TNA IMPACT 12 16 2015

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: December 16, 2015

Matt was going over how he felt about relinquishing the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Hardy said that he reached the pinnacle of his career at Bound for Glory. His mentality at time was that the World Title Series was an opportunity to prove that he’s one of the best performers in the industry today. Hardy fought Davey Richards in the first round and while Richards can beat anybody on any given night, Richards fell victim to the Matt Hardy Formula (Bell, Wrestle, Twist of Fate and Victory). Hardy took on Eddie Edwards in the second round and if you don’t take Edwards seriously he will eat you alive. Hardy was impressed with his match with Robbie E. We see a clip from the Davey Richards/Matt Hardy first round match-up in the TNA World Title Series.

After sweeping the competition in group Tag Team Specialist, Hardy was excited to advance to the Round of 16. When Hardy found out that he had to face Bobby Roode right out of the gate, he said that while Roode is one of the greatest TNA World Heavyweight Champions of all-time, Roode was just another obstacle in Hardy’s road of redemption. When it came to his match with Jessie Godderz in the Round of 8, Hardy calls Godderz a legitimate professional wrestler and if Hardy didn’t take Godderz seriously he would’ve lost that match. Hardy said that throughout this series he knew that nobody was going to get in his way. Hardy knows how dangerous Eric Young can be, but Hardy says that he will get pass Young and he will be one step closer to regaining the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and his dream will not die.

First Match: Crimson, Eli Drake, Micah and Jessie Godderz vs. DJ Zema Ion, Tigre Uno, Mandrews and Manik 

Drake and DJZ start off the match. Drake tags in Micah, but locking up with DJZ. Micah and DJZ lock up. Micah with a side headlock. DJZ with a flying dropkick to Micah. DJZ with an armdrag. DJZ locks in an armbar. DJZ tags in Mandrews. Micah with a wrist lock and tags in Godderz. Godderz taunts. Mandrews with a wrist lock to Godderz. Mandrews with boots to the midsection of Godderz. Godderz with a high knee to Mandrews ribs. Mandrews with a drop toe hold and tags in Manik. Manik with a flying elbow drop. Manik dropkicks Godderz. Manik tags in Uno. Uno with an enziguri to Godderz shoulder. Uno tags in Mandrews. Mandrews with a flying elbow drop to Godderz wrist. DJZ blocks a suplex attempt from Godderz. Group X-Division gives Godderz and Micah a triple team suplex. Uno with a plancha to Crimson and Drake to the outside. Micah with a flying crossbody to the outside. Godderz with a clothesline to Mandrews.

Godderz goes to dive over the top rope and decides to pause and flex in the middle of the ring. Manik with a dropkick to the back of Godderz that sends him to the outside. Manik with a flying crossbody to Group Future Four on the outside. Drake knocks Mandrews off the top rope. Drake with right hands to Mandrews. Drake with a suplex for a two count. Drake tags in Crimson. Crimson tags in Godderz to double team Mandrews. Godderz and Drake exchange rapid fire tags. Crimson with a chokeslam to Mandrews. Drake tags himself in again. Drake and Crimson argue in the ring. Mandrews tags in Uno. Uno with a dropkick to Drake. Uno goes for a springboard moonsault, but Drake catches Uno mid-air and plants him on the mat. Drake goes to tag Crimson, Godderz and Micah, but unfortunately all three men hop off the ring apron and walk away. Drake tries to run away, but Godderz, Crimson and Micah roll Drake back into the ring. DJZ with a DDT to Drake, Uno with a running dropkick and Mandrews with a 450 Splash to pick up the victory.

Winner: DJ Zema Ion, Tigre Uno, Manik and Mandrews 

Bobby Lashley Featurette:

We see extended a clip of the Bobby Lashley/Austin Aries match from the first stage of TNA World Title Series. Josh Mathews & The Pope go provide a scouting report on Lashley and previews the upcoming Semi-Final TNA World Title Series Match with Bobby Lashley and EC3.

Ethan Carter III Featurette: 

We see EC3 driving his car to the gym and says that he will not go visit his Aunt D. EC3 calls the TNA World Title Series bullshit. EC3 says that the tournament was predicated on the title he never lost at Bound for Glory. EC3 doesn’t understand why Aunt Dixie and Billy Corgan would conjure up this tournament when for the last two years he’s been perfecting his craft. EC3 has defeated every single challenge that was put in front of him. EC3 doesn’t regret refusing to help his Aunt in the fight against Global Force Wrestling because he looks out for himself. EC3 said that the format of the tournament was odd and of course he was placed in the most dangerous group. Getting past Group Champions was the pathway to the Final Four according to EC3. All EC3 does is win. EC3 said that he’s never been handed anything.

Second Match: Rockstar Spud vs. Bobby Roode vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Eddie Edwards in a Four Way Elimination Match

Roode with a side headlock to Spud. Roode with a shoulder tackle to Spud. Roode grabs Spud’s hair and applies another side headlock. Edwards tags himself in. Spud with an enziguri to Roode. Spud rolls Edwards up for a two count. Edwards with a knee to the midsection of Spud. Edwards with a back elbow. Edwards with a suicide dive to Roode. Anderson comes from behind and tries to attack Spud. Spud mocks Anderson mic pose. Anderson with a clothesline to Spud. Anderson with a waist lock. Spud with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors to Anderson that sends him to the outside. Spud with a plancha onto Roode, Edwards and Anderson on the outside. Spud goes for the Underdog, but Edwards with a backslide to eliminate Spud. Roode and Anderson have a stare off and agree to double team Edwards.

Edwards with an atomic drop and a enziguri to Anderson. Edwards with chin/back breaker slam for a two count. Roode goes for the Roode Bomb, but Edwards sends Roode to the corner. Roode locks in the crossface. Roode pushes Anderson. Anderson with a right hand to Roode. Anderson with a Mic Check to eliminate Edwards. Anderson goes for the Mic Check, but Roode ducks out of the way. Roode with a spinebuster to Anderson for a two count. Roode locks in the crossface submission hold to Anderson. Anderson rolls Roode over for a two count. Anderson with a neckbreaker. Anderson goes for the Green Bay Plunge, but Roode counters with back elbows. Roode and Anderson brawl on the top rope. Anderson with the Green Bay Plunge for a two count. Anderson goes for the Mic Check, but Roode counters with elbow to the jaw of Anderson. Anderson rolls Roode up for a two count. Roode locks in the crossface submission hold to pick up the victory.

Winner: Bobby Roode via Submission

Kurt Angle Promo: 

Angle said that the TNA World Title Series has been exciting to watch. As a competitor it’s hard for Angle to watch from the outside. All four guys are hungry and only one guy will become the TNA World Heavyweight Champion and they will earned it because this is the toughest tournament in the history of TNA. Angle says that the final four all bring something different to the table. Angle says that Young has a great opportunity to win this series. Angle calls Lashley a favorite because he exceeds when the pressure is on. Angle calls EC3 the most improved wrestler on the roster for the last two years. Angle wants to know if EC3 is good enough now to win the World Title Series.

Eric Young Featurette: 

Young says that the TNA World Heavyweight Championship goes through him. Young said that he had the taste of being World Champion. Young calls Roode a snake and he will never forget how his “best friend” screwed him over. Young calls Roode one of the best wrestler’s in the world. Young says that he’s in his most dangerous state when you put him in the corner like a caged animal. Young said that he warned James Storm to not show up, Storm showed up and Young took him out. We see a clip of the Young/Roode Match from the first stage of the TNA World Title Series. Young says that if there’s any professional wrestlers that are in the business and don’t want to become the World Champion get out of his way. Young held every major title in TNA History. The World Title Series was made for him to become the champion and to fulfill his destiny.

The Final Four Roundtable Segment: 

Mathews congratulates all four men making the final four of the TNA World Title Series. Lashley says that he will beat up EC3 and his friend Tyrus. Lashley says that doesn’t know what he’s getting into when he fights EC3. Will he fight like a men or depend on Tyrus. EC3 brought up the fact that he defeated Bobby Lashley in the first round of the tournament. EC3 said that he outsmarted Lashley. Hardy calls EC3 delusional. Hardy respects Young, but at the same time he has issues with Young. Young says that Hardy doesn’t deserve to be in the final four because he competed in the weakest group in the World Title Series. Young says that he doesn’t like Hardy and he will see him on January 5th.

Hardy says that nobody is going to stop the Matt Hardy Train. Hardy hopes Lashley makes the final, but EC3 is good and he has Tyrus on his side. EC3 tells everybody that they can find a monster to be on their side if Tyrus is such an issue. Lashley said that he would like to fight Hardy in the finals and this would be the first time Lashley would compete against Hardy. EC3 says that he’s prepared for the challenge. Young calls EC3 a winner. Mathews ask Young who will not make the finals of the TNA World Title Series? Young said that Hardy will not make it past the semi-finals and he’s looking to hurt him. Young said that this tournament is his to win. Young says that he lives in the now. Young tells Hardy that he’ll be done on January 5th.

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