TNA iMPACT 05 30 2024

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Ace Austin vs. Chris Bey 

The match kicks off with the iMPACT Zone roaring in unison, setting the stage for an intense showdown between Bey and Ace. The two competitors locked up, with Bey gaining the upper hand by pushing Ace into the corner. As they separated and engaged in a test of strength, Ace managed to snatch a headlock, only for Bey to counter with a Shoulder Tackle.

Frustration began to show on Ace’s face as Bey retaliated with a headlock of his own, but Ace quickly turned the tables with a Back Elbow and a stiff kick to Bey’s spine, followed by a chop. Bey fought back with a chop of his own, but found himself being shoved to the apron. After a series of back-and-forth exchanges, Bey regained control with a Dropkick, seizing the momentum. However, Ace managed to regain his footing by executing a Back Body Drop, followed by two Suplexes and another Headlock. Bey fought back with a series of elbows and a Chin Breaker, only to be sent crashing to the floor by a devastating Superkick from Ace. As Ace attempted to Soar To Glory, Bey intercepted with a Clothesline, launching into a kick combo.

The battle continued with both competitors exchanging blows, with Ace ultimately gaining the upper hand and nearly securing a victory. As Ace lined Bey up for The Fold, Bey managed to turn the tables with a Cutter, followed by an attempt at the Art of Finesse. Bey executed a quick roll-up, securing the three-count and emerging victorious.

Chris Bey def. Ace Austin

Steph Delander w/ Kon vs.  Xia Brookside 

The two competitors lock up, with De Lander quickly gaining the upper hand by tossing Xia off of her and slamming her face-first into the canvas. Xia attempted a Crossbody, but De Lander caught her and executed a Fallaway Slam.

De Lander continued her dominance by delivering a series of punishing blows to Xia, including a chop and a Corner Splash.

Despite the onslaught, Xia fought back with a Back Elbow and a kick to the stomach. She then managed to send De Lander to the corner with a well-executed Headscissors. De Lander, feeling the pressure, retreated to the floor. As she attempted to grab a chair from under the ring, she was surprised to find PCO holding onto it. Xia took advantage of the distraction and launched herself at De Lander, only to be caught by PCO and placed back in the ring.

PCO inadvertently helped Xia by pushing De Lander back into the ring. Xia capitalized on the opportunity and rolled De Lander up for the pin, securing the victory. The match ended with Xia Brookside emerging as the winner.

Xia Brookside def. Steph De Lander 

SDL is scolding PCO for causing her to lose, but he silences her by placing a finger on her lips. He then reaches into his pocket and retrieves a crumpled piece of paper with Steph’s name and a heart drawn on it. SDL takes the paper, feeling puzzled at first, but eventually breaks into a smile.

Laredo Kid addressed the TNA Faithful with pride as he speaks about his reign as the Digital Media Champion. However, his moment was interrupted when AJ Francis and Rich Swann unexpectedly entered the scene. They informed Laredo that he would be facing Swann for the Digital Media Championship next week but Before Laredo could respond, he was blindsided by Aj Francis. Security quickly intervened to break up the brawl.

Kon calls out for Santino as Jake Something and Deaner engage in a conversation. Suddenly, Kon collides with Something, leading to a standoff between the two. Kon cautions Something against listening to Deaner, emphasizing that it did not end well for him and will not end well for Something either. Something glares at Deaner and firmly instructs him to stay out of the situation and to stay out of the upcoming match next week, where Something will go head-to-head with Kon in a singles competition.

Sami Callihan vs Jonathan Gresham 

The match kicked off with a confident Sami Callihan striding towards Jonathan Gresham, giving him a thumbs up and a thumbs down. Gresham attempted to bite Callihan, but the two engaged in a tense circling of the ring. Gresham persistently tried to bite Sami, who retaliated by biting the top of Gresham’s head and throwing him to the floor. As they continued their brawl outside the ring, Sami licked his hand before delivering a brutal chop to Gresham. The intensity escalated as Gresham attacked Sami from behind, clawing at his eyes.

The two traded blows, with Gresham unleashing stomps on Sami and trapping him in the ring apron to stomp on his head.

Sami turned the tables with a Side Suplex on the apron, then slammed Gresham headfirst into the post. Gresham stunned Sami with a water bottle, prompting a chop.

Gresham resorted to eye-gouging and finger-stomping to gain the upper hand, delivering a forearm blast to Sami. Sami fought back, executing a Piledriver on the apron before tossing Gresham back into the ring.

The two engaged in a fierce exchange of chops and punches, with Callihan goading Gresham on.

Despite Sami’s attempt to win with a Death Valley Driver, Gresham managed to bridge out of it and counter with an Enziguri. Gresham then attempted to spit ink into his hand but Sami blocked it. However, Gresham resorted to a Low Blow to secure the pinfall victory.

Jonathan Gresham def. Sami Callihan 

Gail Kim sits down with Gisele Shaw for an exclusive interview. During their conversation, Gail inquiries about Gisele’s journey in the wrestling world. Gisele opens up about her loss to Jordynne Grace at No Surrender and expresses the need for some time away from TNA. She admits to feeling like she is starting from scratch once again. Feeling lost, Gisele poses the question of what she should be fighting for? Gail offers her advice, encouraging Gisele to fight as a Knockout and to start next week on TNA iMPACT.

The scene opens with Gia Miller approaching Eddie Edwards to inquire about his upcoming match with Joe Hendry. Eddie confidently assures her that everything will go smoothly if Matt Hardy and the Nemeth brothers don’t get in the way. Suddenly, Frankie Kazarian enters the frame and demands that Gia Miller refer to him as “The King of TNA.”

Steve Maclin vs. Mike Santana 

The match kicked off with a forceful shove from Santana, setting the tone for an intense showdown. As they locked up, Maclin swiftly gained the upper hand with a well-timed kick and Back Elbow. The two competitors traded Shoulder Tackles and Chops showcasing their physicality. Santana gained momentum with a spectacular Hurricanrana that sent Maclin crashing to the floor! His attempt to dive was stopped as Maclin evaded. Taking advantage of Santana’s vulnerability, Maclin slammed him face-first onto the apron and delivered an Elbow Drop.  Frustration fueled Maclin as he unleashed a punishing chop, followed by a Knee Drop to Santana’s back along with a devastating Backbreaker. However, Santana rallied the crowd’s support and countered with a Rolling Buck 50, sending Maclin reeling into the corner.

Seizing the opportunity, Santana delivered a powerful kick to Maclin’s head, scooped him up, and slammed him face-first. With the crowd roaring, Santana attempted his signature move, the STB, but Maclin managed to block it and deliver a crushing blow. The tension escalated as Maclin executed Into The Crosshairs and unleashed Mayhem for All.

Santana miraculously kicked out. Maclin positioned Santana for a Superplex, only to be thwarted by Santana, and the massive splash that followed, Maclin refused to stay down. Santana charged at Maclin, only to be sent crashing to the floor, but he retaliated with a Superkick and Dive. The action intensified as Santana attempted to send Maclin back into the ring, only for Maclin to counter with a Dive of his own.

Just as the match seemed to be reaching its peak, chaos erupted as The Rascalz stormed the ring, attacking both Santana and Maclin, resulting in the match being thrown out.

Steve Maclin vs. Mike Santana ends in DQ 

Dani Luna and Lars Frederikson talk to Jody about how she needs to learn from her mistakes last week when she got overzealous in her match against Tasha Steelz!

Mustafa Ali w/ Campaign Singh vs Leon Slater

Ali attempted to initiate the match with a handshake, but Leon refused and instead found himself in a Headlock. The tension escalated as Ali slapped Slater across the face and delivered a powerful Shoulder Tackle. The two competitors engaged in a back-and-forth battle, with Leon landing an Enziguri and a Back Elbow on Ali.

Ali retreated to the stage, using the ropes to strike Slater in the face, gaining the upper hand.

However, Slater quickly turned the tables by reversing a whip and sending Ali crashing into the corner post before executing a Front Flip Dive off the stage.

After a commercial break, Slater caught Ali with a High Crossbody and unleashed a flurry of punches in the corner. Ali fought back, dropping Slater on his face and then choking him in the corner. To make matters worse, Campaign Singh interfered while the referee was distracted, further aiding Ali. The intense exchange continued as Ali and Slater exchanged chops, with Slater eventually gaining the upper hand. Despite Ali’s attempts to counter, Slater managed to execute a Neckbreaker.

Ali narrowly avoided Slater’s high-flying move, only to be caught by a Crossbody Dive.

In a surprising turn of events, Ali countered Slater’s next move with a German Suplex, both competitors attempted their signature moves, with Ali ultimately securing the victory with a breathtaking 450 Splash after bouncing Slater’s head off the post.

Mustafa Ali def. Leon Slater

Moose is seen on a rampage looking for Matt Hardy.

Joe Hendry confidently takes hold of the microphone, causing the crowd to erupt in “We Believe!” Chants and in Joe Hendry fashion, he proceeds to mock The System.

Nic Nemeth and Ryan Nemeth come out to support Joe Hendry!

Eddie Edwards w/ The System vs Joe Hendry 

The match kicked off with Joe Hendry energizing the IMPACT Zone, delivering a powerful shoulder tackle that sent Eddie flying. Hendry followed up with a Stalling Suplex!

Eddie retaliated with a Side Suplex and began to dominate the match. As Nic Nemeth taunted from the sidelines, Eddie unleashed a flurry of strikes on Hendry, including chops and a Clothesline. Despite Hendry’s attempts to fight back, Eddie maintained control by targeting his eyes and mouth, taunting the crowd in the process.

However, Hendry managed to turn the tide with a series of Clotheslines and a Fallaway Slam, sending Eddie reeling.

The action spilled to the outside, where Hendry continued to pummel Eddie, culminating in a Cutter that caught Eddie off guard. As the match intensified, Eddie regained momentum with a clothesline and climbed to the top rope, only to be met by Hendry. A fierce struggle ensued, with Eddie delivering a headbutt that briefly stunned Hendry. But Hendry quickly recovered, executing a Fallaway Slam from the top rope, only for Eddie to kick out. The back-and-forth continued, with Hendry attempting a Powerbomb, only for Edwards to counter with a Superplex into a Tiger Driver.

Despite the devastating move, Hendry managed to kick out, showcasing his resilience.

In a final dramatic moment, Eddie went for his signature Boston Knee Party, but Hendry countered with a Standing Ovation, securing the victory in a thrilling conclusion to the match.

Joe Hendry def. Eddie Edwards 

Moose is seen continuing his search for Matt Hardy when suddenly, The Broken One emerged. The two engaged in a backstage brawl, with Moose gaining the upper hand by striking Matt Hardy in the face with a steel chair.

TNA IMPACT goes off the air.