IMPACT Wrestling 02 02 2023

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Bullet Club (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) vs Kevin Knight & KUSHIDA

Bullet Club renews hostilities with the NJPW duo of Kevin Knight and KUSHIDA! Knight hits a springboard crossbody, followed by a running splash. Knights goes for another springboard but this time, Bey cuts him off with a mid-air dropkick. Ace and Bey rake the back of Knight as they cut off the ring and prevent him from making the tag. Moments later, Knight breaks free and tags in KUSHIDA. The pace quickens as KUSHIDA enters the match on-fire. KUSHDA locks in an armbar but Bey counters into a pinning predicament. Ace has Knight on his shoulders while KUSHIDA has Bey on his and a chicken fight breaks out. Knight picks Bey off the top with a head scissors. Following a flurry of offense, Ace connects with a springboard kick to Knight. Knight attempts a crossbody to the outside but Bey catches him with an astonishing cutter on the apron. Bey follows up with The Art of Finesse, followed by The Fold from Ace to win.

Bullet Club (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) def Kevin Knight & KUSHIDA

After failing to become #1 Contender for the IMPACT World Title last week, Callihan is offered a shot at redemption from the leader of The Design. Deaner tells him that he must win in tonight’s eight-man tag team main event.

Steph De Lander makes her IMPACT Wrestling debut next week!

Gisele Shaw w/ Jai Vidal vs Savannah Evans

Savannah Evans goes it alone tonight as she battles Gisele Shaw! The bell rings and Shaw immediately slaps Evans. This only angers “The Cannibal” and she goes on the attack. Evans tosses Shaw out of the corner, then hits a running spear, followed by a butterfly suplex. Shaw gains control during the commercial break but Evans creates separation with a sidewalk slam. Shaw builds momentum with a Samoan Drop, then a Fisherman’s suplex for two. Jai Vidal distracts the referee, allowing Vidal to rake teh eyes of Evans. Shaw capitalizes with her signature knee strike to win.

Gisele Shaw w/ Jai Vidal def Savannah Evans

After the match, Gisele Shaw gets on the mic and embraces the nickname that has been given to her, the “Black Widow”. Shaw says that she doesn’t care if The Influence, Chelsea Green or Tasha Steelz are gone because of her. Shaw admits that she isn’t meant to be in a tag team because the spotlight solely belongs to her.

Zicky Dice gets Johnny Swinger in hot water with Kenny King, who thinks that everyone is talking about him. Moments later, Director of Authority Santino Marella makes the match official.

Steve Maclin confronts Santino Marella and demands that he be added to the IMPACT World Title match between Josh Alexander and Rich Swann at No Surrender. Marella turns him down but announces that Maclin will be in a qualifying match to determine who moves on to a four-way #1 Contenders match at No Surrender. Dirty Dango will also have a chance to qualify.

Crazzy Steve w/ Black Taurus vs Sheldon Jean

After a chilling display towards X-Division Champion Trey Miguel last week, Crazzy Steve steps into the ring with Sheldon Jean! Steve bites Jean, then hits a series of running strikes in the corner. Steve follows up with the cannonball, then puts Jean away with the jumping DDT off the second rope.

Crazzy Steve w/ Black Taurus def Sheldon Jean

After the match, Trey Miguel blindsides Crazzy Steve but Steve fights back and sends the X-Division Champion retreating up the ramp. Steve spray-paints Miguel’s logo on his body once again.

Gia Miller interviews Jordynne Grace who claims that she made Mickie James tap out in their Knockouts World Title match at Hard To Kill. But she’s not here to dispute that tonight, she’s here to challenge the debuting Steph De Lander to a match next Thursday!

Santino Marella asks Raven for advice and Raven tells him that the key to success is making him IMPACT World Champion. Raven reunites with his former partner in The Flock.

Bully Ray is in the ring and says that he’s beginning to get the feeling that people in IMPACT Wrestling don’t like him. But someone who dislikes him more than anyone is his former friend, Tommy Dreamer. Bully admits that he’s never liked him either and calls himself the most honest man in the room. Knockouts World Champion Mickie James interrupts and says that since Bully interrupted her celebration two weeks ago, she’s just returning the favor. James questions how Bully can call Dreamer a politicking snake when that’s been his M-O his entire career. James tells Bully to get out of IMPACT Wrestling, prompting Bully to verbally insult her. James slaps him across the face but Bully comes back with a sickening powerslam. Bully calls for The Good Hands who are about to set up a table when Tommy Dreamer makes the save with a kendo stick. Dreamer lays out the challenge for a tag team match pitting him and James against Jason Hotch and John Skyler. Santino Marella makes the match official for next week and Bully Ray is banned from ringside!

Taylor Wilde isn’t finished with Killer Kelly – but not as opponents, as partners! Knockouts World Tag Team Champions the Death Dollz teleport into the room and offer to “play” with them.

Johnny Swinger w/ Zicky Dice vs Kenny King

Johnny Swinger goes one-on-one with Kenny King for the first time ever! King makes quick work of Swinger as he puts him away with the Royal Flush.

Kenny King def Johnny Swinger w/ Zicky Dice

Post-match, Kenny King gets on the mic and puts the IMPACT roster on notice.

Bully Ray attempts to fire up Masha Slamovich as she prepares to challenge Mickie James for the Knockouts World Title at No Surrender.

The Major Players return fire at Joe Hendry by unveiling their latest music video. Unfortunately for Matt Cardona and Brian Myers, it doesn’t go over well with the audience.

IMPACT World Champion Josh Alexander, Rich Swann, Frankie Kazarian & Yuya Uemura vs The Design (Deaner, Kon & Angels) & Callihan

Following the wild brawl to close last week’s episode, it’s all about revenge in tonight’s eight-man tag team main event! The match quickly breaks down as a brawl breaks out between the two sides. Alexander hits a running crossbody to the back of Kon but immediately gets swarmed by the rest of The Design. Swann saves his partner tonight but opponent at No Surrender when he launches himself off the apron, colliding with everyone on the floor. Kazarian hits Angels with a springboard leg drop, then makes the tag to Swann. Angels turns the tide with a mid-air powerslam on Swann. Deaner distracts the referee, allowing Callihan to attack Swann from the apron. The Design cut off the ring as they begin to wear Swann down. Kon hits a running leg drop but Swann kicks out to keep this match alive. Swann uses his quickness to fight his way out of the corner, then hits Callihan with an Enzuigiri. Swann makes the tag to Alexander, who goes on teh attack. Alexander takes out one member of The Design after another with a series of German suplexes. Alexander can’t get the big man up but takes him out with a knee to the back of the neck instead. Alexander locks in the Ankle Lock but Kon rolls through. Uemura soars through the air with a huge dropkick to Kon. Callihan has Uemura set up for the Cactus Driver 97 but Deaner stops him from using his signature “thumbs up, thumbs down” saying. The hesitation gives Alexander an opportunity to hit them both with a double clothesline. It’s total nonstop action as everyone gets involved once again. Uemura shows off his incredible strength as he slams Kon to the mat. Deaner trips him up on the ropes, followed by a Cactus Driver 97 from Callihan to win.

The Design (Deaner, Kon & Angels) & Callihan def IMPACT World Champion Josh Alexander, Rich Swann, Frankie Kazarian & Yuya Uemura

Callihan redeems himself by winning tonight’s main event as The Design stand tall. IMPACT! goes off the air.