IMPACT Wrestling 09 08 2022

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NJPW STRONG Tag Team Champions Aussie Open (Mark Davis & Kyle Fletcher) vs Bullet Club (Ace Austin & Chris Bey)

With their sights set on worldwide tag team dominance, Aussie Open make their IMPACT in-ring debut against the young guns of Bullet Club, Ace Austin and Chris Bey! Davis and Fletcher are off to a hot start as they quickly take control with a flurry of offense. Austin hits Davis with a springboard kick to begin building momentum. Bey dives over the top rope, taking out both of his opponents on the floor. Aussie Open catch Austin and Bey in mid-air, then send them crashing back-first into one another. Davis and Fletcher cut off the ring and employ quick tags. Austin breaks free, then makes the tag to Bey as the pace begins to quicken. Bey hits Sliced Bread on Fletcher. Moments later, Austin soars with a Fosbury Flop to Davis. Bey hits a Frog Splash on Fletcher for two. Aussie Open turn the tide, then puts Bey away with the Coriolis!

NJPW STRONG Tag Team Champions Aussie Open (Mark Davis & Kyle Fletcher) def Bullet Club (Ace Austin & Chris Bey)

Maria Kanellis congratulates Matt Taven and Mike Bennett on becoming the new IMPACT World Tag Team Champions last week. Kanellis says that while Honor No More still has work to do, this is evidence of change. After losing to X-Division Champion Mike Bailey, Kenny King claims that he was screwed by IMPACT Wrestling. Eddie Edwards says that after he takes care of Heath tonight, IMPACT World Champion Josh Alexander will reveal which side of the war he’s on.

Gia Miller interviews former IMPACT World Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers. Karl Anderson says they’re not done with Honor No More when the Motor City Machine Guns interrupt. Doc Gallows says there’s only room for one “Machine Gun” in IMPACT Wrestling and that’s Karl Anderson. The two teams agree to a first time ever matchup next week!

Mickie James vs Raychell Rose

It’s win or go home for Mickie James as she looks to work her way up the ladder and earn another shot at the Knockouts World Title! Rose gains the early advantage with a running knee strike in the corner. Rose drives her boot into the back of Mickie’s neck for a one count. James hits the top rope Thesz Press and begins to build momentum. James connects with a superkick, followed by the Mick-DT to win!

Mickie James def Raychell Rose

Kenny King barges into a conversation between IMPACT Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore and Mia Yim. King demands a rematch for the X-Division Title but D’Amore tells him that Bailey will be defending against Mascara Dorada next week. D’Amore ensures King that he will make an announcement next week that he knows King will be interested in. King says that he doesn’t want to wait until next week so D’Amore puts him in a match against the debuting Yuya Uemura – next!

Steve Maclin tells Gia Miller that there’s no deal between him and Moose and last week, he was simply trying to formulate a plan for the first-ever Triple Threat Barbed Wire Massacre at Victory Road. Miller reveals that despite what Maclin said, he and Moose will team up against Decay next Thursday!

Kenny King vs Yuya Uemura

One of New Japan Pro Wrestling’s hottest young stars, Yuya Uemura, makes his IMPACT debut as his excursion begins! King Irish whips him into the corner but Uemura comes back with a running forearm shot, followed by an elbow drop for two. Uemura is perched on the top but King puts the referee in harm’s way, allowing him to trip up Uemura and gain control. Uemura is back in the driver’s seat as he hits a back suplex for another two count. King plants him with the Spinebuster, followed by a Tiger Driver moments later but it’s not enough to keep Uemura down. The fight spills to the outside where King drives him head-first into the steel steps. Mia Yim comes down to ringside after being disrespected by King earlier tonight. King is pinning Uemura with his feet on the ropes but Yim stops him from cheating. King puts his hands on Yim but she makes him pay with a kick to the head. Uemura soars with a top rope crossbody to score the victory!

Yuya Uemura def Kenny King

Sami Callihan vows to have Moose and Steve Maclin at each other’s throats by the time they get to Barbed Wire Massacre at Victory Road.

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Deaner follows Eric Young to a remote location where Young reminds him and numerous other followers that the essence of design is violence.

Knockouts World Tag Team Champion Chelsea Green w/ Deonna Purrazzo vs Taya Valkyrie w/ Rosemary & Jessicka

Taya Valkyrie looks to bounce back against one half of the reigning Knockouts World Tag Team Champions, Chelsea Green! Valkyrie hits the running double knees in the corner. Green hits a big boot on the apron, then drags Valkyrie over the top rope to the floor. Green hits a Hurricanrana, driving Valkyrie face-first into the canvas. Valkyrie fights back with a clothesline, followed by the Blue Thunder Bomb for two. Valkyrie hits the ropes but Purrazzo trips her from the outside. Rosemary takes out Purrazzo but the distraction costs Valkyrie a pinfall victory. Green sends Valkyrie crashing into Jessicka on the apron, then delivers a thumb to the eye. Green hits the Unprettier to win!

Knockouts World Tag Team Champion Chelsea Green w/ Deonna Purrazzo def Taya Valkyrie w/ Rosemary & Jessicka

Jordynne Grace tells Gia Miller that she believes Masha Slamovich’s undefeated streak is attributed to her intimidation tactics. Grace says that they won’t work on her at Bound For Glory but when she walks into her locker room, she’s met with a chilling message that reads “Masha’s gonna kill you”.

Vincent tells PCO that there can be no doubt about their mission. I am, you are, we are – Honor No More.

Digital Media Champion Brian Myers vs Bhupinder Gujjar – Digital Media Championship

After cheating to retain the Digital Media Championship in their first meeting, Myers must put his title on the line against Bhupinder Gujjar once again! Gujjar is all over him from the opening bell as he hits a superkick for two. Gujjar heads to the top for the Gargoyle Spear but Myers retreats to the outside. Myers sends him head-first into the steel ring post to take control. Gujjar fights back with a ripcord knee, followed by a Samoan Drop for two. Myers can’t put him away with the Implant DDT, so he grabs the Digital Media Title from ringside. Gujjar pries it out of his hands and hits Myers over the head with it. The referee calls for the bell, awarding the victory to Myers via disqualification!

Digital Media Champion Brian Myers def Bhupinder Gujjar by Disqualification – Digital Media Championship

After the match, Gujjar leaves the IMPACT Zone with the Digital Media Title in his possession.

The road to Bound For Glory continues on an all-new IMPACT! next Thursday at 8/7c on AXS TV and 8:30pm ET on YouTube for IMPACT Insiders. Moose and Steve Maclin team up for the first time to battle Decay’s Black Taurus and Crazzy Steve. Mike Bailey defends the X-Division Title against Mascara Dorada. Plus, The Good Brothers collide with the Motor City Machine Guns in a tag team dream match and more!

It’s Pick Your Poison at Victory Road as Knockouts World Champion Jordynne Grace faces an opponent handpicked by her Bound For Glory challenger, Masha Slamovich! Victory Road goes down LIVE September 23rd at 8pm ET on IMPACT Plus.

Gail Kim informs Tasha Steelz that Killer Kelly has requested that she be on commentary for her match against Alisha next week!

A brawl breaks out backstage as Brian Myers tries to regain possession of his Digital Media Title from Bhupinder Gujjar for a second time. Scott D’Amore takes the title for himself and tells them that in two weeks, he’s going to suspend it high above the ring in the first-ever Digital Media Title Ladder match!

Eddie Edwards vs Heath

Heath’s path of vengeance continues as he goes one-on-one with the leader of Honor No More, Eddie Edwards! The bell rings and Edwards jumpstarts the match by attacking Heath while he’s taking his shirt off. Heath quickly turns the tide, forcing Edwards to retreat to the floor. Edwards delivers a thumb to the eye, then takes Heath off his feet with a running clothesline. Heath plants Edwards face-first into the mat and sends him over the top rope to the floor. Edwards is in total control as he starts to play mind games. Heath looks for an opening to build momentum but Edwards shuts him down with a clothesline. Both men are down following a double crossbody in the middle of the ring. Heath connects with the Wake Up Call on Edwards when Mike Bennett hits the ring gets a Wake Up Call of his own. The referee is distracted by Bennett, allowing Edwards to go low on Heath. Edwards capitalizes with the Boston Knee Party to win!

Eddie Edwards def Heath

After the match, Eddie Edwards calls out IMPACT World Champion Josh Alexander for his answer on whether or not he’s going to join Honor No More. Edwards says that despite them being opponents at Bound For Glory, they can fight alongside one another in the war against the professional wrestling industry. Edwards asks him once again which side he’s going to choose. Alexander says that his side is whichever is across from Edwards! Mike Bennett tries to blindside Alexander but the champ sees him coming. Alexander and Edwards exchange shots when Kenny King gets involved. Alexander is about to fall victim to the numbers game when Rich Swann evens the odds. Taven is out next, shifting the momentum in Honor No More’s favor once again. Alexander is on the receiving end of a 4-on-1 beatdown as Edwards lays him out with the Boston Knee Party. Edwards stands over Alexander with the IMPACT World Title in his grasp and tells him that he chose the wrong side.

IMPACT! goes off the air.