IMPACT Wrestling 02 23 2021

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IMPACT! on AXS TV Results: February 23, 2021

After last week’s historic edition of IMPACT! on AXS TV, the action continues en route to Sacrifice!

Deaner vs Jake Something – Tables Match

The personal rivalry between former partners continues in a Tables Match tonight. The first person to put their opponent through a table will be declared the winner. Deaner bites Jake’s nose in the opening moments of the match. Jake charges at Deaner but he counters and sends Jake face-first into the table! Deaner avoids a Superplex through the table but Jake hits him with a huge sit-out powerbomb instead. Deaner connects with a low blow on the stage. Moments later, Jake hits a powerful Black Hole Slam through a table on the outside to win!

Jake Something def Deaner – Tables Match

After the match, Jake Something is blindsided by Moose with a huge spear. The self-proclaimed TNA World Heavyweight Champion says that until he gets his IMPACT World Title opportunity that was promised to him by Rich Swann, there will be no show tonight. IMPACT EVP Scott D’Amore comes out and tells Moose that Swann isn’t in the building after Moose brutally attacked him at No Surrender. Jake Something storms back into the arena and wants a shot at revenge. Scott D’Amore shocks the world when he announces that the TNA World Heavyweight Championship that Moose carries is now a sanctioned title and tonight, he will defend it against Jake Something!

Trey Miguel, Willie Mack & Josh Alexander vs Chris Bey, Ace Austin & Black Taurus

The winning team in this six-man tag will advance to a Triple Threat next week with the winner of that match earning a shot at TJP and the X-Division Title! Taurus scales the turnbuckle and hits Alexander with incredible aerial offense. Alexander counters a Hurricanrana from Chris Bey into a modified backbreaker! Trey sends Ace for a ride with the Pendulum. Willie hits Ace with a pop-up forearm for two. Ace spikes Willie with The Fold but the count is broken up before three. Bey hits The Art of Finesse on Willie to score the victory for his team.

Chris Bey, Ace Austin & Black Taurus def Trey Miguel, Willie Mack & Josh Alexander

Sami Callihan once again confronts Trey Miguel on his way to the back. Callihan isn’t surprised that Trey came up short, claiming that he doesn’t have what it takes to succeed. Trey snaps and pummels Callihan with strikes until security breaks it up.

Decay is back to take over IMPACT Wrestling and it all starts with Black Taurus winning the X-Division Title.

AEW Owner Tony Khan and AEW Commentator Tony Schiavone are accompanied by members of the AEW roster for another paid ad to promote AEW Dynamite this Wednesday at 8/7c on TNT.

As Havok and Nevaeh continue to struggle as a team, Tenille Dashwood is turned down by Havok for a partnership of their own.

IMPACT World Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson) vs XXXL (Larry D & Acey Romero)

This match was made earlier tonight on BTI, the all-new IMPACT! pre-game show on AXS TV. Anderson hits the ropes but Larry knees him in the back to turn the tide. XXXL continues to wear Anderson down until he hits a running uppercut to create separation. Anderson makes the tag to Gallows who goes on the attack! The Good Brothers connect with the Magic Killer on Larry to win.

IMPACT World Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson) def XXXL (Larry D & Acey Romero)

Rohit Raju interrupts Chris Sabin and James Storm at Swinger’s Palace. Storm and Rohit continue to be at odds after Rohit made him spill his beer last week. Sabin doesn’t want to get kicked out of another bar, so Rohit and Storm will settle their differences in the ring.

After making their IMPACT debut last week, NJPW’s David Finlay and Juice Robinson continue to win their war of words with The Good Brothers.

Eddie Edwards is set for action against Brian Myers but Myers isn’t dressed to compete. Myers’ attorney, Mark Sterling, states that IMPACT Wrestling is an unsafe and unprofessional working environment. Sterling reveals that since Myers is unable to compete due to his eye injury, a suitable replacement can be made as stated in his contract. That replacement is none other than Myers’ hired gun, Hernandez.

Eddie Edwards vs Hernandez w/ Brian Myers

Eddie jumpstarts the match with a dive to Hernandez on the ramp! Hernandez trips him up, leading to a hard collision with the ring apron. Hernandez distracts the referee, allowing Myers to illegally attack Eddie on the floor. Eddie fights out of the Border Toss, then connects with a Boston Knee Party off the second rope for three!

Eddie Edwards def Hernandez w/ Brian Myers

Despite his best efforts, Brian Myers is told by Scott D’Amore that Dr Ross has cleared him to compete. Next week, he’ll do just that in a match against Eddie Edwards with his former tag team partner, Matt Cardona, as the guest referee!

Kimber Lee & Susan w/ Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo vs Jordynne Grace & Jazz – #1 Contenders Match for Knockouts Tag Team Titles

The winning team will earn a shot at Fire ‘N Flava and the Knockouts Tag Team Titles! Jazz is in firm control of Susan when Deonna hooks her leg from the outside. Deonna continues to get involved when ODB comes out to even the odds! The referee ejects them both from ringside as the match rolls on. Susan wears Jazz down with a sleeper before making the tag to Kimber. Jazz fights out of the corner, then makes the tag to the powerful Jordynne Grace! Susan is flattened with a double team front suplex for two. Jordynne breaks an ankle lock attempt from Susan, then connects with the Grace Driver to win!

Jordynne Grace & Jazz def Kimber Lee & Susan w/ Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo – #1 Contenders Match for Knockouts Tag Team Titles

On their way to the back, Jordynne and Jazz discover that ODB has been laid out!

Next Tuesday at 8/7c on AXS TV, don’t miss the next thriling episode of IMPACT! Brian Myers battles Eddie Edwards with Matt Cardona as guest referee. IMPACT World Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers team with NJPW’s FinJuice to take on XXXL and Reno Scum. The next challenger for the X-Division Title will be determined in a Triple Threat between Chris Bey, Black Taurus and Ace Austin. Plus, James Storm goes one-on-one with Rohit Raju in an exclusive matchup on BTI at 7/6c on AXS TV!

TNA World Heavyweight Champion Moose vs Jake Something – TNA World Heavyweight Championship

After being made an officially sanctioned title by Scott D’Amore earlier tonight, the TNA World Heavyweight Championship is on the line! Jake Something jumps Moose during his entrance to gain the early advantage. They brawl around the ringside area before entering the ring to make the match official. Moose gains momentum with a strong running elbow in the corner. Jake hits a big clothesline, followed by his signature sit-out powerbomb for two. Jake is perched on the top rope when Moose clobbers him with an elevated dropkick, followed by a massive Superplex! Jake comes right back with a pop-up powerbomb for a near fall. Moose hits back-to-back Uranagi’s, followed by a thunderous Lights Out spear to win.

TNA World Heavyweight Champion Moose def Jake Something – TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

Moose delivers a post-match steel chair attack to Jake Something until IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann makes the save! A huge brawl breaks out when Scott D’Amore makes an announcement. On March 13th at Sacrifice on IMPACT Plus, Rich Swann will finally defend the IMPACT World Title against Moose!

IMPACT! on AXS TV goes off the air.