IMPACT Wrestling #1000 09 14 2023

IMPACT 1000 Night One Results
The Westchester County Center (White Plains, New York)
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

We open up with a great video package showing the history of IMPACT Wrestling.

Scott D’Amore is in the ring welcoming us to the show as the fans chant 1,000 and TNA. Scott says if you go back and watch episode number one, you will see Team Canada kicking it off.  He said that he is proud to stand in the ring as the company’s President.  He then said you can’t talk about IMPACT without mentioning the Knockouts Division, as he welcome’s IMPACT Hall of Famer Gail Kim who comes out to a big ovation from the sold out crowd.

Gail hugs Scott and then grabs a mic and thanks Scott, IMPACT and the fans. She thanks the fans for making the Knockouts Division a difference not only for IMPACT, but the wrestling industry as the fans chant thank you Gail. She says, as she was getting emotional, the Knockouts just isn’t about talking. Gail then introduces a video package taking a look back at the division.

Scott says the video got him in the heart as THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE”s MUSIC HITS! It’s Angelina Love and Velvet Sky coming out!  They make their way to the ring as the fans give them a great ovation.  The fans begin to chant welcome back! Angelina has a mic and says its great to see Gail and says the video package was great.  She then asks Gail if that was the best she could show.  Angelina says all she saw was bunch of ugly people as they called Gail ugly. Velvet says the clips of The Beautiful People was the only good footage and all the other clips looked like a Walmart video.  Gail then says The Beautiful People do what is best – being rude and obnoxious.  Angelia and Velvet say they wish she wouldn’t talk as Gisele Shaw, Jia Vidal and Savannah Evans come out as Gisele says she is sorry that Gail is being so rude and welcomes back The Beautiful People.  Gisele says that Angelina and Velvet paved the way and she is glad to take their spot as the fans boo and Angelia and Velvet laugh.  Gisele says that the division has improved as she spells it out for Angelina and Velvet.  Velvet then asks who is the best from the current generation…Jordynne Grace then comes out and says Gisele is from her generation as she enters the ring.  She says the greats are ODB as the fans begin to chant ODB.  She then names of Tara, Traci Brooks and Gail Kim.  SHe then says Angelina and Velvet are the annoying b—— as Deonna Purrazzo’s music hits as she makes her way down to the ring with a mic.

Jordynne asks Deaonna if she is here to agree about Angelina and Velvet being annoying b—— as Deonna, as the fans chant thank you Deonna, says she is actually here to represent her generation and it started as she beat Jordynne for the Knockouts title as Trinity’s music hits.  She makes her way down to the ring to a big ovation.

The fans begin to chant Trinity…she then says she respect everyone in the ring because they have all paved the way for her in their own ways. She says that she is the new Knockout paving the way for the future with the title around her waste. Deonna says come find her when she has had three. Gail then says to Deonna find her when she has had seven as AWESOME KONG’s MUSIC HITS as the fans chant her name


Back from the break, Raisha Saeed yells silence! And says if any the disgusting swine wants to fight, who will be the first to be squashed by Awesome Kong.  She then asks who will be the one to be so bold to challenge Awesome Kong.  Tash Steelz’ music hits as she calls for her music to be cut.  She says you can’t have 1,000 episode and talk about the Knockouts without the flava maker…She then says with all this generation talk…it doesn’t mean a thing without generation flavor.  She then says which is why your girl will the fifth team member of Team Beautiful People…Tasha says next week she will be the greatest as Mickie James’ music hits to a huge ovation!  Mickie has been gone for six months.  Mickie grabs a mic from Trinity as the fans chant her name.  She then says by the looks of it she doesn’t need to come out to remind the fans of who she is and what she has done. She then tells Tasha she is the greatest.  The fans begin to chant Mickie…she then says Hardcore Country is back! She then says that this is the public service announcement that she is the fifth member Team Over as she names all the faces.  The fans begin to chant Team Over…she says that tonight is a celebration of IMPACT and the Knockouts division.  She says next week is going to be the greatest fight in Knockout history as her music hits.   The women staredown as this entire segment set up the huge Knockouts ten woman tag for next week.

We go to a backstage segment with Eric Young talking to Americas Most Wanted. Santino Marella comes in as says AMW is his favorite tag team of all the time. Shark Boy comes in and says he likes things to be orderly.  Santina Marella asks Shark Boy if wants to be a Deputy Director of Authority.  Shark Boy accepts as we go to the break.


Back from the break, we will start with Feast or Fired.  3 briefcases contain a title shot and one contains a pink slip.

Feast or Fired

Moose, Heath, Maclin, Laredo Kid, Johnny Swinger, Crazzy Steve, Joe Hendry, Yuya Uemura, Jonathan Gresham, Black Taurus, PCO, Sami Callihan, John Skyler, Chris Bey, KUSHIDA, Brian Myers, Kevin Knight, Bhupinder Gujjar, Jai Vidal, John E. Bravo

PCO wipes everyone out as the action is on the outside and all over the place.  Brian Myers and KUSHIDA are in the ring.  Kevin Night and KUSHIDA attempt to get briefcases only to be stopped by Larado Kid and Black Taurus.  Laredo Kid and Black Taurus go after each.  Laredo Kid starts to climb but it tosses down out of the ring.  Chris Bey and John Skyler are fighting on the tress.  Chris Bey has grabbed the number 3 brief case and secures the briefcase as we go to picture in picture.

Picture In Picture: Brian Myers superkicks Larado Kid out of the ring as he points to a briefcase. As he goes for the case, he is stopped by Larado Kid.  Sami Callihan and Heath double Laredo Kid and Sami as they drop them from the tress. Bhaupinder Gujjar is on the Tess, but is taken down.  Crazzy Steve grabs the number 1 briefcase as he takes out Brian Myers with a fork.

Back from the break, Moose lets him walk out of the ring to secure it. Steve Maclin goes after Moose.  Alpha Bravo takes out Johnny Swinger.  Sami Callihan then picks up Bravo and drops him, only to speared by Skyler.  Kevin Knight then hits a huge crossbody on Skyler sending him out of the ring. PCO takes out Knight and Skyler, but then is dropped by Black Tarus.  Yuya Uermura grabs briefcase number 4 as Sami tries to get it.  Yuya escapes out of the ring and secures it.  PCO DDT’s Maclin in the ring. He then takes out Black Taurus.  Jai Vidal is the ring and is then chokeslammed by PCO as he climbs to get the last briefcase, but is stopped Sami as he drops PCO on the apron.  Skyler then leveled Sami. Black Taurus attempts to get the case, but KUSHIDA takes him down! Kevin Knight then comes in the ring and starts to climb as Maclin takes out Knight! Maclin starts to climb, but Heath from behind takes him out and then powerslams Maclin.  As Heath tries to climb, Maclin stops him as both men fight on the truss.  Maclin drops Heath face first on the top rope.  Maclin has the final case and takes out Heath with it.  The other competitors are in trying to get the case.  The fans goes nuts as Rhino enters the ring and Gores Maclin who lets go of the case as it goes flying in the air. Moose catches the final briefcase on the outside as he walks up the ramp. Rhino and Heath hug in the ring.


Back from the break, we have a backstage interview with Gia Miller talking to Chris Sabin.  He says he respects Lio Rush, but he doesn’t respect Lio’s cheating.

Desi Hit Squad are in the ring and says how can you have a celebration without the Hit Squad.  They same then name a tag team that has done more the the company than them, as Team 3D’s music hits.  Bully Ray comes out first as he is instroduced as Brother Ray…Brother D-Von is out next.  The fans given Team 3D a standing ovation.

The fans begin to chant Team 3D.

Team 3D vs. Desi Hit Squad (Rohit Raju and Raj Singh)

Ray sand Raj begin as Ray bends his wrist.  Ray then calls for D-Von as the fans chant his name.  D-Von is tagged in as he works on the arm of Singh as the fans chant welcome back.  Raju is tagged in, but is taken out by D-Von as he tags in Ray. Just like the old days, then double team Raju.  Singh goes to the top turnbuckle and drops Ray and tells him this is his show.  Raju is tagged in as he mocks Ray, but is speared by Ray, who tags in D-Von as he takes out Singh who was tagged in.  D-Von then drops him with a neckbreaker and a clothesline.  The fans begin to chant you still got it! Ray is in  as they set up for the whatsup.  D-Von comes down with a huge headbut. Ray calls for D-Von to get the tables.  D-Von gets a table from under the ring as the fans chant tables…Team 3D set it up as the fans chant ECW! Singh in dropped with a 3D as D-Von covers him for the win!WINNERS BY PINFALL: TEAM 3D

After the match, the fans chant table.  Singh is picked up by D-Von who then hoists him to Ray as they drop him through a table…Ray and D-Von hug.

We go to a backstage segment with Josh Alexander telling the Rascalz to pick up their trash.  They get in Josh’s face who then challenges them to a fight.


Back from the break, Josh Alexander’s music hits as  he comes to a big ovation from the loud and wild fans.  Josh enters the ring as he introduced as the longest reigning IMPACT champion of all time.  Josh has a mic as the fans chant Walking Weapon…Josh says no matter how many times he walks down the ramp and gets in the ring it won’t stop being surreal to him.  He then says night in and night out he gives his blood, sweat and tears to give his best.  He says for the past 21 years, he had been an IMPACT fan and is proud to say it, as the fans chant IMPACT Wrestling.  He said that he never believed he would be standing in the ring celebrating 1,000 episodes. He says that he discovered IMPACT at 15 years old and stands as the man who never lost the title and is here to make it right…Alex Shelley’s music hits as he walks down to the ring with the title dressed in a suit and tie.  Alex calls for his music to stop.  Alex tells Josh the title is not his anymore. Alex then says if anyone comes out it will be the face of the company and it is him.  Alex then says you are welcome for giving him a place to work and put down a house payment, to put his kids in a private school and drive a big truck.  Josh then thanks Alex for all he has done. Josh says he is fan of Alex…who interrupts Josh and asks him if he is fan or a mark.  Josh then says to Alex the more you meet your heros the more you will be dissapointed.  Josh then tells Alex he better be thankful he had a place to come back to…Josh tells Alex he has great title defenses…Alex says he different and that he is the main character and Josh is a side quest.  Alex says he wants the match to prove he is better.  As Josh challenges Alex, the Rascalz come in and take out Josh and Alex.  As Alex and Josh take out the Rasacalz, they then jaw.  The Rsacalz come in and take out Josh as Alex Shelley walk out, leaving Josh to get the beatdown…


Back from the break, the Rascalz laugh about what they did.  Shark Boy comes in and says it will be Trey Miguel one on one with Alexander.  Santino Marella comes in and tells Shark Boy he likes his style as Kenny King comes in and tells Santina he wants a title match and demands Santina to make it happen.  Santina then tells Kenny he will take on Eric Young next week.

Frankie Kazarian and Traci Brooks vs. Eddie and Alisha Edwards

The bell rings and here we go…Traci takes down Alisha and Eddie goes after Frankie.  On the outside, Traci takes out Alisha and the action with Frankie and Eddie spills to the outside.  Eddie takes out Frankie and drops him on the floor…Alisha tosses Traci in the ring…Alisha tags in Eddie.  Eddie grabs Traci and picks her up.  Traci slaps Eddie and is able to tag Frankie who nails Eddie with punches.  Eddie distracts the ref and he takes out Frankie with a backbreaker as we go to a full commercial break.


Back from the break, Frankie comes in grabs Eddie as the ref breaks it up.  Eddie picks up Frankie and drops him down.  Eddie covers Frankie for only a two count.  Frankie comes back and hits Eddie with a backstabber. Alisha takes out Traci and sends to the outside.  Frankie is sent to the outside.  Eddie and Alisha kiss…back in the ring, Frankie chops Eddie, but he comes back as Eddie distracts the ref so Alisha can use the ropes as leverage on Frankie.  Eddie has Frankie in the corner and nails him with chops.  Traci is tagged and so is Alisha.  Traci spears Alisha…Eddie comes in and grabs Traci.  Traci grabs Eddie’s eyes as Frankie drops Eddie with an X factor…Frankie takes out Eddie as they go to the outside…in the ring, Traci nails Alisha and then drops her with a fade to black for the win!


Frankie grabs a mic and says it is great to celebrate the 1,000th episode of IMPACT, but here is much more to celebrate and tells the fans to look at the screen.  A video package of the history Traci Brooks plays…the end of the video announces that Traci Brooks will be inducted into the IPACT Wrestling Hall of Fame.  Traci begins to sincerely cry as she is embraced by Frankie and their son. The fans chat you deserve it!


Back from break, Gia Miller is with Lio Rush backstage…Lio says Chris Sabin is scared and trembling and then talks about Slammiversary…Lio says he will give Chris a shot at greatness and the impossible of beating him.  Lio then says Chris better be prayed up as he is coing in hot.

The commentary run down the lineup next week’s Night Two.  In background the fans are chanting IMPACT!

We now go to a backstage segment with Tommy Dreamer talking about creating moments and thanks the fans. He says he does 200 shows a year and will have fun as pro wrestling should be about fun moments and then says he needs to talk to Santino Marella about a belt extender.

X-Division Championship Match: Lio Rush defends against Chris Sabin

The bell rings and we are underway…Chris and Lio stardown each other.  Lio kicks Chris in the face…Lio rolls to the outside as Chris goes after him…Lio goes back in the ring as he met with a clothesline by Lio.  Lio recovers and takes out Sabin and then knocks him down hard as he takes him out through the ropes.  Chris is down on the ramp. Lio rolls Chris back in the ring as the ref check on him.  Lio is on the tope rope as the ref continues to check on Chris.  Lio then grabs Chris, but Chris rolls up Lio for only a two count! Chris recovers and nails Lio and rolls him up and Lio kicks out at two.  Chris picks up Lio and then nails him with punches and then a huge chop across his chest.  Lio is down and calls for a time out…Chris puts Lio in a submission hold as Lio is screaming in pain.  Chiris breaks the hold and covers Lio for only a two count.  Lio gets up in the corner as Chris chops Lio hard in the chest.  Lio fights back and finds an opening to take down Chris and then nails him with punches to the head.  Lio grabs Chris and has a chokehold on him as the ref asks Chris if he gives up…Chris starts to fight back, but Lio nails Chris from behind and then drops him with a belly to back suplex and covers him for only a two count! Lio has Chris in a bodyscissors.  Chris begins to try to fight his way out of the hold.  Chris is able to break the hold.  Chris hits Lio with a shot to the face and then follows up with a dropkick as both men are down.  Chris picks up Lio as he rakes the eyes of Chris who rolls to the outside.  Lio hits Chris with a snap moonsault off the apron on Chris who drops hard to the mat.  Lio jaws with some fans at ringside and then tells the ref to stop counting.  Lio rolls in the ring to break the count at eight.  Chris then picks up Lio and suplexes him on the ramp.  Lio recovers and sends Chris into the apron back first as the ref begins to count.  Lio tosses Chris in the ring and mocks him.  Lio picks up Chris and then nails him with a kick and covers him for only a two count!  Lio climbs to the top as Chris goes after Lio’s leg, but he pushes Chris who then pops up on the top rope and drops Lio with a superplex as both men are down…the ref begins the ten count as the fans chant this is awesome!  Both men are up at six.  Chris fires puches on Lio and then powerbombs Lio and covers him – 1 – 2 – NO! Lio kicks out!  Chris then nails Lio with a big boot! Chris then rolls up Lio and has him in an STF as Lio tries to get out of the hold…Chris then picks up Lio and drives him down…he covers Lio, but Lio kicks out at two.  Chris picks up Lio and drops him with a huge cradleshock…Chris covers him – 1 – 2 – NO! Lio kicks out as the match continues…Chris has Lio on the second rope and attempts a cradleshock, but Lio rakes the eyes again.  Lio pushes Chris and hits him with a final hour and covers Chris – 1 – 2 – NO! The match goes on! Lio then nails Chris hard with foremarms to the face…Chris then fights back with huge blows to the face on Lio…Chris picks up Lio as Lio chops Chris, but is met with a superkick a punch and shellshock.  Chris picks up Lio and drops him a cradleshock and covers Lio to get the win and is a ten time X-Division Champion.