IMPACT Wrestling 03 23 2021

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IMPACT! on AXS TV Results – March 23, 2021

AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and Don Callis return to IMPACT! tonight as the historic Title vs Title match with IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann approaches.

Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo w/ Susan vs Jazz w/ Jordynne Grace

After forcing Kimber Lee to submit in the huge 6 on 6 Knockouts tag last week, Jazz now collides with the Knockouts Champion in non-title action. D’Lo Brown notes that Kimber Lee was injured last week and that is why she is not at ringside with Susan. Jazz fights off Susan who tries to get involved from ringside. Deonna capitalizes off the distraction as she wears Jazz down. Deonna attempts to lock in the Fujiwara Armbar but Jazz counters into a facebuster. Susan puts Deonna’s foot on the ropes in order to break the count. Jordynne has seen enough but Susan baits her in and sends her into the steel ring post. Susan clobbers Jazz with her shoe, allowing Deonna to roll her up and score the pin.

Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo w/ Susan vs Jazz w/ Jordynne Grace

Eddie Edwards tells The Good Brothers to stop trying to make friends with the boys in the back. Decay is seen laughing at the former IMPACT World Tag Team Champions, saying that their popularity has “decayed”.

Try your luck at Swinger’s Palace, the hottest new casino in town.

Rohit Raju catches Fallah Bahh sleeping at the IMPACT Zone after losing all of his money in Swinger’s Palace. Rohit tells Fallah that he’s an insult to all of his senses. Fallah gets angry and challenges Rohit to a match later tonight.

X-Division Champion Ace Austin w/ Madman Fulton vs TJP – X-Division Championship

At Sacrifice, Ace Austin defeated TJP to become the new X-Division Champion in a jaw-dropping encounter. Tonight, TJP gets his rematch with the title on the line. Ace counters a Superplex into a top rope Gord Buster to take control. Ace hits a jumping leg drop for two. TJP locks in a submission but Fulton pulls Ace towards the ropes in order to break the hold. It’s a stalemate as both men take each other out with double clotheslines. TJP connects with the Detonation Kick, followed by the Mamba Splash but Fulton breaks the pin to cause the disqualification.

TJP def X-Division Champion Ace Austin w/ Madman Fulton by Disqualification – X-Division Championship

After the match, Fulton continues his beatdown on TJP until Josh Alexander makes the save with a steel chair in-hand!

Gia Miller conducts a sit-down interview with Matt Cardona. He speaks on the issues with his former tag team partner, Brian Myers, who thinks that Cardona followed him to IMPACT. Cardona says that it was a complete coincidence they both ended up in IMPACT but at the end of the day, they’re both here for the same thing – opportunity. Cardona says that he doesn’t want to fight Myers but if he continues to run his mouth, he will. Cardona lays out the challenge for a match with Myers and once it’s over, they’ll be done with each other once and for all.

After losing to Sami Callihan last week, an enraged Trey Miguel picks a fight with XXXL. Tommy Dreamer calms him down and has a proposition for Hardcore Justice, April 10th on IMPACT Plus.

Rohit Raju vs Fallah Bahh

Fallah hits a belly-to-belly suplex in the early going. Fallah attempts a running crossbody but Rohit avoids it to gain control. Rohit connects with a series of kicks to remain in the driver’s seat. Fallah puts all of his body weight behind a big twisting slam. Fallah crashes and burns with the Banzai Splash, allowing Rohit to capitalize with a top rope foot stomp. Rohit traps Fallah in a crucifix pin with a hold of the tights to steal the victory.

Rohit Raju def Fallah Bahh

Gia Miller tries to get a word with AEW World Champion Kenny Omega but Don Callis denies her and says they’re on their way to the ring right now.

AEW Owner Tony Khan and AEW Commentator Tony Schiavone return for another paid ad to promote this Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite at 8/7c on TNT. This time, they’re joined by none other than AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and Don Callis.

The Good Brothers knock on the locker room door of Kenny Omega and Don Callis but they’re already on their way to the ring. Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson suspect they may have heat for losing the World Tag Team Titles to FinJuice.

AEW World Champion Kenny Omega & Don Callis Return

Omega and Callis speak on the historic Title vs Title match with IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann at Rebellion. Callis makes a bold prediction that Omega will leave Rebellion with both the AEW and IMPACT World Titles held high and the victory will come via the One-Winged Angel. Callis debuts a vignette on Omega’s famous finish move as the champ gloats in his own superstardom. Omega sends a message to Swann, calling him insignificant and merely a footnote. Callis states once again that at Rebellion, he and Kenny Omega will make history.

Eric Young says that Rhino was born Violent By Design and that he has merely awakened him so he can become the killer that he once was.

Gia Miller catches up with Havok and Nevaeh after they were on the winning side of things in the 6 on 6 Knockouts tag last week. Havok and Nevaeh feel they have the momentum to get back on track and go for the Knockouts Tag Team Titles once again. Speaking of the titles, Fire ‘N Flava interrupt and deny Havok and Nevaeh another opportunity at the gold. Next, they are confronted by Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb With a K. Tenille suggests that Nevaeh leaves Havok to form a tag team with her instead.

Acey Romero w/ Larry D vs Trey Miguel

Acey displays his power advantage in the opening moments of the match as he hits a massive sidewalk slam. Acey follows up with a splash to the back of Trey for two. Trey springs off the ropes but Acey catches him in mid-air with a huge shoulder tackle. Trey turns the tide with a jumping cutter, followed by the Meteora to win.

Trey Miguel def Acey Romero w/ Larry D

After the match, both members of XXXL double team Trey. In a bizarre turn of events, Sami Callihan evens the odds but disappears moments later.

IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann responds to the comments made by AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and Don Callis earlier tonight. Swann tells Gia Miller that he has battled adversity for his whole life and that mind games don’t have an effect on him. Swann admits that Omega did put him away with the One-Winged Angel at Hard To Kill but says that he got the best of all of their one-on-one exchanges. Swann says that he will have a counter for the One-Winged Angel and at Rebellion, he will be ready to go all night long.

Next, Gia Miller interviews James Storm and Chris Sabin as Storm approaches his 1000th match in IMPACT Wrestling. Scott D’Amore overhears Storm speaking on his recent issues with Violent By Design and announces that next week, Storm will wrestle his 1000th match against another IMPACT veteran, Eric Young.

Don’t miss an all-new IMPACT! next Tuesday at 8/7c on AXS TV and Twitch. Knockouts Tag Team Champions Fire N Flava battle Havok and Nevaeh in a non-title match. X-Division Champion Ace Austin and Madman Fulton take on Josh Alexander and TJP. Plus, AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and Don Callis will once again be in the IMPACT Zone, and more.

Karl Anderson w/ Doc Gallows vs Eddie Edwards

Eddie clotheslines Anderson to the floor, then dives into both members of The Good Brothers on the outside. Anderson sends Eddie crashing off the top after a distraction from Gallows. Instead of ejecting him from ringside, referee Brian Hebner forces Gallows to stay seated in a chair. Anderson remains in control as he wears Eddie down with a headlock. Eddie fights back with a series of strikes, followed by a Gord Buster. Eddie connects with the Backpack Stunner for two. Moments later, Eddie almost puts Anderson away after hitting the Blue Thunder Bomb. Anderson runs through Eddie with a dropkick for another near fall. Eddie rolls up Anderson but gets pushed into a steel chair being held by Gallows at ringside. The referee doesn’t see it, allowing Anderson to put Eddie away with his signature Spinebuster.

Karl Anderson w/ Doc Gallows def Eddie Edwards

Post-match, reigning IMPACT World Tag Team Champions FinJuice send The Good Brothers a message all the way from Japan with the titles around their waists. The rival duos are set to collide in a highly-anticipated rematch at Rebellion.

IMPACT! goes off the air.