TNA iMPACT 04 11 2024

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TNA Wrestling announced on Thursday that the company will make its return to the Chicago at Cicero Stadium.

Against All Odds will take place on June 14 and a TNA IMPACT television taping will be held the next night.

Digital Media Champion Crazzy Steve vs. Laredo Kid – Digital Media Championship

After being unable to challenge Crazzy Steve at Sacrifice due to travel issues, Laredo Kid gets his Digital Media Title shot right here tonight! Steve gains the early advantage as he hits Kid in the back of the head with a clothesline. Both competitors kick out of multiple quick pin attempts. Kid hits a Michinoku Driver in the corner, followed by two springboard Moonsaults. Kid goes for a third but Steve knocks him off the top. Steve hits a running cannonball in the corner but Kid kicks out. Steve tries to rip off Laredo Kid’s mask and that sends him into a rage. Kid pummels Steve in the corner before pushing the referee down to the mat, resulting in a disqualification.

Digital Media Champion Crazzy Steve def. Laredo Kid by Disqualification – Digital Media Championship

After the match, Kid avoids an attack from Steve and stands tall with the Digital Media Title held high.

PCO and Kon have been locked away for 24 hours with no food, no water and no light ahead of Monster’s Ball tonight.

Alex Shelley apologizes to Chris Sabin and KUSHIDA for trying to do things on his own in recent weeks. Shelley admits that they’re better as a group as the trio hugs it out.

ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) vs. Fir$t Cla$$ (AJ Francis & Rich Swann)

The new duo of Rich Swann and AJ Francis, now known as Fir$t Cla$$, look for success in the tag team division against former champions ABC! Francis Irish whips Swann into Ace. Ace takes down Swann with a kick between the shoulder blades, then makes the tag to Bey. Ace and Bey deliver double dropkicks to Swann. Francis is on the apron grabs Bey by the hair. The distraction allows Swann to hang up Ace on the top rope. Moments later, Francis suplexes Bey on the hardest part of the ring. Francis and Swann cut off the ring and employ quick tags to wear Ace down. Austin plants Francis with a bulldog to create separation, allowing him to tag in Bey. The pace quickens as Bey goes on the attack. Francis gets two for one as he catches and powerslams both Ace and Bey. Francis connects with the Tennessee Whisky running knee on Bey. Ace kicks Swann into a spinning neckbreaker from Bey. Swann counters the Art of Finesse into a neckbreaker of his own. Francis grabs Ace from the outside. Swann rolls him up with hold of the tights to win.

Fir$t Cla$$ (AJ Francis & Rich Swann def. ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey)

After the match, Joe Hendry pokes fun at Swann for teaming up with “fat Uncle Phil”. Hendry reveals that he will face Swann one-on-one at Rebellion!

Ash By Elegance claims that she should receive the Knockouts World Title shot at Rebellion after Steph De Lander took her spot in the 8-4-1 match but Santino Marella turns her down.

X-Division Champion Mustafa Ali has a business proposition for the Grizzled Young Vets as he looks to get out of his match against Jake Something at Rebellion.

Jordynne Grace & Steph De Lander Sign the Contract for Rebellion

Steph De Lander is accompanied by Matt Cardona as she sits across the table from Knockouts World Champion Jordynne Grace. Director of Authority Santino Marella presides over this contract signing. Cardona demands respect from the audience at the 2300 Arena and vows that De Lander will add another championship to her list of accolades when she dethrones Grace at Rebellion. Grace says that she’s not going to roll over and let De Lander take away something that she worked so hard to capture. De Lander claims that Grace doesn’t have her head in the game after competing in both bodybuilding and the Royal Rumble. Grace says that she prides herself on outworking everyone else and will prove it when she beats De Lander at Rebellion. After all, she has beaten De Lander, her boyfriend and her boyfriend’s wife before. After the contract is signed, Grace and De Lander shake hands. Grace holds onto the handshake and Cardona’s involvement leads to the two Knockouts colliding. Marella is caught in the crossfire and goes down. Cardona blindsides Grace, allowing De Lander to Chokeslam her through the table.

The System confront Masha Slamovich to see if she’s willing to join forces with Alisha in pursuit of the Knockouts World Tag Team Titles.

During another meeting, Jonathan Gresham reveals that he has three masks. One that he shows to the world, one that he shows only to his close friends and family – and one that he hasn’t shown to anyone.

TNA World Champion Moose w/ The System (Brian Myers, Eddie Edwards & Alisha Edwards) vs. Trent Seven w/ Mike Bailey

With their respective championship matches looming at Rebellion, Moose and Trent Seven collide one-on-one. Seven delivers a series of chops in the corner but Moose puts him down with one singular chop. Moose hits a Uranage, then pummels Seven with strikes. Moose hits a strong Irish whip in the corner. Seven avoids the incoming attack, then spikes Moose with a DDT. Eddie gets up on the apron but Bailey neutralizes him at ringside. Moose headbutts Seven but he fights back with the Seven Star Lariat for two. Moose avoids the Burning Hammer, then hits a thunderous Spear to win.

TNA World Champion Moose w/ The System (Brian Myers, Eddie Edwards & Alisha Edwards) def. Trent Seven w/ Mike Bailey

After the match, Bailey falls victim to the numbers game played by The System but a unified Time Machine comes to his aid.

Backstage, Director of Authority Santino Marella informs Brian Myers and Eddie Edwards that they will defend the TNA World Tag Team Titles against the Motor City Machine Guns next week. Speedball Mountain will challenge the winners at Rebellion! Meanwhile, Decay invokes their rematch clause against Knockouts World Tag Team Champions Spitfire at Rebellion.

James Drake w/ Zack Gibson vs. Jake Something

The Grizzled Young Vets have been tasked with taking out Jake Something before he challenges Mustafa Ali for the X-Division Title at Rebellion! Gibson distracts Something at ringside, allowing Drake to take him down with a dive. Drake hits an Enzuigiri kick for one. Something bounces back with a haymaker. Gibson hooks the leg of Something from the outside and Drake capitalizes with a running dropkick. Gibson then chokes Something with his scarf while Drake has the referee distracted. Out of nowhere, Deaner knocks out Gibson at ringside as Something sends Drake Into the Void to win.

Jake Something def. James Drake w/ Zack Gibson

After the match, Mustafa Ali has started a protest of Jake Something competing in the X-Division. Ali claims that the X-Division needs limits and Something is not within them. Something soars over the top rope, crashing into the group of protesters. Something is about to punish Ali when he’s blindsided by GYV with Grit Your Teeth. Deaner brings the fight to GYV but Ali blasts him with the X-Division Title before doing the same to Something.

PCO vs. Kon – Monster’s Ball

After being trapped in isolation for 24 hours with no food, no water and no light, PCO and Kon are unleashed in Monster’s Ball! PCO dives through the ropes but Kon cuts him off with a mid-air trash can shot to the head. The fight continues on the outside where PCO hits a vertical suplex. Kon turns the tide with a steel chair shot. Back in the ring, Kon chokes him with a kendo stick. Kon stuffs PCO inside of a trash can, then wraps a steel chain around his hand and pummels PCO. PCO hits a back body drop on the apron, then dives through the ropes to wipe out Kon on the floor. PCO connects with the Deanimator through a table. Kon delivers a low blow, followed by repeated kendo stick shots. PCO slows up Kon on the top rope, then sends him crashing through a table at ringside. PCO sets up a pair of ladders but Kon rips him off the top rope and through the ladders below. Kon places thumbtacks in PCO’s mouth but PCO throws them back at him. PCO hits a Chokeslam into the thumbtacks. PCO pours more thumbtacks on top of Kon, then soars with the PCOsault to win.

PCO def. Kon – Monster’s Ball

TNA iMPACT! goes off the air.