IMPACT Wrestling 03 16 2023

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After being run over by an unknown assailant last week, PCO calls out for Eddie Edwards in the Las Vegas desert.

Mike Bailey & Jonathan Gresham vs Decay (Black Taurus & Crazzy Steve)

Mike Bailey and Jonathan Gresham join forces against the longtime duo of Black Taurus and Crazzy Steve! Chaos erupts in the early going as Steve bites Gresham’s hand and Taurus tosses Bailey to the outside. Taurus hits Gresham with a top rope dropkick for two. Taurus attempts a headbutt but Gresham ducks, causing him to inadvertently hit his own partner. Gresham creates some much-needed separation with a dropkick, allowing him to make the tag to Bailey. The pace quickens as Bailey hits a running Shooting Star on Steve. Moments later, Steve bites Bailey’s toes. Taurus follows up with a pop-up Samoan Drop for two. Gresham protects Bailey from Destination Hellhole before Bailey takes out Steve with a Moonsault on the floor. Back in the ring, Bailey hits Taurus with Ultima Weapon while Gresham prevents Steve from re-entering the ring. Bailey pins Taurus to score the victory for his team.

Mike Bailey & Jonathan Gresham def Decay (Black Taurus & Crazzy Steve)

After the match, Bailey and Gresham shake hands.

Gia Miller interviews IMPACT World Champion Josh Alexander, Rich Swann and Frankie Kazarian. Before they face Time Machine at Sacrifice, they must first go to war with Bullet Club tonight. Alexander declares victory in both of their upcoming matchups, despite them never teaming as a trio before. They’re confronted by the #1 Contender at Rebellion, Steve Maclin, who claims that the only reason Alexander is teaming with Swann and Kazarian is being they’re no longer threats to his title reign.

After being granted the opportunity to choose his own opponent on his road to 50 wins, Johnny Swinger gets more than he bargained for when he selects Jai Vidal.

Steve Maclin vs Heath

As Steve Maclin prepares to challenge the IMPACT World Champion at Rebellion, he must first get through Heath tonight! Heath takes control as he launches Maclin over the top rope to the floor. Moments later, Maclin sends him into the steel ring steps to turn the tide. Back in the ring, Maclin hits a vicious backbreaker for two. Heath builds momentum with a running knee, followed by a big powerslam. Heath almost puts Maclin away with a Spinebuster. Heath is Caught in the Crosshairs as Maclin drives his shoulder into the sternum of Heath. Maclin hits the KIA to win.

Steve Maclin def Heath

Taya Valkyrie is worried that Jessicka may find out about her true identity if she’s exposed to The Coven’s dark magic.

PCO has made it into the city of Las Vegas as his search for Eddie Edwards continues.

Despite their victory as a team earlier tonight, Mike Bailey wants to even the score with Jonathan Gresham in singles competition at Sacrifice. Gresham accepts his challenge.

Johnny Swinger w/ Zicky Dice vs Jai Vidal w/ Gisele Shaw & Savannah Evans

Johnny Swinger battles his handpicked opponent, Jai Vidal – but what Swinger doesn’t realize is that Vidal is more than just Shaw’s executive stylist, he’s an accomplished professional wrestler! Vidal insults him in the corner with a slap to the face. Vidal drives Swinger’s face repeatedly into the top turnbuckle. Zicky Dice gets caught red-handed as the referee ejects him for getting involved. Moments later, Savannah Evans drags Vidal to safety resulting in the referee ejecting both her and Gisele Shaw. Out of nowhere, Deonna Purrazzo blindsides Shaw until security breaks it up. Back in the ring, Vidal hits a running boot on Swinger to win.

Jai Vidal w/ Gisele Shaw & Savannah Evans def Johnny Swinger w/ Zicky Dice

The Design reveals that despite Callihan’s victory over Rhino last week, that was not step 6 in his initiation process. Deaner tells Callihan that he must take his punishment for costing Kon his match against Frankie Kazarian at No Surrender.

PCO has arrived at the site of tonight’s IMPACT! in search of Eddie Edwards.

Knockouts World Champion Mickie James is concerned that Tommy Dreamer request a tag team match pitting them against Bully Ray and Masha Slamovich next week – that is, until she’s confronted by Jordynne Grace who doubts James will be ready for their Knockouts World Title rematch at Sacrifice.

Eddie Edwards is in the ring and says that it’s been difficult for him to focus on his future when he’s continually being haunted by his past. Edwards is convinced that his problems with PCO are finally over after he was run over last week. Edwards is shocked to see that PCO is here in the IMPACT Zone. PCO makes his way to the ring when he’s jumped from behind by his former ally in Honor No More, Kenny King. PCO begins to fight back but ultimately falls victim to the numbers game. Edwards hits PCO with a kendo stick, followed by a top rope Blockbuster from King. Edwards drives a steel chair into PCO’s head with the Boston Knee Party.

Director of Authority Santino Marella is visited by an old friend. Meanwhile, Digital Media Champion Joe Hendry invokes Brian Myers’ rematch clause for the Digital Media Title at Sacrifice so that he can exact his revenge. Dirty Dango is a big fan of Hendry and is thrilled when Marella puts them in a tag team match against Myers and Moose next week.

Knockouts World Tag Team Champions Death Dollz (Taya Valkyrie & Rosemary) w/ Jessicka vs The Coven (Taylor Wilde & KiLynn King) – Knockouts World Tag Team Titles

The Coven challenge the Death Dollz for the Knockouts World Tag Team Titles in their first match as a duo! The Death Dollz gain the early advantage as they clothesline both of their opponents over the top rope to the floor. We see footage from the commercial break where The Coven gained control after illegal interference from Wilde. Rosemary locks in Upside Down on Wilde to create separation. Rosemary makes the tag to Valkyrie who goes on the attack. Valkyrie hits the Blue Thunder Bomb on King but it’s not enough. Valkyrie continues the assault her her signature running double knees for two. Wilde attacks Valkyrie from the apron, allowing King to take her down. Rosemary spears Wilde out of the ring but Wilde trips her up moments later. King delivers a big boot to Valkyrie, followed by a modified suplex to win the titles.

The Coven (Taylor Wilde & KiLynn King) def Knockouts World Tag Team Champions Death Dollz (Taya Valkyrie & Rosemary) w/ Jessicka – NEW Knockouts World Tag Team Champions

IMPACT World Champion Josh Alexander, Rich Swann & Frankie Kazarian vs Bullet Club (NJPW STRONG Openweight Champion KENTA & IMPACT World Tag Team Champions Ace Austin & Chris Bey)

Before Josh Alexander, Rich Swann and Frankie Kazarian face off against Time Machine in a star-studded match at Sacrifice, they will go to war with Bullet Club in tonight’s main event! Austin uses the “ace up his sleeve” to deliver a sick papercut to Swann. Both KENTA and Swann are down following a pair of clotheslines in the middle of the ring. Kazarian knocks Ace off the apron, before hitting Bey with a springboard leg drop. Kazarian gets two for one as he spikes them with a double DDT. Alexander catches Bey in mid-air and connects with a vicious backbreaker. Swann soars with the 450 Splash to Bey but the pin attempt is broken up by Ace. The match begins to break down as everyone gets involved on the outside. Kazarian takes out Bey with a mid-air cutter into the sea of humanity. Back in the ring, KENTA nails Kazarian with a pinpoint knee strike. Alexander notices Maclin staring at him from the back of the IMPACT Zone, allowing Bullet Club to gain control. Ace and Bey put Swann away with The Art of Finesse into The Fold.

Bullet Club (NJPW STRONG Openweight Champion KENTA & IMPACT World Tag Team Champions Ace Austin & Chris Bey) def IMPACT World Champion Josh Alexander, Rich Swann & Frankie Kazarian

Bullet Club celebrates their huge victory as IMPACT! goes off the air.