TNA IMPACT 01 18 2024

January 18, 2024
Pearl Concert Theater at Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, NV
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

We open with a video package recapping last Saturday’s Hard To Kill.

We go live to the venue with Kushida coming out for our first match of the night. The ring ropes are yellow…Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt are up in the lower level of the venue at the commentary table.

The ring ropes are yellow and the graphics are in the old school TNA IMPACT format.

X-Division Scramble Action: Jake Something vs. Kushida vs. Speedball Mike Bailey vs. Trey Miguel vs. Laredo Kid vs. El Hijo del Vikingo

The bell rings and we are underway…this match is going to be all over the place. Jake Something tosses Trey Miguel out of the ring. Something is then tossed out as Laredo Kid and Kushida are in the ring. Kushida leaps over the ropes and hits Something on the floor. Kid and Vikingo then leap over the ropes taking out Kushisa and Mike Bailey as we get TNA chants. Miguel pushes Kushisa out of the ring. Miguel then has Kid locked up as Kushida kicks Miguel and then attempts a hoverboard lock, but Miguel fires back and takes out Kushida. Something is back in the ring and chokeslams Miguel onto Kid. Vikingo is back in as he and Something exchange chops. Something steps on the foot of Vikingo and takes him down with a big forearm. Something picks up Vikingo who reverses it, but Something picks up Vikingo and tosses him out of the ring as the venue rings with TNA chants! Kushida drop kicks Miguel and locks in the hoverboard lock, but Vikingo breaks it up with a huge kick off the top rope! Bailey then hits Something with a moonsault to the outside! Something goes in the ring and picks up Kid and drops him with an into the void to get the pin!


We go backstage with Gia Miller interviewing Will Ospreay talking about his match later tonight with Josh Alexander. Ospreay says he is the best wrestler and that it is time for Alexander to step up and that he has one chance to put down the best wrestler in the world today.


Back from the break, we go to a vignette featuring Ash By Elegance (Former WWE Superstar Dana Brooke), who has signed a contract with TNA Wrestling.

We get a recap of the Knockouts X-Division Match from last Saturday’s Hard To Kill. The match was won by Gisele Shaw.

A backstage segment with Shaw holding the X putting the Knockouts on notice. Gail Kim comes in and hugs Shaw as Shaw then says to watch the hair…

Tasha Steelz comes out as we get ready for our next match of the night…AXS TV just cut to a commercial break…not sure what that is about…someone at AXS TV messed things up in production.

Now we are back with Xia Brookside making her way out to the ring to not much of an ovation.

Xia Brookside vs. Tasha Steelz

The bell rings as we begin. Both women lock up as Steelz has Xia in an armbar. The hold is broken up as we get a ticker at the bottom of the screen with upcoming dates for TNA Wrestling tapings. Xia kicks Steelz and takes her down with a drop kick. Xia covers Steelz for just a two count! Steelz thumbs Xia to the eyes as she drops to the mat. Steelz then hits Xia with a big headbutt and drops to the mat as Steelz covers Xia for just a two count. Steelz works on the back of Xia and picks her and delivers a series of suplexes. Steelz jaws at ref as Xia hits Steelz, who fires back…Xia then rolls up Steelz, but she kicks out at two. Xia fires back at Steelz and sends her to the corner and then hits Steelz in the back with double knees…Xia then drops Steelz and covers her for just a two count…Steelz then comes back with knees to the jaw of Xia and covers her for just a two count. Steelz up on the ropes and Xia grabs her and drops her with the Brookside bomb and covers Steelz to get the three count.



Back from the break, we get a recap of Joe Hendry and AJ Francis (Former WWE talent Top Dolla) exchange from the Hard To Kill pre-show. Hendry made a Cheez-its video making fun of Francis when he doing promotional work for the Cheez-its college bowl…Funny stuff! The fans booed, not being a fan of Francis.

A segment airs with Hendry talking about being attacked by Francis. Hendry says he understands and that he paid for the air time calling him the Cheez It’s Champion…Hendry then slams down a laptop on DJWhoo as he looks to be sleeping.

The Grizzled Young Vets are out next as we get ready for tag team action.

Grizzled Young Veterans (James Drake and Zack Gibson) vs. Frankie Kazarian and Eric Young

Eric charges after Gibson and takes him down. Eric and Gibson lock up as Drake is tagged in. Drake takes down Eric and stomps on his arm. Drake picks him up, but Eric bites the fingers of Drake…Kaz is in and he drops Drake with a spinning neckbreaker. Kaz chops Drake and then applies a headlock…Gibson is tagged in as he and Kaz take the action to the floor. Drake then drops Kaz on the floor as we go to picture in picture.

Picture-In-Picture: The action goes back in the ring. Gibson is tagged back in and drops Kaz with a big right hand. Kaz grabs Gibson’s legs, but he is still able to tag in Drake who stomps on Kaz. Drake works on Kaz applying a big boot to the throat and then jaws at Eric Young. Kaz then rolls up Drake for just a two count. Drake kicksk Kaz and picks him up and drops him with a big right hand…Gibson is tagged in and picks up Kaz and bites his hand. Gibson works on the left leg of Kaz and then nails him with a big knee and then a forearm. Gibson tags in Drake, and then scoops up Kaz and slams him down. Drake has Kaz in a headlock.

Back from PIP, Drake, Kax fights back as he tries to get to Eric Young, but Drake is holding on to Kaz, preventing the tag. Drake is tagged back in as he tags in Gibson again…Kaz sends Drake to the floor and then drops Gibson…As Kaz tries to tag Eric, Drake runs and pulls Eric off the apron. Drake covers Kaz who kicks out at two! Drake then pushes Kaz to the floor as Gibson picks him up. Drake flies over the ropes and lands on Kaz, who is tossed back in the ring by Gibson. Gibson then hits Kaz with a forearm. Drake is tagged as both of the GYV double team Kaz…Kaz finally makes a tag! EY takes down both of the Grizzled Vets. All of a sudden we have a commercial break..what the heck AXS TV?!!?!??

Back from the break, the GYV won the match….but because of the weird commercial break, I missed the finish. Kaz looks frustrated at EY. Kaz then levels Eric Young with a huge right hand as the fans boo like crazy, calling Kaz an A–hole. As it looks as if Kaz is leaving, he comes back and stomps on Eric, telling Eric this is supposed to be his year. Kaz then grabs young and drops him with a fade to black, as we get you suck chants. Kaz then points to the TNA logo on the ring mat and leaves the ring as we get F-You Frankie chants from the Vegas crowd.


Back from the break, Eddie and Alisha Edwards and Moose and Brian Myers are shown eating in a restaurant talking about Hard To Kill and no one is going to slow them down, not even Nic Nemeth. Moose says its a new beginning for everyone…Moose says he only wants to be known as the TNA World Champion and will prove the world, always trust the System, which is the new name of this faction.

Nic Nemeth’s music hits as the former Dolph Ziggler comes out in a suit to a huge ovation from the Vegas fans…its hard to hear the commentary team as the fans are going wild! Nic grabs a mic.

We get a big Nic chant…he says that is going to take getting used to and thanks the fans. He says Hard To Kill was one hell of a moment and TNA is back…he says that there was something in the air and he loved every second of it as we get TNA chants…Nic says that he has been very fortunate over 19 years as the fans chant you still got it. Nic says he never lost it…he says he had 19 years of accomplishments in one world and is intimidated, nervous, scared and excited…he says he picked his spot in the ring and lined up face to face with the TNA World Champion. Nic then says he is going to become TNA World Champion and when he wins it, he will celebrate with the fans and it will be the best night of his career. He then says he respects the men and women of the TNA too much to stroll in and want a shot now…he says this is day one, doing it all over again. It starts here right now. He says that this time he will earn it all the way to the top and promises he will never stop. He the says this is the first time in his life he does it as Nic Nemeth. Steve Maclin’s music hits, cutting off Nic. Maclin makes his way down to the ring. Maclin has a mic and tells Nic he agrees with him and says he his feeling everything as he comes from the same world Nic came from and they both landed in TNA. Maclins says he worked all the way to the top to be champion. Maclin says when he looks at Nic he sees a phony. As Nic tries to talk, he is cut off as Maclin says its his time…he calls Nic a phony again. Maclin says that is he not the man that gives and does not take…Maclin says Nic is only here to take…as Nic tries to talk, Maclin cuts him off as the fans chant shut-up Maclin…Maclin says Nic is here to suck the blood out of TNA and then leave. Maclin says this is his sandbox and no one will remember Nic Nemeth and ask what happened to Dolph Ziggler. Nic knocks the mic out of Macllin’s hand. Maclin goes to hit Nic, who nails and then drops him with a zig zag to a huge ovation as the fans chant his name.


Back from the break, Gia Miller interviews Jordynne Grace who is a three times Knockouts Champion. Grace says it was a historical event and puts over Trinity. Grace is then cut off by Trinity who says that she is taking her rematch and that she will be walking out as the TNA Knockouts World Champion next…Trinity then says she will walk out as the second time champion.

Jai Vidal comes in the ring with a mic and says that he is trying to take it all in and says that for those don’t know he broke out in pro wrestling in Vegas the fans chant J-A-I. He says that as he looks around, the fans are the reason he left Vegas…he says to stop booing him and that there is no one in the building that can beat him up…the lights go out in the venue and PCO’s music hits…we get the same entrance from PCO as we did with Hard To Kill.

PCO vs. Jai Vidal

The fans chant PCO as Jai kicks PCO, but it has no affect. PCO drops Jai with a big clothesline. PCO grabs Jai and drags him to the center of the ring and picks him and chokeslams him. PCO then picks up Jai and drops him again. PCO then comes off the top rope with a big moonsault and covers Jai to get the pin.


We go to a backstage segment with the Motor City Machine Gunns and Okada who will battle the System (Eddie Edwards, Alisha Edwards, Moose and Brian Myers).


Back from the break, we get a video package hyping up next week’s show.

Josh Alexander’s music hits, as the former champ makes his way to the ring. Will Ospreay is out next to a big ovation from the Vegas crowd.

What the heck! Another weird random commercial break! UGH!

Josh Alexander vs. Will Ospreay

We are back as both men lock up…Ospreay puts Alexander in a headlock and then tosses Alexander to the ropes as he takes down Josh. Will then hits Josh and covers him for only a two count. Will then nails Josh with big chops across the chest. Will picks up Josh and drops him with a back breaker. Will covers Josh for a two count! Will then hits Josh with a big right as Josh recovers and takes out Will with a crossbody as Will rolls to the floor…picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Ospreay is back in the ring as Alexander follows and stomps on Ospreay…Alexander then delivers a series of German Suplexes on Ospreay, but he recovers and hits Josh with a big drop kick, sending him to the floor. As Alexander is up, Ospreay goes to kick him, but Alexander catches it and applies the ankle lock. Ospreay fights out of it, sending Alexander into the steel steps. A table is set up at ringside…Ospreay picks up Alexander and bring him up on the apron…both men exchange blows on the apron…Will sends Josh back into the ring and then covers him for just a two count!

Back from PIP, Will grabs Josh and then sends him back down with a big knee to the face. Opsreay attempts a suplex, but its blocked by Alexander, who then counters with a suplex! Alexander then nails Ospreay with forearms, but Ospreay recovers and sends Alexander reeling…Alexander picks up Ospreay and delivers a backbreaker. Alexander covers Ospreay for only a two count. Alexander picks up Ospreay and delivers another backbreaker on Ospreay as we get dual chants of Walking Weapon and lets go Ospreay. Ospreay is on the apron and Alexander is up on the second rope, trying to suplex Alexander. Alexander tries to hook Ospreay as he kicks Alexander and drops him through the table to a holy s— chant, followed by TNA chants…ringside medical staff are checking on both men as they both crashed hard through the table. The referee has said the match will continue as the ref begins the ten count. Ospreay rolls back in the ring. Alexander beats the count, getting back in the ring…Ospreay then drop kicks Alexander and then drops him again…Ospreay covers Alexander, but he kicks out! We go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Ospreay pulls Alexander to the center of the ring and stomps on his head, pushing him to the corner. Josh is back up as attempts a forearm on Ospreay…Josh the kicks Ospreay in the head and fires back…but Ospreay counters and sends Alexander to the mat and covers him for just a two coutn! Ospreay picks up Alexander, who counters, but Ospreay then counters again and drops Alexander as both men are down. The ref begins the ten count. Ospreay is up, Alexander is up..Ospreay sends Alexander to the outside and onto the entrance ramp…the action continues on the ramp as Ospreay attempts a cutter, but is caught by Alexander…

Back from PIP, Alexander delivers a big piledriver to Will onto the ramp as we get TNA chants…the ref starts the ten count. Josh picks up Will at the eight count and tosses him back in the ring. Josh picks up Will and climbs to the second rope and drops Will and covers him for only a two count! Alexander then applies the ankle lock on Ospreay who tries to go to the ropes, but Alexander has the hold locked in…Ospreay is able to break out of the hold, sending Alexander to the turnbuckle face first. Ospreay kicks Alexander, who is now on the second rope…Ospreay climbs to the top rope and then sends Alexander to the mat and then nails Alexander with a hidden blade and then covers him, but JOSH ALEXANDER KICKS OUT! Ospreay then delivers another hidden blade and a storm driver 93…Ospreay covers Alexander, but its not enough as JOSH ALEXANDER KICKS OUT! Both men exchange blows, as Ospreay kicks Josh…but he fires back and takes down Ospreay! Alexander goes for a C-4 Spike, but Ospreay counters and attempts a Styles Clash, but Alexander counters and drops Ospreay with a Styles Clash and covers him for only a two count! Alexander then picks up Ospreay and delivers a C-4 Spike and covers Ospreay for the pin!


After the match Alexander celebrates as he get a good shot of the venue…the fans chant TNA as President Scott D’Amore enters the ring. Scott says holy s—! the fans start a holy s— chant of their own…Scott says he has loved this business since he was, as we get another weird random commercial break…oh my gosh this is old already! Back from the break, Scott says its guys like Will Ospreay that make wrestling…as we get TNA chants. Scott then says the TNA chants never died because of the fans and because of Will Ospreay who is a TNA kid…he says that it gave the roster something to live for and fight for…he says that if he dies walking through the curtain, he will die happy because of Hard To Kill and the he watched the match of his life…he says TNA is back and its never ever going away. We the get the cross line theme as Will and Josh hug as the show goes off the air.