TNA IMPACT 12 13 2012

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: December 13, 2012
Commentators: Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay, and Taz

IMPACT Wrestling starts off with a video package. It shows footage from Final Resolution as Austin Aries vs. Bully Ray. Austin picked up the win because of Brooke Hogan getting in the way. It switches to AJ Styles vs. Daniels. Daniels wins and AJ hits lower than rock bottom. It changes to Roode vs. Jeff Hardy. Roode had a deal with Aces & 8s, but they didn’t help him. They attacked him. Why?

The video ends and the camera shows the IMPACT Zone. Fireworks explode above the ring and on the entrance stage. We see the fans as they are standing and clapping. Bobby Roode’s music plays and he comes out with a furious face. He comes down the ramp, with no suit coat this time. He gets in the ring and grabs the mic. He walks around holding his head. He says he is a bit confused but more angry than anything. He can’t exactly understand what happened at Final Resolution. Roode considers himself a business man. He is a successful one. He made an expensive investment for the TNA World Title. It would guarantee that he would become champion. It didn’t happen though. He made a deal with Aces & 8s. He wants them now though. Their music hits and they come out and the faction come through the crowd. Devon leads the team. He says they had another deal that was better. Roode doesn’t understand. Roode is a businessman but Aces & 8s are about business. They look for the best deals. Roode wants to know who the other deal was from. Devon says they don’t like to name names. They keep it in the club. Just then, Devon and Doc step on the apron. Devon says they can’t him now, but he may get his answer later tonight. Doc and Devon get in the ring. Jeff Hardy’s music plays. Roode leaves the ring. Jeff and James Storm come out. Jeff has a mic and states that he is tired of this stuff. Aces and 8s attacked him twice so now it’s payback. Let’s fight. Jeff and James run down the ramp. They get in the ring but Devon and Doc quickly get out. Jeff’s music hits. James grabs the black bat that Doc had and swings it around the ring.
Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay and Taz are shown as they wonder about the business decision that Aces and 8s made at Final Resolution. Next week will be Championship Thursday. Velvet Sky may be one of the challengers. A video plays of her backstage. She got a great reaction last week and she she is focused. The pigeons have been kept up for awhile and they want to come out. Let’s do this.


Footage plays from this past sunday as it shows Mickie James crying. She says she let herself down and her fans down. This is not how she wanted 2012 to end. We see video from her match with Tara. Mickie says she is the best female wrestler in the world and she let that happen. She can’t believe it.

Madison Rayne’s music plays. She comes down the ramp with the crown on her head. She waves to the fans as she gets to the ring. She taunts in the ring, but not for long as Velvet Sky’s music plays. She comes out in all black. She comes down as the fans cheer. She let’s the pigeons loose. She continues to taunt. She turns around and Madison is right in her face. She starts yelling at Sky.

Madison Rayne vs. Velvet Sky

Rayne takes it right to Sky as she hits her and she goes right into the corner. Rayne walks up to her, but Sky comes back and attacks her. She takes Rayne to the corner and pounds her face in. She does a snapmare and then kicks her back and flips over her head to snap her head forward. Sky goes after her again, but Rayne comes back and knocks Sky down. She steps on Sky’s hair and pulls her body up with her arms. She does it twice. SHe takes Sky to the ropes and chokes her. She gets Sky up and snaps her back to the mat. Rayne pounds Sky’s head into the mat and then covers. Sky kicks out. Rayne continues the attack on the head. She gets up and yells at Taryn Terrell. Rayne turns and Sky comes back with a punch. She gets up and works on Madison with huge knee strikes. She runs into the ropes and hits a closeline. She does another. She hits Rayne in the mid-section and then rams her head into the mat. Madison slowly gets up. Sky kicks her in the gut and then does a huge face plant. She gets the win.

Winner: Velvet Sky

Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff are backstage. Kurt Angle is beside them. He is proud of them. They have a tag team match. Garett says they are ready. They need a cup of coffee and then they are all set. Kurt says he has something better. He pulls out a pack of 5 Hour Energy from his locker. He says this stuff is great and will knock their socks off. They take it. They leave as they prepare for their match.


Kazarian and Daniels are walking backstage. They are talking to each other until the camera man stops them and asks them if they were part of Aces and 8s deal. They say no as Bobby is their friend and they stick behind their friend. Daniels was worried about his match. He didn’t need any help. They go on to say that AJ Styles may be behind this.

Video plays and we see footage from the 6 man tag team match at Final Resolution. It was Aces and 8s against Wes, Garett, Kurt, and Joe. All of them are fired up about Aces and 8s. They were able to come out on top.

Christy Hemme is in the ring. She introduces the people of this match. Robbie E and Robbie T walk out as their music plays. They come into the ring. Garett Bischoff’s music plays and he comes out with Wes Brisco. Kurt Angle is right being them. The two get in the ring as Kurt watches from ringside.

Robbie E and Robbie T vs. Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco

Robbie E and T go after Wes and Garett as soon as they get in the ring. Robbie E throws Garett out of the ring and he gets on the apron. Robbie T lifts Wes up and hits a huge body slam. He gets Wes up and throws him in his corner. He tags Robbie E. Robbie E gets in and stomps on Wes. He taunts after. Wes comes back with punches to E but he tags in Robbie T. Wes tries to get away, but E trips him. Mr. T gets in and throws Wes around. He lifts him up and applies the bear hug. Wes gets out of it. He runs into the ropes. Robbie T grabs him and rams him in his corner. Wes tried to get a tag, but Mr. E ran in and knocked Garett off the corner. He gets back on the apron. Mr. T tags in Mr. E. He takes Wes to the middle of the ring and hits a body slam. He goes to the second turnbuckle. He jumps, but Wes puts his foot up. Mr. E blocks it. Wes is able to kick Mr. E down. Wes crawls and tags Garett. He gets in and works on Mr. E. He closelines him down and then smashes him in the corner. He does a spine buster. He backs up right into Robbie T. Mr. T grabs Garett’s head and whips him back. Robbie E gets up, but Garett is able to come back. He tags Wes in. Wes gets in as well as Mr. T. They knock T down. Wes goes after Mr. E and is able to get the pin.

Winners: Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff

As Wes and Garett celebrate, an Aces and 8s member runs out with the ball peen hammer or lead pipe. He takes a shot right in the back of Kurt Angle’s knee as he claps from ringside. The member runs off. Garett and Wes quickly check on Kurt.


Footage plays showing the last minutes of the tag team match and the attack on Kurt Angle.

Kurt is backstage in a chair as the doctor is checking on him. Kurt is hurting as the doctor says it’s not good. Kurt wants ice. He says there is swelling but no ligament.

Video plays showing Joseph Parks making his way to OVW, the training place for TNA. He is trying a beetle bug. He can barely get out of the car. Once he does, he is excited to be here. He knocks on a door of a guy. Parks says everything leads to OVW. The guy says more people came from OVW than any other person. Parks says he wants to do it tomorrow. The guy tells him NOW! The guy starts training Parks. He can’t even do a push-up. The guy yells at him and Parks throws up in a trashcan.

The camera is backstage in Brooke Hogan’s office. There s a knock at the door. It’s Tara and Jesse. Tara did knock this time. She says Bully Ray vs. Jesse will be tonight as it’s boyfriend vs. boyfriend. It’s Championship Thursday next week for the Knockout Title and Tara says she knows who she can fight. Brooke says she will wait until next week to find out. Tara can continue to do her autograph signing at grocery stores. Tara can’t believe it. She turns to Jesse and tells him that he better beat Bully Ray tonight. As they leave, Brooke tells them that her boyfriend (Jesse) better put another sock into his shorts.

A video plays hyping the date 1.3.13.


Kenny King is backstage taping his hand. He says his match with RVD was a dream match. He lost but is happy with it. Tonight, it is not about the belt but it is about what he learned. He is going to knock RVD right on his @ss.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she introduces the stars in this match. James Storm’s music hits and he comes through the curtain. Fireworks explode on the stage. He continues down the ramp as the fans cheer. He gets in the ring. After him, Jeff Hardy’s music plays. The TNA World Title (the real one) is over his shoulder while his version is around his waist. He is rocking the cool face paint. He interacts with the fans around the ring. He gets in the ring and the Aces & 8s’ music plays. Doc comes out with a big masked member. They come through the crowd. They get on the apron but Doc enters while the other stays on the apron.

James Storm and Jeff Hardy vs. Aces & 8s

Doc goes against Storm first. They stare at each other. James does right hands to Doc, but Doc goes for a right shot, but James ducks. He continues to take shots. Doc pushes Storm away. James comes back. He continues the attack. He tags Jeff. James twists the arm of Doc while Jeff climbs the corner. He jumps and lands on the arm of Doc. Doc falls back. He tags the masked man. He enters. Jeff and him go back and forth. The guy is knocked out of the ring though. Jeff does a baseball slide type move as it knocks the masked man into the guard rail. He falls. He gets up and walks around the ring. He meets Doc. They join and go to leave, but Jeff gets on the apron and jumps on both of them. They fall. Jeff gets up and the fans roar.


Jeff has Doc in a headlock. Doc pushes Jeff into the ropes. Jeff holds on. Doc runs to him but Jeff kicks him right in the face. The masked man runs on the apron and hits Jeff down. Doc goes after Jeff and knocks him to the outside. The masked man drops down and goes after Jeff. Doc exits the ring and James Storm meets him. James goes after Doc. The referee pulls James away. Doc gets back in while the masked man pushes Jeff back in. Doc puts Jeff in his corner. He gives some heavy body shots. He tags his partner in. Jeff falls. Doc applies his foot right to Jeff’s head. He exits. The masked man puts Jeff in the corner and does some right hands to the head and chest. He tags Doc in. Doc kicks Jeff in the gut and then chokes him with his foot. He releases and Jeff falls forward. Doc goes after James. As he does, Doc tags in the masked man. He comes in and drops elbows on Jeff. He covers. Jeff kicks out. The masked man applies a front headlock. Jeff slowly gets up. He does a chin breaker. The masked man falls. Jeff goes to his opponents corner by mistake. The masked man grabs Jeff and tags Doc. The masked guy holds him while Doc kicks him right in the chest and head. Jeff falls down. Doc chokes him by the ropes. He then stomps on him. He brings Jeff out from under the ropes. He drops the elbow and then applies a headlock. Jeff gets up and elbows his way out of it. He goes into the ropes and kicks Doc in the chest. Jeff goes to tag James, but Doc hits James off the apron. Doc brings Jeff to his corner and tags the masked man. He gets in and hits Jeff while on the mat. He covers but Jeff kicks out at 2.

He chokes him with his hand and knee. The masked guy gets Jeff up and throws him out of the ring. Doc drops down and whips him in the guard rail. James tries to go over but the referee stops him. Doc brings Jeff in the ring. The masked man covers but Jeff kicks out again. He tags Doc in. The masked man holds the legs of Jeff while Doc does a body splash. He covers. James gets in and stops the count. Doc gets upset. He grabs Jeff and applies a headlock. Jeff tries to come back. He elbows his way out. Doc knees him and throws him in the corner. He runs to Jeff, but Hardy elbows him in the head. He climbs and hits whisper in the wind. Jeff slowly goes to James. Doc gets up and stomps on Jeff. He brings him back and tags the masked man. He kicks Jeff in the gut and back. He gets Jeff up, but Jeff tries to get away through the legs of the big man. He is able to kick him from behind. He tags James in. He knocks the masked man down and then Doc from the corner. He has the masked man in the corner. He is able to jump on him and then drop him down on the mat. He covers but the guy kicks out. He tags Jeff in. Jeff comes in and James gets on his hands and knees. Jeff runs, jumps on James and goes right to the masked guy in the corner. Doc enters. James and Hardy do a double suplex. Suddenly, a masked guy enters. He goes after James but James is able to hit him. Another comes out and James super kicks him. Devon comes out with the baseball bat. He starts swinging. James is able to grab him and drop him down on his knees. Devon flies back. Jeff knocks him out of the ring. James hits Doc in the face while Jeff hits the Twist of Fate. He covers the masked man wins.

Winners: Jeff Hardy and James Storm

James and Jeff exit the ring as Aces and 8s all join together in the ring. Devon has a mic. People want to know what who paid them….well he will tell them. It was Austin Aries. Jeff and James can’t believe it. They are stunned and dumbfounded.

The camera goes backstage to producers. They are talking. Hulk Hogan enters the picture and asks if they heard what he just heard. He can’t believe it’s Aries. Bobby Roode enters. He starts raising his voice at Hogan as he wants Aries. Hogan tells him to calm down and shut up. He doesn’t know what to do with Roode yet. Hulk gets a phone call on his cell. It’s Austin. He wants to hear Austin out and wants to hear him tonight. Roode grabs the phone but Hogan yells at Roode. He tells him to get out of here. Hogan is stressed while Roode wants payback.


A video plays about the AJ Styles and Daniels rivalry. It shows footage from their match at Final Resolution. It also shows Daniels’ commentary after the match. He is the better man. He beat AJ. It shows AJ in the back dazed and confused. Earl Hebner tells the camera to back off as it’s not the time for this.

AJ Styles’ music plays and he comes out to the ring. The fans cheer. He grabs a mic as he is in the ring. He demanded this time to address everyone. He doesn’t have to tell us where he has been or where he is going. The fans chant, “You still got it.” AJ shakes his head. He tells them that he isn’t going anywhere. Don’t worry. The truth is….and Styles pauses. He starts again to say that he doesn’t know where he is going. He’s been a corporate guy for so long as he was worried where everyone is going. He wasn’t concerned about AJ Styles. This has nothing to do with us or the IMPACT Zone or with Dixie Carter. This has nothing to do with IMPACT Wrestling. (He takes off his hat and shirt.) This has everything to do with AJ Styles. He is sick and tired of being the corporate janitor. He is tired of cleaning up TNA’s mess and doing the right thing. He is going to be doing his own thing. AJ drops the mic and leaves the ring.


Next week is Championship Thursday as the Knockout Title will be on the line against one of 4 knockouts while Kurt Angle will face Devon for the Television Title.

Music hits and Jesse comes out while Tara is by his side. He lifts Tara up and they kiss. He brings her down and they lock hands as they walk down the ramp. They meet on the apron and join noses. They get in and they continue to touch each other. Music hits and Bully Ray is here. He marches right down the ramp. Jesse gets out of the ring and Bully follows him. He gets back in and Ray gets in and hits the back of Jesse.

Jesse vs. Bully Ray

Bully Ray pounds on the back of Jesse again. Jesse screams in pain. He punches Jesse right in the head. He gets him up and whips him in the ropes. He does a shoulder block and Jesse falls so quick like he got hit by a car. Jesse looks dazed. Ray punches him in the face again. Ray gets him up but Jesse pokes him in the eyes. He then does a knife edge chop. He does another but Ray doesn’t even move. Jesse runs into the ropes but comes back to a big boot. Ray taunts and then grabs Jesse. He hits his face into the corner. He then does a huge chop to the chest and it could be heard around the world. Jesse screams in pain as he falls to the mat. The fans want it one more time. Ray puts him to another corner and does another chop. It’s so loud! Jesse can’t even handle it. Ray eyes are starting to get big as they want it one more time. He goes to Jesse, but Tara gets in the ring. She tells him to stop. He looks at her and goes for a chop but she turns and bends over. He chops her butt instead and she falls through the ropes. Jesse gets up and hits him from behind. Ray falls and Jesse is furious. He stomps on him and then punches him multiple times in the face. Ray is down on the mat. Jesse holds his chest as it’s all red from the shots. Jesse hits a dropkick as Ray is on his knees and he starts bleeding from his head. Jesse continues with more shots. Ray gets on his knees and does another chop to the chest. He falls. Ray gets to his feet. Jesse turns and hits him with a closeline. Ray falls. Jesse had enough. He kicks and punches him. Ray gets to the corner and Jesse chokes him. He walks away and then comes back to nail him in the head. Jesse walks away. Tara chokes Ray on the middle rope. Ray gets up as she let’s go. Jesse does a dropkick. He then goes for a leg drop, but Ray moves. Both get up and Ray does the Bully Cutter. He covers and wins.

Winner: Bully Ray

Ray bleeds from the head as he celebrates in the ring. He gets on the apron and starts yelling at Hulk as far as what it is going to take. The ending becomes the Direct IMPACT of the Night.

Austin Aries is walking backstage. The camera man follows him. He tells the person to back off as he already has shadow following him. He will tell the world in a little while so wait.

A 1.3.13 video plays.


Video plays showing footage from Final Resolution of the TNA World Title match. Roode was looking for Aces and 8s to help him, but they did not. Instead, they attacked Hardy and Roode. It switches to footage from earlier tonight where Devon revealed that it was Austin Aries who paid them off.

Austin Aries’ music plays and he comes out. He wears his sunglasses his cocky smile. He grabs a mic and then enters the ring.

He can’t say that that cat is out of the bag. Yes, he is the guy who trumped Roode’s offer for Aces and 8s. Roode says money talks but Austin’s money sings. It sang loud and clear. Now, Austin is not surprised Aces and 8s ratted him out, but these type of people do what they want. They got the job done though. Austin says Hulk made Austin do his dirty work and that was going against Aces and 8s. He did it but wasn’t paid. He was pushed to the side for Jeff. Now he wants his title back. Jeff’s music plays and he comes out on the stage. He slowly walks down the ramp. Jeff has a mic. He has the title and Austin wants it. Austin hired some motorcycle people to do his dirty work. Austin, just ask. That’s all you have to do. Austin doesn’t ask…he won’t as he will have to do so much in order to get it. Jeff gets in the ring. He likes Austin’s creativity but tells Austin to show up. Next week is Championship Thursday, so let’s have Aries vs. Hardy 3! Austin laughs. Jeff’s fans would love to see this match, Austin doesn’t do what the fans want and what is on Jeff’s timeline. Austin will do what he wants. That’s the difference. Jeff does what the fans want and he punches Aries right in the face. They fight back and forth. Austin grabs Jeff and goes for the brain buster, but Jeff slides out and goes for the Twist of Fate. He hits it. He climbs the corner for the Swanton Bomb but Aries rolls out of the ring. Jeff’s music plays. He grabs the title while Austin walks backwards up the ramp enraged. The show fades.

We go to credits.