TNA iMPACT 04 25 2024

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Moose and the rest of the System barged into the iMPACT Zone, ridiculing both Matt Hardy and the Las Vegas Raiders.

Amidst the chaos, Nemeth, fueled by frustration, issued a challenge to Eddie Edwards for tonight’s main event.

Santino Marella and Mustafa Ali launched the Ballot Box Battle. Santino praised Ali for the creative idea, to which Ali responded with his goal to “make the X Division great again.” Amid this exchange, Jason Hotch interjected, “Can someone be the number one contender to their own championship?” Just then, Jordynne Grace entered.

Tom Hannifan ran down the card for tonight’s TNAiMPACT.

The Knockouts World Title match at Rebellion was a whirlwind of chaos, yet Jordynne Grace emerged triumphant, retaining her Knockouts World championship at #Rebellion.

Jordynne Grace spoke to Gia Miller about Rebellion and made it known her match next week with Miyu Yamashita will now be for the Knockouts World Championship. Yamashita entered the frame and vowed to take the championship.

Mike Santana vs. Myron Reed

The match began with Wentz causing a distraction, allowing Myron Reed to gain the upper hand on Santana. Santana quickly turned the tables, delivering multiple running clotheslines to Reed. Reed showcased his speed with a kip-up and a back kick, followed up with a Lung Blower. As Reed attempted his signature flying cutter, Santana countered with a “Rolling Buck 50,” then eliminated the rest of the Rascalz with a spectacular dive. Santana then clinched the victory with a powerful roaring clothesline.

Mike Santana def. Myron Reed

While Santana celebrated his victory, Steve Maclin, alongside The Rascalz, attempted to ambush him. The Rascalz decided against helping Maclin, leading to Maclin retreating after a failed attack on Santana.

Steve Maclin RE-SIGNS with TNA Wrestling

Steph Delander and Kon called what happened at Rebellion the “Las Vegas Screwjob” and challenged Jordynne Grace and PCO to a match Under Siege.

Josh Alexander stood in the iMPACT Zone, declaring his commitment to TNA, reflecting on his intense battle with Hammerstone at Rebellion. Just as he was about to reveal his strategy for reclaiming the TNA World Title, he was interrupted by Frankie Kazarian. Kaz said that Alexander should step aside, proclaiming himself the rightful contender for the TNA World Championship.

Alexander suggested that they settle their dispute in the ring to determine the true #1 contender. Kaz initially refused the challenge, and then suddenly it was announced: Frankie Kazarian vs. Josh Alexander would take place immediately, setting the stage for an impromptu showdown in the iMPACT Zone.

Josh Alexander vs. Frankie Kazarian

Kaz threw his jacket into Alexander’s face and rushed him, choking him with his shirt. Josh fired back, catching Kazarian with a dropkick from the second rope. Kazarian ducked Josh Alexander’s running crossbody, turning the momentum around. He caught Josh with a leg drop and landed a Russian Leg Sweep. Josh started to retaliate with chops, but Kazarian laid him out with a huge clothesline. Kazarian slowed the pace, but Alexander picked it back up with a punch to the face, more chops, and a massive back body drop, gaining momentum. Josh attempted the C4 Spike, but Kazarian countered with a backstabber and tried for a chicken wing. Alexander quickly countered into an ankle lock. Kaz escaped and landed a DDT on Alexander. Another C4 Spike attempt was blocked by Kazarian, who then went for his signature leg drop but found himself caught in another ankle lock. He evaded but was met with multiple German suplexes from Alexander. Kaz landed a slingshot cutter and exited the ring to taunt the crowd, grabbing a steel chain and a chair, which the referee confiscated. Eric Young ran out and grabbed the chain. Kaz gets momentarily distracted by the referee but then gets caught in an ankle lock by “The Walking Weapon,” Josh Alexander.

Josh Alexander def. Frankie Kazarian

Jake Something and Santino were conversing when Cody Deaner arrived to submit his ballot. Suddenly, Hammerstone barged in aggressively. Jake Something demanded respect, escalating from pushing to shoving. In response, Santino announced an official match between Jake Something and Hammerstone at Under Siege.

A.J. Francis, Rich Swann, and Bun B rolled up to the iMPACT Zone!

A.J. Francis, Rich Swann, and Bun B discussed First Class’s actions at Rebellion with Gia. Suddenly, Joe Hendry appeared next to Gia! AJ Francis threatened him. In response, Joe Hendry promised an apology during next week’s episode of TNAiMPACT.

The Personal Concierge announced Ash By Elegance’s 5th match on TNAiMPACT!

Ash By Elegance vs. Xia Brookside

The match kicked off with Ash trash-talking, but Xia quickly gained momentum with a headscissors and a series of stomps. Ash halted Brookside’s momentum with an elbow drop and a cartwheel back elbow on the stage. Brookside rallied the iMPACT Zone crowd behind her, connecting with a chin breaker, a drop toe hold, and double knees to Ash’s back. Ash managed to fight back with a kick to the face. As The Personal Concierge handed Ash a jeweled set of brass knuckles, Xia caught her off guard with a roll-up, getting the victory.

Xia Brookside def. Ash By Elegance

We await the winner of the Ballot Box Battle NEXT!

Santino announced that Trey Miguel had won the Ballot Box battle, but the number of votes raised suspicions. The only other contender with a significant vote count was Ace Austin. To resolve this, the two will face off next week on #TNAiMPACT to determine who will challenge Mustafa Ali for the TNA X Division Championship at Under Siege!

The Good Hands entered the iMPACT Zone trash-talking Sami Callihan and Vegas.

Sami Callihan vs. The Good Hands

Hotch attempted to ambush Sami Callihan but ended up getting sucker-punched and powerbombed. Adding insult to injury, Sami used a picture of PCO to give Hotch paper cuts. Skylar shifted the momentum by spearing Sami. Remaining aggressive, Skylar kept the pressure on Sami. However, Sami turned the tables when he intercepted Hotch with a punch as Hotch dove towards him, then finished the match with a Cactus Driver ’97 for the victory!

Sami Callihan def. The Good Hands

Steve Maclin approached Frankie Kazarian with a proposition, but Kazarian remained wary due to their past. Despite their mutual distrust, they shared an issue with common enemies.

TNA Presents Under Siege Friday, May 3rd at the Washington Ave Armory in Albany, NY. Tickets are on sale NOW.


BREAKING: PCO & Jordynne Grace vs. Steph De Lander & Kon, The System w/Alisha Edwards vs. Nemeth and Speedball Mountain, Hammerstone vs. Jake Something, Spitfire vs. Alisha Edwards & Masha Slamovich are made official for Under Siege!

Ryan Nemeth is ringside to support Nic Nemeth.

Eddie Edwards vs. Nic Nemeth

Eddie and Nemeth began their match with a series of wrestling holds, but as frustration started to seep through for both individuals, it led to a huge shoulder tackle from Nemeth. Lish grabbed Nic’s foot, causing a distraction that allowed Eddie to clobber Nemeth. Eddie went for a back body drop, but Nemeth fired back, dropping Edwards with a dropkick. Myers distracted Nemeth just enough for Eddie to send him crashing to the floor. Nemeth fired back with multiple elbow drops to the heart of Eddie Edwards, and Nemeth spiked Eddie with a DDT, but Eddie kicked out. Edwards rolled out of the ring, climbed the top rope, and connected with a superplex, and right into a tiger driver, but “The Wanted Man” kicked out. Nemeth caught a superkick and landed an Olympic slam, but Eddie kicked out. The two started going punch for punch, forearm for forearm. Nemeth went for the Danger Zone, Eddie went for the Boston Knee Party. Both men were down! Myers and Ryan Nemeth were arguing outside the ring. Moose interferes and blindsides Nemeth with the TNA World title, Eddie Edwards takes Nemeth down with the Boston Knee Party for the victory.

Eddie Edwards def. Nic Nemeth

After the match, The System launches a brutal attack on Nic Nemeth, with a savage chair shot to his face, leaving the audience in complete shock.

TNAiMPACT goes off the air.