TNA IMPACT 05 15 2015

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: May 15, 2015
Commentators: Josh Matthews and Taz

Kurt Angle comes out with Chris Melendez and says he owes a lot to Sarge, and he says he would be honored to team with him tonight. Kurt calls for the Rising, and Drew says Kurt is sending a message to the BDC, just like they are. He says there’s no short way to the title, and Drew says anyone fighting for wrestling is The Rising, and Kurt is the best. Drew says there will be a day when they fight, and he will win, so Kurt says he never backs down from a challenge.

Eric Young cuts them off and says it took him weeks to get a fair shot, and the deck was stacked against him, and he got screwed. Kurt says Eric should shut up because he tried to get the best Eric, but he got screwed and Eric turned on him for the BDC. Eric says he will never quit until he is champion, so Kurt tells him to shut up because they will have another match on his terms. Kurt says he’ll face Eric in an I Quit match, but tonight they go to ‘Hardcore War.’ Eric says he doesn’t care because Kurt’s team is full of losers, but he does care about his team… and the BDC attacks Kurt’s team from behind. Bobby Lashley runs out for the save, and he spears Eric before the BDC helps him out, and Kurt says Lashley’s on his team.

Brooke & Rebel vs. The Dollhouse

Marti and Jade go right after Rebel and stomp her in the corner, then Marti hits a leg lariat before Jade knocks Brooke down. Rebel comes back with a crossbody, and then Brooke tags in and connects with some clotheslines. Brooke counters a powerbomb with a facebuster, then Rebel tags in and sets up a high legdrop off the turnbuckles. Jade rolls away and Brooke gets sent outside with a double kick, and then Jade and Marti hit Rebel with a double backbreaker for the win.

Winners: The Dollhouse

Ethan Carter III comes out and says he’s won since he’s been there and he should be number one, but he isn’t number one. He says he wants answers, and then Ken Anderson runs out with a chair and asks what the problem is. Ethan says they are done with each other and walks away, but Anderson says he wants to fight someone. He says if he beats Tyrus he gets a match with Ethan, but Ethan says no way and tries to leave. Anderson asks if Tyrus will always be Ethan’s bitch, then he keeps saying ‘bitch’ and Tyrus demands a referee is brought out.

Tyrus (w/ Ethan Carter III) vs. Ken Anderson 

Anderson kicks Tyrus a few times before Tyrus punches him in the corner, and then they continue to fight before Ethan tries to use a chair. Anderson plays possum as Ethan gets thrown out, and Tyrus calls for a spike, but Anderson hits a Mic Check for the win.

Winner: Ken Anderson 

Magnus says he is not sorry for smashing a guitar over James Storm’s head, and he would do it again, so Storm should get out there now. Abyss comes out instead, and says Magnus hurt his leader, so now he is going to feel pain too. Abyss charges at him and throws a few punches, but Magnus hits him back and whips him into the ringpost. Magnus knees him before Abyss hits him with some ‘Barbeque Pit Masters’ equipment at ringside, then Abyss hits him in the ribs with some cookie sheets. Magnus uses some grill tongs to grab Abyss’ balls, and then he hits him with the grill lid and catches Manik off the ropes. He slams him down before hitting Abyss again, and then Khoya runs out and beats Magnus with a walking stick before Abyss chokeslams Magnus.

Best of Five Series (Match One)
Dirty Heels vs. The Wolves 

Aries and Roode work Eddie over in the corner, then Eddie connects with a dropkick before Davey tags in. Davey knocks both opponents down, then Aries gets caught with an elbow in the corner before Davey knees him for two. Davey calls for Creeping Death but Aries ducks it, only to have Eddie kick him and hit a lungblower. Roode pulls Davey outside and Aries splashes both Wolves, then Aries hits a missile dropkick before hitting Davey with an IED. Aries whips Davey at Roode, who sets up a spinebuster, but Davey floats over and rolls Roode up for the surprise win.

Winners: The Wolves  

The Dollhouse comes back to the ring and Taryn talks about how they are better than everyone, and she is making memories. She says she spent time with Gail Kim’s stepdaughters, and she will show them what she is wearing for Gail’s husband. Taryn does a strip tease and reveals the lingerie she will wear, then Gail runs out and cuts them off. Marti says Gail is a buzzkill and she should have some fun, but Gail tells her to shut up and turns to Taryn. She tells Taryn to prove herself in the ring like she would, but Taryn says Gail is nothing compared to her. She says Robert knows it too, then Gail decks her and takes out Marti and Jade, clearing the ring and standing tall.

Robbie E vs. Jessie Godderz

Robbie avoids a tie up with Jessie and rolls him up for the win. Jessie calls for a restart, and Robbie agrees. They bump fists and tie up, then Jessie slams him down and showboats. Robbie sweeps his legs, then ties Jessie up and gets another pin. Jessie calls for another restart and says he wasn’t ready, so he asks to tie his trunks before a restart. Jessie applies a headlock and hits a shoulder block, then Robbie connects with a clothesline off the ropes. Jessie whips him into the turnbuckles and hits a dropkick, then he goes for a clothesline but Robbie counters with a crucifix backslide pin for the win. Jessie hits Robbie with the mic and clotheslines him, then he press slams him on the floor and slams him throat first with a chair into the ringpost.

Winner: Robbie E 

Hardcore War
Team Angle vs. Team Young

Drew and Ki try to hit each other with a pipe before Drew sends Ki outside and into the barricade, then he whips him into the apron. King runs out and Drew gets caught with an enziguiri, then King beats him down and stomps him. Mika runs out and evens things up, hitting King with a hiptoss before he stomps him repeatedly. Drew attacks Ki and hits a suplex, then King hits Mika with a pipe before Eric Young enters.

He helps attack The Rising, then Kurt Angle runs out and fights with Eric on the floor. We get back to see  Bram make his entrance, and he assaults Drew with a kendo stick before targeting Kurt in the corner. Lashley enters and powerslams King, then Bram hits a DDT before Drew takes everyone out with a somersault dive. Angle dives on everyone before Sarge tackles Eric and whips him, but Eric hits a piledriver and makes the cover.

Winners: Team Young 

Eric pulls Sarge’s prosthetic leg off and Kurt shoves Eric, but Eric hits him with it, then chokes him and screams at Kurt to quit.