IMPACT Wrestling 04 27 2023

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Masha Slamovich vs Jordynne Grace

Masha Slamovich and Jordynne Grace renew hostilities in tonight’s opening contest! Grace hits a Vader Bomb out of the corner to gain the early advantage. Slamovich sends her throat-first into the middle rope, then capitalizes with a running boot. Slamovich locks in the Camel Clutch. Grace fights free but Slamovich quickly regains control. Slamovich avoids another Vader Bomb attempt but Grace takes her off the top with a Muscle Buster for two. Grace hits a series of powerslams for a very close near fall. Slamovich transitions from a Sleeper hold into a modified German suplex. Both Knockouts exchange one pin attempt after another with Grace gaining the upper-hand for three.

Jordynne Grace def Masha Slamovich

Digital Media Champion Joe Hendry suffered a broken nose during his Digital Media Title defense against Sheldon Jean last week.

IMPACT World Champion Steve Maclin is in the ring. Maclin admits that PCO caught him off-guard last week. But after being called a coward for his “tactical retreat”, Maclin challenges PCO to an IMPACT World Title match right here, right now. PCO makes his way down the ramp when he’s jumped by Champagne Singh and Shera. Maclin retreats once again as PCO takes out Singh and Shera with a double clothesline. Director of Authority Santino Marella announces that PCO will face Singh with Shera banned from ringside – next.

PCO vs Champagne Singh

The bell rings and this impromptu match has begun! PCO dives through the ropes, colliding with Singh on the floor. Singh catches PCO on his way back into the ring and takes control with a Flatliner. Singh stuffs money into PCO’s mouth but it’s a move he quickly begins to regret. PCO sits up and hits a DDT out of the corner. PCO connects with the Lungblower, followed by a leg drop off the second rope. PCO connects with the De-Animator on the apron but Singh bounces back by sending him into the steel ring post. PCO soars with the PCO-Sault to win.

PCO def Champagne Singh

Deaner is furious with Sami Callihan after he betrayed The Design at Rebellion.

The Coven perform a séance ahead of Taylor Wilde’s Knockouts World Title opportunity against Deonna Purrazzo tonight.

Zicky Dice has covered the pay and cost of transpiration for Johnny Swinger’s opponent tonight in hopes of jumpstarting his road to 50 wins. A masked Luchador makes his way to the ring but it becomes apparent that it’s Zicky Dice in disguise.

Johnny Swinger w/ Zicky Dice vs El Dineroco

Swinger rolls up Dineroco to score the quick victory.

Johnny Swinger w/ Zicky Dice def El Dineroco

On the other side of the curtain, Dineroco takes off his mask and Santino Marella sees that it’s Zicky Dice. Marella tells Swinger that the win doesn’t count on his road to 50.

Channing Decker thanks Kenny King for the opportunity to face him earlier tonight on BTI. King sarcastically returns the gesture, before giving Sheldon Jean advice on how he can take his career to the next level.

IMPACT World Tag Team Champions A B C (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) vs The Design (Kon & Angels) w/ Deaner

The Design have a huge opportunity as they face off against the reigning IMPACT World Tag Team Champions, Ace Austin and Chris Bey! Bey jumps onto the back of Kon but that doesn’t stop him from taking out Ace with a running clothesline. Kon hits a back body drop on Ace, followed by a second rope leg drop from Angels. Meanwhile, we see that Santino Marella has once again been attacked backstage. Angels suplexes Ace on the back of his head but he fires back with a springboard kick. Ace finally has the separation he needs to make the tag to Bey. The pace quickens as Bey goes on the attack. Bey dropkicks Kon off the apron, taking away the tag option for Angels. Bey almost puts Angels away with the Code Red. Kon grabs Bey by the neck as Angels picks him off the ropes with a side Russian leg sweep. Ace sends Angels crashing into his own partner. A B C are about to fly when Deaner stops them on the apron. Sami Callihan neutralizes Deaner out of nowhere, allowing A B C to take out Kon with double superkicks. A B C hit Angels with the Art of Finesse, followed by The Fold to win.

IMPACT World Tag Team Champions A B C (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) def The Design (Kon & Angels) w/ Deaner

Dr. Ross informs Santino Marella that he needs to take some time off after suffering two head injuries in a matter of weeks. Marella has a piece of the culprit’s hair and Dirty Dango appoints himself as the new Detective of Authority.

Rosemary and Jessicka are reunited with Crazzy Steve who tells them that if they want access to the Undead Realm, they need to consult Father James Mitchell.

Jody Threat vs Seleziya Sparx

Toronto’s-own Jody Threat takes to the ring for singles action! Threat is in control as Sparx scurries to the bottom rope. Threat sends her face-first into the turnbuckle, then soars with a top rope seated senton. Threat hits a pump kick, followed by a German suplex. Threat puts her away with the F-416.

Jody Threat def Seleziya Sparx

Killer Kelly has found the perfect playmate, someone who is just as sick and twisted as her – Masha Slamovich.

Gia Miller hosts a new series that will take an in-depth look at Frankie Kazarian’s IMPACT career.

Knockouts World Champion Deonna Purrazzo vs Knockouts World Tag Team Champion Taylor Wilde w/ KiLynn King – Knockouts World Championship

The Knockouts World Title is on the line in this first-time-ever clash between Deonna Purrazzo and Taylor Wilde! King trips up Purrazzo from the outside, allowing Wilde to gain control with a clothesline. Wilde turns her back to Purrazzo and the champ makes her pay. Purrazzo goes for the Fujiwara Armbar but Wilde escapes to the outside. The fight spills to the floor where Purrazzo takes out King with a running strike. King fires back as she gets involved once again. Wilde locks in a Crossface but Purrazzo counters into the Fujiwara Armbar. Both Knockouts are down following a mid-ring collision. Purrazzo locks in another Fujiwara Armbar but Wilde makes it to the bottom rope. Wilde counters Queen’s Gambit into the Wilde Ride for two. Wilde goes for Witch’s Wrath but this time Purrazzo counters into Venus de Milo to win by submission.

Knockouts World Champion Deonna Purrazzo def Knockouts World Tag Team Champion Taylor Wilde w/ KiLynn King – Knockouts World Championship

After the match, King attacks Purrazzo from behind. Wilde joins in on the assault until Jordynne Grace makes the save. Grace and Purrazzo clear the ring before shaking hands in a tremendous show of respect between rivals. Grace makes it known that she wants another shot at the Knockouts World Title as IMPACT! goes off the air.