IMPACT Wrestling 01 27 2022

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Chris Bey vs Jake Something

Two of professional wrestling’s greatest young athletes collide as the Bullet Club’s Chris Bey battles Jake Something! Bey attempts a Moonsault but Jake catches him in mid-air and drops him face-first on the apron. Jake charges but Bey sidesteps, causing him to crash into the steel ring post. Bey flies with a top rope Swanton to the outside. Bey remains in control with a neckbreaker for two. Jake fights out of a sleeper and hits a back suplex to create separation. Jake hits a huge powerbomb but Bey kicks out. A flurry of offense culminates with Bey spiking Jake on his head with a reverse ‘Rana. Jake catches Bey and hits the Black Hole Slam to win!

Jake Something def Chris Bey

After the match, the Bullet Club’s Guerillas of Destiny attack Jake Something from behind. “Speedball” Mike Bailey attempts to even the odds but falls victim to the numbers game when Jay White joins the fray! The Bullet Club lays out Jake Something and Mike Bailey before G.O.D. lays out a challenge to the IMPACT World Tag Team Champions, The Good Brothers!

The renegade group known as Honor No More is back inside the IMPACT Zone but there to confront them is Rhino, Rich Swann, Eddie Edwards, Chris Sabin and Josh Alexander. IMPACT Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore comes out and announces a high-stakes match for No Surrender: Honor No More vs Team IMPACT! If Honor No More wins, they can stay in IMPACT Wrestling but if they lose, they’re gone for good. The announcements keep on coming as D’Amore announces Chris Sabin vs PCO in tonight’s main event!

Tenille Dashwood is unable to compete in tonight’s previously scheduled Knockouts World Tag Team Title match between The Influence and The IInspiration. Taking her place will be The Influence’s loyal photographer, Kaleb With a K, in what is now a non-title bout. Madison tells him not to screw anything up.

Scott D’Amore takes Honor No More to a secluded part of the Charles Dodge Center in Fort Lauderdale and tells them to wait there until the main event. Former ROH owner Cary Silkin is disgusted by Honor No More’s behavior and tells them they never had any honor to begin with.

Knockouts World Tag Team Champions The IInspiration (Cassie Lee & Jessie McKay) vs The Influence (Madison Rayne & Kaleb With a K)

Kaleb takes Lee off her feet with a running shoulder tackle. Lee comes right back and trips up Kaleb, allowing her to make the tag. Madison attacks McKay from behind as Kaleb takes control with a superkick to Lee. The Influence cuts off the ring as they begin to wear Lee down. Kaleb jumps off the top but Lee counters into a modified Atomic Drop. The pace quickens as McKay enters the match. McKay takes out both members of The Influence with unique offense, kicking Madison into a DDT on her own partner. Lee kicks Kaleb’s phone out of his hands, then gets him in a pinning predicament to win!

Knockouts World Tag Team Champions The IInspiration (Cassie Lee & Jessie McKay) def The Influence (Madison Rayne & Kaleb With a K)

Ace Austin bites off more than he can chew by offering to be “Speedball” Mike Bailey’s friend. Gail Kim announces that after the attack from the Bullet Club tonight, Mile Bailey, Jake Something, Ace Austin and Madman Fulton will take on Jay White, Chris Bey and the Guerillas of Destiny next Thursday!

“The Quintessential Diva” Gisele Shaw is coming to IMPACT Wrestling!

IMPACT World Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers and Violent By Design agree to keep their alliance intact in order to fend off the threat of the Bullet Club.

Gail Kim introduces Knockouts World Champion Mickie James as she addresses the Knockouts Division just 48 hours before competing in the WWE Royal Rumble match. Mickie praises the division and it’s champions, Knockouts World Tag Team Champions The IInspiration, Digital Media Champion Jordynne Grace and even her fierce rival, ROH Women’s World Champion and AAA Reina de Reinas Champion, Deonna Purrazzo. “The Virtuosa” storms off, calling this a waste of time. Mickie continues as she declares victory in this Saturday’s Royal Rumble and says that she will be making history as the first outsider champion to compete in the match. Chelsea Green confidently states that Mickie will win the Royal Rumble and lays out the challenge for a Knockouts Title opportunity in the future. Just as Mickie is about to accept, current #1 contender Tasha Steelz interrupts and reminds them that she will challenge for the Knockouts World Title on February 19th at No Surrender. Tensions begin to build and a huge brawl breaks out when Tasha hits Mickie with the “X”. Mickie James and Chelsea Green turn the tide, sending Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans retreating up the ramp!

Steve Maclin tells Gia Miller the only reason he lost to ROH World Champion Jonathan Gresham last week is because the match was contested under Pure Rules. Jonathan Gresham interrupts and challenges him to a rematch under traditional wrestling rules next week but it won’t be for the ROH World Title!

Digital Media Champion Jordynne Grace accepts Matt Cardona’s challenge for a Digital Media Title match!

The Learning Tree (VSK, Zicky Dice & 6 Other Students) vs W. Morrissey – 8-on-1 Handicap Match

Earlier today, “The Most Professional Wrestler” Brian Myers recruited more young talent into The Learning Tree – their first assignment, join VSK and Zicky Dice in an 8-on-1 Handicap match against the #1 contender for the IMPACT World Title, W. Morrissey! Myers joins Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt on commentary. Morrissey quickly takes control from the opening bell. Morrissey chokeslams one of his opponents over the top rope to the floor. Morrissey launches VSK to the outside. Morrissey hits the BQE as he sends a student into the spine of Dice. Morrissey scores the pin to win the match and overcome the incredible odds!

W. Morrissey def The Learning Tree (VSK, Zicky Dice & 6 Other Students) – 8-on-1 Handicap Match

After the match, Brian Myers leaves the commentary table and confronts Morrissey. IMPACT World Champion Moose hits the ring and attacks Morrissey from behind. All eight members of The Learning Tree re-join the fray but Morrissey breaks free. Morrissey turns around and gets caught with a vicious spear from Moose!

Raj Singh says that his luck is going to turn around next week when introduces the brightest blue chip athlete from Punjab, Bupinder Gujjer. John Skyler interrupts and says that if IMPACT doesn’t have time for him, they definitely don’t have time for Bupinder Gujjer. Raj challenges him to a match on Bupinder’s behalf and Skyler accepts!

Johnny Swinger vs JONAH

Earlier today, JONAH gave Johnny Swinger a painful preview of what’s to come when he assaulted him in the backstage area! AEW’s Dan Lambert is seen watching on from the crowd. JONAH makes quick work of his opponent as he hits two running sentons, followed by the Tsunami splash for three!

JONAH def Johnny Swinger

After the bell, JONAH is about to add insult to injury when Decay comes to the aid of Swinger!

Don’t miss an all-new IMPACT! next Thursday at 8/7c on AXS TV. Jordynne Grace defends the Digital Media Championship against Matt Cardona, ROH World Champion Jonathan Gresham battles Steve Maclin, the Bullet Club takes on Ace Austin, Madman Fulton, “Speedball” Mike Bailey and Jake Something in a huge eight-man tag and more!

PCO w/ Honor No More (Mike Bennett, Maria Kanellis, Matt Taven & Vincent) vs Chris Sabin w/ Team IMPACT (Rhino, Rich Swann, Eddie Edwards & Josh Alexander)

Who will gain momentum in the war between IMPACT Wrestling and Honor No More? We find out in our IMPACT! main event. Sabin attempts the Cradle Shock but struggles to pick PCO up off his feet. Honor No More trips up Sabin from ringside. Turnabout is fair play as Eddie Edwards returns the favor to PCO but the referee catches him and ejects Team IMPACT from ringside. PCO clotheslines Sabin over the top rope, then soars through the air with a dive to the outside. PCO hits a top rope Swanton, colliding with him on the apron. PCO crashes and burns with the PCO-sault, allowing Sabin to build momentum. Sabin hits a top rope crossbody for two. Sabin counters a Vader Bomb attempt but Honor No More provides a distraction from ringside. Sabin takes them out with a flurry of offense. Moments later, Maria distracts the referee, opening the door for Bennett to push Sabin off the top. PCO hits a modified full nelson bomb to win!

PCO w/ Honor No More (Mike Bennett, Maria Kanellis, Matt Taven & Vincent) def Chris Sabin

After the match, Honor No More continues the assault on Sabin but Team IMPACT quickly evens the odds! Alexander locks in the Ankle Lock on Vincent as Team IMPACT sends Honor No More scurrying!