TNA iMPACT 04 04 2024

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X-Division Champion Mustafa Ali vs. Rhino – Old School Rules

It’s Old School Rules in the 2300 Arena as Rhino looks to teach a lesson to X-Division Champion Mustafa Ali! Old School Rules means no disqualifications, no count-outs and anything goes. Rhino hits a back body drop, sending Ali over the top rope to the floor. Ali ducks, causing him to chop the steel ring post. Moments later, Rhino regains control with an Irish whip into the post. Ali grabs a copy of Joe Watson’s book and places it in the trash in front of him. Ali shows off the latest edition of Pro Wrestling Illustrated, which he is the cover star of. Ali goes Coast to Coast, dropkicking a trash can into the face of Rhino. Ali goes for a Gore but Rhino redirects him into another trash can. Ali’s security guards get involved as Rhino fights them off. Ali sends him crashing through a table to win.

X-Division Champion Mustafa Ali def. Rhino – Old School Rules

After the match, the #1 Contender for the X-Division Title, Jake Something, is about attack Ali when he’s saved by a member of the security team. Something takes out the guard with a huge powerbomb.

Gia Miller interviews Hammerstone in front of the stage. Miller asks him if he’s scared of Josh Alexander after he didn’t answer the open challenge last week. Hammerstone says he is bigger, stronger and faster than Josh Alexander so he has no reason to be afraid. Hammerstone agrees to face Josh Alexander one more time but it’s going to be on his terms, April 20th at Rebellion. Hammerstone places Alexander’s stolen headgear on the cameraman and assaults him with a Torture Rack.

The Rascalz insult the city of Philadelphia as they take to the ring for tag team action. They’re confronted by their opponents, the new-era FBI, which is comprised of Little Guido Maritato, Zack Clayton and Ray Jaz!

The Rascalz (Trey Miguel & Zachary Wentz) vs. FBI (Zack Clayton & Ray Jaz) w/ Little Guido Maritato

Miguel goads Jaz with a handshake and pulls him into the turnbuckle by his trunks. The Rascalz deliver a flurry of offense to Jaz, including double knees, a neckbreaker and running Shooting Star. Jaz creates separation with a leaping leg drop from the second rope, allowing him to tag in Clayton. The pace quickens as Clayton hits Wentz with a powerslam. Jaz joins Clayton for a double elbow drop to Wentz. Out of nowhere, a fellow Rascalz in Myron Reed blinds Guido with spray paint at ringside. The Rascalz put Jaz away with an assisted double stomp to win.

The Rascalz (Trey Miguel & Zachary Wentz) def. FBI (Zack Clayton & Ray Jaz) w/ Little Guido Maritato

Jon attends a meeting where he shares his progress with the group. Jon says that if he wants people to listen to him, he needs to wear a mask. If you want to be honest, then you have to live a lie.

Gia Miller interviews Speedball Mountain after Mike Bailey came up short against TNA World Tag Team Champion Eddie Edwards last week. The System interrupts but Trent Seven vows to bounce back as he challenges TNA World Champion Moose to a singles match next week!

Before the next match begins, Frankie Kazarian once again has Jade Chung announce him as the “King of TNA”.

Chris Bey w/ Ace Austin vs. Frankie Kazarian

Chris Bey looks to handle Frankie Kazarian one-on-one tonight! Bey brings the fight, knocking Kazarian off the apron and taking him out with a slingshot crossbody to the floor. Back in the ring, Bey remains in control with a double stomp. Kazarian trips him up on the ropes to gain the advantage. Kazarian assaults Bey as he trash talks Austin on the outside. Kazarian hits a Backstabber, then keeps Bey grounded with a dropkick. Kazarian connects with his signature springboard leg drop for two. Bey quickens the pace and has Kazarian reeling following a Spinebuster. Bey counters the slingshot DDT into one of his own. Now it’s Kazarian who avoids the Art of Finesse and connects with the slingshot cutter for another near fall. Austin stops Kazarian from introducing a steel chain but Kazarian tricks the referee into thinking that Austin used it on him. Austin is ejected from ringside as Bey wipes out Kazarian with a dive. Kazarian uses the second rope for a low blow, then capitalizes with Fade to Black to win.

Frankie Kazarian def. Chris Bey w/ Ace Austin

Word going around the Knockouts locker room is that Killer Kelly is no longer the tag team partner of Masha Slamovich following a string of miscommunication between the two. As the only member of The System without a championship, Alisha Edwards offers to be Masha’s partner in her rematch against the Knockouts World Tag Team Champions, Spitfire.

Xia Brookside refuses to exit the ring as The Personal Concierge introduces Ash By Elegance!

Ash By Elegance w/ The Personal Concierge vs. Xia Brookside

After Brookside collided with Ash at ringside during the 8-4-1 match last week, the two face off in what is the fourth match in the TNA career of Ash By Elegance! Brookside has her reeling in the early going as Ash retreats to the outside. The Personal Concierge provides a distraction, allowing Ash to send Brookside into the steel steps. Back in the ring, Brookside hits a running crossbody for two. Ash shuts down her momentum with a clothesline but frustration starts to set in when she can’t keep Brookside down. Brookside does a cartwheel on the apron, then hits a cutter on the floor. Brookside avoids Rarified Air but Ash counters the Brooksie Bomb. Brookside hits double knees in the corner, followed by a neckbreaker for two. Ash pulls the apron to create a distraction. The Personal Concierge pours champagne in the eyes of Brookside, allowing Ash to pin her for three.

Ash By Elegance w/ The Personal Concierge def. Xia Brookside

Ace Austin and Chris Bey are arguing backstage after they both fell to Frankie Kazarian in singles competition. They’re interrupted by Rich Swann and A.J. Francis, now known as Fir$t Cla$$. Bey dares them to put their money where their mouth is against him and lays out the challenge for a tag team match, which is accepted by Swann.

During an interview with Gia Miller, Matt Cardona and Steph De Lander reveal that they’ve returned to TNA Wrestling for three reasons: Buzz, money and gold. Last week, Cardona helped De Lander win the 8-4-1 match to become #1 Contender for the Knockouts World Title. She will challenge Jordynne Grace at Rebellion.

Nic Nemeth vs. Alex Shelley – Generational Clash

Two of the most accomplished professional wrestlers of all time, Nic Nemeth and Alex Shelley, face off for the first time ever in a Generational Clash! Shelley gains the early advantage by driving Nemeth shoulder-first into the steel ring post. The fight spills to the outside where Shelley continues to target the left arm of Nemeth. Shelley wears him down with a Straight Jacket submission, then clotheslines Nemeth back to the outside. Shelley once again turns his attention to the steel ring post but Nemeth counters to create an opening. Nemeth is tying his laces when Shelley sneaks up behind him with a rollup. Nemeth kicks out and shuts down Shelley with a back elbow. Nemeth hits a dropkick but Shelley bounces back with a chop block. Shelley hits a Dragon Screw, then locks in the Figure Four. Nemeth ducks a clothesline and begins to quicken the pace. Nemeth hits repeated elbow drops but Shelley counters his 10th attempt. Nemeth fights off the Border City Stretch but gets spiked with a tornado DDT. Shelley successfully locks in the Border City Stretch as Nemeth crawls to the ropes. Nemeth hits a DDT of his own but Shelley gets his foot on the rope before the referee’s count of three. Nemeth connects with a superkick but it’s still not enough to keep him down. After countering each other’s finishers, Nemeth puts Shelley away with the Danger Zone for three.

Nic Nemeth def. Alex Shelley – Generational Clash

Nemeth celebrates his monumental victory and will now his attention towards TNA World Champion Moose at Rebellion.

TNA iMPACT! goes off the air.