IMPACT Wrestling 06 09 2022

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Less than two weeks away from Slammiversary, it’s time to cross the line with an all-new edition of IMPACT! on AXS TV.

After weeks of making Moose’s life a living hell, Sami Callihan claims that he’ll be begging for mercy by the end of the night!

Knockouts World Tag Team Champion Tenille Dashwood w/ Madison Rayne vs Rosemary

Tom Hannifan reveals that Rosemary is out here alone tonight as Havok has gone MIA following her loss to Masha Slamovich last week. Rosemary looks to pick up the victory in hopes of moving Decay one step closer towards a Knockouts World Tag Team Title opportunity! Rayne attempts to distract Rosemary before the opening bell but Rosemary sees it coming and quickly goes on the attack. Moments later, Rayne successfully distracts her, allowing Dashwood to take control with a draping neckbreaker. Rosemary locks in Upside Down but Rayne delivers a cheap shot while the referee has his back turned. Both Knockouts are down following a double running clothesline. Rosemary builds momentum with a series of running strikes, then locks in an inverted crossface submission. Rosemary hits a German suplex for two. Rosemary sends her crashing into Rayne on the apron, then rolls up Dashwood for three!

Rosemary def Knockouts World Tag Team Champion Tenille Dashwood w/ Madison Rayne

The Influence attack Rosemary after the match until AAA Reina de Reinas Champion Taya Valkyrie makes the save! Rosemary and Valkyrie stare each other down in the middle of the ring.

The Good Brothers visit The Briscoes’ chicken farm in Sandy Fork, Delaware. The IMPACT World Tag Team Champions are nowhere to be found so Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson confront their father, Papa Briscoe. The Briscoes return to the farm and a wild brawl ensues!

Heath tells Gia Miller that Rhino will require surgery following last week’s heinous steel chair attack at the hands of Honor No More. Heath vows to get revenge and says that Honor No More may not even make it to the five-on-five showdown at Slammiversary.

Steve Maclin vs PCO

Last week, Steve Maclin and Moose were victorious over W. Morrissey and PCO in tag team action but tonight, PCO rises once again! PCO hits a running spear through the ropes, sending Maclin crashing into the steel guardrail while also doing damage to himself. PCO is busted open as Maclin delivers a thunderous Spinebuster on the ramp. Maclin drives his shoulder into the steel ring post, followed by a top rope Superplex. PCO begins to build momentum with a DDT, then a running cannonball in the corner. PCO hits the Deanimator on the apron but crashes and burns on the follow-up as Maclin sends him into the steel steps. Maclin has PCO Caught in the Crosshairs on the guardrail. Maclin injures PCO’s shoulder by trapping his arm in between the steps and the ring post. The referee wants to end the match but PCO refuses and fights off members of security. Amidst the chaos, Maclin DDT’s PCO into a steel chair to score the victory!

Steve Maclin def PCO

After the bell, PCO proves that he is not human as he gets to his feet once again and stares down Maclin from the middle of the ring.

Knockouts World Champion Tasha Steelz confronts Deonna Purrazzo after she didn’t help her take out Mia Yim last week. Chelsea Green agrees with Purrazzo that “The Virtuosa” doesn’t need any help, but suggests that it wouldn’t hurt to have some.

Gia Miller interviews former IMPACT star Matt Morgan, who says that being an IMPACT wrestler meant everything to him as it was his first opportunity to become “The Blueprint” and the “DNA of TNA”. Honor No More’s Vincent confronts Morgan and calls him a ghost of IMPACT’s past.

IMPACT World Champion Josh Alexander vs Joe Doering w/ Violent By Design (Eric Young & Deaner)

Just ten nights before he defends the IMPACT World Title against Eric Young, Josh Alexander looks to end the undefeated streak of Violent By Design’s Joe Doering! Alexander locks in an Ankle Lock but Doering quickly breaks free. Young hooks the leg of Alexander from the outside, allowing Doering to take him off his feet with a massive eraser. Alexander quickens the pace as he delivers a knee to the back of the head. Deaner distracts the referee while Young hands Doering the VBD flag. Alexander pries it out of his hands and hits Doering, causing the match to end in disqualification.

Joe Doering w/ Violent By Design (Eric Young & Deaner) def IMPACT World Champion Josh Alexander by Disqualification

After the match, Alexander thwarts an attack from Deaner as he glares at his Slammiversary opponent, Eric Young.

Moose tells Gia Miller that he’s going to find Sami Callihan and put an end to his mind games.

We see footage from NJPW Best of the Super Juniors where X-Division Champion Ace Austin joined the Bullet Club! Austin says that Bullet Club are winners so what else would you expect from him? Austin’s friend and tag team partner, Alex Zayne, questions his decision to join the group. Austin is joined by the rest of the Bullet Club as they take out Zayne with a brutal assault.

Alex Zayne is revealed as the sixth and final competitor in the Ultimate X match for the X-Division Championship at Slammiversary!

Moose attacks Sami Callihan in the back but Callihan makes him pay for it when he locks Moose inside a storage room!

Despite losing the IMPACT Digital Media Title to Rich Swann, Matt Cardona claims to still be the champion. Due to a torn bicep, Cardona awards the Digital Media Title to his longtime ally, Brian Myers. At Slammiversary, Myers will battle Swann to determine who the real Digital Media Champion is!

Don’t miss the final IMPACT! before Slammiversary next Thursday at 8/7c on AXS TV and 8:30pm ET on YouTube for IMPACT Insiders. In an Ultimate X preview, Trey Miguel goes one-on-one with Mike Bailey for the first time ever. Knockouts World Champion Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans collide with Jordynne Grace and Mia Yim just days before the historic Queen of the Mountain match. Plus, IMPACT World Tag Team Champions The Briscoes battle Jay White and Chris Bey of the Bullet Club and more!

Honor No More (Eddie Edwards, Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) vs Frankie Kazarian & Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley)

Frankie Kazarian and the Motor City Machine Guns look to exact a measure of revenge on Honor No More for sending Rhino to the hospital last week! The IMPACT Originals are in control as they hit a flurry of triple team offense on all of their opponents. Bennett picks Shelley off the apron, followed by a dive to the outside from Edwards. Bennett takes out Kazarian with a Spinebuster as Edwards does the same to Sabin with a powerbomb. Shelley uses his speed advantage to avoid an incoming assault, causing Bennett to collide with his own partner. Shelley is about to make the much-needed tag when Honor No More pull Sabin and Kazarian off the apron. Shelley fights off a Tiger Driver from Edwards to create separation and make the tag to Kazarian. The pace quickens as Kazarian almost puts Edwards away with a bridging suplex while trapping Taven in a pinning predicament. Sabin gets two for one, hitting Taven with a kick and Edwards with a tornado DDT. Taven soars over the top rope, colliding with Sabin, Shelley and even Edwards on the outside. Meanwhile, Benentt spears Kazarian on the other side of the floor. Edwards hits a Tiger Driver on Sabin, followed by Just the Tip from Taven but it’s not enough to keep him down. Taven slingshots into the ring but gets caught with a cutter from Kazarian. Bennett goes low on Sabin as Edwards capitalizes with the Die Hard Driver to win!

Honor No More (Eddie Edwards, Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) def Frankie Kazarian & Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley)

After the match, Honor No More looks to add insult to injury but Heath hits the ring and fights them off. Heath wraps Edwards’ leg in a steel chair when Kenny King and Vincent shift the momentum back in their favor. Now it’s Honor No More who give Heath the same treatment as Rhino as they assault his leg with a steel chair. Honor No More stands tall as IMPACT! goes off the air.