TNA IMPACT 04 12 2012

TNA Impact Wrestling
Location: Orlando, Florida
April 12, 2012 (Taped: April 3rd )
Commentators:Mike Tenay & Taz


VIDEO PACKAGE: Hulk Hogan taken control of Impact Wrestling


Eric Bischoff + Bully-Ray & Christopher Daniels& Kazarian & Gunner + Garett Bischoff + Mr. Anderson: Eric Bischoff came down opens the show, he said that Hoganand Garett think they have him cornered, but what they don’t understand is thatthe name Eric Bischoff will live on long after we’re all dead and gone. He’s goingto be a legacy in the business. He put together a badass team for Lockdown, and introduced the,: Bully Ray, Gunner, Kazarian, and Christopher Daniels. BullyRay says he is proud to stand next to Bischoff and go to war for him, but as great as Bischoff is, he made one mistake: his bastard son Garett Bischoff. Eric says he knows Bubba is going totake care of that at Lockdown and reminds us of the stakes this weekend. We’vegot a best of three series tonight to determined who will have the advantage at Lethal Lockdown, and that Gunner will lead the charge and take on anyone Garett throws at him. Garett Bischoff came out and said Eric and his team are obviously ready to go, but he’s got his team all lined up and ready to come out and get their hands on Eric’s team..Mr. Anderson


Gunner defeated Mr. Anderson by disqualification:


Eric young + Joseph Parks: Joseph Parks asked Eric Young if he had seen his brotherAbyss,Young asked him to talk to the Immortal group.


Motor City Machine Guns ( Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) + Samoa Joe & Magnus + Mexian America ( Hernandez & Anarchia): Motor City Machine Guns were in the ring, and Chris Sabinsaid that injury after injury has plagued the MCMGs, but no more, then handsthe microphone to Alex Shelley, who says that the MCMGs have been teaming forover six years, while Samoa Joe and Magnus have been teaming for six months.Shelley says Morgan and Crimson rub baby oil on each other, while the MCMGsbeat Beer Money, they retired Team 3D, and this Sunday, they’re not wrestling Curry Man and Shark Boy, they’re wrestling one of the greatest teams ever, andthey’re going to be the new TNA World Tag Team Champions. Samoa Joe and BrutusMagnus come out to the ring to put the MCMGs over as one of the most impressiveteams of all time, and Magnus says Sabin has hisrfor coming back from injury, but it’s not about who the bestteam ever is, it’s about who is the best team right now. At Lockdown, the twobest teams on the planet go at it to see who is the best of the best and whodeserves to be the best champions. Magnus says they look ready, and he and Joeare always ready, so if they don’t want to wait, they can go right now. MexicanAmerica’s music hits and they come out to crash the party. Anarquia says theywere champions for six months and if they want to be left out of the picture,theyattacked both teams and bailed after being double teamed.


Austin Aries defeated Christopher Daniels:


Jeff Hardy:Jeff Hardy came down . He said Angle started this when he cost him the WorldTitle, and it’s going to end in the steel cage. They’ll make history thisSunday, they’re going to hurt each other. He then left.


Eric Young + Sarita & Rosita: Sarita and Rosita try to show themselves to Eric Young butit didn’t work,


Preacher + Eric Young + ODB + Sarita & Rosita: Eric Young comes out to the cage. EY looks confused, butthen ODB’s regular music hits and she comes.. The preacher said how symbolicthe cage is for marriage because of the strength it takes to live in marriagetogether. We see a music video looking back at the crazy love Young and ODBhave shared and how we got to where we are today, and then we hear they’re vowswhich they’ve prepared for each other. then the preacher asks if anyone has areason they should not be married, and Sarita and Rosita come out to object.They tried to show Eric what a real woman looks like backstage, but he ran.They’ll give Eric one last chance to choose whether he wants to stay with that beast,or be with the greatest Knockouts Tag Team Champions of all time. Rosita stripsher robe off and she’s got her stripper outfit on underneath as Sarita saysthat could be all his. Now Sarita takes her robe off and she’s a matchingstripper outfit and shakes her ass as ODB starts crying. ODB says she gets it,she doesn’t have what those girls have, but those girls don’t have what shehas. ODB tears off the dress to reveal her own underwear with her big BAMs. Hewanted to make this wedding perfect, and now they’ve found a way to make itperfect. Eric strips down to his own underwear, then ODB tells the preacher tostrip down as well so everyone matches. The preacher shrugs and decides to gowith the flow, then asks Eric if he takes ODB to be his lawfully wedded wife.pronounces them man and wife and ODB climbs on top of Eric and they startmaking out.


Bully-Ray & Team Bischoff ( Eric Bischoff &Gunner & Kazarian & Christopher Daniels): Bully-Ray gave Team Bischoff a pep talk for tonights manevent and the match this Sunday.


Bobby Roode:Bobby Roode said its him and James Storm in the ring tonight before there matchthis Sunday.


Bully-Ray ( w/ Eric Bischoff & Ric Flair &Kazarian & Christopher Daniels & Gunner) defeated A.J. Styles ( w/Garett Bischoff & Austin Aries & Mr. Anderson): After the match Hulk Hogan made the lockdown match a 5 on 5,Bischoff had 3 minutes to choose a partner he begged Ric Flair but chosehimself, Hogan introduced Team Garett’s 5th member…Rob Van Dam!

VIDEO PACKAGE:James Storm versus Bobby Roode, Lockdown this Sunday.


Velvet Sky & Mickie James defeated Gail Kim &Madison Rayne:


Storm said that for the last few weeks,they’ve done a lot of talking. He asks if he remembers the time they were on afifteen hour plane ride to Japanand laughed because they never thought they’d be the World Champion. They’refour time TNA World Tag Team Champions, the longest reigning tag champions inthe history of TNA, travelled all over the world, entertained millions ofpeople, kicked a lot of butt, and drank a lot of beer. Roode said he’s notgoing to pretend that Beer Money never existed. Beer Money was one of thegreatest teams in the history of the business, and being part of it was one ofthe proudest moments in his career in life, but there’s another proud momentthat they probably both remember, which was last year when they put their tagteam aspirations aside and entered the Bound For Glory Series for a shot at theWorld Title. They both wound up in the final four and made it to thesemifinals, but only Roode made it to the finals, and he went on to win thewhole thing. That sent him to Bound For Glory where he challenged for the WorldTitle while Storm sat in the back twiddling his thumbs and drinking his beer.Storm says he remembers doing something: he was sitting their drinking beer andwatching the monitor when Roode got beat. Storm asks if he remembers the nextweek when he beat the guy who beat Roode, in record time no less. Roode said hevaguely remembers it because Storm’s reign was so short that two weeks later,Roode not only beat him for the title, but became the It Factor of professionalwrestling and the leader of the selfish generation. Storm said he’s glad hebrought that up because it was the night Roode hit him in the head with a beerbottle and destroyed the legacy of Beer Money and their friendship. Roode tellsStorm to cut the bulls**t because they were never friends. They hated eachother when they met, and the only reason they were so successful was because oftheir individual passions for the business. All the stuff about hanging outdrinking beer is crap because they hated each other, and from day one, Stormhas been jealous of him. Storm asks what he has to be jealous of, because wherehe comes from, family and friends mean something and you don’t sell them outfor money like Roode did. Storm does this for the love of the sport, and hedoes it for all the fans, and his superkick leg is getting tired from the tripdown memory lane, so no more history class because in three days, they stepinto the cage to kick the crap out of each other in Storm’s hometown ofNashville, in front of his friends and family. Roode says he doesn’t give acrap about Nashville,his hillbilly wife, or his redneck kids. Storm said Roode won’t need luck,he’ll need a damn miracle to walk out of that cage, and Roode says he’s heardStorm’s line a million times and he’s sick of it. He tells Storm to look athim, dammit, and in three days, Storm will be lucky to walk out of that cage,and says that Storm has no luck with his two dead brothers and his dead father.Storm and Roode go nose to nose. WOW that was amazing!