TNA IMPACT 11 11 2015

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: November 11, 2015

 World Title Series: Group Knockouts | Madison Rayne vs. Gail Kim

Gail and Madison exchange holds and pin attempts until Madison connects with a running elbow. She follows-up with a kick to Gail’s face from the apron. Gail counters with a facebreaker and clothesline before coming off the ropes with a crossbody.

Gail uses a headscissor to send Madison into the turnbuckle. Gail misses wildly with a crossbody, which sees her through the ropes, to the floor. Gail’s slow to recover and when the official reaches a 9-count, Madison steps between the ropes to stop the count. Gail pulls Madison from the apron, sending her face-first into the stairs!

Madison rolls back into the ring just before she’s counted out. Gail applies a sleeper hold that Madison counters with the Rayne Check and a near-fall. Madison catches Gail with a flurry of offense that includes an enziguri and crossbody. She attempts a second Rayne Check, but Gail counters with a roll-up for three!

Result: Gail Kim def. Madison Rayne (Gail Kim advances in the World Title Series).

Exclusive Interview | Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy is relieved to be the first participant moving into The Round of 16 in the World Title Series. He says the concept is innovative and that he’ll have an unblemished record in the series and go on to become the TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Hardy says he doesn’t regret giving up the World Title because he never doubted he’d regain it.  In his match tonight, he predicts Eddie Edwards will be just another victim to the “Matt Hardy Formula: Bell + Wrestle + Twist of Fate = Victory.”

Hardy says he’d like the poetic justice of facing Ethan Carter III in the finals of the World Title Series to reclaim the TNA World Title – and to end EC3’s undefeated streak.

World Title Series: Group Future 4 | Eli Drake vs. Jessie Godderz

Jessie and Eli jockey for dominance in a stalemate. Their holds mimic one another’s until Jessie gains control with a thumb to the eye. He motions for a press slam, but his knee buckles and Eli falls onto his chest.

Eli Drake makes a calculated effort against the buckled knee, but Jessie responds with a high elbow that leads to a standing enziguri. They trade pin attempts with handfuls of tights. Unable to score a pinfall, Jessie takes the advantage with a shoulder tackle.

Eli recovers and positions Jessie on the turnbuckle. Jessie shoves him to the mat. Eli trips Jessie and uses the ropes for leverage to score a three-count. .

Result: Eli Drake def. Jessie Godderz (Eli Drake: 3 pts., Jessie Godderz: 0)

World Title Series: Group Tag Team Specialists | Matt Hardy vs. Eddie Edwards

Matt sends Eddie into the turnbuckle where he connects with a neckbreaker from the second rope. He follows with a series of clotheslines and running bulldog. Eddie sends Matt over the rope and dropkicks him to the arena floor.

Eddie connects with a suicide dive, but misses wildly with a chop that connects with the ring post instead! Matt uses Eddie’s misfortune to his advantage by slamming Eddie’s hand onto the stairs. He attempts a Side Effect onto the apron, but Eddie counters with an enziguri and DDT!

Eddie and Matt trade blows before colliding with a double clothesline. Eddie counters a tornado DDT; Matt counters a Chin Checker. Matt locks in a sleeper hold that drops into a neckbreaker – it’s good for a two-count.

Eddie counters a Twist of Fate and scores a two-count following the Chin Checker. Eddie follows-up with an impressive series of counters and near-falls. He heads up the turnbuckle, but Matt Hardy answers with a Twist of Fate from the top rope.

Result: Matt Hardy def. Eddie Edwards (Matt Hardy: 3, Eddie Edwards: 0)

World Title Series: Group X-Division | DJ Z vs. Mandrews

Mandrews sends DJ Z outside with an arm drag. He counters an Irish Whip into the stairs with a moonsault before returning to the ring only to deliver an over-the-top-rope senton.

DJ Z’s on the mat when Mandrews leaps for a standing moonsault. DJ Z counters mid-air and Mandrews lands hard on his neck! DJ Z capitalizes with a choke, using the bottom rope for leverage. DJ Z releases the hold to connect with a springboard back elbow.

Mandrews stumbles, but counters a springboard DDT with a hurricanrana to score a two-count. He delivers a Frankensteiner from the top rope followed by a series of quick pin attempts. DJ Z pulls Mandrews from the turnbuckle with a roll-up; Mandrews it out at two.

DJ Z connects with a Hostile Makeover. Mandrews just kicks out before three moments before launching himself into the air with a shooting star press! DJ Z lifts his knees and then rolls him up for the win.

Result: DJ Z def. Mandrews (DJ Z: 3, Mandrews: 0)

Backstage: Eric Young says he’s a dangerous man when he has options and that James Storm is in his way next week.

World Title Series: Group Future 4 | Crimson vs. Michah

Footage of an earlier match shows Crimson dominating much of the match until Micah scored a Samoan drop and diving headbutt for the win.

Result: Micah def. Crimson (Michah: 3, Crimson: 0)

World Title Series: Group Champions | Ethan Carter III w/ Tyrus vs. Mr. Anderson

Mr. Anderson delivers a headbutt before backing EC3 into the corner where he unloads a series of chops. EC3 retreats, but Anderson’s crowding is only interrupted when he dropkicks Tyrus through the ropes – a preemptive measure.

EC3 counters a Mic Check and drives Anderson through the ropes. Carter rolls into the ring, feigning an ankle injury which allows Tyrus an opportunity to attack. Anderson’s fed to Carter, who stalks him for a One Percenter. Carter’s position shifts and instead, he delivers a sit-out front suplex.

EC3 applies a chin lock as the five-minute warning flashes. Anderson fights out of the submission before both men collide with a double clothesline. Anderson follows a swinging neckbreaker with the Lambeau Leap and a swanton from the turnbuckle!

Anderson preps for a Mic Check that Carter counters. He lifts Anderson onto the turnbuckle and motions for a One Percenter! Anderson counters with a Lambeau Leap from the top rope! Anderson makes the cover and just before three, Tyrus pulls EC3 from the ring!

Earl Hebner is arguing with Tyrus when the two-minute warning flashes. Anderson fends off Tyrus with a chair before returning his sights to EC3. While Hebner works to get rid of the chair, EC3 delivers a low blow. Anderson counters a One Percenter with a Mic Check that EC3 counters into a jackknife pin for the victory.

Result: Ethan Carter III def. Mr. Anderson (EC3 advances in the World Title Series)