IMPACT Wrestling 10 13 2020

IMPACT Results
October 13, 2020
Nashville, Tennessee (Skyway Studios)
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

The show opens with a video package recapping last week’s episode.

Moose and Scott D’Amore are backstage arguing about Moose having a match with EC3 at an undisclosed location at Bound For Glory.  D’Amore told Moose he doesn’t have time for him as he is waiting for a phone call from Rich Swann’s doctor.  A video with EC3 telling Moose to control his narrative and then he holds up the TNA World Title.

Following the introduction we go to the Skyway Studios in Nashville, TN with Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne on commentary.

Three Tag Team Knockouts Match: Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie vs. Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan vs. Hovak Nevaeh.

Rosemary and Nevaeh start the match. Both Knockouts trade roll ups for pinning opportunities.  Nevaeh tags in Taya.  Northern Lights suplex on Nevaeh.  She kicks out at two.  Navaeh tags in Havok.  Both Navaeh and Havock double team Taya.  Taya trash talks Steelz and Hogan who are on the outside of the floor.  Steelz was tagged in.  Steelz gives Taya an upper cut.  Kiera Hogan is tagged in.  She goes for the cover, but only gets a one count on Taya.  Taya back suplexes Hogan.  Taya tags in Rosemary.  Rosemary gives an exploder suplex on Hogan.  Naveah is tagged in.  She repeatedly kicks Hogan in the stomach and then goes for a three count, but only gets a two. Steelz and Hogan double team Naveah.  Steelz has Naveah in a headlock.  Naveah slams Steelz and she then favors her arm and elbow.  Havok is tagged in.  Havok gives her a knee and then throws Steelz.  Havock then flies to the outside.  Rosemary was tagged in.  Steelz leaps off the top rope and Rosemary catches her and then throws her down.  Taya is in the ring and the referee has lost control of the match.  Naveah and Taya are the two legal women in the ring.  Taya climbs the top rope and leaps off the top rope and lands on all the women, but Steelz and Rosemary who are still in the ring.  Rosemary spears Steelz.  Rosemary applies her finish and gets the pin.

WINNERS: Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie

We then go the broadcast booth with Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne who discuss Rosemary trying to bring back Father James Mitchell and then they talk about waiting for an update Rich Swann’s doctor.  Mathews and Rayne then run down the current card for the Bound For Glory PPV on October 24.  They then run down the card for the rest of tonight’s show.

A backstage video airs with IMPACT stars talking about Money for an upcoming wedding with Havock and John E. Bravo. They argue back and forth.


Back from the break, there is a backstage segment with Rosemary and Havock discussing a wedding and that the only one who should officiate the wedding is Father James Mitchell.  Havock says she made Mitchell exit “this reality” for a reason. Havock then challenges Rosemary to a match.  If Hovack wins, then Father James Mitchell stays where he is, and is Rosemary wins, Havok will help her bring Father James Mitchell back.  Rosemary then disappears.

Fallah Bahh vs. Crazy Steve

At the opening of the match, Crazy Steve has a conversation with a stuffed monkey, then imitates Johnny Swinger.  Bahh goes after Steve.  Bahh then does a cross body on Crazy Steve.  Bahh has cash under his shirt he is trying to protect.  Crazy Steve then puts Bahh in a sleeper hold.  Steve goes for a dive.  Crazy Steve then pulls off Bahh’s shirt and then Steve rolls up Bahh for the win.

WINNER: Crazy Steve

We then go to a backstage segment with Heath Miller and Rhino. Rhino said he pulled some strings and they are both in the gauntlet match.  If neither Rhino or Heath win, then Heath does not get an IMPACT contract. Scott D’Amore then talks to Rhino and tells him that he is a great friend and asked Rhino why he didn’t tell him the “other part.”  If Rhino loses he gives up his contract as well.


Back from commercial break and back in the ring is Kaleb with a K as the personal photographer of Tenille Dashwood.  He then introduces Tenille Dashwood.

Ten Person Tag Team Match Up with Bound For Glory Call Your Shot Implications: Tenille Dashwood, Tommy Dreamer, Brian Myers, Cody Deaner and Johnny Swinger vs. Hernandez, Cousin Jake, Alisha Edwards, Rhino and Heath.

Ring introductions are done, then we go to a commercial break.


Back from the break, the match starts.  Heath and Johnny Swinger start the match. Swinger then tags in Dashwood.  Heath then tags in Alisha.  Dashwood takes down Alisha.  Alisha catches a boot from Dashwood. Alisha is taken down by Dashwood, who goes for a three count, but only gets a two. Hernandez and Cody Deaner are both tagged.  Hernandez then tags in Rhino.  Cody Deaner then tries and ECW chant.  He puts Rhino is a headlock. Rhino then gives a shoulder block to Cody Deaner.  Rhino then tags in Cousin Jake. Cody Deaner then tags in Tommy Dreamer.  Cousin Jake does a shoulder tackle on Dreamer then misses an elbow drop.  Cousin Jake then tags in Hernadez.  He clotheslines Dreamer.  Hernandez then applies a bear hug on Hernandez and then escapes by biting Dreamer.  Hernandez is in control over Dreamer, who then tags Myers, who did not want to go in the ring, but Dreamer brings him in.  Hernandez tags in Heath who is in control of the match.  Myers gets control, then Myers is blind tagged by Swinger. Heath grabs Swinger and then pins him.

WINNERS: Hernandez, Cousin Jake, Alisha Edwards, Rhino and Heath.

Backstage segment with Sami Callihan beating down Eddie Edwards.  Ken Shamrock then comes in and puts an ankle lock on Edwards as Callihan films it with his phone.  Shamrock is under some kind of mind control by Callihan.


Back from commercial break Jimmy Jacobs conducts an interview with IMPACT World Champion Eric Young about the possible match with Rich Swann at Bound For Glory.  Eric says he is going to go to the ring.

Kimber Lee w/Deonna Purrazzo vs. Kylie Rae

Kylie does a tilt a whirl on Lee.  Both women are on the outside of the ring.  Purrazzo and Lee trash talk each other.  Both women are on the ring apron exchanging blows.  Lee attempts a German Suplex off the ring apron.  Lee slams Rae back first on the ring apron.  Lee is back in the ring mocking Rae.  Rae comes back ring.  Lee chokes Rae.  Rae comes back in the ring to stomps by Lee.  Lee continues to be in control of the match. Lee slaps Rae across the chest. Lee then stomps on Rae’s head.  Rae attempts a reversal and then grabs Lee’s leg.  Lee grabs the ring to break up the hold.  Lee then reverses it and applies a boot to the face of Rae.  Lee then applies a vertical suplex on Rae.  Lee goes for the three count, but only gets two. Lee then bends Rae’s leg as Rae is screaming.  Rae reverses it, but Lee gets out of it.  Lee goes for a three count on Rae, but only gets a two count.  Lee continues to be in control of the match.  Rae comes back with a clothesline and Elbow on Lee.  Rae then does the Kylie special (kick to the face), and goes for the three count, but only gets two.  Rae goes for a roll up, but Kimber Lee kicks out at two.  Deonna Purrazo distracts Rae, as Lee goes for a pin, but only gets a two count.  Rae applies a crossface and get the win by submission.  Purazzo comes in the ring to beat up Rae, but Rae kicks Rae in the face and Purazzo leaves the ring.

WINNER: Kylie Rae



Doc Gallows (“The Big LG”) w/Karl Anderson vs. Madman Fulton w/Ace Austin.

Karl Anderson talks about how Scott D’Amore opened up the pocket book to get the The Good Brothers.  Anderson says they are the best – the best wrestlers, the best beer drinkers, the next wine drinkers and the best tag team and the best storytellers.  They then said to be the best they need to have the IMPACT World Tag Team Championships.

Fulton clotheslines Gallows outside the ring.  Both men are now fighting outside of the ring exchanging blows and kicks.  Both men continue to exchange blows and now the fight is on the ramp.  Both men have been counted out by the referee and continue to battle into the commercial break.



Back from the break, the match was restarted.  Both Gallows are Fulton are still fighting around the ring.  Both men are using a garbage can on each other.  Fulton has a pipe.  Anderson grabs a beer can and slams it on Fulton’s head.  He then grabs a chair as both men are in the ring. Gallows hits Fulton repeatedly on the back with the chair.  There are kendo sticks and all sorts of weapons around the ring.  Fulton chokes out Gallows with a crutch.  Fulton then slams Gallows head on the turnbuckle.  Fulton superkicks a steal chair into Fulton’s face.  Gallows sets up two chairs and chokeslams Fulton on the two chairs for the win.

WINNER: Doc Gallows


Back from the break is a video package with Eric Young talking about starting a revolution at Bound For Glory.

From the broadcast booth Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne again hype Bound For Glory and the current card for the PPV.  They also go over, at the same time, the card for next week’s IMPACT show on AXS TV.

Eric Young heads to the ring looking for answers regarding the status of Rich Swann.  Eric Young says this is his world now and everything belongs to him.  He says that the World Title is the power.  He won’t leave the ring until he gets an answer about Rich Swann.  They then cut backstage as Scott D’Amore is looking at the monitor and gets a phone call on his cell phone from what appears to be the doctor of Rich Swann.  Scott says there is some place he has got to be.


Back from the break Scott D’Amore comes down to the ring.  Eric calls Scott “bossman” and says it must be good news.  Young gets in D’Amore’s face and wants the world to know that Rich is a quitter and that he (Eric) has the night off at Bound For Glory.  D’Amore says he spoke to Rich Swann’s doctor.  Additional and substantial damage was done to Rich Swann’s ankle.  Young starts getting in D’Amores face and tells him that he (D’Amore) works for him now.  D’Amore says Young lost he was meant to be when he was gone in other promotions. D’Amore says that at Bound For Glory and Young will be defending the title against Young.  D’Amore says he hopes that Swann knocks the stupid look off his face and then attacks D’Amore and gives him a huge beatdown in the ring.  Young attempts to snap the ankle of D’Amore.  Rich Swann makes the save and takes out Young who leaves the ring.  Swann holds up the IMPACT World Title belt up.

We then cut to a segment with Moose who drives his car to an undisclosed location with EC3 holding the TNA World Title.  EC3 and Moose trash talk each other about how they are both pathetic and not good wrestlers.  EC3 says he has been waiting for this fight his whole life.  Moose then punches EC3 and they both exchange blows back and forth on what looks to be a bridge over a lake.  EC3 takes out Moose with a huge punch and tells him he is a father and a husband.  Moose then splits in the face of EC3.  He then mocks and taunts Moose.  Moose then gets up and takes out EC3 with a crazy amount of blows and then grabs the TNA Title and walks off.  EC3 is on the ground with a bloody face as he laughs a little as the show goes off the air.