TNA iMPACT 05 02 2024

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Mustafa Ali vs. Chris Bey

The match kicked off with a series of arm wringers between Bey and Ali, with Ali initially gaining the upper hand by locking in a tight headlock. This led to a fast-paced exchange culminating in Ali delivering a massive back elbow. However, the momentum shifted when Bey responded with several sharp chops to Ali’s chest and a devastating clothesline that flipped Ali over.

As the action intensified, Ali briefly regained control, only to be met with a sudden DDT from Bey. The match’s pace didn’t let up, with Ali cleverly using the ropes to his advantage, Not to be outdone, Bey mounted a comeback, trapping Ali in the corner and executing a breathtaking coast-to-coast Elbow.

The battle saw multiple near-falls, with Ali attempting to secure a win by putting his feet on the ropes, only for Ace Austin to intervene. Ali’s security at ringside created a distraction, allowing him to take down Ace with a high-flying dive outside the ring. Bey mirrored this with a dive of his own.

Ali absorbed a superkick but fought back, attempting a powerbomb that Bey countered by dropping him on his head. With the intensity at its peak, Bey ascended the top rope, only to be dragged down by Ali into a punishing German Suplex on the apron. Although Bey dodged Ali’s 450 Splash attempt and countered with a Cutter, interference from Ali’s security turned the tide. With the referee distracted, a flag shot from one of Ali’s allies allowed Ali to finally land the 450 Splash and steal the victory.

Dani Luna vs. Alisha Edwards

Lars Fredrickson joined commentators Matthew Rehwoldt and Tom Hannifan to discuss the dynamic between Alisha Edwards and Dani Luna as the match got underway. The action started intensely with Alisha Edwards confronting Dani Luna, escalating quickly as Edwards slapped Luna in the face. Luna retaliated with a barrage of forearms and a powerful Exploder Suplex, sending Edwards scurrying to ringside for counsel with Masha Slamovich.

Masha whispered strategic advice to Alisha, which seemed to momentarily shift the momentum in Alisha’s favor, allowing her to choke Luna with the middle rope. Luna stood her ground and regained control, tossing Alisha around the ring and executing a stunning Blue Thunder Bomb.

The match’s intensity increased as Jody Threat shouted encouragement, prompting Luna to set up for her signature move, the Luna Landing. However, Masha’s interference from the apron was met with Jody pulling Masha down to the floor. In the chaos, Luna attempted a Clothesline, which Alisha ducked, striking Jody on the outside. Taking advantage of the distraction, Masha quickly entered the ring and delivered a decisive kick and the Snow Plow to Luna!

Alisha Edwards def Dani Luna

Sami Callihan launches the premiere episode of “DMTV,” his very own show.

Hammerstone vs. Cody Deaner

Cody Deaner raised the stake transforming the match into a “Sin City Street Fight” to the delight of the iMPACT crowd. The action kicked off explosively when Deaner, after riling up the audience, blindsided Hammerstone with a microphone, officially starting the match.

The fight quickly spilled outside the traditional confines of a wrestling match. Deaner initially gained momentum with a dropkick targeting Hammerstone’s knee and wielded a trash can lid as a weapon, though it barely phased Hammerstone. In retaliation, Hammerstone delivered a punishing boot to Deaner’s face followed by relentless stomps in the corner of the ring.

The brawl moved to the floor where Hammerstone dominated, ramming Deaner chest-first into the corner post. However, Deaner seized an opportunity to turn the tables, shoving Hammerstone into the post and leveling him with a chair. The match continued to escalate with Hammerstone executing a devastating Backbreaker and using the chair to assault Deaner further, culminating in a brutal Fallaway Slam.

Despite the relentless offense from Hammerstone, the Vegas crowd’s support rekindled Deaner’s resolve, leading to a fiery comeback. He attempted a bodyslam on Hammerstone, but the size and strength disparity proved too much. Yet, Deaner’s perseverance paid off as he eventually managed to execute a massive bodyslam on Hammerstone onto the chair.

The crowd electrified, chanted for a table, prompting Deaner to introduce one into the match. However, Hammerstone quickly regained control, launching Deaner and delivering a thunderous Chokeslam through the table. Hammerstone then secured the win with a torturous Torture Rack, refusing to release the hold even after the victory, which led to Jake Something making a dramatic save. He cleared the top rope and tackled Hammerstone, prompting security to intervene and desperately try to separate the two colossal competitors.

Hammerstone def Deaner

Broken Matt Hardy, alongside Trent Seven and Speedball Mike Bailey, delivered a fiery promo about their united front against The System. The trio expressed their determination to dismantle The System and ensure they are “DELETED” once and for all.

The spotlight was once again on Jonathan Gresham. The scene unfolds with Santino warmly welcoming Jonathan Gresham back to TNA iMPACT ahead of his match at Under Siege against KUSHIDA. The two share a handshake, However, as they shake hands, Santino looks down to discover a mysterious ink mark on his hand—a mark left by Gresham.

AJ Francis set the stage for an unforgettable segment as Joe Hendry was slated to deliver an in-ring apology. However, in typical Hendry fashion, the segment took an unconventional and entertaining turn. Hendry opened with an acoustic rendition of his “Cheese It” song, humorously directed at Francis. The crowd was treated further as Hendry followed up with another acoustic version of his popular “Banned from Diving.”

It’s time for Hendry’s apology song, “Can You Please Get Fired?” The performance struck a chord in the iMPACT Zone, prompting the audience to join in, singing along as AJ Francis was completely livid!

Trey Miguel vs. Ace Austin

The match kicked off with high tension as Trey and Ace Austin aggressively jockeyed for control, What started as smack talk quickly escalated into a heated shoving match, setting off an intense brawl of punches center-ring.

Both men’s partners, Bey and Wentz, jumped onto the apron, trying to offer strategic advice amid the chaos. Despite this, the match intensified as Ace Austin executed a crisp Arm Drag followed by a pinpoint dropkick. Just as Ace was gearing up for a springboard attack, Wentz intervened, yanking his feet off the apron, disrupting the maneuver. Trey seized the moment to deliver a sly back rake and continued to dominate a reeling Ace with a series of blows.

The struggle continued with Trey maintaining control with a Body Scissors, but Ace showed resilience, lifting Trey. However, Trey quickly countered, with a flurry of strikes, a double stomp, and a moonsault. Ace, showing his ring savvy, countered the Moonsault by getting his knees up.

Fueled by adrenaline, Ace surged back with a series of powerful strikes, a Russian leg sweep, and his signature “Click Click Boom.” As the momentum swung back and forth, Ace nearly secured the win with a well-timed hit, only for Trey to kick out. Wentz again caused a distraction from the apron, leading to a chaotic sequence where Trey managed a roll-up and a barrage of moves. Trey attempts his signature kick, but Ace brilliantly reversed it, aiming for his own signature kick. Trey manages a short superkick, while Ace’s head is trapped in the buckle.

Both competitors started battling on the top rope. Trey’s ear clap stunned Ace, but it wasn’t enough to secure the win. Ace recovered and executed a devastating head stomp followed by “The Fold” to clinch the number one contender spot for the X Division Championship tomorrow night at Under Siege.

Ace Austin def Trey Miguel

Josh Alexander and Frankie Kazarian took to TNA iMPACT to set the record straight about their adversaries, Frankie Kazarian and Steve Maclin ahead of Under Siege.

The Personal Concierge introduces Ash By Elegance to the iMPACT Zone.

Miyu Yamashita vs. Jordynne Grace

The match begins with Grace and Yamashita cautiously feeling each other out. Grace lands a big shoulder tackle, but Miyu quickly counters with a solid kick to Grace’s chest. Grace retaliates by dropping Yamashita directly on the top of her head with a Trapped Leg German Suplex. Miyu catches Grace with a kick. Grace absorbs more kicks before rolling out to the floor. Outside the ring, Grace manages to turn the tide by blocking a kick and delivering a Juggernaut Jackhammer, dropping Yamashita on the floor. Grace rolls Miyu back into the ring, but Miyu rolls out again to gain her composure.

The action heats up on the apron as Yamashita lifts Jordynne Grace for a DVD, sending her crashing onto the apron! Miyu then locks Grace in a submission hold; Grace struggles and finally reaches the bottom rope to break the hold. The two competitors rise and start exchanging a fierce series of chops and kicks. Grace body slams Yamashita, who refuses to stay down and meets Grace with another kick, attempting a Powerslam. However, Grace counters, and when Jordynne throws a Backfist, Miyu responds with a kick, knocking both wrestlers out momentarily!

The battle continues as Grace and Yamashita climb to the buckle. Grace attempts a Muscle Buster, but Yamashita blocks it and delivers repeated knees to Grace’s face. Grace manages to dump Yamashita off the top rope, but it’s not enough to keep her down. Grace goes for the Juggernaut Driver, but Yamashita counters and lands a stiff kick to the back of Grace’s head. Miyu attempts a Skull Kick, which Grace reverses and finally lands the Juggernaut Driver, securing the victory and gaining momentum heading into Under Siege!

Jordynne Grace def Miyu Yamashita

Jordynne Grace stood in the ring, extending a gesture of respect towards Miyu Yamashita. The atmosphere, charged with sportsmanship, quickly took a turn as Steph Delander blindsided Grace with a vicious attack. The assault escalated as Delander called in her ally, Kon, giving him chilling instructions to “break Grace’s neck.”

The situation grew tense, hinting at a dire outcome for Grace. However, the arena lights suddenly cut out, plunging the ring into darkness. As the crowd buzzed with anticipation and uncertainty, the lights snapped back on to reveal PCO, standing defiantly in the ring, ready to back up Jordynne Grace. The unexpected appearance sent Delander and Kon running.

TNA iMPACT goes off the air.