TNA IMPACT 03 06 2015

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Manchester, England
Date: March 6, 2015
Commentators: Josh Matthews and Taz

We start off with a look at the end of last week’s main event, and after announcing tonight’s Knockouts Title match between Taryn Terrell and Awesome Kong, we go to the ring as the Beat Down Clan makes their way to the ring and MVP…well, he does not look happy. Kenny King says he hears that Drew Galloway was called the Chosen One, but he chose to get involved when they were going to have fun with Grado, he chose to get involved in the World Title match, so now they get to choose which piece of his ass they’re going to take first. MVP asks Drew if he knows what he’s done and who he did it to, because Al Snow and Grado were fun, but the World Title was business. BEAT DOWN CLAN BUSINESS…ONE YEAR IN THE MAKING. He came to TNA for one singular focus, and that was domination of the World Title, and now Drew stuck his nose in their business. MVP says he’s not an unreasonable man, so he’ll give Drew the chance to come out here and explain his motivations, apologize, and make things right, so he wants Drew to come out here while he’s calm and collected and explain himself.

Drew finally appears in the crowd, so MVP says he wants Drew to know that he just made himself public enemy #1. Drew says he’s home right now, and he’s not far from where he came in the ring and cost him the World Title. He’s surrounded by professional wrestling fans, not sports entertainment fans. Drew comes over the rail to ringside and explains that he’s in TNA to speak up for those who have not been listened to, to stand up for wrestling, and give the fans a voice. MVP’s not just screwing with Lashley or Bobby Roode. He asks several fans their names and he tells MVP that he’s screwing with every one of them. People like MVP try to dictate what wrestling is to the fans, but wrestling should be decided by people in the crowds and watching at home, and he’ll be damned if MVP is going to decide what will happen around here. King says that’s enough because he hit Low Ki with a pipe and spilled his blood, and they demand retribution and satisfaction, and they will get it tonight. And if they don’t, they’re going to take a ride up the road to his mum and dad’s house and take it out of their asses. Drew gets a determined look on his face and says that he didn’t just come here to embarrass them on the microphone, he came here to stand up for wrestling and fight, and if Kenny wants to fight, he can send his boys to the back and he’ll fight him right now. King says the BDC is a family, but Kenny King is a one man army, so he asks the BDC to let him fly this one solo. They’ll face off after this commercial break!

Drew Galloway vs. Kenny King

King uses a distraction from MVP on the floor to get the early advantage, but Galloway fires back and they go out to the floor. King goes to Galloway’s eyes to briefly take advantage, but Galloway picks King up on a charge and gives him a tilt-a-whirl on the ring apron. OUCH! They go inside where Galloway hits a flying clothesline for 2, but King recovers quickly and connects with a cartwheel kick, followed by a blockbuster for 2. He gets too cocky, and Galloway catches him out of nowhere with the Future Shock DDT for the win.

Winner: Drew Galloway

Galloway hightails it into the crowd before the BDC can get their hands on him.

Bobby Roode is backstage, and he’s…WALKING! We’ll hear what’s on his mind after this break!

Bobby Roode comes out to the ring and has a message for Eric Young: Young tried to take his career from him, but he has his sights set on the TNA World Title and nothing is standing in his way tonight. Kurt Angle comes out to the top of the ramp and wants to make something clear to Roode: Kurt Angle is going to get in his way, he’ll become the #1 contender, he’ll beat Bobby Lashley, and if Roode disagrees, then they don’t have to wait. Angle drops his mic and starts down to the ring, but Young comes out of the crowd as Angle makes his way down the aisle and attacks Roode from behind. Angle gets in Young’s face and Young tries to suckerpunch him, but Angle is ready and fights him off to the floor. Roode is up and in Angle’s face, and we’ll see what happens in the three-way later on.

We see a video package hyping tonight’s Terrell-Kong match, then we go to a backstage meeting of the minds between Bram and James Storm. Storm says he likes what Bram did to Magnus, and Bram says he likes what Storm did to Jeff Hardy, and they agree that neither of them has any regrets. Bram has Matt Hardy tonight, and Storm says that if Bram takes him out as a favor to the Revolution, Bram will never have any regrets ever again. Storm pats Bram on the arm and walks off with a sinister smile on his face.

we see a video package hyping Kurt Angle’s championship history, and then we go back to the ring!

Bram vs. Matt Hardy

Bram tries to get the drop on Hardy, but Hardy sees him coming and unloads with right hands and rams him into the corner before coming out with the bulldog. Bram goes out to the floor and shoves Hardy into the apron when he comes out after him, then brings him back inside and continues pummeling Hardy with right hands and forearms. Bram Tullys Hardy into the corner and then hits a flying knee for 2, but Hardy turns it around and comes off the second rope with an elbow to the back of Bram’s head for 2. Hardy hits the Side Effect for 2, a moonsault for 2, but Bram kicks Hardy in the ding-ding behind the referee’s back and hits the implant DDT for the win.

Winner: Bram

Bram grabs his pet turnbuckle from under the ring and stalks Hardy with it, but Magnus’ music hits and he comes tearing out of the back, laying into Bram and just HAMMERING him with right and left hands until Bram literally scurries out of the ring and runs for his life. Magnus tells Bram to look him in the eyes and listen to him because when Bram beat him up and left him in an alley, he knew his son would either see someone slink home in shame, or someone who stood up for his family and get his hands on Bram. It’s not about titles or money, it’s personal, and he’s going to give him the beating his daddy should have given him years ago. Before it’s all done, Bram’s blood will stain the hallowed grounds of England. Awesome promo.

Spud is backstage telling Ken Anderson that he has to end this tonight, and Anderson’s been great the last few weeks, but he’s going to the ring to end things with EC3. Spud walks off and Anderson goes “Sounds great, I’m here for you, Spud!”

We see a promo for a show on Destination America with a bunch of armed hillbillies, wasted on moonshine, wandering around in the woods hunting for monsters.

We look back at Drew Galloway’s win over Kenny King earlier tonight, and then we see footage of King getting his knee looked at by the trainer backstage while Low Ki loses his mind over Galloway’s interference. Then we go backstage to Galloway, who talks about how great he feels for standing up for pro wrestling.

We see ANOTHER video package, this time of the history of Spud and Ethan Carter III wanting to shave each other’s heads, before going to the ring so Spud can come out and give EC3 a piece of his mind. He says it’s been an embarrassing few months, and the only thing that’s gotten him through it is the fans. But there comes a time when things have to come to an end, so he asks Ethan Carter III to come to the ring, no Tyrus, no friends, just the two of them in the ring. EC3 comes out and they glare at each other for several seconds, then Spud says he wants to fight him because it has to end with them in a fight, man-on-man, just the two of them. Carter says that people like Spud don’t get to challenge people like him, because it’s his destiny to carry this company on his back into the future, and Spud is just a little boy. EC3 is undefeated, and…Spud tells him to shut up because he was there when he beat every legend in TNA and helped him do it, and he wants Carter to fight him so he can be the one to end his streak. Carter says that if Spud wants to fight him right here in front of his fans in England, then that’s fine, BUT….if Carter wins, he gets to shave Spud’s head. Spud says that’s fine if Carter puts his hair on the line too so that he can embarrass Carter like Carter embarrassed Spud, and he’ll end his streak to boot. Carter says challenge accepted, but he tells Spud to remember that in this world, the bad guys win. Spud reminds Carter that whenever he was down, Carter told him he was fierce, he was a lion, he was a gazelle, but Spud says he’s a man, he’s going to end Carter’s streak, and he’s going to shave him bald. Carter scowls, but walks off as Spud stares after him with his serious face.

We see a video package putting over how unpredictable and dangerous Eric Young is ahead of tonight’s main event.

TNA Knockouts championship match: TNA Knockouts champion Taryn Terrell vs. Awesome Kong

Taryn’s entrance was one of those “created by the business” things where she comes out smiling and does her ass shake thing, then gets her deadly serious face on and storms the ring to jump Kong. Kong beats her into next week and tosses her across the ring by the hair. Kong is just obliterating Terrell here, and Terrell comes off the second rope with a clothesline to literally no effect. Crossbody winds up with Terrell getting caught and dumped across the ring. Kong isn’t even breathing heavy as she stands on Terrell’s neck in the corner, but Terrell finally connects with a dropkick and a flurry of forearms. She gets backdropped to the apron, but shoulderblocks through the ropes and comes off the top with a crossbody. Kong powers out at 1, blocks the Stunner, and goes for the Implant Buster. Terrell escapes and goes for another stunner, but Kong just shoves her off again. Terrell looks like she might have actually hurt her shoulder on that one, but Kong is undeterred and stands on Terrell’s throat, then shoves the ref across the ring when he tries to get her off of Terrell.

Winner: Taryn Terrell by disqualification

Kong throws Terrell to the floor, chucks her into the ring steps, and goes for the Implant Buster, but Gail Kim runs out and stops Kong, then gets in her face. Kong listens for a moment, then shoves Gail down before the two fight it out all the way to the back as the champion is left in a heap at ringside.

We see a look back at the history between the Wolves and the Revolution, and then the promo for next week’s episode spoils the outcome of tonight’s main event. WAY TO GO, GUYS!

We see a video package extolling Bobby Roode’s excellence, then it’s back to the ring for our next title match…

TNA world tag team title match: TNA world tag team champions James Storm and Abyss vs. The Wolves

Sanada, Khoya, and Manik attack the Wolves on their way to the ring, then toss Davey Richards into the ring to start off the match. Storm and Abyss try a double team, but Eddie Edwards makes it into the ring and thwarts that. They knock Storm and Abyss out to the floor and go for the double dive, but the Revolution grabs their legs from the floor and allows Storm to run in and nail Davey. The Revolution interferes AGAIN by yanking Eddie off the apron before Davey is able to make the hot tag, and Storm just CREAMS Davey with a right hand. Davey finally makes the tag, and Eddie comes in like a house of fire, hitting the backpack driver on Storm for 2. Manik again interferes by dragging Davey to the floor as Storm counters a top rope move from Eddie to Closing Time. That only gets 2, and Eddie almost gets 2 with a rollup after Storm is distracted by Matt Hardy coming down to ringside. The Wolves escape a double chokeslam, clothesline Storm and Abyss to the floor, take out Manik and Sanada with a double dive, another takes out Khoya, and a third takes out Storm and Abyss. Eddie accidentally clipped Hardy on the last dive, but he fights Sanada and Manik off yet again as Hardy slips in the ring and hits Abyss with the Twist of Fate. Wolves hit stereo top rope double stomps and Eddie covers Abyss for the win.

Winners and New World Tag Team Champions: The Wolves

Whoa, Storm is MAAAAAAAAAAAAD! He walks around ringside abusing his Revolution guys as Hardy and the Wolves celebrate.

After the commercial, Matt Hardy is backstage congratulating the Wolves and issuing a challenge for the title as soon as Jeff’s ready to return. The Wolves say that tag team wrestling wouldn’t be what it is without the Hardyz, and they’d be honored to defend against them.

Josh and Taz run down next week’s card, and then it’s…MAIN EVENT TIME!

#1 Contender’s Match: Kurt Angle vs. Eric Young vs. Bobby Roode

Roode and Young wind up brawling out on the floor before making their way inside, where Young is quickly disposed of and Angle starts suplexing Roode all over the ring. Roode catches Angle with a blockbuster for 2, and Young is in and putting the boots to Roode. Young holds onto the referee to avoid getting suplexed as well and chucks Angle out to the floor, then goes back to beating up Roode. Actually, he takes his time going back and forth and dishing out punishment to both opponents. Young finally goes for a superplex on Roode, but Angle comes in and powerbombs him to do a tower of doom spot. Now Young gets his suplexes from Kurt, a full ten of them in a row. Roode comes in and goes for the Roode Bomb, Kurt gets out of that, and Roode gets the Crippler Crossface. Angle escapes and counters to the anklelock and has Roode trapped right in the middle of the ring. Roode rolls through and we go back into the crossface, but Young breaks that up. Roode flattens Young with a spinebuster, Angle comes in and hits Roode with the Hacker Slam for 2, then gets Young in the anklelock. Roode grabs Angle, but Angle rolls through into another anklelock. Roode rolls through and Angle knocks right into the referee and wipes him out. Young whacks Roode right in the head with a chair, but Angle takes Young out and capitalizes by hitting Roode with the Hacker Slam for the win.

Winner: Kurt Angle

As Destination America so thoughtfully revealed to us about an hour ago, Kurt Angle is now the #1 contender to the TNA World Title and will challenge Bobby Lashley on next week’s Impact. He helps Roode back to his feet and shakes his hand before pumping his fist at the fans in victory. Lashley comes out to the ring and applauds Angle’s win, and they go nose-to-nose in the middle of the ring. Lashley holds the belt high as Roode stands in the background, watching from outside the department store window.