TNA IMPACT 05 10 2012

TNA Impact Wrestling
Location: Orlando, Florida
May 10, 2012 (Taped: April 26th )
Commentators:Mike Tenay & Taz


VIDEO PACKAGE: The results of last week’s Pick Your Poison Matches with Roode standing tall at the end of the show.



Bobby Roode + Rob Van Dam + Mr. Anderson + Jeff Hardy + TNA Referees & D’Lo Brown & Al Snow & Pat Keaney + Hulk Hogan: Bobby Roode said he is the greatest World Champion in history. Last week he defeated and embarrassed Mr. Anderson, he took him out, Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam as well, all at the same time. When he beats RVD he will be the longest reigning world champion in history: longer then Angle, Hardy, A.J. Styles, Sting. RVD came out and Roode bailed but Anderson sneaked attacked him and they double teamed the champion. Hardy came out and then suddenly Anderson/Hardy brawled. Security and agents came down to split them up. Hogan booked a fatal four way match tonight, if RVD doesn’t win the other man to take the pin faces Roode, if Roode wins he doesn’t have to defend his title and if RVD wins he gets to choose his stipulation for Sunday.



Bully-Ray said Aries is 5 ft 8 a thorn in his time at TNA and said he is going to sort out the problem tonight, just watch!



Gail Kim & Madison Rayne: Gail Kim was pissed at Brooke and Madison Rayne said there’s a guy and is the reason why she is being distracted.



Brooke Tesmocker defeated Velvet Sky: Gail Kim attacked Brooke after.



A.J. Styles: A.J. Styles said he is concentrating on Kurt Angle tonight.



Jeff Hardy: Jeff Hardy said he is glad he made a impact tonight because he will end Roode’s reign.



Matt Morgan vs Crimson never started: Bully-Ray attacked Morgan and attacked him with a chair and chain. Morgan was stretchered out.Bully-Ray warned Austin Aries.



Crimson: Crimson said it’s unfortunate that happened but week after week, Morgan was going to beat him and end his streak. But he didn’t and couldn’t even make it to the ring. Crimson told the referee to give him a chance again and did a 10 count again. Crimson said Morgan is a disappointment just like his career.





Austin Aries defeated Zema Ion to retain the X-Division Title:



Christopher Daniels & Kazarian: Daniels and Kazarian said their jobs are safe and tonight they are going to the ring to reveal the truth about A.J. Styles.



Rob Van Dam: Rob Van Dam said he has beaten Hardy many times,Anderson and will beat Roode. So tonight after he wins he can set the rules and stipulations,he has a ladder match in mind.


VIDEO PACKAGE: A.J.Styles versus Christopher Daniels and Kazarian feud.



Christopher Daniels & Kazarian + A.J. Styles: Christopher Daniels and Kazarian came down to the ring. Daniels said he gave A.J. Styles a ultimatum, he hasn’t heard from him in the last seven days, he gave him one last time to set the record straight and invited him down. He eventually came down, Styles said whatever they have this all needs to stop because they are about to make the biggest mistake of there lives, Kazarian said at first he was protecting him but then realized what they all have accomplished and saw the evidence and it’s what changed his mind. Kazarian showed the picture of him and Dixie Carter, another one with them touching each other and showed a third of them kissing each other. Daniels said since day 1 he has been the poster boy of TNA and when he sees this, ‘ a picture makes a thousand words. They left and Styles was speechless.


VIDEO PACKAGE:Impact Wrestling House shows Hype.



Devon defeated Robbie E ( w/ Robbie T) by disqualification to retain the Television Title: Robbie T attacked Devon and they posed.


VIDEO PACKAGE: James Storm walking out of TNA last month and his future in wrestling.



Joseph Parks + Worker: Joseph Parks asked a worker which way is it to the ring.



Devon: Devon said he will beat both Robbie E and T at Sacrifice.


VIDEO PACKAGE:Joseph Parks investigation to look for his missing brother Abyss. Where is Abyss?



Joseph Parks + Bully-Ray: Joseph Parks came down. He was amazed at the Impact Zone, he has looked back on some of his brothers matches from the past and he tore this house down. He told the crowd he is looking for Abyss and over the past few weeks: clues, leads and interviews, there was one common thread which was Bully-Ray, he said he isn’t going away until he finds answers. He said Sacrifice is this Sunday he might buy a ticket and watch it in the crowd. Bully-Ray came down, he said to shut his music and tired off this crap. He said there is something not right with Joseph Parks and his brother,he said this is not a court room it’s a wrestling ring, he has no business being here in a ring, arena, he asked did he see what he did to Matt Morgan and what if he did that to Joseph Parks. Joseph Parks asked him to calm down and said he is everything he said he is but he remembers Abyss beating Bully-Ray at Genesis. Joseph Parks said Devon beat him two weeks ago and last week, he was invited to the ring last week by Austin Aries and he came down and beat him down. Joseph Parks asked one last question how’sthe bullying working out for him, he snapped and pushed Joseph Parks to the floor.



Mr. Anderson: He said if he wins tonight he is going after Bobby Roode.


TNA FLASHBACK 9:Hulk Hogan debuting in TNA. January 2010, with the Band reuniting in the ring for the first time in years.



Kurt Angle: Kurt Angle said he doesn’t care about the allegations and should care about there match this Sunday because he will make him tap.


VIDEO PACKAGE: TNA Sacrifice Hype.



Rob Van Dam defeated Bobby Roode and Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson: RVD pinned Roode after a five star frog splash, twist of fate and mic check. Roode versus RVD this Sunday in a ladder match this Sunday! RVD brought out a ladder and sat on top of it, Hardy and Anderson argued, suddenly fireworks exploded and Abyss came out he told the camera that his brother should stay away. All four men were shocked.