IMPACT Wrestling 12 08 2020

IMPACT Results
December 8, 2020
Nashville, Tennessee (Skyway Studios)
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

The show opens up with a video package recapping the AEW World Title Match from last Wednesday’s Dynamite on TNT.

We then go to Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne on commentary with a air shot of a bus pulling up to Skyway Studios.


Both men lock up with Alexander putting Sabin in an arm bar.  Alexander kicks Sabin in the gut.  Sabin flips over Alexander and puts him in an arm bar.  Alexander gets out of the hold and slams down Sabin.  Alexander is on the offense, with Sabin coming back and kicks Sabin in the gut by the ropes.  Alexander picks up Sabin and slams him down. Alexander goes for a pin, but only gets a two count. Sabin comes back with chops to the chest of Alexander.  Alexander comes back with a punch to Sabin and goes for a pin on Sabin, but only gets a two count. Alexander snap-suplexes Sabin and then puts him in a chin lock.  Sabin comes back with a school boy and attempts to pin Alexander, but only gets a two count. Sabin goes for a cruxifx pin, but only gets a two count.  Alexander goes outside to the ring, and Sabin dives through the ropes onto Alexander.  Shelley walks over and Ethan Page comes over.  Sabin does a cross body off of the top rope onto Alexander, goes for a pin, but only gets a two count. Back and forth offense with both men.  Alexander power bombs Sabin, goes for a pin, but only gets a two count.  Ethan Page yells at Alexander. Sabin kicks Alexander in the head, but Alexander comes back with clotheslines on Sabin.  Sabin hits Alexander with a shining wizard.  Alexander comes back and hits Sabin with an elbow.  Alexander goes to pick up Sabin and Sabin counters after both men argued about what move to do next, and Sabin rolls up Alexander and gets the three count.


Backstage with Chris Bey and Moose as Bey tries to talk to Moose about going over their match tonight.  Bey asks Moose if he heard him and wants to talk with him. Moose puts up his fists and says he talks with these.  Moose gets up and leaves.


IMPACT Plus Greatest Ultimate X Match from Victory Road 2008 airs after the break.

Back from the break, Tony Schiavone and Tony Khan appear and Khan said he bought the add to help IMPACT and said he set up Kenny’s arrival to IMPACT.  Tony and Tony then run down the card for Dynamite. Khan asks Schiavone if he was ever in IMPACT.  Schiavone said yes for one night then he walked away from the business for 18 years. They plug the interview Schiavone with do with Sting. Tony Khan says he has investments in Nashville and may even buy IMPACT.  He then invited Don Callis to tomorrow night’s Dynamite.


Both men lock with Myers tossing TJP.  Both men go back and forth.  TJP puts Myers in a sharpshooter and then applies a bridge, with Myers able to get to the bottom rope to break the hold.  Myers has TJP in the corner and stomps on TJP.  TJP then runs to the ropes does a head stand in the corner that turns into a head scissors on Myers. Myers goes to the outside, then rolls back in.  TJP goes to the the top rope, but Myers pushes him over the ropes and onto the floor.


IMPACT Plus Greatest Hardcore Moments airs with Motor City Machine Guns vs. Generation Me (Young Bucks) from Final Resolution 2010.

Back from the break TJP tornado DDT’s Brian Myers and has regained control. TJP then does a back suplex on Myers, then goes to the top rope, Myers connects with a jumping flatliner and goes for a three count, but only gets two count. TJP has Myers legs locked up.  Myers makes it to the bottom rope to break up the hold.  TJP back suplexes and then goes to the top rope for his finishing move.  He attempts to pin Myers but only gets a two count.  TJP has Myers in a knee bar.  Myers pushes the referee into TJP to break the hold.  Myers then comes back with a vicious clothesline on TJP and gets the win.


Backstage with The Deaners talking about Cody Deaner facing Eric Young. Cody says he needs to go out alone and prove he is not a nobody and does not want Cousin Jake to get involved if he comes out.


Back from the break Rhoit mocks TJP backstage telling him that 2020 is not his year and that he has become the greatest X-Division Champion and that the final Beat Rhoit challenge is coming that TJP can’t challenge him on Saturday at Final Resolution. TJP then tells Rhoit good luck.


Deaner picks up Young and throws him down.  Young comes back, but Deaner has Young down and punches him.  Deaner then pushes Young to the corner and kicks him repeatedly shouting that he is not a nobody.  Young comes back on the offense and has Cody Deaner in a chin lock.  Young picks up Cody Deaner and slams him with a Death Valley Driver, goes for the pin, but only gets a two count. Deaner comes back with a pin on Young, but only gets the two count. Young then trash talks Deaner with Deaner telling Young to punch him.  Deaner then hits a clothesline on Young.  Deaner then goes to the top rope, but Cousin Jake distracts him and Cody Deaner goes off the top rope, but Young moves out of the way and Young picks up Cody Deaner and piledrives him and get the three count.

Post Match Joe Doering takes out both Deaner with massive lariats.  Before Doering and Young can further beatdown the Deaner, Rhino’s music hits and he runs out to the ring with a pipe.  Doering is held back by Eric Young.

Backstage segment with Tommy Dreamer and John E. Bravo about him being shot.  Dreamer then goes to Larry D and says that he was set up.  Larry D says that this Saturday if Dreamer beats him, Larry D will go to prison and Dreamer says if he loses Larry D walks a free man.


Backstage segment with Tommy Dreamer and Scott D’Amore.  D’Amore says he hates wrestlers making matches.  Dreamer says he is concerned about Kenny Omega and Don Callis and what it will do to the show and the locker room and that Callis is out for himself.  D’Amore says that he needs to keep the locker room together.  D’Amore says even Lance Storm thinks this is a good thing, and Lance is never happy about anything.



Rosemary and Purrazzo start the match.  Purrazzo grabs Rosemary, but Rosemary counters with choke hold.  Purrazzo comes back with an arm bar.  Rosemary breaks it up and tags in Taya.  Purrazzo tags in Lee.  Lee kicks Taya and then is all over Taya with punches and goes for a pin, but only gets a two count.  Taya is in the corner of Purrazzo and Lee, with both women double teaming Taya.  Lee has Taya tied.  Taya gets out of the move and clotheslines Lee.  Lee then drags Taya to the corner and tags in Purrazzo, who goes for a pin on Taya, but only gets a two count. Purrazzo runs over and elbows Rosemary off the ropes.  Taya ends up in the corner of Purrazzo and Lee.  Lee chops Taya with Purrazzo assisting.  Both women connect with elbows and are down.  Taya makes the tag to Rosemary and Lee tags in Purrazzo.  Rosemary does a sling blade kick on Purrazzo.  Rosemary goes for the pin, but only gets a two count.  Purrazzo has Rosemary in an arm bar.  Lee is tagged in with Lee doing a jumping neck breaker on Rosemary, who then gets up as Purrazzo and Lee are frozen in fear.  Taya comes in and takes out both Lee and Purrazzo.  Both Lee and Taya end up in the splits.  Rosemary spears Purrazzo and then takes out Lee with her finisher and get the 1,2 and 3.


Backstage is Tenille Dashwood with Kaleb with a K and Alisha Edwards.  Alisha is told she is out of the team and they will teach her a lesson later. Alisha leaves and Tenille and Kaleb walk off.


The Steiner Math promo airs from TNA IMPACT May 1, 2008.

Purrazzo and Lee approach Scott D’Amore to complain about all the matches she has been put in. D’Amore says now she should be able to focus on the Knockouts title and will get to prove how great she is and that Saturday at Final Resolution she will defend the title against Rosemary.

Back in the ring Sami Callhan demands a mic.  He says the he is the highest rated draw in wrestling. He says he is the best on the mic and the most must see wrestler on the planet. He says that he has held IMPACT on his back and has made the company what it is today, pulling it out of the trenches.  He then talks about the baseball bat incident when he hit Eddie Edwards in the face and made him relevant and that everyone and the dirt sheets were talking about it. Then they played part of the match where Callihan had inadvertently hit Edwards in the face for real years back.  Callihan says that he made Edwards relevant and said hitting Edwards in the face again would make the ratings go up and that Shamrock was suspended as a result of it.  He wants the footage rolled from two weeks ago and then out comes Alisha Edwards.  He then mouths at Alisha. He told Alisha if she steps in the ring, he will break her neck.  She says she didn’t come alone.  Eddie Edwards comes from behind and takes out Callihan.  Edwards grabs the bat and swings at Callihan but misses.  Callihan jumps the rail.


IMPACT Plus Greatest Hardcore Moments with LAX VS. Lucha Bros from Rebellion 2019.

Backstage Eddie Edwards is fired up to face Callihan.  Alisha walks in as in concerned. Segment ends.


Chris Bey tags himself in to face Rich Swann.  Both men tie up.  Both men counter each others’ moves.  Bey goes to the outside, but then comes back in.  Swann talks trash and then hip tosses Bey.


IMPACT Plus Greatest Knockouts Moments airs with Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong from Final Resolution 2008

Back from the break, its Moose and Mack in the ring.  Mack is in control with Moose down in the corner.  Moose gets up and Mack throws punches on Moose, then Moose picks up Mack and slams him down.  Moose tells Bey to get in the ring, then picks up Bey and slams him on Mack. Bey goes for a pin, but only gets a two.  Bey kicks Mack in the gut and then has him in the corner with a boot to his face.  Bey then tags in Moose.  Moose grabs Mack and then punches him and talks trash to Swann as he punches Mack repeatedly.  Moose continues to beat on Mack.  He drags Mack over to the corner, tags in Bey and tells him to get in the ring. As Bey is on the offense in the corner, Moose tags himself in and screams at Bey as he takes out Moose.  Moose then walks to Swann and trash talks him.  As Moose turns around, Mack gives him a stunner.  Mack tags in Swann and takes out Bey who comes in the ring.  Moose then picks up Swann and slams him down. Moose runs at Swann who pulls the ropes and Moose ends up on the outside.  Swann does high-flying kicks on Bey, goes for a pin, but only gets a two.  Mack is on the top rope and goes for a six star flog splash on Bey, but Bey moves.  Moose back in the ring spears Mack but then does shots to the face.  Swann runs in the ring and gets Moose out.  Bey comes in the ring and pins Mack.



Backstage Rich Swann goes to walk out, but security says the real world champion has the parking lot blocked out and that there is no IMPACT Champion on the list.

IMPACT Plus Greatest Returns – Sting coming back at Final Resolution 2008.

Josh Mathews is on the bus with AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and IMPACT EVP Don Callis.

Mathews shakes hands with both Callis and Omega.  Callis asks Mathews if he wants to see history.  Callis has the Omega’s name plate and is changing the name plate, taking off Jon Moxley’s name as Mathews is asking about when this all started with Omega.  Callis says this all started 27 years ago when he was traded by Omega’s Uncle the Golden Shiek.  Callis said he looked after Kenny like the Shiek looked after him.  Callis said he didn’t come back just to be in NJPW that all part of his plan was to come back to IMPACT and all part of the plan that Tony Khan invited him to his house.  He said that he (Callis) and Omega are family.  He said the match that changed the course of history was Omega vs. Jericho and that was the match that made AEW happen.  Callis said he Omega changed the course of wrestling history.  He said it sets the course of history right. A hall of fame in his mid 30’s is your AEW World Champion. Callis said he and Omega make history. Mathews asked Callis if what they did at Dynamite, the way it played out do you feel they tarnished…Omega cut of Mathews and asked him he had a father or father figure in his life.  He asked Mathews if he would strike someone who would strike his father.  Omega said he was mad that Moxley struck his father figure in Callis.  Omega said he did not tarnish the legacy of the AEW Title. Omega said him coming to IMPACT, Mathews needs to treat him better. Omega says he can come to IMPACT because he can.  Omega said he collected comic books, but no matter how many he collected he could not get the best comic.  He said that he has the number one title and then talked about how he likes collecting championships and likes traveling.  Callis said they have title’s in IMPACT and that in 24 hours Kenny has something huge planned for Dynamite and drops the name Lex Luger and says he and Callis have to head to Jacksonville and told Mathews go back to Stamford kid.  Omega said Mathews isn’t a bad buy and Callis calls him a stooge.  The show goes off the air.