IMPACT Wrestling 02 10 2022

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IMPACT! on AXS TV Results: February 10, 2022

Less than two weeks away from No Surrender, an all-new IMPACT! is on the air.

Josh Alexander kicks it off as he grabs a microphone in the ring. Alexander says that if there’s one thing that’s more important to him than the IMPACT World Title, it’s IMPACT Wrestling itself and that’s why he’s proud to go to war with Honor No More at No Surrender. Alexander goes on to question why the unhinged W. Morrissey has been given an IMPACT World Title shot when Scott D’Amore told him to “keep his emotions in-check”. Alexander declares that whether it’s Moose or Morrissey who walks out of No Surrender with the IMPACT World Title, he will be next in line. In a shocking turn of events, Big Kon makes his IMPACT debut and confronts Alexander in the ring. Alexander doesn’t back down and demands a referee so they can fight right here, right now.

Josh Alexander vs Big Kon

Alexander destroys yet another obstacle in his path back to the IMPACT World Title as he forces Kon to tap out to Ankle Lock in mere seconds!

Josh Alexander def Big Kon

Alexander won’t break the hold, prompting security to hit the ring. Alexander attacks them as IMPACT Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore approaches from the back. Not realizing who it is, Alexander turns around and immediately pushes him to the mat. D’Amore reminisces about Alexander’s journey to the top of IMPACT Wrestling and asks him “what more do you want?”. Alexander says that he doesn’t want to be the only World Champion in this company’s history who didn’t have the belt long enough to put it around his waist. D’Amore agrees that the goal is to have Josh Alexander be the face of IMPACT Wrestling as the World Champion but he has to go through the process. Alexander is done with the process and says that if D’Amore doesn’t give him what he wants, he’ll leave IMPACT. D’Amore tells Alexander that he’s out of the Team IMPACT vs Honor No More match at No Surrender and he’s sending him home until this issue is sorted!

After being attacked by Honor No More last week, Steve Maclin tells Scott D’Amore that he wants to be Josh Alexander’s replacement on Team IMPACT. D’Amore says that he’ll have to consult with the other members of the team first.

Deonna Purrazzo is in the ring to issue her open challenge for either the AAA Reina de Reinas or ROH Women’s World Championships. The ring-savvy Santana Garrett answers the call and chooses to challenge for the ROH Women’s World Title!

AAA Reina de Reinas & ROH Women’s World Champion Deonna Purrazzo vs Santana Garrett – ROH Women’s World Championship

Purrazzo sends Garrett flying off the apron and into the steel guardrail. Garrett floats over into a modified crossface but Purrazzo crawls to the bottom rope in order to break the hold. Purrazzo hits a pump kick, followed by a flatliner into a Koji Clutch. Garrett launches herself off the top but Purrazzo counters into a mid-air Fujiwara Armbar. Garrett fights out but Purrazzo transitions into a pin for three!

AAA Reina de Reinas & ROH Women’s World Champion Deonna Purrazzo def Santana Garrett – ROH Women’s World Championship

Team IMPACT tells Scott D’Amore that they want ROH World Champion Jonathan Gresham to be Josh Alexander’s replacement at No Surrender. But first, they must focus on tag team action against Honor No More’s Mike Bennett and Matt Taven tonight.

Knockouts World Champion Mickie James vs Chelsea Green

Before Mickie James defends the Knockouts World Title against Tasha Steelz at No Surrender, she battles Chelsea Green in friendly competition tonight. Speaking of Tasha, she joins Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt on commentary with Savannah Evans by her side. Green hits a baseball slide dropkick but focuses her attention on Tasha at ringside, allowing James to take control. James attempts the Mick-DT but Chelsea counters into Tasha’s own finishing move, the cutter. Tasha leaves commentary to throw a trash bin at Green. Evans attacks her to cause the disqualification!

Chelsea Green def Knockouts World Champion Mickie James by Disqualification

James comes to Green’s aid as Tasha and Evans retreat up the ramp.

Gia Miller interviews Bhupinder Gujjar following his triumphant IMPACT debut over John Skyler last week. Gujjar says that after winning championships in bodybuilding, boxing and kickboxing, he left India to pursue his dream of becoming a professional wrestler. Raj Singh approaches him but just last like week, Gujjar just walks away!

Madison Rayne catches Kaleb With a K taking photos of the Knockouts World Tag Team Champions, The IInspiration!

The Bullet Club is in the ring to address their upcoming matchups at No Surrender. For the first-time-ever, G.O.D. will challenge The Good Brothers for the IMPACT World Tag Team Titles. Plus, the Bullet Club’s leader goes one-on-one with Violent By Design’s leader, Eric Young. Jay White questions the integrity of the alliance between Violent By Design and The Good Brothers, prompting an interruption from VBD. Eric Young tells the Bullet Club that unlike VBD, they’re hanging on to something that was cool 10 years ago. Young challenges them to a six-man tag team match next week when The Good Brothers come out and take credit for the Bullet Club’s success. Karl Anderson says The Good Brothers have been everywhere but Tama Tonga fires back and says that’s only because they’ve been fired from everywhere. G.O.D. claims that when they become the new IMPACT World Tag Team Champions at No Surrender, they’ll fire The Good Brothers from the Bullet Club for good!

ROH World Champion Jonathan Gresham has been attacked backstage!

New Digital Media Champion Matt Cardona explains his actions when he used a steel chair to defeat Jordynne Grace last week. Cardona says that he had to do things different in 2022 after he was screwed out of the IMPACT World Title at Hard To Kill and IMPACT management didn’t offer him a rematch. Cardona reveals that Grace will receive her rematch at No Surrender and begs for her to be ready.

Mike Bennett & Matt Taven w/ Honor No More (Maria Kanellis, Kenny King, Vincent & PCO) vs Rich Swann & Rhino w/ Chris Sabin & Eddie Edwards

Maria Kanellis joins Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt on commentary as we get a preview of things to come in the Honor No More vs Team IMPACT showdown at No Surrender! As tensions rise between the two groups at ringside, the referee sends all non-competitors to the back. Taven hits Swann with a sliding dropkick off the distraction. Longtime owner and current Ambassador of ROH, Cary Silkin, is seen watching on from ringside. Swann attempts to fight out of the corner but gets caught with a Death Valley Driver from Bennett. Taven hits him with a running boot for two.

Swann finally takes them out with one Enzuigiri after another. Swann makes the tag to Rhino who goes on the attack. Bennett distracts the referee, allowing Kanellis to throw powder in the eyes of Rhino. Taven capitalizes with the Climax to win!

Mike Bennett & Matt Taven w/ Honor No More (Maria Kanellis, Kenny King, Vincent & PCO) def Rich Swann & Rhino w/ Chris Sabin & Eddie Edwards

After the match, Taven puts his hands on Silkin when Steve Maclin makes the save. Maclin takes out Taven as Rhino hits Bennett with the Gore!

On the other side of the curtain, Ian Riccaboni tells Eddie Edwards that he’s known Steve Maclin for years and he can be trusted as a member of Team IMPACT. Edwards, Sabin, Rhino and Swann reluctantly welcome him to the team.

Gia Miller suggests that IMPACT’s newest Knockout, Gisele Shaw, stole Lady Frost’s spotlight following her victory earlier tonight on BTI. Shaw says that you can’t steal what’s already yours. Shaw reveals that she’ll be making her IMPACT in-ring debut next week when she goes one-on-one with Frost.

Next Thursday at 8/7c on AXS TV and 8:30pm ET on YouTube for IMPACT Insiders, don’t miss the final IMPACT! before No Surrender. Gisele Shaw makes her IMPACT in-ring debut against Lady Frost. Knockouts World Champion Mickie James and Chelsea Green battle Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans in tag team action. Honor No More’s Kenny King takes on Team IMPACT’s Chris Sabin. The Bullet Club collides with Violent By Design in a huge six-man tag team match and more!

Brian Myers w/ The Learning Tree (VSK & Zicky Dice) vs W. Morrissey – No Disqualification Match

W. Morrissey looks to unleash his pent-up rage on Brian Myers and The Learning Tree in No Disqualification match! VSK and Zicky Dice jump Morrissey on his way to the ring and it’s all legal. Morrissey quickly takes them out but gets caught with a Roster Cut clothesline moments later. Myers calls for the tables but it ends up costing him as Morrissey sends both Dice and VSK crashing through them. The odds are now even with both members of The Learning Tree out of the equation. Myers hits a side Russian leg sweep on the unprotected ramp to gain control. Myers duct-tapes Morrissey to the ropes and assaults him with a kendo stick. Myers introduces a trash can into the match as he goes Coast-to-Coast for a very close near fall.

Morrissey is free and counters the Roster Cut into a thunderous clothesline of his own. Morrissey delivers not one but two BQE’s into a pile of thumbtacks to score the victory!

W. Morrissey def Brian Myers w/ The Learning Tree (VSK & Zicky Dice) – No Disqualification Match

After the match, Morrissey is blindsided by the reigning IMPACT World Champion! Moose wraps a steel chair around Morrissey’s neck, then drives it into his throat with numerous brutal chair shots. Morrissey is lifeless on the outside as Moose stands tall with the IMPACT World Title.

IMPACT! goes off the air.