IMPACT Wrestling 11 17 2020

IMPACT Results
November 17, 2020
Nashville, Tennessee (Skyway Studios)
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

The show opens up with a video package from Turning Point last Saturday.  We then go to an empty Skyway Studios in Nashville with Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne on commentary.

Moose vs. Willie Mack – No Disqualification 

Willie Macks starts on the offense with drop kicks on Moose.  He has Moose in the corner and continues to run and give Moose a knee to the face.  The action now spills on the outside of the ring.  Mack is on the offense and pushes Moose into the ring post.  Mack runs to Moose and is then pushed over the rail and then thrown back over the rail.  The action continues outside the ring with Moose slamming Mack into the rail.  Mack is then tossed upside in the rail.  The action goes back into the ring.  Moose had Mack in a headlock as Mack tries to come back with slaps.   Mack drops kicks Moose and he gets back up.  Moose then drop kicks Mack who is down on the mat. Moose has Mack in the corner with a boot on the side of his face.  Moose now goes after Mack’s left ankle, then grabs his face and tells Mack to tell the camera he (Moose is a wrestling god). Mack says nothing.  Moose continues the offense with tossing around Mack. Mack tries to come back, but it again taken out again by Moose. Mack and Moose trade blows and slaps.  Mack tries to get Moose down on his feet, but is not successful.  Mack catches Moose and slams him down.  Mack does a standing moonsault, goes for the pin, but only gets a two count.  Moose back elbows Mack, then Mack back elbows Moose.  Mack slaps Moose and then picks up Moose and bodyslams him. Mack is on the top rope and Moose moves as Mack comes down. Mack then stuns Moose, but then Moose gets up and spears Mack.  Instead of pinning Mack, Moose continues forearms to the face over and over.  The referee calls for the bell as Mack is out.  Moose continues the assault on Mack. Moose then gets up and tells the production crew to play his music.  Moose then grabs his TNA World Title and leaves the ring.  Mack is still out in the ring as the referee checks on him.


We then go to the commentary booth with Mathews and Rayne running down the rest of the card for tonight’s show.

We then go to a segment with The Rascalz going over their time in IMPACT inside their Treehouse.  There is a laugh track in the background.


Back from the break we go to a backstage segment with The Deaners and Tommy Dreamer regarding the suspect of who shot John E. Bravo.


Both men lock-up.  Suicide puts Gio in an armbar.  Eric Young and Joe Doering walk out to the ring and attack both Suicide and Gio.  The referee rings the bell and Doering powerbombs Suicide.  Young then grabs a mic and says that Doering is the reason you won’t be able to sleep at night.  He says the world doesn’t belong to you, it belongs to us.

We then go to a backstage interview with Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee.  Purrazzo is bragging about how great she.  Lee then talks about the Knockouts Tag Team Title Tournament…picture then goes weird and Next Week is written in lipstick on the mirror.


Back from the break, Heath talks about making a doctor’s appointment.  Rhino then walks out of the room at runs into Young and Doering. Rhino says what they have done is not going to happen around here.  They then attack Rhino.  Heath opens the door and Doering and Young then go into the room and close the door.


The bell rings and Myers trash talks at Steve.  Myers has Steve into the turnbuckle.  Myers then rolls out of the ring. Myers is back in the ring.  He then kicks Steve in the gut.  Both men run the ropes and Steve flips him down.  Steve has Myers in the corner and has wrapped his legs around Myers head.  The referee breaks it up.  Both men are on the ring apron exchanging blows.  Myers throws Steve into the post.


Back from break, Steve gets suplexed by Myers who then has him in a choke-like hold.  Myers talks trash to Steve and then suplexed Steve again.  Myers goes for the pin and only gets a two count. Myers then has Steve in face hold.  Steve tries to come back but then Myers puts Steve in a sleeper.  Steve breaks it up with a stunner.  Steve run in the corner and back elbows Myers.  Steve goes for a cover, but only gets a two count. Steve in up on the second rope, but comes down.  Steve then side leg sweeps Myers and locks up both of Myers’ arms, who then gets his foot on the bottom rope to break the hold.  Steve then does a flying leg, goes for the pin, but only gets the two.  Myers then comes back with his finisher and pins Steve.


Back from the break another segment with Tommy Dreamer investigating who shot John E. Bravo with Johnny Swinger who pulls a gun out of his fanny pack.  Dreamer now says Swinger is guilty and next week is the return of the wrestler’s court.

We now go to the ring with Kaleb with a K to introduce Tenille Dashwood.


Alisha and Naveah start the match as they both start talking trash.  Alisha stomps on the foot of Naveah.  Alisha takes down Naveah, and then bulldogs Naveha, goes for the pin, but only gets a two count.  Dashwood is tagged in and goes for a pin on Naveha, but only gets a two count.  Dashwood has Naveah on the ropes and then does the “Dashwoogie” on Naveah. Dashwood goes for the pin, but only get a two count. Dashwood clotheslines Naveah and has her in a headlock.  Naveah then tags Havok.  Dashwood then tags in Alisha.  Havock gets flatlined by Alisha.  Havok then comes back and slams down Alisha.  Naveah then is tagged in.  Both women double team Alisha.  Naveah goes for the pin, but only gets a two count.  Alisha is in the corner of Naveah and Havok and is double teamed again.  Havok is in the corner and Alisha comes back on the offense and then attemts to pin Havok but only gets a two count.  Alisha and Dashwood toss Havok over the top rope.  Dashwood is on the outside of the ring.  Havok comes back in and Havok and Naveh double team Alisha and get the pin.


Backstage segment with Jordynne Grace on the phone talking to a mystery caller that is retiring for agreeing next week to be her (Graces’) partner.


The bell rings and Hernandez runs after Bahh and says he wants his cash back.  Bahh crossbody’s Hernandez.  Bahh has Hernandez in the corner and chops him over and over.  Bahh then rolls to the outside and Hernandez runs and leaps over the top rope on Bahh on the floor.  Both men are back in the ring.  Hernandez has Bahh in the corner with chops to the chest.  Hernandez then drives his shoulders into Bahh. Hernandez then has Bahh in a headlock. Bahh gets back to his feet and headbutts Hernandez.  He has Hernandez in the corner and connects with a knee.  Bahh goes for the pin, but only gets a two count. Bahh has Hernandez up, but Hernandez gets out of it, goes to the top rope, leaps onto Bahh and gets the pin.


We then go to a backstage segment with Rohit Raju and Scott D’Amore.  TJP then walks into the segment.  D’Amore asks TJP what would Dusty Rhodes do because as long as Raju is champion TJP can’t get a title shot. He then walks off and says he wishes Dusty was here.


Video segment with the Good Brothers leading up their tag match with The North in which they defeated The North at Turning Point for the IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Champions.

Backstage segment with the Good Brothers and Scott D’Amore.  Ethan Page then walks in the room and says he needs a rematch and wants an official request for The North to have their rematch with the Good Brothers.  Karl Anderson then says how about Page go through a phenomenal opponent first and if he wins then they can have a title shot. Gallows said the phenomenal One is returning to IMPACT and is on his way.


The Rascalz and Rich Swann all dance in the ring before we go to a commercial break.

Back from the break, Wendz and Miguel start the match.  Both men are locked up and go back and forth taking each other down.  Josh and Madison talk about how they are going to be missed in IMPACT. Both men are locked up again and go for a drop kick on each other.  Swann and Wendz are tagged in.  Swann and Dez lock up. Dez does an arm drag on Swann.  Both men miss kicks.  Swann does a round house on Dez.  Swann tags in Miguel.  All three Rascalz are now in the ring.  Miguel gives a bronco buster on Wendz.


Back from the break Wendz and Dez are in the ring.  Wendz drop kicks Dez and goes for a pin, but only gets a two count.  Wendz and Dez are in the corner.  All three Rascalz are in the ring. Wendz hits Trey with a DDT.  Wendz tags in Rich Swann.  He kicks Dez in the gut. Swann then takes out The Rascalz.  He does a rolling thunder on Trey Miguel, goes for a pin, but only gets a two count.  Swann does a running shooting star press on Miguel, but Wendz breaks a pin attempt.  All four men are together in the center of the ring.  All men are exchanging punches and elbow blows to the face.  All four men kick each other and everyone is down.  The referee is checking on all four men.  Swann and Wendz are back up to their feet and exchange punches.  Trey sends Dez into Wendz with a drop kick.  Wendz on the second rope gets kicked by Miguel in the back.  Wendz and Miguel are on the top rope.  Swann frog splashes Dez and goes for the pin, but the three count is broken up by Wendz.  Miguel comes down with a knee on Swann.  Swann is up and kicks Dez who then gets pinned 1,2,3.


Wendz and Dez begin to cry.  Swann has his arms around all three Rascalz.  All four men are on their feet.  The Rasaclz continue to cry and are very emotional.  All men hug as Mathews and Rayne praise how fun its been to have The Rascalz in IMPACT Wrestling.  The Rasxalz grab their jackets and hang them over the tope rope and leave them in the ring as all three men are very emotional and leave the ring. As all three men stand on the entrance ramp to wave good bye, they then cut backstage with all three men and then Rich Swann comes in and then garbage cans fly and Sami Callihan and Ken Shamrock attack The Rasacalz and Rich Swann and then choke out Swann and say goodbye Rasaclz.  They continue to attack Swann as the show goes off the air with The Rascalz laid out on the floor.