TNA IMPACT 06 17 2015

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: June 17, 2015
Commentators: Josh Matthews and Taz

Kurt Angle & Ethan Carter III Contract Signing: 

Carter says he’s waited for this moment since he stepped into that ring he’s in the ring with the best in the business and runs down the list of WWE legends Angle has beaten, but points out that every one of them has been beaten and he hasn’t, and Kurt Angle can’t beat him either. Carter is his reckoning, his end of days, and for his World Title reign, he is Angle’s endpoint. Angle’s not just carrying a title; he’s carrying a big, gleaming red torch that will be passed to him. Carter signs the contract, and then Angle says he’s been to about a hundred of these, and that’s important because he’s been there before.

Big fights are for Kurt Angle, and Carter is very talented he’s a spoiled brat, but he’s very talented. He thinks he should be champion because he’s undefeated, but he doesn’t know anything. Carter points out that he’s beaten Angle before, but this is different because Angle’s healthy now, and he asks Carter what he’s going to do when he loses. He tells Ethan that he’s going to have to look himself in the mirror and live with himself for the rest of his life, and wishes Carter luck. Angle signs the contract, and Tenay says it’s official, then says that each man will have a tune up match where they get to pick each other’s opponent tonight. Angle tells Ethan that his challenge tonight will be a former World Champion, an MMA star, and one of his toughest opponents Bobby Lashley.

Programming Announcement:

Next week on TNA we’ll see a three way match between Grado/Tigre Uno/Low Ki for the vacated TNA X-Division Championship.

Bobby Roode & The Wolves In-Ring Promo: 

Richards says that from day one, no matter where in the world they were, he and Eddie have given their all and sacrificed everything to be the best tag team in the world. Whoever holds the belts are the best in the world, and they’ve gone through the Bromans, the Hardys, Team 3D and their tables, ladders, and chairs, but even still there’s the question of the Dirty Heels. They weren’t looking for the easy way out, they wanted to find out who the best team in the world is, but little did they know, the Dirty Heels lived up to their names. They fooled the Wolves once, but it won’t happen again, and if they want a war, they’ll give them one. Eddie says they’re ready for a war, and ask the Dirty Heels to come down and start match four right now.

Roode comes out alone on the stage and says that his partner Austin Aries had a match of the year with Kurt Angle, and he’s at home resting up for match four. They’re both former World Champions here, so they call the shots, not the Wolves. Eddie says that comes in handy, but since Roode is here and looks okay, maybe he should come down and face one of them in a singles match. Roode rolls that one over for a moment and says no, but then says he has a proposition and suggest upping the ante if you will. The winner of tonight’s singles match picks the stipulation in match four. Eddie says he’ll do this right now, and if Roode wants to hit him in the back of the head, he can get in the ring and he’ll kick Roode’s ass right now. Roode says let’s do this.

First Match: Eddie Edwards w/Davey Richards vs. Bobby Roode 

Edwards quickly dumps Roode to the floor and takes him out with a dive through the ropes, then unloads with a series of chops before rolling Roode back inside. Roode is up in time to catch Edwards coming in with a series of boots, but Edwards superkicks Roode’s knee out and hits a shining wizard for two count. Roode gets his boot up on a charge by Edwards, and goes back to putting the boots to him. Roode with a perfect neck snap, then we hit the chinlock. Edwards connects with a flying knee and starts to mount a comeback. Edwards hits a backpack driver for two count, but Roode avoids a top rope stomp and hits a spinebuster for two count. Roode spits at Davey to draw him into the ring, and then Austin Aries runs out with a chair and tosses it to Roode while the referee is busy trying to get Richards out of the ring. Roode takes a wild swing, but Edwards ducks and Richards pulls the chair out of Roode’s hand. Edwards rolls a bewildered Roode up for the win. Davey announces that the fourth match in the title series will be Full Metal Mayhem.

Winner: Eddie Edwards 

Joseph Parks Backstage Segment: 

Joseph Park walks in and says he’s fallen on hard times, but he heard Bram challenging past stars here at Impact Wrestling and says this is his chance to get back into the spotlight.

Second Match: Joseph Parks vs. Bram 

Park with a series of hard shots. Park fires back with some weak punches, and Bram takes him off his feet with a big clothesline. Bram gets a chair and brings it into the ring, but Park ducks the swing and takes Bram down, then goes for the chair himself. He takes too long and Bram blindsides him, then goes under the ring and brings out a table and a Singapore cane. Park punches Bram in the ding ding, unloads on him with several shots from the cane, and chokeslams Bram for two count. Bram spears Park through the table and covers him for the victory.

Winner: Bram 

The Dollhouse Promo: 

Terrell says that since both Brooke and Awesome Kong want a shot at her title, so she says that if they beat her dolls tonight, they both get a shot at her title, but if they lose, neither of them get a title shot ever again, so it’s double or nothing.

Third Match: The Dollhouse w/Taryn Terrell vs. Awesome Kong and Brooke Adams 

Jade and Marti make Brooke pay, stomping and kicking her into the ropes. Brooke fires back a Roll N Slice from Jade gets two and she goes back to choking. Earl makes the count but no, Brooke gets going and avoids the dropkick. Both women rise as Marti helps Jade in the corner, and makes the tag in to throw Brooke down by her hair. She goes apocalyptic and rakes the face with two hands. Sends Brooke headfirst into the corner to tag in Jade and a snap for the suplex as Jade takes Brooke over. Leg is hooked and only gets a two. Cover again but gets a two count.

Brooke fights back but takes a kneelift to the abs. Jade has the hair as the fans want Kong. Jade misses the Asai and Brooke has a chance, crawling to get on over to Kong and does- Kong runs in and runs over Marti! The scoop and the slam! She sets for the Implant Buster but Jade hits the dropkick and they both try a suplex, Kong reverses and snaps both herself. Brooke spears Jade and Kong runs into a boot, Marti leaps onto Kong and receives a chokeslam. Kong tags in. Brooke off Kong to land the elbow and wins.

Winner: Awesome Kong and Brooke Adams 

Christian Melendez and Eric Young In-Ring Promo: 

Melendez says that when Eric Young ripped his leg off, he disrespected everything this country stands for, and he wants Young to get his ass in the ring right now. Young comes out and tells Chris he’s trying to do him a favor because he’s a hero who went to war for his country and made a huge sacrifice. Young can’t take that away from him and he’s a living, breathing American hero, but as sure as he’s standing in front of Chris and looking him in his eye he doesn’t care. He doesn’t care about Melendez, the fans, or anybody, he only cares about himself. That part of Melendez’ life is over, the new chapter says Young is the five star general, he’s calling the shots, and Melendez is nobody and nothing.

Young is top of the mountain, he’s world class, and Melendez is all the way down at the bottom. Everyone’s mad about what Young did and Melendez wants revenge, but taking his leg was a spur of the moment thing, imagine what he’ll do when he has time to think about it? Young asks Melendez if he really wants to be in this ring by himself, with one leg, against a world class maniac. Young asks Melendez what it’s going to be, and Melendez says he might be right about where they are, how far Melendez has to come, and also he’s right that he’ll be here to hand Young his ass next week.

Fourth Match: DJ Zema Ion vs. Jessie Godderz 

Ion tries a flying headscissors, but Jessie catches him, hoists him back up, and powerbombs him hard for two count. Jessie pummels DJ Z some more and taps him out to a Boston crab. Jessie gets a mic and says he’s the reason the Bromans won and held the tag team title twice, and while Robbie E was traveling around the world with his girlfriend and DJ Z was halfway across the country in some dive bar with redneck losers, he was training and waiting for this moment. He grabs DJ Z by the neck and asks him if he knows what it feels like to be a loser, to be a nobody, and that’s how he felt and it’s never going to happen anymore because he’s done. Jessie tosses the mic, presses DJ Z over his head and then Robbie E runs in and attacks Jessie before he can do any more damage to DJ Z.

Winner: Jessie Godderz 

James Storm and Magnus In-Ring Promo: 

Magnus says that he’s not leaving this ring, building, or even the state until he shows his face. A small team of sad looking security guys come out to ringside, but Magnus says he’ll break them in half if they try to stop him, and he starts calling out names of TNA management until Storm finally comes out to the top of the ramp. Storm says he tried to tell Mickie and everyone else that he was the bad guy, but Magnus made himself look like the bad guy and the jealous guy. Storm throws a few more comments at Magnus to try and get under his skin, and then he brings out a stroller and says he wouldn’t want anything happening to Magnus’ son.

Magnus stops dead in his tracks as Storm says he just brought him out here to make sure Magnus didn’t do anything crazy, and he says that Mickie is a sorry excuse for a woman and Magnus is a sorry excuse for a man. Magnus breaks free and goes after Storm. Storm kicks the stroller off the ramp and the baby falls out, and Magnus rushes to his side to discover that it was just a doll and not a real baby.

Fifth Match: Ethan Carter III w/Tyrus vs. Bobby Lashley 

Lashley completely dominates the early moments of this match, throwing Carter around like a ragdoll until Tyrus distracts Lashley from the floor. Carter gets some offense and goes for a suplex, but Lashley easily reverses and Carter rolls out to the floor. Tyrus stands in Lashley’s path and they have a staredown while Carter gets in the ring and baseball slides Lashley through the ropes. Now Carter gets that suplex, except it’s on the floor where it has a little more impact. Lashley starts to fire back on Carter and connects with a corner clothesline, then pops Carter up and hits a running powerslam for two count. Lashley charges Carter, who moves and Lashley crashes into a chair in the corner.

Carter hits a DDT for two count, and then he goes for the 1% but gets shoved off into the referee. Lashley spears Carter and makes a cover, but Tyrus comes in and drops an elbow on Lashley, then rolls Carter on top of him. Tyrus clears out of the ring as another referee comes in and counts two count, and then Tyrus takes the second ref out as well before planting Lashley with a Bodybag. Tyrus again drags Carter on top of Lashley as yet another referee comes out to count, but Lashley is again up at two count. Tyrus knocks this referee out, but Lashley spears Tyrus into next week. Carter quickly comes from behind and knocks Lashley out with a chair, hits the 1%, and makes a cover for the victory.

Winner: Ethan Carter III