IMPACT Wrestling #1000 – Night 2 09 21 2023

IMPACT 1000 Night Two Results
Westchester County Center (White Plains, New York)
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

We go to a video package highlighting last week’s show…followed by the opener!

Tom Hannifan and Matt Rehwoldt welcome us to the second Night of IMPACT 1000!

We begin with the Ultimate X Match as the participants are being introduced.

Ultimate X Match: Zachary Wentz vs. Rich Swann vs. “Speedball” Mike Bailey vs. Alan Angels vs. Samuray del Sol vs. Ace Austin vs. Zachary Wentz

The bell rings and here we go! All men go at it! as del Sol has sent everyone to the outside, except Angels and Zachary Wentz. Swann climbed the tress and took out Angles, Bailey and Ace on the outside. Back in ring Ace is working on Bailey in the ring as he rolls out. Ace then flies high over the top rope onto everywhere else who is on the outside…Ace and Angls are on the tress. Angels sends Ace to the mat…de Sol, ace and Bailey are on the truss…all three then do a triple moonsault onto Swann and Wentz on the outside! everywhere is down as the fans begin to chant this is IMPACT! Angles suplexes del Sol on the floor! Bailey in up on the truss with Angels as we have a fist fight. Swann is now up on the truss…Wentz is now up on the truss….Wentz drops Swann to the mat with a huge cutter from the top turnbuckle! Bailey and Angles are on the top of the truss. Bailey nails him as Angles is hanging by one leg upside from the truss…Bailey and del Sol are now on the cable racing to the center…Wentz is up on the truss…Angles and Wentz are shaking the cables as del Sol lost his grip and falls to the mat. Swann and Wentz are in the center of the ring as Swann takes out Wentz. Bailey and Angels are hanging on the cables…Angles falls to the mat. On the floor Wentz pulled out the spray paint on Swann…Wentz then pulled the spray paint on del Sol…Bailey, Angels, Wentz and Ace are all in the center…Wentz sends Ace to the mat after spray painting him in the face…Wentz then goes down…Bailey and Angels then go down…Angels is back up on the cable as the fans chant this is awesome! Angels is in the center…Angels has the X and then he drops as Bailey sends him down….Angles falls to the mat mat and still grabs it to win the match, to become to the new number #1 contender to the championship.



Back from the break, we have a replay of Angles winning the X-Division match.

Backstage Angels is holding the X as he kisses it and says he is the future of the X-Division and is the future of IMPACT and will be the front man of the company. He then says he will cash it in next week.

We have judge for the match with with have a 10-minute time limit. The judge is Chase Stevens of The Naturals tag team. We have the FOX Box on the screen with the time ticker on the top and IMPACT news on the bottom.

Alpha Bravo introduces Dango and says that he has something to say. Dango takes the mic and says he hates pro wrestling.

Jake Something vs. Dirty Dango

Jake sends Dango to the outside as he and Bravo head up the ramp. Jake then comes out of the ring and takes out Bravo and Dango…he picks up Dango and slams him on the mat on the outside..Both men get back in the ring as Jake takes down Dango with a clothesline. Jake nails Dango in the corner and then goes for another, but Dango moves and then takes advantage and nails Jake with huge uppercuts. Dango covers Jake, but he kicks out at two. Jake comes back as Dango misses with a knee…Jake drops Dango with a clothesline and then a huge right hand. Jake takes out Dango on the floor. Bravo calls for a time out and hits the apron with a flashlight…Bravo hits Dango by mistake with the flashlight as Jake picks up Dango and drops him for the pin!


We go to backstage with Steve Maclin calling out Rhino and says he end his career after last week…Rhino then enters and takes out Maclin as we go to a break.


Back from the break, there is a replay of Rhino taking out Steve Maclin…Santino Marella tells Rhino he can’t do what he did…Rhino says he doesn’t care as Maclin tries to end his career first.

Kenny King comes out to a sea of boos….The Team Canada music hits as Scott D’Amore is out with the Canadian flag as Eric Young comes out…

Eric Young vs. Kenny King

The bell rings and we are underway…Kenny nails Eric and both men exchange blows…from behind Sheldon Jean nails Eric and we end in a no DQ…Shark Boy comes out as the Assistant Director of Authority and says this match will not end in a DQ calls for a restart…he asks the fans if they want to see the match restarted, give him a shell yeah! The Design then comes out after the bell…Shark Boy then says the match isn’t going to end like that…it’s going to be an eight man tag team match…Shark Boy says he has a couple guys in the back that paved the way and calls for the music…it’s Americas Most Wanted!

We go to picture-in-picture as we have a big brawl in the ring…after some order now restored, Eric and Sheldon Jean brawl. Sheldon tags in Kenny King…James Storm has Kenny in a headlock , but Kenny trips him and mocks the fans…he then nails James who fights back and tosses Kenny to the corner…

Back from PIP: James tags in Chris Harris as AMW double teams Kenny…Chris Harris covers Kenny for only a two count…Harris tags in Scott D’Amore who comes down on Deaner who is now the legal man…Scott tags in Eric Young…Eric looks on at Deaner…Deaner charges Eric who is met with a big right hand…Deaner then rakes the eyes of Eric as he taken down by Kon as the ref was distracted. Kon is tagged in. He nails Eric and then drops him hard to the mat. Kon picks up Eric and tosses him into the corner of the heels and then charges at him and connects…Kon calls for Eric to get up. Kon charges after Eric who moves and as Kon is on the top turnbuckle…Eric picks up Kon and drops him with a DDT! Eric tags in James Storm who then drops Sheldon Jean. Sheldon works is up and works on Storm. Eric Young blind tags in and drops Sheldon as Eric covers him for only a two count! Kenny from the top drops Eric..Chris Harris comes in as Kon drops Scott D’AMore…Kon and Harris exchange huge brawls. AMW picks up Kenny and they toss him to the outside…James Storm hits Deaner with a lost call superkick as he goes to the outside. Scott drops Sheldon with a skyhigh and a piledriver. Eric comes in and covers Sheldon for the pin.


We go to a video package from last week recapping the Feast or Fired match.

The results of feast or fired are coming up after the break.


Back from the break, we have a video package with Team 3D from last week…Bully Ray says he would not have wanted to do it anywhere else…D-Von thanks the fans and mentioned briefly about his back surgery and stroke as the fans chanted thank you D-Von.

Feast or Fired Match case reveals

Dave LaGreca of Busted Open Radio presents the reveals.

Crazzy Steve opens his case…he laughs..Digital Media Title Shot.

Moose opens his case…he looks up and smiles…World Title Shot.

Chris Bey opens his case…Tag Title Shot.

Yuya Uemor looks sad as Joe Hendry tells Yuya to open his case. He looks at Joe and it says fired.

The Rascalz are out.

Josh Alexander comes out to a big ovation the fans.

Josh Alexander vs. Trey Miguel

The bell rings and we start…Trey chops Josh hard as he then takes off to the outside. Trey tries to escape back into the ring, but Josh catches him. Trey lands on his feet. Josh then grabs Trey and drops him with a huge German Suplex! Josh picks up Trey who tries to fight back, but Josh picks him up and drops him again…Josh covers Trey for only a two count! Trey is down as Josh kicks him in the chest. Josh picks up Trey and tosses him to the corner and then nails him with a huge chop! Trey goes to the apron, but Josh drops him neck first on the top rope. Josh is on the outside as Zachary Wentz distracts Josh and Trey takes out Josh on the outside with a huge leap over the top rope…


Back from the break, Josh and Trey are in the ring as Josh nails Trey with a huge uppercut. Trey distracts the ref as Zachary nails Josh, which allows the advantage for Trey. He the stomps on Josh and covers him for only a two count. Trey nails Josh with a back elbow and then kicks Josh in between the shoulder blades and covers Josh for only a two count. The fans begin to chant walking weapon as Trey has Josh in a headlock. Josh fights back with shots to the ribs to Trey. Josh picks up Trey and flips him onto his face! The ref begins the ten count as they both are up at six. Both men exchange blows as Josh then nails Trey with a series of forearms and a huge chop. Josh grabs Trey and drops him hard to the mat and covers Trey for only a two count! Josh picks up Trey for a C-4 spike, but Trey gets out and nails Josh and then covers him for only a two count. Trey then is met with a huge clothesline by Josh. Josh has Trey on the top turnbuckle. Trey counters with a bell clap and drops Josh with a headscissor for from the top. Josh puts Trey in an ankle lock, but he gets out as Josh rolls to the floor. Zachary takes out Josh on the floor…Josh goes back in the ring…Alex Shelley comes out and spray paints Zachary as Josh in the ring drops Trey with a C-4 Spike for the win.


Josh then thanks Shelley for coming out and says he could have used that help last week…Alex Shelley tells Josh not to get his signals mixed up as he is here to take out the Rascalz and not help Josh…Josh then tells Alex he is going to take back the title at the biggest stage…Bound for Glory.

We go backstage with Mike Bailey and Jonathan Gresham. Jonathan asks Mike how he is doing…Bailey vs. Will Ospreay at Bound For Glory. Jonathan says he is not here to carry around X’s, he is here to wrestle and work his way to the top. Mike then says he has a great match and says he will check with IMPACT officials for Mike Bailey vs. Jonathan Gresham. He says yeah…sure and doesn’t look happy.


Back from the break The Rascalz are backstage with Jon Skyler asking about when the Good Hands get their title shot. Zachary says its not a good time…as Zachary and Skyler argue, Ace Austin and Chris Bey walk in talking about that they get the shot…Skyler then gets in the face of Ace and Chris as The Rascalz walk off…

The commentary team runs down the card for next week’s show…The babyface team is introduced first…


Back from break, the heels are out next….

Trinity, Jordynne Grace, Gail Kim, Awesome Kong, & Mickie James vs. Angelina Love, Deonna Purrazzo, Savannah Evans, Gisele Shaw, & Tasha Steelz

The bell rings and Trinity and Angelina Love start. Love and Trinity lock up as Love sends Trinity to the corner…Trinity grabs Love and has her in a headlock. Trinity attempts to fight back, but is dropped by Love. Trinity then picks up Love and slams her down and then lands with a split leg drop on Love. Trinity covers Love for only a two…Love then hits Trinity with a jaw breaker. Love whips Trinity to the corner, but she counters and drops Love with a kicks and covers her for only a two count. Grace is tagged in and Purrazzo is then tagged in. She tags Shaw who is picked up by Grace and drops her to the mat. Grace then picks up Shaw for a jackhammer and drops her. Grace covers Shaw, but Evans breaks it up. Mickie James is tagged in and lands on Shaw and then drops her again. Mickie covers Shaw for only a two count as we go to picture-in-picture.

Picture-in-Picture: Mickie takes out Purrazzo with a kick. Mickie goes to the top rope, but is dropped but Tasha Steelz. Evans is tagged in as she works on Mickie with huge right hands. Evans picks up Mickie and has her in a headlock. Mickie tries to fight back as she drops Evans with a neckbreaker. Evans tags in Purrazzo as Mickie tags in Gail Kim, who takes down Purrazzo. Shaw comes in as Gail takes her and Purrazzo out…

Back from PIP: Kim and Purrazzo go at…Sky takes out Kim on the outside as she drops hard to the mat. Tasha Steelz kicks at Kim on the outside as Tasha rolls Gail back in the ring. Tasha works on Gail as love is tagged in. She drops Gail and covers her for only a two count! Shaw is tagged in as she mocks Gail. Shaw tosses Gail to the ropes who comes back with a lock up on Shaw! Gail is rammed into the turnbuckles to break the hold. Shaw then drops Gail with a flatliner. Shaw goes for the pin, but Mickie breaks it up. Deaonna Purrazzo is tagged in. Deonna has Gail in a headlock as the ref check on Gail…Gail is back up to her feet. Gail and Deonna drop each other. Gail tags in Kong who takes cleans house! Evans and Kong now go face to face. Kong grabs Evans and then Kong drops Evans with a huge clothesline! Purrazzo and Love take out Kong…Trinity takes Love on the outside. Grace and Gail Kim take out Evans. Shaw and Grace are on the turnbuckle…down goes Grace and Shaw. Gail Kim takes out all the heels, but Shaw with a huge leap off the top rope. Shaw is in the ring with Kong…Kong kicks shaw and then drops her with a huge chokeslam! Kong picks up Shaw and drops her with an implant buster for the win!

Love nails Jai Vidal with the botox injection on the floor. Velvet then puts a bag over his head as the babyfaces celebrate in the ring as the show goes off the air.