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IMPACT Wrestling 12 01 2022 (Eric Young’s Final Show)

IMPACT Wrestling results for Thursday are courtesy of impactwrestling.com.

Bully Ray is in the ring to address his heinous attack on IMPACT World Champion Josh Alexander and his wife, Jade in the closing moments of Over Drive. Bully questions what he did wrong – after all, he lived up to his promise of calling his shot honorably for an IMPACT World Title match at Hard To Kill. Bully says that while Alexander is a great wrestler, he’s not smart like he is. Bully calls himself the “baddest of the bad” and asks why Alexander would put his wife in harm’s way. Bully reveals that Alexander won’t be here tonight while he tends to his injuries. Bully declares victory at Hard To Kill when Rich Swann attacks him from behind. Their scheduled match starts next.

Bully Ray vs Rich Swann

Swann hits a splash off the second rope but Bully kicks out at one. Swann climbs to the top as Bully shuts down his momentum. Swann is trapped in the Tree of Woe when Bully assaults him with a flurry of strikes. Swann hits a jawbreaker, then takes the big man off his feet with a dropkick. Bully crashes and burns on a senton attempt, allowing Swann to soar with a 450 Splash. Bully attacks Swann with his steel chain, causing the disqualification.

Rich Swann def Bully Ray by Disqualification

After the bell, Bully adds insult to injury as he hits Swann with repeated steel chair shots. Just like he did to Alexander at Over Drive, Bully zip-ties Swann to the bottom rope when Tommy Dreamer makes the save. Bully pushes him to the mat before being confronted by IMPACT Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore. D’Amore wants to get physical but Dreamer holds him back. Bully reminds D’Amore that he was the one who brought him back to IMPACT Wrestling.

New X-Division Champion Trey Miguel doesn’t give a damn if people are unhappy with how he won the title before defacing it with spray paint.

Moose vs Bhupinder Gujjar

Bhupinder Gujjar steps up to Moose in this first time ever matchup. Gujjar gains the early advantage as he dropkicks Moose to the outside. Moose cuts him off, then delivers a thunderous powerbomb on the apron. Moose is in total control as he begins to pick Gujjar apart. Gujjar tries to fight back but Moose shuts down his momentum with a Uranage. Gujjar avoids the spear, then connects with a Slingblade. Gujjar misses the Gargoyle Spear attempt, allowing Moose to capitalize with his own spear for three.

Moose def Bhupinder Gujjar

After the match, Moose berates the IMPACT Zone for not listening when he told them that Bully Ray would screw over IMPACT World Champion Josh Alexander. Moose says that never wants to hear anyone say Bully Ray’s name ever again – say his name? Say his name and he appears, Digital Media Champion Joe Hendry confronts Moose in the middle of the ring. Moose questions why he’s out here but Hendry said that it was Moose who “said his name”. Hendry knows a cry for help when he sees one and believes that Moose wants a shot at his Digital Media Title. Moose attacks Hendry with a big boot but Bhupinder Gujjar renters the fray and takes out Moose with the Gargoyle Spear.

Gia Miller interviews Mike Bailey after he was on the receiving end of a focused attack from Kenny King on Countdown to Over Drive. Last week, King said that his goal was to bring out a side of Bailey that we’ve never seen before in IMPACT Wrestling. Bailey says that he’s not going to let King get in the way of achieving his goals.

Steve Maclin vs Frankie Kazarian

Steve Maclin has Frankie Kazarian in his sights after he took what he believes was his rightful opportunity at the IMPACT World Title. Kazarian uses his quickness to take control but Maclin turns the tide with a strong Irish whip to the outside. Back in the ring, Maclin continues the assault with another Irish whip into the corner. Kazarian counters the Olympic Slam, giving him an opportunity to regain his composure. Kazarian hits a powerslam, followed by the springboard leg drop for two. Maclin fights off the Chicken Wing submission but gets caught with a leg drop on the apron instead. Kazarian prevents himself from being Caught in the Crosshairs, then connects with the cutter. Kazarian goes for the pin but Maclin gets his foot on the bottom rope. The action spills to the outside where Maclin hits him with a steel chair to cause the disqualification.

Frankie Kazarian def Steve Maclin by Disqualification

Maclin makes an example out of Kazarian, spiking him into the chair with the KIA.

After being pinned in their Knockouts World Tag Team Title match against the Death Dollz at Over Drive, Tasha Steelz tells Savannah Evans that she can face Taya Valkyrie next week, sarcastically suggesting that maybe she could learn something from Evans.

Eddie Edwards tells Gia Miller that he needed to bury the past in order to work on his marriage with his wife, Alisha. Edwards refuses to acknowledge that PCO’s hand emerged from the grave and says that he is now focused on the future. But Edwards is then confronted by someone else from his past, Delirious.

After taking care of the Major Players at Over Drive, Heath and Rhino grant the Motor City Machine Guns a shot at their IMPACT World Tag Team Titles. Rhino embraces the spirit of competition and sends the Guns a heated message.

Mickie James vs Deonna Purrazzo – Mickie James’ Last Rodeo (If James Loses, She Will Retire from Professional Wrestling)

The Last Rodeo continues as Mickie James and Deonna Purrazzo renew their epic rivalry. It’s a stalemate in the early going as these two seasoned veterans counter each other’s offense. James gains control by repeatedly driving Purrazzo head-first into the turnbuckle. James charges at Purrazzo but she turns the tide with a back elbow. Purrazzo remains in control with a catapult into the bottom rope. James gets her boot up, then hits a Hurricanrana out of the corner. James connects with the flapjack but Purrazzo shuts down her momentum by pushing James off the top rope to the floor. Purrazzo hits a Brainbuster for two, then in locks in the Camel Clutch. James dropkicks her to the outside, then soars with Thesz Press off the top rope to the floor. James hits a missile dropkick, followed by the neckbreaker for two. Purrazzo counters the MickDT into a pump kick for another near fall. Purrazzo locks in the Fujiwara Armbar, then transitions into Venus De Milo but James makes it to the ropes. Purrazzo rolls her up with a handful of tights but James turns it around and scores the pinfall to keep her career alive.

Mickie James def Deonna Purrazzo – Mickie James’ Last Rodeo (If James Loses, She Will Retire from Professional Wrestling)

After the match, Knockouts World Champion Jordynne Grace goes face to face with Mickie James. Grace acknowledges that James has worked her way back to the top, earning a Knockouts World Title opportunity. Grace lays out the challenge for a Knockouts World Title match at Hard To Kill and James accepts.

Eric Young takes Deaner back to where it all began, the abandoned prison in Tennessee. They are sitting at a table when Young asks Deaner, would he eliminate the sickness if it were in the room with them right now? Deaner simply says “Yes” while Young responds “As would I.” The two fight over a knife with Deaner gaining the upper-hand. Young tells Deaner do what he was born to do – eliminate the sickness. Young says that he may have been the Designer but Deaner was the Design. Deaner drives the knife into Young’s chest as IMPACT! goes off the air.