IMPACT Wrestling 11 03 2020

IMPACT Results
October 27, 2020
Nashville, Tennessee (Skyway Studios)
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

The show opens with a video package featuring John E. Bravo leading up to his wedding with Rosemary.

We then go to Scott D’Amore on the phone.  He tells Tommy Dreamer that Bravo is in critical but stable condition.  Dreamer says he is launching an investigation into who shot Bravo and that everyone is a suspect.

Show intro then begins.

We go to an empty Skyway Studios in Nashville with Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne on commentary.

Knockouts Championship Match: Su Yung defends against Deonna Purrazzo

Deonna kicks Yung but it has no effect on Yung.  Both women go back and forth with holds and each woman breaks each others holds.  Yung attempts a claw on Purrazzo, but its countered by Purrazzo with a slam.  Purrazzo has Yung in a submission hold and then into an armbar submission hold on Yung.  Purrazzo then stomps on Yung’s arm.  Purrazzo has Yung in the corner and kicks her in the arm.  Purrazzo continues to go after Yung’s arm.  Palm strike on Purrazzo by Yung.  Both double clothesline each other and the referee begins to count.  Both women are up and Purrazzo kicks Yung in the mid-section.  Yung puts the claw on Purrazzo.  Kimber Lee then throws a chair in the ring to distract Yung.  Yung hits Purrazzo with it and the bell rings.  Yung takes out Lee and Purrazzo. Match is called a disqualification.


We go backstage to Rhino and Heath.  Scott D’Amore walks in with a contract for Heath. Heath says he will sign and figure out the rest later.  D’Amore says everything that Heath has asked for is in the contract.  D’Amore says as soon as he is physically ready he can sign the contract.  Heath doesn’t sign the contract.   He gets up and leaves with Rhino.  The attorney for Deonna Purrazzo walks in the room and says this is not the rematch she is entitled to.  D’Amore says he doesn’t want to argue and fight.  D’Amore says there will be an anything goes no DQ match at the Turning Point event that will air on IMPACT Plus on November 14.  D’Amore asked for a card.


We go backstage with Rich Swann and Eddie Edwards taking about their tag match with Eric Young and Sami Callihan.


Both men lock up and exchange arm bars.  Miguel has Bey in a headlock, then turns and chops him in the chest.  Miguel has Bey on his shoulders and throws him forward.  Both men exchange arm bars.  Bey has Miguel in the corner and kicks him in the mid-section.  Miguel does a moonsault on Bey and goes for a pin, but only gets a two count.  Miguel drops kicks Bey who rolls to the outside of the ring.  He gets back in the and then leg sweeps Miguel.  He covers Miguel for the pin, but only gets a two count.  Bey rakes Miguel in the eyes and takes more control of the match.  He stops on Miguel on the back, then stands on Miguels back and then poses.  Miguel goes on the offense with a kick to the back of the head on Bey.  Both men are down and the ref starts the ten count.  Bey is up first, but Miguel is right back up as well.  Miguel sweeps the leg of Bey then does a reverse 619.  He goes for the pin on Bey, but Bey kicks out a two.  Miguel is on the top rope, and Bey climbs the rope with a counter.  Miguel has a failed attempt for a powerbomb off Bey off the top rope.  Bey does a flying cutter off the top rope onto Miguel for the 1,2,3.



We go to an episode of Locker Room Talk with Madison Rayne.  Johnny Swinger is in the room.  Rayne’s first guest is Jordynne Grace.  Rayne’s second guest is Tenille Dashwood along with Kaleb with a K.  Swinger then goes to a different part of the room.  Rayne tells Grace she has no partner for the Knockouts Tag Title Tournament.  Dashwood is on her phone and rolls her eyes as Rayne suggests Grace and Dashwood could be partners.  Grace then says maybe the team to beat is in the room. Dashwood agrees that the best team is in the room and then asks Madison if she would be her partner and then comments on Madison’s dress.  Madison says she is feeling it and that she is busy but can make it work.  Kaleb with a K walks in the room and wants to take a picture.  She grabs Kaleb’s phone and tosses it.  Swinger tries to get in the picture. Segment ends.

We then go to another backstage segment with Dreamer interviewing a referee questioning him about if he shot Bravo.  He then tells the referee to get out.  Next comes in Johnny Swinger and The Deaners.  Dreamer tells them to come back because they are suspects.



Rohit brags how great he is and wants a new challenger for the X-Division Title.  TJP comes out in street clothes with a cup of coffee.  He grabs a mic and says he is here to answer the challenge.  Rohit tells him his opportunity is done because he did not capture the title at Bound For Glory.  Both men trash talk back and forth.  Rohit tells TJP to get out of his ring.  Rohit says he clawed and scratched and is no one’s pet project.  He then asks TJP who he is.  TJP says that he put in 22 years of work and has been wrestling longer that Rohit has been watching wrestling.  TJP then talks about his accomplishments from other wrestling organizations since he was 18 years old.  Rohit then says all the accomplishments are past tense.  He tells TJP he is pathetic. TJP throws down the mic and Rohit tells him to leave. TJP then begins to leave and then comes back in and grabs the mic.  Rohit then continues to bad mouth TJP and TJP throws what is hot tea in the face of Rohit.  Both men start to fight but there is no referee.  TJP then throws Rohit out of the ring.  TJP then picks up the X-DIVISION Title.

Backstage interview with Chris Sabin giving an update on Alex Shelley.  Sabin talks about how each talk tag is going after Sabin and Shelley.  He throws out a challenge to anyone of the tag teams.


Backstage Rohit tells Scott D’Amore about throwing hot tea on his chest.  TJP then comes in.  Both men continue to trash talk talk each other.  D’Amore then makes a match and says that if TJP loses then he can’t challenge for the title as long as Rohit is champion.  It is not said when the match will be.


The bells rings and here we go.  Both men lock up.  Gallows tosses Page who then gets up.  Page kicks Gallows, but Gallows then comes back and kicks Page who rolls out onto the floor.  The referee begins to count.  Page calls himself the “All Ego Ethan Page” then rolls back in the ring.  Gallows then punches Page over and over.  A frustrated page rolls outside the ring and has a fit.  Page attempts to punch Gallows, but then counters it by punching Page who then rolls outside the ring.  Alexander distracts Gallows which allows Page to take the offensive with punches on Gallows.   He then has Gallows down in the ropes.  Page distracts the referee allowing Alexander to punch Gallows.  Page DDT’s Gallows and then goes for a pin, but only gets a two.  Page then has Gallows in a legal headlock.  Gallows tries to counter, but Page then counters with a dropkick and goes for a pin, but only gets a two count.  Gallows comes back with punches and chops on Page.  Page then goes after the eyes of Gallows.  The referee gives him a warning.  Page then punches Gallows and puts him in a headlock.  Gallows comes back with punches and clotheslines on Page.  Gallows does a flying shoulder tackle on Page who is now in the corner. Alexander grabs the leg Gallows.  With Page distracted, Gallows gives Page a big boot to the face and pins him.  The North attack Gallows and then all four men brawl.  The North get tossed over the top ropes by The Good Brothers.



Backstage interview Swoggle says it is time for him to be serious and taken seriously as a wrestler.  Brian Myers comes in and says that Swoggle steals money from everywhere in the business and mocks Swoggle size and his book and then pushes him down.


Cody takes down Swinger and then goes for a hip toss.  Cody has Swinger in the corner and is stopping on Swinger’s chest.  Cody then takes a drink of beer.  Swinger then comes back and chokes Cody and then punches him in the face.  Swinger then goes after the eyes of Cody. Cody comes back with jabs to the face. Cody then puts on his hat and turns in backwards.  Cody was looking for a DDT, but Swinger rolls out.  Swinger has a steel chair. Cousin Jake grabs the chair.  Swinger then with the referee’s back turned has a loaded fanny pack and his Cody with it and picks up the win.



The self proclaimed TNA World Heavyweight Champion Moose comes to the ring.

Moose says the past few months he and the title have not been taken seriously and that should not be a problem anymore. Moose says that some says he grabbed the title out of a trash can. He says he went to hell and back and killed what some say is the best TNA Champion in company history and controlled his narrative.  He then talks about his history in IMPACT and that he is undefeated at PPV’s, and then goes through a long list of all the wrestlers he has beaten in IMPACT.  He then says everyone is talking about the IMPACT Champion in Rich Swann.  He says that Rich has the secondary championship in IMPACT.  He says he wants to show everyone what pain looks like, then goes to a video package from last week with Moose attacking Willie Mack.  Mack then runs to the ring and attacks Moose.  Both men are on the outside.  Mack turned his back to make sure he didn’t hit the camera man, and then Moose clotheslines Mack and begins to punch him.  Moose grabs the camera cable and chokes Mack with it.

Backstage Chris Bey walks into a room where Rick Swann is and congratulates Rich and then tells Rich to tell IMPACT officials to make a match with Bey challenging for the IMPACT Title.  Swann says it takes more than just going to the officials for a match and that title opportunities are earned. Eddie Edwards walks in to get Swann for their match.


We go backstage where Tommy Dreamer has narrowed his list to the ten from the wedding party.  Dreamer says there won’t be answer tonight and that one of them shot John E. Bravo.

We go to the broadcast booth with Mathews and Rayne running down the card for next week’s show.  They then run down the card for Turning Point.


Callihan and Swann will start.  The bell rings.  Callihan kicks Swann on the mid-section and then punches Swann and takes the offense with more blows.  Swann comes back with a drop kick and Callihan rolls out to the ring.  Young comes in and gets dropped kicked.  Young goes out to the ring.  Both Swann and Edwards dive out on to Callihan and Young on the floor.


Back from the commercial break Edwards is in control.  Edwards gets kicked in the back by Young and then Callihan tags in Young.  Young goes after Edwards with blows to the head.  Young has Edwards in a choke hold.  Edwards is in the corner.  He is double teamed by both Callihan and Young.  The referee counts and tells them to break it up.  Young is tagged back in and does a neck breaker on Edwards.  Young goes for a pin but only gets a two count.  Young then tags in Callihan who has Edwards in a chokehold.  Edwards tries to get out of it, but is then taken to the corner where Young is tagged in.  Young continues the offense on Edwards. He goes for a pin, but only gets a two count.  Young then tags in Callihan.  Edwards counters a slam and Callihan tags in Young. Young runs in the ring and hits Swann off the apron.  Young and Edwards are on the top rope.  Edwards superplexes Young off the top rope.  Callihan is tagged back in.  Edwards tags in Swann and he goes after Callihan.  Young attempts to come in the ring but then gets dropped by Swann.  Swann then goes for a pin on Callihan, but Young breaks up the count.  Both Young and Callihian attempt to double team Swann but Edwards breaks it which allows Swann to do a double cutter on Callihan and Young. All four men continue to be in the ring.  Edwards in down and Young is down.  Callihan and Young attempt signature piledrivers on both Edwards and Swann who each counter with Sharpshooters.  Young then sends Edwards into Swann to avoid tapping out.  Young and Swann are both outside the ring.  Inside the ring, both Callihan and Edwards exchange blows.  Edwards puts Callihan back in a sharpshooter.  Callihan is about to tap and then Ken Shamrock runs down to the ring to break it up.  He throws Swann into the steps, which then allows Edwards to be distracted with Callihan putting Edwards in a piledriver to get the pin.


The show then goes off the air.