TNA IMPACT 03 27 2015

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: March 27, 2015
Commentators: Josh Matthews and Taz

We start with a video look back at the torment that James Storm has put the Hardyz through, and then we go right to the ring for our opening promo. Storm says that tonight is supposed to be Jeff Hardy’s revenge, but he crippled Jeff Hardy and put Matt Hardy out last week. He knows the fans like to see Jeff fly off the top of cages, but he gave the fans what they want by sending him flying off a cage, and he wound up in the hospital. He holds up a watermelon and says it is Jeff Hardy, and he tosses it over the cage and causes it to bust open when it hits the floor. Jeff Hardy comes out to a huge reaction from the fans and says that Storm did what nobody could by putting him out, but he’s back and is still standing, and the time is now to end the Revolution. Hardy starts to walk toward the cage, but Manik runs out from behind and attacks Jeff. Storm says there’s always room for one more in the Revolution, and he tells Manik to break his arm. Manik tries, but Jeff hits the Twist of Fate and then immediately falls victim to another attack by Abyss, who sends him into the cage. Hardy gets ahold of a chair and beats Abyss down with it, then gets his mic back and asks the controller to lower the top onto the cage to turn it into a Lethal Lockdown match. Storm tells Hardy that he’s about to find out that the hero DIES. Hardy says it’s about his revenge tonight, and he leads the fans in chanting for his revenge.

We look back at last week when Samoa Joe got taken out and then Rockstar Spud won the X Division Title, then we go backstage to the Beat Down Clan as MVP says that unfortunately, they have to make a statement tonight.

James Storm is backstage flipping out because he’s tired of Jeff Hardy, and he tells Khoya to find Jeff and dispose of him. And if Khoya doesn’t dispose of Jeff Hardy, he’ll dispose of Khoya. Khoya gets fired up and leaves in search of his target.

TNA X Division title match: TNA X Division champion Rockstar Spud vs. Low-Ki

Pretty basic match, Low-Ki spends the entire match beating the crap out of Spud, Spud gets some offense in toward the end but ultimately gets stomped back down, Drew Galloway comes out to distract Low-Ki, and Spud small packages Low-Ki to retain.

Winner: Rockstar Spud

Pretty much what you would have expected. I don’t think Spud’s the guy who’s gonna revive this division.

We come back from commercial to the BDC in the ring and MVP saying he’s tired of Drew Galloway jumping them and claiming he’s doing this for the fans, and he can either come out and fight them or they’ll start beating up these fans he loves. Drew comes out and asks the fans what they want to see, and the BDC keeps trying to taunt Drew into the ring, and he finally does come in, but he’s not alone because he’s got two big dudes with him, and the three of them take the BDC out and send them running for cover. Drew says the group is called the Rising, and I guess they’re there to take the BDC out.

We see a video package of Awesome Kong going nuts because she wants Taryn Terrell’s shiny gold belt.

The BDC is backstage and Kenny King and Low-Ki are losing their minds over what just happened, but MVP is calm because he has a call to make to somebody who is ready.

Brooke Tessmacher vs. Awesome Kong

Brooke tries to use her speed to stick and move on Kong, but Kong eventually gets ahold of her, swats her like a fly, and begins dishing out the punishment. Brooke fights valiantly as she attempts a comeback and even counters the Awesome Bomb to a facebuster, hits a top rope elbow drop, and covers for 2. Brooke tries coming off the ropes, but Kong goozles her on the way down and hits a big chokeslam, then finishes with the Implant Buster.

Winner: Awesome Kong

Another dominant win by Kong, who shoves the referee away after getting her hand raised. She’s not done, and picks Brooke back up and delivers another Implant Buster for good measure. She then sets up a table at ringside and prepares to plant Brooke through it when Taryn Terrell runs out and attacks Kong like she’s Drew Galloway. Kong smashes her face into the barricade and tosses Terrell inside, but Terrell knocks Kong on her butt with a dropkick. An enraged Kong comes storming at Terrell, who moves out of the way and sends Kong sailing to the floor. Terrell comes out after Kong and gets tossed into the ring steps, then she powerbombs Terrell and her string thong through the table that previously had Brooke’s name on it.

We look back at last week when Kurt Angle beat Bobby Lashley for the TNA World Title, and we’ll see his championship celebration later tonight. We then go to Austin Aries who congratulates Angle and says he knows as well as Angle what it means to be the World Champion. He holds up the briefcase and asks how cool it would be if there were two championship celebrations tonight.

Jeff Hardy is backstage cutting a generic “I’m still standing” promo on James Storm when Khoya tries to sneak attack him from behind. Hardy kicks his ass and then batters him with a ladder. Hardy yells at Khoya to stay down, and then breaks a glass bottle over his face when he doesn’t. Hardy again tells him to stay down, and this time Khoya is too unconscious to respond.

Kurt Angle comes out to the ring and thanks the fans for supporting him on his road to his 14th World Title, and his first in three and a half years. That’s the longest he’s gone without a World Title, and it’s taken a toll on his body. For him to be able to stand here as the World Champion right now after all he’s gone through has to be the proudest moment in his life so far. Angle is cut off by Ethan Carter III, who is at the entranceway with Tyrus in tow. He says Angle is an inspiration who defeated the unstoppable Bobby Lashley, but going undefeated for a year and a half while pinning Sting, Bully Ray, and even Angle is even more impressive. EC3 and Tyrus enter the ring as EC3 says he’s putting Angle on notice that he’s going to beat him for the TNA World Title and there’s nothing Angle can do about it. Angle is incredulous that EC3 thinks he can take that title from him, but Bobby Roode comes out to join the party and stake his own claim to a title shot. He says he never got a rematch after the title was stolen from him, and he’s been in the ring with Angle many times and has had some of his best matches with Angle, but Angle knows there isn’t a man who deserves a shot at that title more than him. Now Eric Young is out here too, and he says nobody took that title from him but Eric Young, and he did it because he’s better than him and always has been. Roode says he’s beaten Young over and over, but Young says that’s not going to stop him because as long as he draws breath, Roode will never hold the World Title again.

Now Austin Aries comes out and says that everyone here knows what it’s like to be the World Champion…well, except for EC3 because money apparently hasn’t bought him the title, but he brought something out here for the celebration. He pulls a bottle of champagne out of his briefcase and says they can celebrate, but he wants to know if they’ll be celebrating Angle’s title win of his. Angle says that he’s ready and he’ll fight any of them at any time. Wait, we’re not done yet because Bobby Lashley comes out to demand a rematch, and Angle says if he wants a rematch, they can do it right now. A bunch of referees and officials come out to get between them, and Tyrus and EC3 attack Austin Aries while Eric Young jumps Bobby Roode. Just because we don’t have enough people out here looking for a title shot, Ken Anderson comes tearing out of the back and attacks Tyrus as we go to commercial.

We’re back, and it looks like we’ve got an impromptu six man tag…

Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, and Ken Anderson vs. Ethan Carter III, Tyrus, and Eric Young

EC3 starts off getting triple teamed by the babyfaces, but he manages to tag out to Tyrus, who cleans house and traps Bobby Roode in their half of the ring. Roode plays babyface-in-peril for several minutes until he backdrops his way out of a piledriver attempt by Young and tags in Aries. Aries and Roode double team Young, hitting several of their old tag team moves, but Young avoids the 450 splash from Aries and gets him in a figure four, forcing Aries to tap.

Winners: Eric Young, Ethan Carter III, and Tyrus

Bram comes out to the ring and starts running Magnus down, calling him a coward for hiding behind his family. Bram says Mickie has more balls than Magnus ever will, and he’s about to get to the baby when Magnus and Mickie come out. Magnus says this won’t be a wrestling issue; it’ll be an issue for the police if he says another word about his son. Magnus says it’s bad enough that he got Bram his job here, but he draws the line with Bram putting his hands on Mickie. Bram says Magnus should come down to the ring and fight him, and Magnus says he wants to fight him in the ring, the parking lot, and anywhere and everywhere. Bram says that’s fine because all he cares about is seeing the tears streaming down Mickie’s eyes after he’s kicked Magnus’ head in. Mickie says the only tears Bram is going to see is tears of joy when Magnus pulls those pubes he calls a beard off his face and kicks his ass all over the building. Bram says Mickie will be coming home to an empty house when he takes Magnus out, but his door is always open for her. Magnus rushes the ring and Bram gets the advantage after a low blow, and he grabs his turnbuckle out from under the ring and comes after Magnus with it. Then he stops, drags Mickie into the ring instead, and says that he wants Mickie to hiss his boot like Magnus did. Actually, he’s got a better idea and maybe Mickie can give him a big sloppy kiss. Magnus pops up, German suplexes Bram into next week, hammers him with right hands, then gets the turnbuckle and starts beating the crap out of Bram with it. Magnus goes to leave, but Mickie rushes Bram and attacks him until Magnus has to pull her off. Bram heads for the hills as Magnus dares him to come back and fight.

We see a video package hyping the main event, as James Storm battles Jeff Hardy in Six Sides of Steel after this break!

Kurt Angle is backstage and says it was tough beating Bobby Lashley once, and it’ll be even tougher doing it twice when he faces him next week, but he’s determined to be the best champion he can be and isn’t going to be intimidated by Lashley.


Six Sides Of Steel: James Storm vs. Jeff Hardy

Storm gets the jump on Hardy by bashing him in the head with a metal trash can as he enters the ring, and then proceeds to work him over. Storm is still in control as we go to commercial.

We come back and Storm is still in control, but Hardy hits something I didn’t catch and gets 2 on Storm. Hardy avoids the Last Call and hits a Twist of Fate, then comes off the top rope with a Swanton…that lands on Storm’s knees. Yeesh. Storm follows that up with a lungblower, and finally connects with the Last Call. Storm makes a cover, but Hardy is out at 2. A frustrated Storm grabs his cowbell and prepares to clean Hardy’s clock with it, but Hardy dodges and rams Storm headfirst into a chair Storm wedged between the ropes. Hardy hits the Twist of Fate and a twisting Swanton, but Storm is out at 2. Hardy takes his shirt off, but takes too long and allows Storm to come in and punch him in the ding ding. Storm begins perusing the weapons suspended from the top of the cage, but Hardy comes up behind him and hangs from the roof of the cage to hit a Frankensteiner into the ring. Hardy takes a trash can lid and bashes Storm over the head with it, nails him again, then uses Storm’s cowbell to crack Storm. Another Twist of Fate, then Hardy climbs up the cage, swings off the roof to gain momentum, and uses it to swing himself down onto Storm with a high velocity splash for 3.

Winner: Jeff Hardy