IMPACT Wrestling 12 1 2020

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Tonight’s IMPACT is dedicated to the memory of Bob Ryder. RIP.


Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) vs XXXL (Larry D & Acey Romero)

Alex Shelley’s neck injury has healed and The Guns return to action against the team that reaggravated Shelley’s injury, XXXL. Meanwhile, Larry D’s alter ego Lawrence D was revealed as John E Bravo’s shooter last week! The Guns jumpstart the match by charging XXXL during their entrance! Sabin dives through the legs of Shelley, taking out XXXL with a dive to the floor. Acey uses his power advantage to turn the tide in his favor. XXXL sandwich Shelley in the middle of the ring. XXXL is in total control when Sabin builds momentum with an arm drag to Acey. The Guns connect with a dropkick Flatliner on Larry. Acey hits a huge Splash on Sabin for a near fall. Larry crashes and burns with a thunderous top rope splash. The Guns hit the Dirt Bomb on Larry to score the victory and advance on their path back to the Tag Team Championships!

Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) def XXXL (Larry D & Acey Romero)

Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore suspends Ken Shamrock for violently attacking IMPACT official D’Lo Brown last week.

John E Bravo confronts Larry D for shooting him at his wedding. Tommy Dreamer interjects and tells Larry that he’s taking him to the police station! Larry knocks out Tommy with the Best Hand in the House and flees the scene with Acey Romero.

Renee Michelle & Killer Kelly vs Jordynne Grace & Jazz – Knockouts Tag Team Title Tournament

The first round of the Knockouts Tag Team Title Tournament continues as pro wrestling veteran Jazz makes her IMPACT debut! The winner of this match will go on to face Havok and Nevaeh in the semi finals. Jazz squares off with Renee and puts her incredible strength on display. Jordynne and Jazz connect with a double shoulder tackle on Renee as they remain in control. Renee distracts the referee, allowing Kelly to attack Jordynne from the apron. Renee kicks Jordynne off the apron to the floor to gain the advantage. Jordynne hits Kelly with a powerful Spinebuster, then makes the tag to Jazz. The one woman wrecking crew goes on the attack. Kelly connects with a running dropkick in the corner but Jordynne gets her foot on the bottom rope to break the pin. Jazz puts Renee away with a sitdown Facebuster to advance.

Jordynne Grace & Jazz def Renee Michelle & Killer Kelly – Knockouts Tag Team Title Tournament

Ethan Page is furious after he lost to AJ Swoggle last week. He admits to taking Doc Gallows out of action with a blindside attack. Page challenges Karl Anderson to a singles match at Final Resolution where if he wins, The North gets another shot at the Tag Team Championships! Meanwhile, Josh Alexander is seen shaking his head in disapproval.

Tenille Dashwood is trying to get the attention of her new friend Alisha but she isn’t paying attention. Out of nowhere, Alisha charges at Sami Callihan for brutally attacking her husband with a baseball bat last week. Security breaks things up, allowing Sami to escape.

Johnny Swinger vs Cody Deaner w/ Cousin Jake

Cody Deaner looks to redeem himself after an embarrassing loss to Johnny Swinger just a few weeks ago on IMPACT! Not only that but Swinger is furious with Deaner for stooging him to Tommy Dreamer after a gun was found in his fanny pack. The match barely gets underway when Eric Young and Joe Doering attack Cousin Jake at ringside. Young turns his attention to Deaner, ending the match in a no contest.

Johnny Swinger vs Cody Deaner w/ Cousin Jake Ends in a No Contest

Doering hits Swinger with a modified chokeslam. Meanwhile, Young takes out Deaner with a Piledriver. Young gets on the mic and says the attacks will continue until everyone realizes that this world belongs to them.

Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee confront Father James Mitchell. Last week, they asked him if he could turn Su Yung back into Susie. Mitchell admits that he hasn’t been able to find her. Purrazzo has something in mind and tells Mitchell to be ready as they head for the ring.

Cody Deaner says next week, he’s going to prove to his former riding partner Eric Young that he’s not a nobody.

Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee are in the ring. Deonna calls out Su Yung and says if she wants her contractually obligated rematch for the Knockouts Title, then come to to the ring and get it! The Undead Bride comes out but right behind her is Father James Mitchell. The Sinister Minister tells Su that she will pay for her sins. It’s a chilling scene in the IMPACT! Zone as the Undead Bridesmaids surround the ring. Purrazzo takes advantage of the distraction, striking Su from behind. Purrazzo blocks the poison mist, then connects with the Cosa Nostra piledriver. The Undead Bridesmaids carry Su up the ramp as Mitchell looks on with maniacal laughter.

Moose wishes Chris Bey good luck in his match against Willie Mack tonight but reminds him that if he does go on to become World Champion, he will be waiting right around the corner.

Karl Anderson accepts Ethan Page’s challenge for a singles match at Final Resolution, December 12th on IMPACT Plus!

X-Division Champion Rohit Raju vs Crazzy Steve – X-Division Championship

This match came about after Crazzy Steve disguised himself as Suicide and pinned Rohit Raju in a non-title match last week! Steve is all over Rohit from the opening bell, going for multiple pins in the first few moments of the match. Steve locks in Upside Down, doing some serious damage to the reigning X-Division Champion. Steve bites Rohit but he fights it off and connects with the jumping Flatliner for two. Rohit is competing at a high-intensity as he connects with a snap suplex. Steve hits a modified DDT, followed by a top rope crossbody for a near fall of his own. Steve connects with a side Russian legsweep, then locks in a unique arm submission. Rohit gets Steve in a pinning predicament and grabs hold of the ropes to steal the victory!

X-Division Champion Rohit Raju def Crazzy Steve – X-Division Championship

Fallah Bahh accuses Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz of stealing his roll of cash. Kiera and Tasha admit to the accusations but lie to Fallah, saying they don’t have the cash on them. They strike a deal with Fallah to give the cash back to him next week.

Brian Myers laughs at Crazzy Steve for coming up short in his X-Division Championship match against Rohit Raju. TJP defends Steve and challenges Myers to a match next week.

Next week on IMPACT!, Eric Young battles Cody Deaner, Brian Myers takes on TJP and Josh Alexander goes one-on-one with Chris Sabin. Plus, it’s the final first round match in the Knockouts Tag Team Title Tournament as Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee take on Taya Valkyrie and Rosemary. Find out what happens next Tuesday at 8/7c on AXS TV and Twitch!

Chris Bey vs Willie Mack

Chris Bey has made his intentions clear – he wants a shot at Rich Swann’s World Title! Tonight, he battles Swann’s best friend Willie Mack in singles action. Willie avoids a dropkick then follows up with a backbreaker on the apron. Bey gains control by targeting the knee. Willie attempts a swinging slam but Bey goes right back to the knee in order to keep control. Bey continues the wear down process with a modified half Boston Crab. Willie finally creates separation with an explosive clothesline! Willie sacrifices his own body as he drops his knee into the chest of Bey. The Ultimate Finesser soars with a stunning Destroyer for two. Bey slaps Willie in the face but it ends up costing him as that only fires up Chocolate Thunder! Willie connects with the Stunner to pick up the victory!

Willie Mack def Chris Bey

After the match, Willie is celebrating when Moose blindsides him with the Lights Out spear! World Champion Rich Swann hits the ring and sends Moose retreating. From behind, Chris Bey connects with The Art of Finesse on Swann and stands tall with the World Title held high. IMPACT! on AXS TV goes off the air.