IMPACT Wrestling Genesis 2021

Genesis on IMPACT Plus Results

Impact Wrestling Genesis results courtesy of Impact

Just one week away from Hard To Kill on Pay-Per-View, Genesis takes over IMPACT Plus for the first exclusive event of 2021!

The Super X-Cup returns as IMPACT stars and newcomers compete for the prestigious Super X-Cup trophy held by the likes of Chris Sabin, Samoa Joe and Dez!

Ace Austin w/ Madman Fulton vs Suicide – Super X-Cup Tournament 1st Round

Ace uses his laminated card as a weapon but it has no effect on Suicide because he’s wearing gloves!

Suicide is about to fly but Fulton cuts him off from ringside. Suicide stays focused and connects with a rolling somersault to Ace on the floor. Ace turns the tide by sending Suicide face first into the steel ring steps. Suicide avoids a roundhouse kick, then connects with a dropkick into the corner for two. Suicide counters a tornado DDT attempt into a brainbuster for another near fall! Fulton provides a distraction from ringisde, allowing Ace to capitalize with The Fold to win.

Ace Austin w/ Madman Fulton def Suicide – Super X-Cup Tournament 1st Round

Blake Christian vs KC Navarro – Super X-Cup Tournament 1st Round

It’s a stalemate in the early going as these two young stars match each other move for move. Navarro rolls to the outside and pulls Christian to the floor before connecting with a big dive!

Navarro has a chip on his shoulder as he plays to the camera. Christian fights out of the corner, then hits a springboard dropkick, followed by a top rope corkscrew to the floor! Navarro connects with a running neckbreaker for a near fall. Christian comes right back with a standing Shooting Star for a near fall of his own! Christian soars with unique high-risk offense to score the victory!

Blake Christian def KC Navarro – Super X-Cup Tournament 1st Round

Daivari vs Cousin Jake – Super X-Cup Tournament 1st Round

After being betrayed by Deaner, Cousin Jake looks to get back on track by winning the Super X-Cup tonight. The fight spills to the outside in the early going but Jake crashes and burns as he runs full speed into the ring rope. Daivari is in total control, grounding the big man in the process. Jake finally starts to build momentum with a powerful clothesline! Jake connects with a running spear in the corner, followed by a scoop slam for two. Jake almost puts Daivari away with a sitdown powerbomb but the former X-Division Champion kicks out!

Daivari targets the knee of Cousin Jake by locking in the Figure Four Leg Lock. Jake hits his signature swinging slam to advance to the next round!

Cousin Jake def Daivari – Super X-Cup Tournament 1st Round

Tre Lamar vs Crazzy Steve – Super X-Cup Tournament 1st Round

Lamar is taken aback by Steve’s bizarre behaviour in the early going. Lamar gains confidence with an impressive kick to turn the tide. Steve fights off a Spanish Fly attempt and instead hits a side legsweep off the second rope!

Steve locks in a submission but Lamar works his way out of it and hits a jawbreaker. Lamar misses a springboard crossbody, allowing Steve to hit his diving DDT to score the victory.

Crazzy Steve def Tre Lamar – Super-Cup Tournament 1st Round

Gia Miller interviews Moose ahead of his “I Quit” match against Willie Mack later tonight. Moose calls himself the real World Champion and says he’s going to send Rich Swann a message tonight when he sends Willie Mack to the hospital.

Ace Austin w/ Madman Fulton vs Cousin Jake – Super X-Cup Tournament Semi-Final

Jake users his power advantage in the early going as whips Ace into the corner. Jake arm drags Ace over the top rope but Fulton catches him in mid-air! Jake dives to the floor to take out the both of them and remain in control.

Fulton confronts Jake at ringside but Jake isn’t backing down as he hits him with a closed fist! Ace capitalizes off the distraction with a dive to the outside. Jake connects with a scoop slam for two. Jake hits a spear in the corner, followed by the swinging slam for another near fall. Ace counters a top rope gutwrench into The Fold to move on to the finals!

Ace Austin w/ Madman Fulton def Cousin Jake – Super X-Cup Tournament Semi-Final

IMPACT World Champion pumps up his friend Willie Mack for his “I Quit” Match against Moose. Willie is out to prove that he’s not a stepping stone.

Blake Christian vs Crazzy Steve – Super X-Cup Tournament Semi-Final

Steve consults his toy pet monkey for advice. Christian inadvertently kicks the toy out of the ring and Steve is enraged as he goes on the attack! Steve hits a double underhook suplex before a hard Irish whip into the corner. Christian hits a running dropkick, followed by a split-legged Moonsault for two!

Steve gets his knees up on the second split-legged Moonsault attempt, allowing him to gain control and claw into the ribs of Christian. Both men take each other out with a double clothesline on the floor! Christian connects with a body scissors frog splash combo for another near fall. Steve locks in Upside Down to do some serious damage. Steve is draped over the top rope as Christian hits a top rope 450 Splash to secure the win and move on to the finals!

Blake Christian def Crazzy Steve – Super X-Cup Tournament Semi-Final

Gia Miller interviews pro wrestling legend Jazz as she prepares to face Jordynne Grace later tonight. Jazz says she was on the verge of retiring before Jordynne asked her to be her partner in the Knockouts Tag Team Title Tournament. Tonight, Jazz looks to show the world why they call her the Female Fighting Phenom.

Jazz vs Jordynne Grace

Jazz and Jordynne put on a display of sportsmanship before the match begins. Both Knockouts trade power for power as they look to gain the early advantage. Jordynne sends Jazz face first into the hardest part of the ring. Jazz hangs up Jordynne on the ropes to turn things around. Jazz hits a headbutt directly to the spine. The pace quickens as Jordynne connects with a spinebuster for two. Jordynne hits her signature running elbow into the corner, followed by a splash for another near fall. Jazz plants Jordynne into the mat, then locks in the crossface. Jazz almost puts her away with a tornado DDT!

Jordynne reverses a pinning predicament into one of her own to win!

Jordynne Grace def Jazz

After the match, Jordynne and Jazz embrace in the middle of the ring.

Gia Miller catches up with Blake Christian before he faces Ace Austin in the finals of the Super X-Cup tonight. Christian says he knows that Ace always has a trick up his sleeve but he’s ready to win the Super X-Cup tonight.

Blake Christian vs Ace Austin – Super X-Cup Tournament Final

It’s time for the final match in the Super X-Cup Tournament where the winner will take home the prestigious trophy! Surprisingly, Ace comes to the ring without Fulton as it appears he’s going it alone here. Christian overwhelms Ace in the opening moments of the match, forcing him to retreat to the outside. Ace avoids a Moonsault to the floor, then sends Christian into the steel guardrail. Christian launches himself off the steel steps, connecting with a somersault on the outside.

Ace goes up and over with his signature aerial offense. Blake hits a standing Frog Splash, followed by a standing Shooting Star but it’s not enough! Christian successfully hits the second rope Moonsault and a springboard 450 splash but Ace somehow kicks out at two!

Now it’s Ace who can’t put Christian away as he kicks out of his signature maneuvers. Christian collides with Ace on the floor then holds on for the Eye of the Hurricane on the ramp! Ace tries to use his laminated card as a weapon but Christian fights it off. As both men jockey for position, Ace connects with The Fold to win the match and the 2021 Super X-Cup Tournament!

Ace Austin def Blake Christian – Super X-Cup Tournament Final

Post-match, Madman Fulton rejoins Ace in the ring as Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore awards Ace Austin the Super X-Cup trophy.

Moose vs Willie Mack – “I Quit” Match

It’s time for the Genesis main event as Moose and Willie Mack look to settle the score once and for all! There are no disqualifications, no countouts and the only way to win is to make your opponent say the words “I Quit”. The fight immediately spills to the outside as Willie hits a swinging slam on the ramp. The referee asks Moose if he wants to quit in the early going but the self-proclaimed TNA World Heavyweight Champion responds by saying “screw you Willie”! Moose avoids a running dropkick in the corner and the opening allows Moose to gain control. Moose hits a strong Irish whip into the steel guardrail. He does it again but this time Willie goes over the guardrail and an audible thud is heard throughout the IMPACT Zone as Willie’s back collides with the concrete.

The referee asks Willie the question but he will not quit! Willie connects with multiple steel chair shots. Moose charges into the corner but Willie sidesteps, causing Moose to collide head-first with another chair. Willie hits two Six Star Frog Splashes, one to the front and back of Moose. Moose connects with Go To Hell off the top rope through a table on the floor and somehow, Willie does not quit!

They trade shots in the middle of the ring as Willie gets the upper-hand with a Stunner. Willie sends Moose crashing into a pile of steel chairs with a thunderous Superplex. Moose tells Willie he’s going to have to kill him as he hits him over the head with the TNA World Heavyweight Championship belt. Moose looks to end Willie’s career as he wraps a chair around his head. IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann runs to the ring and tells Moose he’s gone too far. Rich offers Moose a shot at the World Title in exchange for sparing his friend. and is about to come down on it when IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann runs out to the ring. In a shocking turn of events, Moose accepts his offer and utters the words “I Quit”.

Willie Mack def Moose – “I Quit” Match