IMPACT Wrestling 05 04 2023

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Moose & Brian Myers vs Yuya Uemura & Bhupinder Gujjar

The aftershocks of Hardcore War continue to be felt in this tag team showdown! Gujjar & Uemura gain the early advantage as Gujjar tosses Myers over the top rope. Gujjar and Uemura soar with in-sync springboard crossbodies, taking out both of their opponents on the floor. Moments later, Myers drives Uemura into the side of the ring. Uemura counters the Roster Cut into a double underhook suplex. Uemura makes the tag to Gujjar, who brings the fight to Moose. The pace quickens as Gujjar hits Mooose with a Spinebuster for two. Moose and Gujjar both miss their spear attempts, leading to a Slingblade from Gujjar. Gujjar hits a springboard kick on Myers but gets blindsided with a spear from Moose for three.

Moose & Brian Myers def Yuya Uemura & Bhupinder Gujjar

Gia Miller asks IMPACT World Champion Steve Maclin why he chose to align himself with Champagne Singh and Shera. Maclin says that everything he does is tactical and he needs someone to watch his back

As the self-appointed Detective of Authority, Dirty Dango is trying to figure out who attacked Santino Marella last week. Dango asks for a second opinion from Digital Media Champion Joe Hendry. Dango admits that he lost the evidence, a piece of the attacker’s hair. Hendry suggests that X-Division Champion Trey Miguel may be the attacker after he threatened Marella for putting him in a 3-Way Elimination match at Rebellion.

Sami Callihan Accepts Deaner’s Challenge to Meet Him in the Ring

After enduring a grueling initiation process to join The Design, Sami Callihan made an example out of Deaner when he betrayed the group at Rebellion. Deaner laid out the challenge for Callihan to meet him in the ring tonight and it was accepted. But Deaner reveals that the challenge wasn’t for Callihan to face him in a match, it was to face Kon. Kon chokeslams Callihan out of nowhere and the bell rings.

Sami Callihan vs Kon w/ The Design (Deaner & Angels)

Callihan rakes the eyes, then sends Kon toppling over the top rope to the floor. Callihan hits a running kick from the apron but Kon trips him up moments later. Kon hits a running clothesline on the floor to gain control. Callihan fights through a flurry from Kon, then hits a Death Valley Driver. Angels and Deaner provide a distraction but it backfires as Callihan delivers a low blow to Kon. Deaner gives the thumbs down to Callihan as he’s jumped by the Army of Violence.

Sami Callihan def Kon w/ The Design (Deaner & Angels) by Disqualification

The Army of Violence assualt Callihan until Deaner calls them off. Deaner delivers the finishing blow as he strikes Callihan with a baseball bat.

Trey Miguel is no longer a suspect in the attack on Santino Marella after Joe Hendry fails to find missing hair on his head.

Jimmy Jacobs interviews Nick Aldis, who clarifies that while he’s on the hunt for an IMPACT World Title opportunity, it was never his intention to waltz in and jump to the front of the line. Kenny King interrupts as Aldis accuses him of acting like a gatekeeper. Aldis challenges him to a match but King says that he needs to earn it.

Alisha Edwards vs Jody Threat

Jody Threat looks to teach the new-attitude Alisha Edwards a lesson in respect! Threat hits a big boot on the apron, followed by a flurry of clotheslines in the corner. Threat gets caught up in the ropes and Alisha capitalizes by pulling her down to the mat. Threat quickly turns the tide with a release German suplex, followed by the F416 to win.

Jody Threat def Alisha Edwards

While Chris Sabin prepares to challenge Trey Miguel for the X-Division Title at Under Siege, Alex Shelley sets his sights on becoming IMPACT World Champion for the very first time.

Gia Miller sits down with Frankie Kazarian for part two of the in-depth interview series that looks back at his storied IMPACT career.

IMPACT World Champion Steve Maclin, Champagne Singh & Shera vs PCO, Heath & Rhino

Heath and Rhino are revealed as PCO’s handpicked partners for this huge six-man tag team match! Shera delivers a right hand from the apron, taking Heath off his feet. Maclin knocks Rhino off the apron but gets caught with a powerslam from Heath. The separation allows Heath to make the tag to PCO, who spikes Singh with a DDT. PCO dives through the ropes, colliding with Singh on the floor. PCO continues the assault with a De-Animator to Singh. Moments later, Singh and Shera set up PCO for Caught in the Crosshairs but he fights out of it. PCO goes face to face with Maclin but the champ retreats to the outside. Rhino goes Maclin on the floor while Heath hits the Wake Up Call on Singh. PCO puts him away with the PCO Sault for three.

PCO, Heath & Rhino def IMPACT World Champion Steve Maclin, Champagne Singh

Following their physical confrontation last week, Knockouts World Tag Team Champions The Coven vow to make Knockouts World Champion Deonna Purrazzo and Jordynne Grace disappear.

Rosemary enlists the help of Father James Mitchell to enter the Undead Realm after their access was blocked due to an unknown force. Rosemary tells Jessicka to remain in the mortal realm.

Jonathan Gresham vs Mike Bailey IV

The epic series between Jonathan Gresham and Mike Bailey continues in their 4th meeting tonight! The score currently sits at one win a piece with one no contest. Gresham targets the arm as he manipulates the joints of Bailey. The tide begins to turn as Bailey hits a running Shooting Star. Bailey attempts an armbar, leading to a series of near falls. Bailey drives his knees into the sternum. Bailey soars with a slingshot knee drop, followed by a Moonsault to the outside. Back in the ring, Gresham refocuses on the arm but Bailey comes right back with a running Spanish Fly. Bailey hits a Tornado Kick in the corner but misses Ultima Weapon. Gresham locks in The Octopus to force the submission.

Jonathan Gresham def Mike Bailey IV

After the match, Gresham and Bailey shake hands in a tremendous show of respect.

Sami Callihan asks longtime friend Rich Swann for help in his fight against The Design. Swann is reluctant to give him an answer.

Steve Maclin confronts IMPACT President Scott D’Amore and demands that he does something about Rhino Goring him on the outside earlier tonight. To Maclin’s dismay, D’Amore announces that Rhino will challenge him for the IMPACT World title next week.

Trinity Makes Her IMPACT Wrestling Debut

It is truly a monumental moment as Trinity steps into an IMPACT ring for the very first time! With a live mic in hand, Trinity calls IMPACT Wrestling a place that she can glow. Trinity says that she chose IMPACT because it has the most storied women’s division in all of wrestling. Trinity wants a piece of the incredible talent that the Knockouts division has to offer and sets her sights on the Knockouts World Title. Speaking of the title, Knockouts World Champion Deonna Purrazzo makes her way to the ring and officially welcomes Trinity to IMPACT. Purrazzo sends a very clear message to Trinity, stating that when she steps into the ring with “The Virtuosa”, that’s not something that she can just walk out on. Trinity vows to make Purrazzo wish she had been fired – again. Jordynne Grace is out next and tells Trinity to come find her after Under Siege because she’ll be the new Knockouts World Champion following her rematch with Purrazzo. Trinity declares that no matter who leaves Under Siege as champion, she’ll be waiting on the other side. Trinity exits the ring as IMPACT! goes off the air.