TNA IMPACT 05 08 2015

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: May 8, 2015
Commentators: Josh Matthews and Taz

IMPACT opened with Eric Young standing in the ring and demanding to know who the special referee of his title match against Kurt Angle would be. Bully Ray’s music played and he walked out wearing a leather vest over a referee’s shirt. Josh Mathews checked in on commentary. The fans chanted “welcome back” to Ray. “Do you know who I am?” Ray asked. “I’m Bully Ray and the special guest referee for tonight’s World Heavyweight Championship match”… A video focused on the top feuds with matches that will occur during the show…

EC3 and Tyrus headed to the ring. Mathews noted that the stipulation of the match would be determined by fan vote – arm wrestling or falls count anywhere. Once in the ring, EC3 cut a brief promo, then Anderson walked onto the stage and said he was tired of hearing EC3 run his mouth. The fan vote was 85 percent in favor of falls count anywhere. Anderson delivered his usual self-introduction and then headed to the ring…

EC III (w/Tyrus) vs. Mr. Anderson

Fast paced action both in an out of the ring from the start. Anderson with a rolling senton to Carter onto a chair on the outside. Clothesline to Carter and a neckbreaker from Anderson. Tyrus back in turning the tables laying out Anderson. Carter covers Anderson for the three count.

Winners: EC3 and Mr. Anderson

Backstage: Special referee for tonight’s main event, Bully Ray is talking to Kurt Angle and Angle says Eric Young has hurt a lot of people and all he wants to know is if Bully Ray will call it down the middle. Bully asks Angle if he knows who Bully Ray is.


Backstage: Gail Kim tells Kong they’ve never been on the same page and probably never will be but Taryn Terrell has made a mockery of the knockouts division and wants to know if Kong is in. Kong just walks away

BDC come out to the ring and MVP says tonight impact is live so he is going to say a few things that are uncomfortable. But first off, he explains the mask he’s holding belonging to his brother Homicide who couldn’t be here because someone had blindsided him and he has to have surgery. He’s not saying The Rising had anything to do with it but probably made a few calls. The thing he doesn’t get is when The Rising stoops to such level the fans cheer. When BDC does anything they want, the fans boo them and call them thugs and calls out The Rising telling them they’re going to treat them the way the establishment treats thugs and says it’s time for a beat down. The Rising come out and Galloway says he knows MVP is upset if it were one of his boys who got jumped he’d be upset too but that ring, not the streets, is his playground. Galloway says it could have been anybody who jumped him. MVP isn’t buying it. Galloway says he knows MVP likes to shift blame but he had nothing to do with it and begins pointing the finger at Kenny King. MVP calls the BDC his family and not a bunch of guys who just came together and doesn’t care about professional wrestling. He cares about money and prestige. Galloway cares about work rates, MVP cares about interest rates. MVP says he was supposed to bring the World Title back home to the BDC but Galloway had to interfere and tonight he puts an end to The Rising. The Rising run in and clear the ring standing tall as impact goes to break


MVP vs. Drew Galloway

MVP in control landing a low blow to Galloway. Galloway tied up in the ropes as MVP makes use of the 5 count. Galloway and MVP trade punches. MVP with an Irish whip and Galloway connects with a back elbow. Galloway trying to fight back. MVP works over the arm. Irish whip by MVP and Galloway connects with a boot. MVP swings Galloway into the guardrail. Back in the ring another nearfall by MVP. Galloway looking for a backslide. Galloway hooks MVP and hits The Future Shock for the three count

Winner: Drew Galloway

Post Match: Eric Young attacks Galloway

Backstage: James Storm says he has a gift for a very special friend and there’s a lot of gifts and they’re going to open them all very soon


James Storm comes out and says he could talk about drinking beer and fighting but wants to shift the spotlight to his good friend Mickie James. Storm says everyone knows Mickie is transitioning from wrestling to motherhood and everyone respects that.  Storm says god bless motherhood but Mickie says she promised the fans one more match but that time will come. Right now, he wants to celebrate Mickie’s music. He can say she’s a legendary wrestler and singer but he won’t. Instead he calls her an amazing entertainer, an amazing singer and an amazing friend and hands her a gift. Mickie opens it and Storm pulls out a guitar and thanks her on behalf of him and all the fans. Magnus makes his way out to the ring and Storm asks Magnus not to come out and ruin the party.  Storm pulls out a helmet and the fans start chanting “Put It On”. Magnus slaps Storm’s hand away and Storm says it’s all games he’s just having fun. Magnus pulls Mickie out of the ring and they walk up the ramp but Storm says he has a gift for their son. Magnus walks back to the ring and smashes the guitar over Storm’s head.


Bully Ray comes out and says he’s the special guest referee for tonight’s match

Backstage: Eric Young knows what Bully Ray is capable of and he heard about what happened to Homicide and wants what’s owed to him the World Heavyweight Championship and everyone owes him including MVP. They’re not friends but they’re good business partners. They took the title from Bobby Roode and tonight they will take it from Kurt Angle and when he wins they’re all champions

Video: Robert Irvine LIVE. Gail spots Taryn and asks her to leave

The Dollhouse vs Awesome Kong & Gail Kim

Mathews spoke about how the fans demanded more Knockouts matches. Um, wasn’t that a WWE Divas thing? Anyway, the three Dollhouse members got the better of Kim. There was an atrocious double-team move used by Bell and Jade. Kim recovered and locked in a submission hold that Taryn broke up by running in from the outside.

Later, Kong hit the Implant Buster on Jade. Kim went for Eat Defeat on Bell, but Taryn rolled up Kim for the win.

Winners: The Dollhouse

Post Match:  Bell was caught between Kim and Kong in the ring. Kim hit Bell with her finisher, then Kong hit her finisher…

Footage aired of Jeff Hardy‘s dirt bike accident that resulted in him suffering a broken tibia. Mathews questioned what this means regarding the future of the tag titles. Matt Hardy was shown backstage with both belts…

Backstage, Mickie James told Magnus that he promised her he would try. Magnus said he loves their family, but Storm disrespected him and that’s where he draws the line. Mickie said she feels like Magnus disrespected her…

Jeremy Borash interviewed Matt Hardy in the ring and asked him about Jeff. Matt said Jeff is in a lot of pain. He said he and Jeff proved that they were still the best team in the world by winning the tag titles. Matt said the Jeff that people see on television isn’t a character or a gimmick, he’s an enigmatic daredevil 24/7. Matt said he and Jeff are now forced to vacate the TNA Tag Titles.

Matt said it was time to go home and figure out what’s next for him. Hardy left the ring and saluted the fans. Before he could get to the top of the ramp, Austin Aries and Bobby Roode’s music played. They walked out and bumped fists with Matt. The duo headed to the ring while Hardy headed to the back.

Aries had his Money in the Bank, er, Feast or Fired briefcase with him. He said he would let Young have his title match and get his revenge later. He spoke about how the TNA Tag Titles seem cursed. He said he and Roode are the best tag team in the world.

Roode and Aries picked up the tag title belts that Hardy left behind. Roode said the belts deserve to be defended and to be around the waist of the best tag team in the world.

Davey Richards headed to the ring to a ho-hum reaction. Richards implied that he and Eddie Edwards are the best tag team in the world and deserve the title belts. Aries praised Richards, but noted that there was just Richards standing in the ring. Richards said wolves hunt in packs. He introduced the returning Edwards, who received a nice reaction after the buildup that included “welcome back” chants.

Edwards said he broke his heel the last time he left the ring. He said he was cleared to wrestle as of noon. Edwards challenged Aries and Roode to prove who the best tag team is. He said he didn’t want to have just one match. He challenged them to a best of five series. Edwards played to the crowd, which cheered in response. Roode and Aries agreed to the


Hardy was leaving the building when Drew Galloway stopped him. Galloway said he respects Hardy, and they are both alike. He said neither one of them would walk away from a fight…

Angelina Love stood in the ring and that fans have been asking her about Bro-Mans, Gail Kim and Awesome Kong, and The Dollhouse. She said she was there to talk about her. Velvet Sky came out through the crowd and stood stone faced in the ring staring at Love. Love went to hug her but she just stood there. Love said Sky is too good to hug her best friend and made excuses for not getting back to her. Sky explodes and attacks Love as a brawl ensues. Love escapes to the outside as Sky goes after her but is held back by security


Backstage, Young asked Bully Ray if he was going to stab him in the back. Ray said they told him to ref a match. He told him he and Angle could kill each other for all he cares. Ray said he’s there to raise Young’s hand or Angle’s hand… [C]

Christy Hemme delivered the introductions for the main event. Bully Ray made his entrance as the special referee, then Eric Young, and finally Kurt Angle…

TNA world champion Kurt Angle vs. Eric Young for the TNA
Special guest referee: Bully Ray

Young wore got the better of Angle in the opening minutes. The match spilled to ringside and Ray told both men to bring it back to the ring. Mathews recalled the conversation that Young had with MVP earlier, and Young was in control heading into the break


With BDC at ringside, Angle made his comeback and ended up applying the ankle lock.

Young reached toward the ropes, which MVP pushed closer to him so he could break the hold. Young ended up low-blowing Young, and BDC worked over Angle. Chris Melendez and The Rising came out and fought BDC to the back. In the ring, Young set up for a piledriver on Ray, who backdropped him. Angle performed the Angle Slam and covered Young, who kicked out at two.

Angle went for the move again, but Young countered with a piledriver for a near fall. Young protested, and Ray, who was still selling the nut shot, told him it was inches away from being a three count. Young went for a top rope cross body block, but Angle rolled through and applied the Ankle Lock and got the submission win…

Winner: Kurt Angle

Post Match: Ray raised Angle’s hand in victory. Angle left the ring and posed on the ramp. Bully Ray left the ring and went to the stage, where he raised Angle’s hand again and then disappeared backstage. Mathews thanked viewers for watching to close the show.