TNA iMPACT 05 09 2024

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The System mocks Nic Nemeth, Matt Hardy, and Eddie Edwards at the start of their celebration, which features a video of their achievements presented by Alisha Edwards. However, the festivities are abruptly interrupted by Broken Matt Hardy wielding a steel chair. He declares the war ‘FAR FROM OVAH!’ and vows to make the System ‘OBSOLETE!’

Moose points out the odds—him against four members of the System. Despite this, Matt, armed with a steel chair, manages to take down all the members of the System before Eddie Edwards blindsides him.

Just as the System prepares to finish Matt as they did Nic Nemeth, Ryan Nemeth rushes into the ring to aid Hardy. Together, they drive the System out of the ring. The Albany Firebirds cheerleaders join in, chanting ‘DELETE’ at the retreating System.

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We revisit a recap of Mustafi Ali vs. Ace Austin from Under Siege, followed by a backstage interview with Gia Miller and ABC. Chris Bey is asked if there’s any resentment towards Ace Austin for questioning his loyalty. Bey assures Gia that all is well within the team. Ace remarks that he would be X Division champion if he had better support, but now they are ready to teach Trent and Speedball a lesson.

Santino is backstage when the System barges in, furious, demanding action against Matt Hardy and Ryan Nemeth for their beatdown. Santino responds that he has an announcement that will address their concerns.

First Class vs. The FBI 

The match kicks off with Ray Jaz and Rich Swann locking up. Jaz executes a Suplex and kips up, prompting Swann to scurry to his corner and tag in Zack Clayton. Clayton immediately takes control with a Big Boot and a Suplex, then lifts Swann, who manages an Eye Rake and tags in AJ Francis.

Francis sends Swann flying into Clayton, knocking him down, and follows up with a Tackle. Francis and Swann dominate Clayton until he dodges Francis’s Corner Splash, causing a collision. Both men go down, and fresh tags bring Swann and Jaz back into the fray. Jaz unleashes a flurry of offense, culminating in a massive Side Suplex, but Francis intervenes. As Clayton and Francis exchange blows, Francis sends Clayton to the floor. Jaz tries a Dropkick but is countered with a Chokeslam. Swann then lands a Frog Splash to secure a victory for First Class!

First Class defeats FBI.

Santino is confronted by an irate Jake Something, upset about the chaos at Under Siege. The Rascals storm in, equally furious. Both parties demand action, and Santino swiftly grants their wish. Cody Deaner teams up with Jake Something to face the Rascalz in the next match!

Steph Delander and Kon join ‘The Frontman’ Alan Angels on ‘Sound Check.’ Angels mistakenly assumes Delander and Kon are dating, which offends Kon, prompting him to shove Angels out of the frame. Delander, puzzled, asks Kon if he and Angels are friends. Fed up, Kon starts to leave, but Angels, with the help of security, tries to stop him. Unfazed, Kon swiftly takes down the security guards.

The Rascalz vs. Jake Something & Cody Deaner

Before the match, Deaner grabs the mic and polls the Albany crowd, offering a choice between a standard match and an Albany Tornado Tag Match. The crowd chooses the latter, and it’s made official!

As the match begins, the Rascalz attempt to ambush Something and Deaner but are repelled and met with a Double Shoulder Tackle. Trey retreats while Deaner and Jake perform a Double Team move on Wentz. Trey tries a Springboard attack, but Jake catches him mid-air and slams him down beside Wentz, followed by a Scoop Slam on both Rascalz.

Taking control, Deaner and Jake dominate outside the ring amid chants of “TNA!” from the crowd. Deaner chops Wentz and Trey, riling up the audience. However, Trey manages to push Jake into the Corner Post, shifting momentum to the Rascalz. Wentz returns the Chops to Deaner and together with Trey, they Double Team him. Meanwhile, Wentz delivers a Goal Kick to Jake, and Trey adds an AJ Styles-style Knee Drop on Deaner.

Despite the Rascalz’s dominance, Deaner starts a comeback, but the Rascalz quickly counter with a Tag Team combo. Trey attempts to attack Jake but is thrown out of the ring, while Wentz nails Jake with a Knee to the Face and follows with a punishing move against the Corner Post.

The Rascalz execute a sequence of attacks, culminating in a Shooting Star Press from Wentz, but Deaner resiliently kicks out. The action continues with both teams exchanging high-flying maneuvers and impactful moves. Trey uses Spray Paint to blind Jake, giving the Rascalz the upper hand.

They secure the win with a devastating double-team move on Deaner.

The Rascalz defeat Jake Something and Cody Deaner

While Trey and Wentz celebrate their victory, they are suddenly blindsided by Steve Maclin, who attacks from behind. Maclin delivers the K.I.A to Wentz on the ramp and then makes his exit. Encountering Gia backstage, Maclin explains that he attacked because they weren’t there for him twice. At that moment, Kaz interjects, suggesting that Maclin’s lack of focus at Under Siege was due to this very reason. Kaz declares that Maclin is now on his own with Mike Santana.

Tom Hannifan sits down with Mike Santana to discuss his return to TNA Wrestling, his history with LAX, the lessons he learned during his time away, the impact of his father’s passing, his decision to get sober, and how that choice saved his life.

Gabbie Laspisa, the host of ‘Gabbie AF’, is set to introduce Ash By Elegance when she’s unexpectedly interrupted by The Personal Concierge, who refuses to disclose his name and instead presents Ash himself.

Gabbie inquires why she’s called ‘Ash By Elegance,’ and Ash explains it’s both a lifestyle and a brand. Gabbie’s further questioning offends both Ash and The Personal Concierge.

Gabbie then shows a video of Ash’s loss at Under Siege, infuriating Ash, who blames the referee for stealing her necklace. Gabbie reveals that TNA Management has agreed she can have her jewelry returned, but only if she defeats Xia Brookside. At that moment, Xia enters, challenging Ash to a rematch next week for the bejeweled knuckles. Ash accepts, setting the stage for next week’s showdown between Xia and Ash By Elegance.

Joe Hendry appeared on Heart Radio to discuss the success of his song ‘I Believe in Joe Hendry.

Santino returns to announce the ‘Champions Challenge,’ a major event pitting all eight TNA Champions against a team of eight super all-stars. The champions’ team will consist of Moose, Eddie Edwards, Alisha Edwards, Masha Slamovich, Brian Myers, Jordynne Grace, Mustafi Ali, and Laredo Kid. They will face off against Eric Young, Steph Delander, Broken Matt Hardy, Sami Callihan, Joe Hendry, Ryan Nemeth, Dani Luna, and Jody Threat.”

Jonathan Gresham vs. Will Ferrara

The match starts with Jonathan Gresham aggressively attacking Will Ferrara, delivering multiple Running Dropkicks. Gresham then deceives Ferrara with a Feint and lands a powerful Standing Dropkick. He continues his assault by Stomping on Ferrara’s arm, then executes a unique maneuver to snap his opponent’s arm. Although Ferrara attempts a comeback, Gresham quickly shuts him down with a brutal Boot to the Face. Gresham then takes control from behind, bringing Ferrara down and relentlessly Stomping on the back of his knee, and Slamming it against the ground. Gresham finishes the match by spitting Ink into his hand and suffocating Ferrara with it to secure the victory.

Jonathan Gresham defeats Will Ferrara

Gail Kim is spotted exiting a car and walking down a gravel path, approaching Gisele Shaw who is meditating. Gail Kim states firmly, ‘We need to talk.’

Mustafa Ali joins Matthew Rehwoldt and Tom Hannifan at the commentary table just before the main event begins

ABC vs. Speedball Mountain

The match begins with Chris Bey and Speedball Mike Bailey in action. Bailey quickly lands a massive Dropkick and tags in Trent Seven. Together, they execute a Double Hiptoss, followed by Bailey launching Trent onto Chris Bey as Ali watches intently. Trent continues the assault by cornering Bey and delivering a Running Forearm. After tagging in, Bailey dazzles with a series of moves including a Back Elbow off Trent’s back and a Shooting Star Press.

The action intensifies as Bey and Bailey exchange Chops and Elbows. ABC regains control momentarily with Ace stomping Bailey and executing a solid Suplex. Bey then connects with a short Clothesline. The momentum shifts back and forth with Bailey making a comeback with a Dropkick and tagging in Trent Seven. Trent unleashes a barrage of moves on Ace, including a Big DDT.

Back inside, Bey and Bailey go toe-to-toe with Bailey eventually hitting his signature Kicks. Ace Austin and Bailey exchange blows, knocking each other down temporarily. Tags bring Trent and Bey back into the fray, exchanging Chops. Bey attempts a Satellite DDT, but Trent counters and the two continue to battle.

As the match nears its climax, all four competitors are down after a series of punishing maneuvers. ABC attempts their finisher, but Speedball and Trent counter with stereo Dives. In the ring, Bailey lands a Tornado Kick on Bey and tags Trent. Despite Ace’s attempt to intervene, Bailey and Trent execute a combination of moves culminating in Trent’s Birminghammer and Bailey’s Ultima Weapon to secure the victory.

Speedball Mountain defeats ABC.

TNA iMPACT goes off the air.