IMPACT Wrestling 01 12 2021

IMPACT Results
January 12, 2021
Nashville, Tennessee (Skyway Studios)
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

The show opens up with a video package from last week’s show, which includes The Good Brothers invading last week’s episode of AEW Dynamite.

Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne are on commentary.


Kimber Lee goes after Taya and has her in the corner.  Lee chokes Taya in the corner.  Taya does a take down of Lee and kicks Lee in the stomach.  Taya has Lee in the corner and chops Lee in the chest.  Taya continues on the offense as Lee slides out of the ring.  Lee has Taya down and punches her in the face.  Lee suplexes Taya and goes for the pin, but only gets a two count. Lee has Taya in a submission hold.  Taya gets out of the hold, but Lee comes back with a chokehold on Taya.  Taya comes back and gets out of the hold.  She elbows Lee and goes for a pin, but only gets a two count. Taya is in the corner and Lee stomps her in the chest. Lee continues the offense with kicks and goes for a pin, but again only gets a two count. Lee picks up Taya and gives her a sidewalk slam.  Lee climbs the top rope and does a swanton bomb, but Taya has the knees up and comes back with clotheslines on Lee.  Taya spears Lee, goes for a pin, but only gets a two count. Taya goes for submission move on Lee. Deonna distracts Taya and Lee goes for a roll up, but only gets a two count. Taya has Lee in the corner and lands a running knee.  Taya goes for the pin, but Deonna puts Lee’s hand on the ropes.  Out comes Susan who hits Rosemary.  On the outside, Purrazzo and Susan have Rosemary. Taya is distracted and Lee gets the pin.


Segment in the bus with Kenny Omega, Don Callis and The Good Brothers.  Callis talks about Hard to Kill and says that Omega and The Good Brothers will be on IMPACT tomorrow night. They talk about the match with Anderson vs. Rich Swann.


There is another “paid ad” with Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone going over the card for AEW Dynamite’s New Year’s Smash Night 2.

Back from the break is a video package on the feud with Sami Callihan and Eddie Edwards.  Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne run down the card for Saturday’s Hard to Kill.


Rohit and Bey toss Suicide outside of the ring.  Bey and Rohit double team Manik.  Suicide comes back and has Rohit on his shoulders and slams down Bey.  Manik and Suicide throw Bey and Rohit to the outside.  Manik and Suicide disappear under the ring.  Both come back from under the ring and both Manik and Suicide dropkick Rohit and Bey.


Back from the break Manik has Chris Bey in a Boston Crab, but Rohit comes in the ring to break it up.  Bey takes down Suicide in the ring.  Bey and Manik are on the outside of the ring.  Bey has Suicide in the corner and drives knees into the face of Suicide. Bey and Rohit double team Suicide.  Quick tags with Bey and Rohit.  Bey is tagged back in again.  Bey and Rohit double team suicide.  Suicide comes back with a belly to belly suplex on Rohit. Suicide tags in Manik.  The action is fast and all over the ring and outside the ring. Suicide and Bey are in the ring.  Suicide has Bey in a submission.  Rohit tried to break up the hold and Manik attempted to stop Rohit.  Both Manik and Bey are down. Rohit is trying to unmask Manik.  Suicide comes in and kicks Rohit.  Bey connects with a cutter on Suicide and gets the pin.


Backstage Taya is upset about her loss to Kimber Lee.



Tommy Dreamer is on the offense and slams down Deaner.  Due to outside interference, the referee is ejecting Joe Doering and Rhino. Because Eric Young Cousin Jake didn’t get involved they can stay.  Deaner has Dreamer on the ropes.  With the referee’s back turned, Eric Young punches Dreamer in the face. Deaner is on the outside of the ring and slaps Cousin Jake. He takes out the legs of Deaner and the referee calls for the bell.  Eric Young and Deaner double team Dreamer and Cousin Jake. Rhino comes to the save.  Joe Doering comes out and gets clothesline on Rhino.  Young’s group takes out Rhino and Cousin Jake.  Eric Young piledrives Dreamer.

Hard to Kill promo for the Knockouts Championship airs.


Backstage is the teams with Scott D’Amore signing the contracts for the Knockouts Tag Team Title Match on Saturday at Hard to Kill.  Tasha Steelz and Kira Hogan trash talk Naveah and Havok who finally put their hand on them.  Brian Myers walks in and wants an opportunity.  Josh Alexander walks in and wants the same.  D’Amore tells Alexander and Myers they should face each other.


Tenille wants to shake hands with Rosemary.  Rosemary grabs Tenille’s hand and pulls her and then pulls her down, goes for a pin, but only gets a two count.  Rosemary is on the offense and has Tenille down. Rosemary continues to pound on Tenille.  Kaleb with a K sprays hairspray in Rosemary’s face. Tenille goes for a pin, but only gets a two. Tenille counters Rosemary’s offense.  Both women clotheslined each other. Both women are down.  After getting back up, both women exchange blows.  Rosemary connects with the upside and the ref breaks the hold.  Tenille tires to get out of the ring, but Rosemary drags her back in.  Tenille applies a double underhook.  Tenille goes for the pin, but only gets a two count.  Rosemary comes back with a short leg clothesline.  Out from under the under the ring comes Crazzy Steve who runs after Kaleb with a K.  The referee’s back in turned and Tenille tries to spray the hairspray in Rosemary’s face.  WIth the referee’s back still turned, Rosemary grabs the hairspray and sprays it in the face of Rosemary, hits her finisher and gets the pin.


Backstage is Rich Swann cutting a promo for the match on Saturday at Hard to Kill and his match tonight with Karl Anderson.


Video package airs with the issues between The North.


Palmer does several drop kicks on Moose.  Palmer tries to grab Moose, but Moose grabs Palmer and takes him out.  Moose stomps on Palmer.  Moose picks up Palmer and tosses him across the ring.  Moose picks up Palmer again and tosses him across the ring. Moose slaps Palmer across the back. Moose has Palmer in a chokehold and then lets it go.  Moose has Palmer on the ropes and puts the boot across the throat.  Moose then drives his knee in the mid-section of Palmer.  Palmer comes back with a jumping knee.  Palmer goes to the top rope and connects a knee on Moose.  Moose then picks up Palmer twice and slams him down.  Moose then does elbow strikes to the face and the referee dives on Moose to stop the match for an official referee stoppage.



Both men are introduced, then we go to a commercial break.

Back from the break the match is joined in progress with Anderson on the offense. Swann comes back and has Anderson in an armbar.  Anderson attempts to come back, but Swann puts Anderson back in an armbar.  Anderson gets Swann to the ropes to force the break.  Anderson comes back and has Swann in the corner with a boot to the face.  Anderson drives the elbow to the face of Swann.  Anderson is on the offensive with kicks to Swann, who then comes back, but Anderson counters with twisting Swann’s arm and tosses him down.  Anderson then sends Swann into the ring post and Swann falls to the outside.


Back from the break Anderson is on the offense, but Swann comes back and takes out the shoulder of Swann on the ropes, which then Swann falls to the outside of the ring.  Anderson comes out and throws Swann into the ring post on the outside.  Anderson tosses Swann back in the ring, goes for the pin, but only gets a two count.  Anderson has Swann down and stops on Swann’s shoulder.  Anderson continues to work the shoulder.  Both men end up taking each other down.  Both men get into a slug fest with back and forth blows to the face.  Anderson comes back with a kick to the gut on Swann.  Swann gets the boot up on Anderson’s face.  Anderson tries to come back, but Swann comes back with punches and slaps.  Swann goes for a pin, but only gets the two count.  Anderson runs at Swann and connects with a boot to the face.  He goes for the pin on Swann but only gets a two count.  Anderson goes after Swann, but Swann counters and get the pin on Swann.  The bus is empty as Swann celebrates on the entrance ramp.  We then go backstage where The Good Brothers and Omega attack the Motor City Machine Guns. Rich Swann comes in and all men start to brawl to end the segment.

A Hard to Kill promo video airs hyping the PPV for this Saturday.