IMPACT Wrestling 11 24 2020

IMPACT Results
November 24, 2020
Nashville, Tennessee (Skyway Studios)
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

Video package opens up with a recap of last week’s show, followed by the opening.

We then go to an Scott D’Amore in the hospital by John E. Bravo.  The doctor comes in and says Mr. Bravo is in stable condition.  The doctor says if he pulls through he may not be the same.  D’Amore mentions he has power of attorney and tonight there will be justice.

We then go to an empty Skyway Studios in Nashville with Josh Mathews and Matt Stryker.


Delmi and Hogan lock up.  Delmi goes for cradle, but only gets a two.  Both women go for pinfalls, but only get two counts.  Tasha is tagged in as Ashley of the Sea Stars tries to shake hands.  Steelz chops Ashley and then throws her into the corner.  Ashley then throws down Steelz and goes for a pin, but only gets a two count.  Hogan is tagged in. Hogan has Ashley up and throws her in the corner and does a running knee into Ashley.  Hogan then does a running kick in the corner on Ashley, goes for a pin, but only gets a two count. Hogan has Ashley in the corner and kickers her repeatedly.  Hogan continues the offense with elbows to the face.  The women exchange blows.  Ashley tags in her partner Delmi.  Delmi goes on the offense with kicks on Hogan.  Delmi goes for the pin, but Steelz breaks it up.  Delmi slams Hogan into Steelz and goes for the pin on Hogan, but only gets a two count.  Ashely is in with a celtic cross on Hogan, goes for the pin, but only gets a two count.  Hogan and Steelz go back on the offense.  Kiera does her finisher on Delmi and get the pin for the victory.


We then go backstage with Jordynne Grace and Jazz.  Jazz is going to be the tag team partner for Jordynne Grace in the Knockouts Tag Team Tournament.

Both Mathews and Striker run down the rest of the show.  Striker is on commentary because Madison Rayne is part of Wrestlers Court.

We then go to a backstage segment with The North.  Ethan Page says Doc Gallows is out 4-6 weeks and deserves a pat on the back.  Alexander is upset because they (The North) can’t get their tag team titles back.  Ethan says then they are going to fix it.  Josh is upset.


Back from the break – we go to Wrestlers’ Court with Madison Rayne representing Johnny Swinger.  D’Lo Brown is representing the The Boys.  He was referred to as the Nation of Litigation. Judge Tommy Dreamer enters the room.  Rayne asks Dreamer how can Dreamer be trusted.  D’Lo Brown is then the Judge and Dreamer then becomes the “District Attorney”. Both Dreamer and Rayne give their opening statements. First witness is called and its Fallah Bahh.  Dreamer questions Bahh.  Bahh says Swinger was bitter that Bahh was chosen as the best man.  Cody Deaner is next to be questioned.  Dreamer then takes a drink of Deaner’s beer.  Acey Romero is up next to be questioned. Romero is questioned about who’s finger prints he found on the gun.  He said that he found Dreamers and a number of wrestlers’ fingerprints on the gun.  Swinger then gives a six pack of beer to Romero and is told to sit down.

Back to ring for Rohit Raju is introduced and he comes to the ring and grabs a mic.  He calls the people watching at home nimrods and says that he is the one who went from chump to champion and tells the fans they hide behind their phones and keyboards and talk and are losers.  He says he is the greatest X-DIVISION Champion in this lifetime.  He then goes to the defeat Rohit challenge and calls for another loser. Suicide’s music is played and out comes Suicide to apparently challenge Raju. Rohit then says that Suicide doesn’t deserve a shot. He then says Suicide is non-slick and that the championship won’t be on the line. Suicide still agrees to the match.

Rohit then has Suicide in an armbar. Suicide comes back with an arm drag and a drop kick.  Rohit then takes control and kicks Suicide off the ring apron.


Back from the break Rohit is trying to take the mask off of Suicide.  Rohit thinks TJP might be under the mask.  Rohit stays on the offense, comes down on Suicide with an elbow, goes for the pin, but only gets a two count. Rohit then picks up Suicide for a bodyslam and then attempts the pin, but only gets a two count. He again tries to take the mask off Suicide. Rohit chops Suicide, then does a leg sweep, goes for the pin, but only gets a two count. Suicide then goes for a submission, and Rohit gets out of it and slams Rohit.  Rohit goes for a neckbreaker.  Suicide does a leg sweep on Rohit and goes for the pin, but only gets a two.  Rohit pulls the mask off of Suicide.  TJP music then plays and he comes out.  Rohit turns around and gets pinned by Suicide who ends up being Crazzy Steve.

We then go backstage with Sami Callihan and Ken Shamrock.  Callihan is trying to hype up Shamrock.  Moose then enters the room and says that the IMPACT World Title is the second most important title in the company and the TNA World Title is the most important title in IMPACT.  He then tells Shamrock that he respects him and that he is dangerous. Moose says the last time they faced off, Moose beat him.  Shamrock then gets mad and we go to another break.


Back from the break we go to a backstage segment with Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a K trying out glasses.  Elisha Edwards walks in the room and asks what about them.  Elisha is trying to convince Dashwood they should be a team again.

Back to the ring Deonna Purrazzo comes out to the ring with Kimber Lee.


Lee goes for punches and has Kelley in the corner.  Lee picks up Kelley and tosses her across the ring and stomps Kelley in the back.  Lee then has Kelley in a submission. Kelley gets out of the move and Lee then goes back on the offense and has Kelley by the hair.  Kelley traps the arms of Lee and gives her a head-butt.  Kelley does a running move onto Lee in the corner, then goes for a pin, but only gets a two count.  Lee then comes back with Elbows on Kelley.  Tilt a whirl by Lee on Kelley.  Lee then climbs the rope and connects with a Swan-Ton and gets the pin.


Music then plays as Lee and Purrazzo hug.  Out comes someone in the ring named Suzie and says that you hurt my friend.  Su Young’s music then plays and we go to Su Young coming out who takes out both Lee and Purrazzo.  Young then takes out the bloody glove and Purrazzo and Lee get out of the ring and take off.

We go to a backstage interview with the Motor City Machine Guns.


Back from the break is a backstage segment with Willie Mack and Rich Swann.  Mack says the ref had no reason to stop the match.  Chris Bey then enters the room and asks Mack to step out of room.  Swann then tells Bey to get out.  Bey tries to talk Swann into a match and then refers to Mack as a loser.  Bey then says if Swann makes it past Shamrock to give him a call.

Karl Anderson comes out to the ring after the ring introduction of Page. Anderson says the first thing they wanted to do went they signed a multi-year deal they wanted to be the IMPACT Tag Team Champions.  He then ran down of all their other championship accomplishments.  Anderson talks about Gallows is at home injured. Anderson says if page can beat the wrestler of Anderson’s choosing The North will get a tag team title shot. AJ Styles music plays and Page looks surprised.  Its Swoggle coming out to the ring as AJ Swoggle.  Page starts to laugh.


Swoggle then goes after Page copying moves that AJ Styles does.  Page then comes back and takes out Swoggle.  Swoggle goes outside the ring and then is slammed by Swoggle on the floor and then Alexander throws Swoggle back in the ring.  Page goes for the pin and then pulls up Swoggle before the three count.  Swoggle then bites the leg of Page.  Alexander tries to interfere, but Anderson comes and hits Alexander.  Page gets distracted and then is pinned by Swoggle.  After the match, Page is mad and Alexander is visibly upset.


We return to Wrestlers’ Court with questioning of Swinger continuing by Rayne and Dreamer.  Swinger says he didn’t shoot Swinger and that he not capable of shooting anyone.  He kept calling Dreamer daddy.  Madison says the defense rests.  D’Lo Brown asks Dreamer for more witnesses and its Father James Mitchell. Dreamer questions Mitchell above virgin blood.  Rosemary is next on the stand and is questioned by Dreamer about her feelings and attraction towards Bravo.  Bravo then enters the ring and yells at Rosemary and says he was used by Rosemary.  D’Lo Brown then says its clear who shot Bravo, who then says Rosemary didn’t do it. Bravo says he didn’t see who shot him, but he could smell him.


We go back to Wrestlers’ Court with Larry D hooked up to a lie detector test.  Dreamer asks if he shot Bravo.  We then have a perfume of some kind.  Then we have confession from Larry D who transforms to Lawrence D that could be Larry D changed. Johnny Swinger is declared not guilty.


Fallah Bahh goes on the offensive and throws the first punch.  Joe Doering and Eric Young come out to the ring to interrupt the match who takes out Bahh and then Doering pile-drivers Daivari.  Young grabs a mic and says he will be opening eyes to the truth and the they are the Truth and the cure to a sick world.  Rhino’s music plays.  He runs to the ring and is taken out by Doering and Young. Young then grabs a mic and talks directly to Rhino who is down and says the world doesn’t below to him but it belongs them.  Rhino is still laid out and Young and Doering leave the ring.

We then backstage with Swoggle who says Crazzy Steve looks ridiculous.  TJP enters. Then Brian Myers enters the segment and says that this is not the IMPACT Wrestling he signed up for and that TJP sucks and Crazzy Steve is stupid and needs make-up, and then walks out.


Back from the break Father Mitchell comes in and Purrazzo and Lee approach Mitchell and ask him if he can turn the Su Young problem into a Suzie problem, but for a price.

We then go to the broadcast booth with Mathews and Striker going over the card for next week’s show.


Both men are introduced for the match.

I had some connection issues during this match.  Swann retained.  After the match, Callihan came out and took out Swann, then Shamrock punched the referee and Callihan took out Eddie Edwards with a pile driver.  Edwards came to the ring to try to save Swann. Swann was then taken out by Shamrock and then both Callihan and Shamrock tied up Edwards.  Callihan then grabbed a baseball bat and pushed the referee out of the ring.  Callihan and Shamrock tied up Edwards.  Callihan then hit Edwards above the eye with bat and blood began to pour from the face of Edwards. D’Lo Brown comes out to try to get Callihan and Shamrock out of the ring, but then is punched out by Shamrock. Backstage security, Scott D’Amore and other officials come out to try to untie Edwards and get Shamrock and Callhan out of the ring as the show goes off the air.