, Roode is a better championthen you, Bully-Ray has more toughness in his calves then his own body and he can do things Sting cant do in his dreams. Aries said he does two things: piss people off and win belts, opps he did it again. He’s beaten everyone and he is done. They sat down until Sting came out and appeared in the ring. Stingsaid if Roode doesn’t compete he will strip and fire him, Aries gets the same and Bully-Ray get fired. He booked the three versus TNA Tag Champions and James Storm.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Jesse Sorenson.Get well soon.


Zema Ion defeated Shannon Moore:


Mickie James & Velvet Sky defeated Sarita & Angelina Love:


James Storm & Samoa Joe & Magnus: James Storm told Roode that tonight he was going to get a taste of what was in store for him at Lockdown. Magnus said they might not be a likely team, but that people said thesame thing about him and Joe, and now they were the World Tag Team Champions.

VIDEO PACKAGE:Abyss/Bully-Ray feud.


James Storm & Samoa Joe & Magnus defeated Bobby Roode & Bully-Ray & Austin Aries: After the match Bully-Ray hit everyone with a steel chair. Great match. Good to see the Tag Champs and Double A in the main event.