TNA IMPACT 11 04 2015

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: November 4, 2015

Updated TNA World Title Series Scoreboard

Group Tag Team Specialist:

Matt Hardy (6 Points), Robbie E (3 Points), Davey Richards (1 Points), Eddie Edwards (1 Points)

Group Future Four:

Jessie Godderz (3 Points), Eli Drake (1 Points), Micah (1 Points), Crimson (0 Points)

Group X-Division: 

Manik (6 Points), Tigre Uno (3 Points), DJ Zema Ion (3 Points), Mark Andrews (0 Points)

Group TNA Originals:

Abyss (3 Points), Bobby Roode (3 Points), James Storm (3 Points), Eric Young (3 Points)

Group UK:

Drew Galloway (6 Points), Rockstar Spud (3 Points), Bram (3 Points), Grado (0 Points)

Group Champions:

Austin Aries (4 Points), Ethan Carter III (4 Points), Bobby Lashley (3 Points), Mr. Anderson (0 Points)

Group Wildcard: 

Mahabali Shera (6 Points), Kenny King (3 Points),  Aiden O’Shea (3 Points), Crazzy Steve (0 Points)

Group Knockouts:

Brooke Tessmacher (3 Points), Awesome Kong (3 Points), Gail Kim (3 Points), Madison Rayne (3 Points)

First Match: Group Knockout’s Madison Rayne vs. Brooke Tessmacher in a TNA World Title Series Match 

Rayne and Tessmacher lock up. Rayne with an armdrag to Tessmacher. Rayne with a wrist lock. Rayne with a side headlock. They run the ropes and Madison locks in another side headlock. Tessmacher with a dropkick for a two count. Tessmacher with right hands to Rayne. Madison with a forearm/chop combination. Rayne with a dropkick to Tessmacher who was on the second rope. Tessmacher with a shoulder tackle to Rayne. Tessmacher with a clothesline for a two count. Tessmacher with a flapjack to Rayne. Tessmacher with an elbow drop off the top rope for a two count. Madison with the Rayne Check to Tessmacher to pick up the victory.

Winner: Madison Rayne + 3 Points 

Eric Young Promo: 

Young ask the camera man what does he want. You’re going to ask him about Kurt Angle about how he screwed him at Bound for Glory. Maybe you’re going to ask him about the World Title Series and how Abyss cheated. Young says that everyone is out to get him and that happens when you’re the best. You have a target on your back and everyone is out to prove that they are better then you. Young has a newsflash for everybody and that is nobody is better than him. He’s the best. Young ask Bobby Roode if he wants to take his chances. You want a piece of him? Young calls himself the original. Young tells Roode that he’s not going to make it to the match tonight. Young said that he makes his own luck. He’s a winner and he’s always been a winner.

Second Match: Group UK’s Rockstar Spud vs. Bram in a TNA World Title Series Match 

Bram shoves Spud down to the mat. Bram continues to toy with Spud. Spud slaps Bram in the face. Spud with three running forearms to Bram. Spud bites Bram’s thumb. Bram knocks Spud down. Bram goes for a two elbow drops and Spud ducks out of the way. Spud with an elbow drop to the back of Bram for a one count. Bram rolls out of the ring in frustration. Spud dives onto Bram on the outside, but Bram catches him and sends him to the steel ring steps. Bram rolls Spud back into the ring. Bram with a boot to the midsection of Spud. Spud with jawbreaker to Bram. Spud with three running forearms and a dropkick to Bram. Spud with an enziguri. Spud goes for the Underdog, but Bram counters. Spud rolls up Bram for a two count. Bram with The Brighter Side of Suffering to pick up the victory.

Winner: Bram + 3 Points 

Bobby Roode Promo: 

Camera man asks Roode if he knows that Eric Young is looking for him right now. Roode says yes and he can care less. He hasn’t forgotten what Eric Young did to him. He’s the man directly responsible for costing Roode the TNA World Heavyweight Championship earlier this year. He thinks that he control’s the destiny of the world title. Roode has news for him. Roode controls his own destiny, he’s the King of the Mountain Champion and when he defeats Young tonight he will be one step closer to becoming the TNA World Heavyweight Champion again and he will close out 2015 as a double champion. Roode says that he’s ready, but the question is if Young’s ready?

Third Match: Group X-Division’s Mandrews vs. Manik in a TNA World Title Series 

Manik controls Mandrews on the mat, and every time Mandrews tries to wrestle his way out from under Manik, Manik ties him right back up. Mandrews gets a double armbar stack for a two count before finally grounding Manik with an armbar. Manik is quickly out of that and ties Mandrews up with a leglock before rolling him into a bow and arrow. Manik continues dominating Mandrews on the mat until Mandrews gets away and hits a sweet swinging DDT that sends Manik to the floor.

Mandrews tries going to the top, but Manik gets out of his range , so Mandrews comes across the ring, victory rolls Manik, and hits a double stomp. He goes for a standing moonsault, but takes too long playing to the crowd and Manik gets the knees up. Mandrews hits a northern lights suplex and hits a twisting standing moonsault, then he goes to the top, takes too long playing to the crowd, and a shooting star press lands right on Manik’s knees. Manik hits the Detonation Kick to pick up the victory.

Winner: Manik + 3 Points 

The Wolves Promo: 

Edwards says that they’re in this business for the competition and Richards is the best competition he can ask for, so tonight the better man will win. Richards says that this won’t be the first time or the last time they will go against each other and he tells Edwards that he’ll see him in the ring. The Wolves patted each other on the back and walk away.

Jeff Hardy Interview Part 1

Hardy says that 2015 hasn’t been his best year, starting with his fall off the cage against the Revolution when he suffered the concussion and was out for several months. He came back from the injury and got his revenge on James Storm, then he and Matt won the TNA World Tag Team Title in Ultimate X. After riding dirt bikes his entire life, he landed wrong on the big jump over three trucks and his luck finally caught up with him. He couldn’t get up, had to be hauled away by an ambulance, and he was crushed over the certainty that he and Matt would now have to give up the tag title.

Fourth Match: Group Tag Team Specialist’s Davey Richards vs. Eddie Edwards in a TNA World Title Series Match

Richards and Edwards lockup and Edwards with the arm twist, wind and inside, arm locked, Richards kips up, twist, Edwards rolls back and forth, takes the man to the ropes. Fingers locked, hands and arms against, step over trip no, Richards with a monkey flip. Richards with the head into the ropes, leapfrogged by Eddie Gedo roll, Richards reversing around into a seated surfboard submission thing on the arms, Edwards reversing into a seated surfboard of his own. Both men run the ropes, Richards misses a Dropsault to turn it into a backflip, hits the dropkick and Richards with the snap suplex and gets a one count. Edwards sent to the corner, floats back over, Richards gets caught in an atomic drop and Edwards hits the dropkick to the knees and kick off the ropes. Edwards could not get a three.

Richards attacked with a head and we have five minutes left. Edwards with a big chop to Richards. Edwards wraps the neck to wear Richards down, Richards up and runs the ropes, taken into a fireman’s carry gutbuster by Eddie Edwards. Edwards with the jumping elbow in the corner, Richards follows with the crash. Edwards to the top, takes a spinning heel kick across the skull. Richards with a superplex off the top rope to Edwards. Richards and Edwards exchange forearms. Edwards sits Richards up top, huge kick to the head. Edwards sets up for the Piggyback Stunner and Richards counters. Richards with a kick to the head of Edwards. Richards with a German suplex. Richards to the top rope, slamming the buckle pad. Richards misses the Double Foot Stomp. Sunset Flip by Edwards and Richards reverses  jackknife, bridge by Richards to get up and backslide on Edwards, big chop from Edwards. Richards go back and forth with kicks and Richards connects with a lariat and the match ends in a time limit draw.

Winner: Time Limit Draw, Both men get 1 Point Each. Matt Hardy advances to the next round. 

The Wolves Post Match Promo: 

Edwards said that the match went just like he thought it would, and they both would have liked to get the win, but that’s the way it goes. Richards says they’d like to thank the third member of the Wolves, and that’s the fans because they wouldn’t be there if it weren’t from the fans.

Jeff Hardy Interview Part II 

Hardy said it killed him having to watch Matt go out there and give up the tag team titles, but watching Matt chase the TNA World Title was great because he knew Matt could do it. Then he wound up working for EC3 and made sure that he got his power meals and made sure Tyrus watched Sesame Street, but he didn’t regret putting his fate in Matt’s hands and the thing with EC3 could have been much worse. Jeff wasn’t going to let EC3 push him to the limit like he had and hit EC3 with the Twist of Fate, then watching Matt finally win the title in North Carolina was the best. It was very fulfilling, especially after he was the reason Matt had to give up the tag titles. Jeff thinks Matt having to give up the World Title was an honorable decision, and regrets that his interference caused Matt to give it up, but he’ll be the one chanting Matt’s name the loudest when he wins the tournament.

Bobby Roode & Eric Young Backstage Segment: 

Roode is in the parking lot and is looking for Eric Young. Roode finds him and dares him to go ahead and hit him, but Young said that Roode’s going to worry about him when he should be worrying about what he does. Roode says Young isn’t going to get in his head, but Young says he already has, and walks off. Roode punches the car in frustration.

Fifth Match: Group Wildcard’s Mahabali Shera vs. Kenny King in a TNA World Title Series Match 

King and Shera lock up. King with a side headlock to Shera. Shera with a shoulder tackle. King with a crossface to Shera. Shera with a suplex to King. Shera with a diving shoulder tackle to King for a two count. King with a diving neckbreaker to Shera. King dives onto Shera on the outside. King rolls Shera back into the ring for a two count. Shera with a roll up to King for a two count. King with a running clothesline to Shera. King with a headlock. King with a kick to the back of the head of Shera for a two count. King drops down his knee pads and goes for a running knee stomp to Shera, but Shera gets out of the way. Shera with four clotheslines to King. Shera with a vertical suplex to King. King with a back elbow to Shera. King dives onto Shera and Shera connects with the Sky High to pick up the victory.

Winner: Mahabali Shera + 3 Points 

Sixth Match: Group TNA Originals Eric Young vs. Bobby Roode in a TNA World Title Series Match 

Roode with right hands to Young. Roode with a shoulder tackle. Roode with a back bodydrop. Roode clothesline Young over the top rope. Young with a jawbreaker to Roode. Roode with a right hand to Young’s ribs as he jumps off the top rope. Young with a neckbreaker to Roode for a two count. Young with a chinlock to Roode. Roode with right hands to Young. Roode with a dropkick to Young. Young with a neckbreaker to Roode for a two count.

Young stomps on Roode’s leg. Roode with a back elbow to Young. Roode with a kick to the head of Young. Both men are down. Roode & Young with back and forth right hands. Roode with a spinebuster to Young for a two count. Roode goes for the Fisherman’s Buster and Young counters. Young goes for the piledriver and Roode rolls Young up for a two count. Roode with a boot to Young. Roode dives off the top rope and Young puts Earl Hebner in front of him to allow the distraction. Young with a piledriver to pick up the victory.

Winner: Eric Young 

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